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Chapter 15

March 30th

Harry sat in the Great Hall reading the letter that he just got from Sirius while stroking Hedwig's stomach, which had gained some whiter spots than the rest of her feathers. He was just of the opinion she got into something she shouldn't have, and she wouldn't even try to explain what happened that caused her to be gone for three days.

Sirius' letter said he had completely redecorated his Ancestral home, an easy choice with Kreacher and his mother's portrait helping him to style himself up as the Lord Black. Kreacher was made to tell Sirius' mother's portrait what Voldemort did to her baby boy, safe to say she changed her tune rather quickly. Sirius was now able to feel comfortable with guests over, which was good, because he had gone to the Dursley's and collected all of Harry's things, ensuring his godson would never return there. Harry was his responsibility and was going to stay with him.

Minister Fudge had been kind enough to give Sirius box office tickets to they upcoming World Cup, and with a little bit of pressing, enough tickets to bring Harry, Moony, Neville, Hermione, and Luna. Neville, Hermione, and Luna had all owled home to their families to make sure they would be able to attend the World Cup with Harry and Sirius.

The end of the year exams were beginning in a few days and tensions were high. This was most apparent in two ways, every Ravenclaw had a book or books in front of them while they were eating, and on the Gryffindor table, there was what equated to a book fort seated right across from Harry, every now and again a small bit of bushy brown hair would appear on the top, and a hand would reach out to grab some food.

"Study much Mione?" Harry jokingly asked.

"Exams are only a couple of days away, I must be prepared!" Came Hermione's muffled reply from within her fortress of parchment bound knowledge.

"No Mione, Nev and I are prepared," A scoff made its way out from within the book fortress, "I heard that! We are, you however are over-prepared for our exams"

"That's not true! I haven't even covered the forming of the Wizengamot for History!" Came Hermione's panicked sounding statement.

"The exam is written by Binn's Hermione, he only asks about Goblin Wars." Was the calm response delivered by Harry.

Harry looked up as he heard a thud next to him where he saw Neville's book bag before Neville plopped himself next to it.

"Hermione in there?" Asked Neville, getting a nod in response from Harry, "Morning Hermione."

"Morning Neville," Was the muffled reply, "Harry is under the impression you two are ready for your exams."

"Then he is under the correct impression."

"Even Potions?" Came the curious muffled question from within the fort.

"Even Potions. Where do you think Harry and I were all weekend? We boiled every 3rd year potion in the book until we could do it without fault." Was Neville's proud reply.

With a barely heard huff from within the book fort, which was immediately repeated when the boys laughed at the sound, Hermione went back to her studying.

"Have you and Hermione submitted your project for Runes yet?" Neville asked, remembering the three of them demonstrating to the Professor that they could produce a working Rune Cluster shortly after Christmas, a month before they were to be taught how.

The professor, seeing that they could create Rune Clusters before they needed to, gave them extra credit for their final grades and issued them another assignment. She tasked the three of them with each making their own rune cluster, as well as providing the reasoning behind why they chose that cluster, what it was meant to do, and then either how it did it or where they had gone wrong.

Hermione devised a Rune Cluster designed to make each of her notebooks unlimited, with the ability to simply place more parchment on the book for it to absorb and add to it's pages. The Cluster had the secondary effect of making the book remain the same weight as it originally was. The Cluster was based off of the Grimiore creation Cluster, just without the ability to assimilate written words into the book. Hermione's Cluster could only take blank paper. Neville didn't know that Hermione had submitted her Cluster last night.

Neville devised a Rune Cluster designed to change colour to display the relative health of a plant. Changing colours from green for healthy, yellow for unhealthy, red for ill, and black for dead. Neville submitted his a week ago, where he was then immediately asked by Professor Sprout to apply the cluster to all of the pots in the greenhouses.

Harry on the other hand took to his love of wards, designing a Rune Cluster to create an Insect repelling ward. He had gotten the inspiration after he fell asleep outside and woke with ants crawling all over him. Harry's was nearly done, he only had to finish the report to be handed in alongside it.

"Hermione did last night. I'm finishing mine today." Harry replied to Neville, getting an understanding nod back from his friend.

Suddenly a mop of blonde hair appeared beside Fort Hermione, where it sat down and began to study the book fortress with a curious gaze.

"Good morning Luna." Was chorused by both Harry and Neville, with Hermione saying it immediately after.

"Hello all. I see the books have finally consumed Hermione." Luna cheekily said.

"Hey! I'm not that bad!" Hermione indignantly shouted.

"Oh yeah? Come out of your book fort and say that to my face Hermione." Was Harry's teasing reply.

An indignant huff was heard before the book fort began to collapse as Hermione began putting all of the books away.

"Aww I was gonna put decorations on it." Luna huffed disappointedly.

"Fine, I get it, I need to relax instead of continuing to study." Hermione conceded.

"Oh Hermione, was that you in there? I thought we were talking to a magic book fort." Neville said sarcastically.

"Haha Neville. You should shower better I can still smell the mud on you from when you spent four days in the Greenhouses studying." Hermione retorted, making Neville blush.

"I surrender." Neville muttered in return, realising that Harry and Luna were grinning from ear to ear at this point.

"Changing the subject, how prepared for your exams are you Luna?" Harry asked, letting his bright red friend save face.

"I'm prepared, I am definitely prepared for the exams I will be sitting." Luna grinned as she finished speaking, her statement sticking out even for the rather odd Luna.

"You know what. I'm going to let Luna be Luna and not ask." Harry said.

"Aww you're no fun." Luna said sadly, while also sticking her tongue out at Harry.

"Come on, we can go to the Room for a bit so Harry can finish his report, Hermione can satisfy her book lust, and Luna and I can relax." Neville said, standing up with the others as they all walked off.

After they had finished what they needed to do the group went out and met up with their Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw friends out in the area by the lake where everyone joined in for a wide scale game of tag with a magical edge, instead of touching someone the person who was 'it' stood still in the centre flinging Body Binds at people. To get out of being captured you had to be tagged by another player, who ran the risk of being captured by one of the 'it' people, with more people joining the original person once they were tagged three times.

March 31st

A knocking on his door made Ezekial Bloodrune look up from the papers he was reading. Quickly packing all of them back up he walked over to the door and opened it to reveal Hermione Granger.

"Hello Miss Granger, how can I help you?" Ezekial asked, noticing the expression on Hermione's face to mean she needs advice.

"Sir, I was just wondering, if you knew of someone who was potentially dangerous, but only sometimes," the stress on the word 'sometimes' made Ezekial realise exactly who was being talked about, "Is it, is it your job to tell people? Even if there has been no danger so far?"

"Well Miss Granger, if in the situation you were talking about, it was, hypothetically of course, a teacher that suffers from lycanthropy, hypothetically, they would be given Wolfsbane by the resident Potions Master and moved to a secure location. Hypothetically of course."

"Of course sir, so in this, I mean that hypothetical situation, the teacher isn't a danger to the students?" Hermione asked, uncertainty in her tone.

"Of course not, this hypothetical teacher is able to deal with his, what was it again, furry little problem? Without endangering students." Ezekial replied.

"So a student who found out wouldn't be obligated to report him? Thank you for your help sir, I didn't know which of the teachers I should ask about this."

"Not at all Miss Granger, I'm sure Professor Lupin appreciates that you came to me as well, he's not very fond of the topic of hypotheticals such as this you understand." Ezekial grinned at Hermione, causing a short laugh to issue from the girl.

"Thank you Professor. That was all." Hermione nodded at Ezekial before walking out the door and closing it behind her.

"Right, now where did I put those financial reports."

June 27th Gryffindor 3rd Year Dorm

Harry looked at his now packed up dorm, knowing he would be in the 4th year dorm the next time he was in Gryffindor Tower made Harry look back at his past year. The best way for Harry to sum up the year was great, with barely anything going wrong in his life since the Dementor on the train, which inevitably lead to Harry making several new friends across all the Houses.

Speaking of new friends, Luna had surprised the other three when she turned up to their 3rd year exams, all of them, where she revealed that she had been studying along with them for so long that she had gone to the Professors during Yule to take her 2nd year exams, from then she studied all the required 3rd year work without her friends even realising, just so she could be in classes with them next year. The four friends had been ecstatic, even more so when Luna walked out of her exams confident as both Harry and Neville. Hermione not counting due to her worrying when she doesn't need to about her grades.

Harry looked over at the still packing Ron Weasley, lamenting that Ron had never tried to apologise, he still treated Harry civilly but they weren't friends anymore. Harry was sad that he lost his first friend but he wasn't going to stand for him being a bully.

Although Ron did remind Harry of an absolutely amazing time he had with the Twins, Hermione, Luna, and Neville, the lot of them had done as they had originally planned and had drunk the Animagus Revelation potion designed by the Marauders. Luna had turned into a beautiful Snowy Owl, which caused Hedwig to spend the rest of that day sitting proudly on Luna's shoulder. Hermione has turned into a Sumatran Tiger, scaring the hell out of Harry, who had been standing next to her at the time. The only thing that Harry found strange was that Hermione's stripes seemed to move, but Neville said Harry only thought that because he had moved when she changed.

Everyone put money on the twins being the exact same animal, and they weren't wrong. The two both turned into a pair of Cheetahs. The interesting thing that Luna first noticed about the two before the potion changed them back was that the Twins' forms were mirror images of each other. Neville surprised the hell out of everyone by turning into a massive Grizzly Bear with snow white claws. Luna remarked that Neville's claws seemed to be making frost on the ground, and upon some research they had found a breed of Grizzly that had bred with some kind of ice spirit, creating a race of Grizzly Bears with frozen claws capable of causing frost bite where the claws struck.

Harry was a strange creature that none of them where able to find a likeness to. He had become some form of large bird, with great blue streaks of feathers running down his back. The thing that set him apart from other birds was that he was as tall as Neville was, and no record of such a large bird could be found by the group. Fred and George noticed that there was a strange smell around Harry when he was transformed, but before any of the others could sniff he had reverted back.

The Twins had gotten the closest to being working Animagi, as being identical they split up the work, one working on the right side while the other did the left. This allowed the brothers to walk the other through the transformations as they completed them, they were currently able to change both of their arms and both their legs.

Hermione could change her legs, while Luna could turn her arms into wings, just like Harry. Neville could manage to grow fur, but not change his body size just yet. Neville was able to grow his claws on his left hand, and had only just begun on his right hand after figuring out how to deactivate the Frozen Claws power.

The group of them were progressing well through their Animagus training and they were looking forward to continuing their training during the Holidays, especially considering being an Animagus didn't require the use of detectable magic, so as long as Hermione kept anyone not aware of magic from seeing her change then she couldn't get in trouble from the Ministry. Neville having revealed that the underage sensors couldn't detect magic in all magical homes as it was up to the parents to discipline their kids. This revelation caused the Twins to break out into bloodthirsty grins, knowing they were now capable of tormenting their siblings just as much at home.

Home. Harry finally had a place other than Hogwarts he could call home, Sirius saw to that, and Harry had never been happier.

June 27th Hogsmeade Train Station

Harry, Neville, Luna, and Hermione all got off of the carriages as they arrived at the Hogsmeade station. Harry, Neville, and Luna all clutched a book to their chests that had been a gift from Hermione. That is, if you consider a language book your friend expects you to learn from so she can quiz you when she sees you next a gift.

Hermione had given the three of them a book called Beginner's French Language Guide as a result of her planned holiday to France before she met up with everybody at Harry's before the World Cup. Luna was going to go on a two week camping trip to study magical creatures with her father before she would be available to pop over to spend time with Harry and Neville. Neville had no holiday plans, or at least he hadn't, before Harry and he decided they would take advantage of this opportunity to spend a lot of time together. Neville made it abundantly clear to Sirius that he was going to sort out the garden, a task Sirius was more than happy to give to Neville, purely on the condition that Neville also decorated himself a room.

This was looking to be the best holiday in Harry's life, no Dursely family, friends, fun, and freedom. Everybody was happy as they climbed onto the train, saying hello to all of the friends and acquaintances they had made over the year, before finally settling into a compartment all to themselves. After a little while, the train began to lurch and the four friends all played a few games such as Exploding Snap, Gobstones, and Wizard's Chess.

June 27th Platform 9 ¾

The train pulled to a stop allowing the quartet to disembark the train. Once they were on the platform they looked around to spot their families, Sirius agreeing to bring the Grangers through to meet their daughter on the platform.

"Oh look, there is my Dad!" Luna said excitedly, pointing out her father Xenophilius Lovegood.

Xenophilius was an eccentric but honest man who ran his own paper known as the Quibbler, he was also obsessed with conspiracies and rare magical creatures.

"Hello my little Moonbeam!" He shouted as he embraced his daughter.

"Dad!" Luna yelled blushing at her father calling her by her nickname in front of her friends.

"Ahh, you three must be Hermione, Neville, and Harry. It's a pleasure to meet you, my name is Xenophilius Lovegood." Xenophilius said as he shook each of their hands.

"It's a pleasure to meet you sir." All three chorused in return.

"Now, I don't mean to be rude and under any other circumstance I would stay and allow myself and my Moonbeam to meet your guardians but we must be off, our portkey leaves in four hours and Moonbeam still needs to pack."

"Bye guys," Luna hugged each of them before continuing, although Hermione noticed that Luna hugged Neville a little more than she did her or Harry, "I'll see you all when I get back!"

With a short bow from Xenophilius the two were off to the Apparation Point. Harry, Neville, and Hermione moved to a less crowded place of the station to wait. Then Neville saw a vulture topped hat moving through the crowd towards them.

"Well her comes my gran and that bloody vulture hat." Neville sighed in embarrassment.

"Hello Neville, I hope you had a pleasant train ride. Introduce me to your friends." Came the calm manicured voice of an experienced politician from Neville's Grandmother.

This was to be expected, almost all of Neville's life his Grandmother had sat in the Lonbottom seat of the Wizengamot as Dowager Longbottom. Her stern visage and her brutal attitude had seen many proposals to the Wizengamot that she disagreed with crushed.

"Gran, this is my friend Hermione Granger, and my other friend Heir Harry Potter-Black. Regretfully Heiress Lovegood left with Lord Lovegood before she was able to meet you." Neville's Grandmother was quite surprised to here the smooth tone coming from her grandson, realising in that moment that her grandson was becoming more confident in himself.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Dowager Longbottom." Harry and Hermione said together, Harry and Neville having explained to Hermione that she would need to respond formally when first introduced to Neville's Grandmother.

"Please, call me Augusta. It is a pleasure to meet Neville's friends, especially if they are having such an impact on his life already. Now I must apologise but I would like to take my Neville home for one night before I relinquish him into the care of Lord Black this summer." Augusta's expression was still as stern as it had been when she arrived, although it had softened after hearing her Grandson speak with backbone.

"That's okay Dow-I mean Augusta, Lord Black is currently bringing Hermione's parents through the barrier to meet her here. It wouldn't surprise me if my godfather is doing a rather bad job at explaining the need to walk through a wall." Harry replied, grinning as he spoke of Sirius.

"Of course, it truthfully wouldn't surprise me. Neville if you would like to say goodbye to your friends I will be at the Apparation Point. It was a pleasure to meet the two of you.

"You too Madame." Harry and Hermione said.

Nodding at the two and then spinning around to walk away, Neville relaxed, taking his grandmother's movement away for what it was, permission to say goodbye to his friends in an informal manner. Shaking hands with Harry and getting a hug from Hermione Neville brought his posture back up into a more formal manner, although the grin on his face ruined the effect of it.

"I'll see you when you get back from France Hermione, and Harry I'll see you tomorrow." Neville said.

"See you Neville/Nev." Neville followed after his grandmother when they had said goodbye to him.

"Well Mione, should we go save your parents from Sirius?" Harry grinned at her as he gestured to the entrance of Platform 9 ¾ from King's Cross Station.

"We probably should." Hermione returned Harry's grin as the two began moving through to the entrance.

When they arrived they saw a hand sticking through the entrance wall, before it was pulled back through the wall, then appeared again. The Black Lordship ring sitting on the ha d caused Harry to sigh before he picked up a Daily Prophet from a nearby bench, rolled it up, then reached through the barrier to smack his godfather in the face, before pulling him through the barrier by his hand.

"Bad dog!" Harry said with a grin on his face at the stunned appearance of Sirius when eh had been pulled through the barrier, not having expected to be smacked in the face by a rolled up newspaper.

After Sirius was pulled through two more people walked through the barrier, a man and a woman. The woman was giggling to herself while the man was full on laughing at Sirius. Hermione slammed right into the two of them giving them a hug.

"Mum, Dad, I missed you so much!" She cried as she hugged them, not having been able to see them at Christmas due to the two being ill.

"We missed you too princess." Hermione's mother said as she hugged her daughter back.

"What did you hit me for Harry?" Sirius grumbled.

"Like I said, bad dog. You were meant to bring them through, not stuff around with the barrier." Harry said, Sirius gaping at him and grumbling when Harry called him bad dog.

"So you're Harry, I've heard a lot about you, my name is Eric Granger, call me Eric." Hermione's father introduced himself to Harry and shook his hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you sir, I hope you've only heard good things," Eric grinned when Harry said that, "I do apologise for my godfather though, I hope he wasn't messing around for to long."

"Not long at all, we had a bit of difficulty finding a place to park our car," Eric gestured over to where Hermione and her mother were still hugging and talking to each other at a rather rapid pace, "This is my wife Isobelle, this is Harry, Hermione's friend."

"Hello dear, it's a pleasure to meet you, you can call me Isobelle. I assume you're the one who smacked Sirius in the face with a newspaper." Isobelle smirked at Sirius when she said this, causing the man to grumble further.

"Yes well we are still trying to teach the old dog." Harry grinned as Sirius finally stopped grumbling.

"Who are you calling old?" Sirius glared at Harry.

"See? He can't even hear properly." Harry, Hermione, Eric, and Isobelle all laughed at Sirius as he stood there realising he got tricked.

"If you don't mind me asking, why do you call your godfather a dog? Is there some joke we are missing?" Eric asked politely.

"Dad, Sirius is an Animagus, remember how I told you about them? Well Sirius is one and he becomes a dog." Hermione said, earning an understanding nod from her father when he remembered the conversation.

"Like the kitty teacher right?" Eric was confused when his question made both Harry and Sirius burst out laughing.

"Oh god, if Minnie heard herself being called the kitty professor she would blow a gasket!" Sirius got out between his laughter.

"That was the teacher who came and told us about you being a witch wasn't it princess? The really stern one?" Asked Isobelle, a finger held on her chin as she thought back to when they found out that their daughter was a witch.

"Yes mum, it was Professor McGonagall that introduced me to the magical world. And yes dad she is the cat Animagus." Hermione explained to her parents.

"This Animajus thing, is it common?" Eric asked, shooting a brief glance at his daughter as he did.

"No dad, being an Ani-May-Gus, A-N-I-M-A-G-U-S, is not very common. But to answer your silent question, yes, I've started becoming an Animagus just after Christmas with Harry, Neville, who left with his grandmother already, Luna, who let with her father, and the Weasley Twins, they are friends of ours." Hermione answered her father, making him look embarrassed when she pointed out how he mispronounced Animagus.

"Ahh, and what did you choose to be princess?" Isobelle asked her daughter, noticing her daughter had another dusting of pink on her face at being called princess in front of her friend.

"You don't choose what you become when you become an Animagus. Normally it involves a large amount of meditation to find out what type of Animagus you are and then time learning to transform into that animal. However my friend, and Harry's uncle Remus Lupin developed a potion that allows one to find out what type of Animagus they are." Sirius explained.

"Why did he do that?" Eric asked, curious as to the reasoning behind the potion's development.

"Well you see my friend has a condition, and in order to help him with it, myself, Harry's father, and another person," Hermione's parents chose to ignore the venom in Sirius' tone when he mentioned the other person, "decided to become Animagi, as I'm sure you can imagine, getting three teenage pranksters to sit still long enough to meditate was quite difficult, and so he developed the potion. We helped Harry brew six doses during the Christmas break."

"I see, I take it this condition is personal?" Isobelle asked.

"Yes it is, it's completely harmless with the right precautions." Sirius said, relieved they weren't pushing to know about Remus' lycanthropy.

"Well Hermione, what are you? And if you don't mind me asking what are you Harry?" Isobelle directed her questions at Harry and Hermione.

"Well Isobelle, I take the form of some really large bird, we didn't get much of a chance to figure out what kind before I turned back, and Mione is a Sumatran Tiger." Neither parent commented on Harry's nickname for their daughter, just smiling when they heard it.

"Does that mean eventually you will be able to show us that Hermione? Or is this another piece of magic we can't see?" Eric asked, although his voice had an undertone of annoyance when he asked.

"If you don't mind Hermione I can explain?" Hermione nodded at Sirius' question, "Hermione can show you her transformation as long as she doesn't show anyone not aware of magic. As it doesn't use her wand she can transform at any time. However, I do have an offer for you. I'm sure you got an explanation about Quidditch when Hermione told you she was invited to the World Cup?"

"That's the sport with flying and enchanted cannonballs right?" Eric asked, remembering a brief overview given by Hermione.

"Yes it is, now, I've got Box Office tickets to the World Cup, and if you don't mind dressing up as a wizard and witch, I've got a spare two tickets for you two." Sirius had a gleaming smile on his face, as did Harry and Hermione, which allowed Eric and Isobelle to decide almost right away that they would be going.

"I think we can move some extra time around after we go to France, we would love to come see the World Cup, and get in touch with our daughter's world." Eric said, causing Hermione and Harry to both get really excited.

"I'll have so much to show the both of you!" Hermione yelled as she hugged her parents.

Eric and Isobelle looked at their daughter's excited face and couldn't help but feel happy themselves. The two had felt bad, not only did their daughter have to go to a boarding school they couldn't even see without help from others, but when she was with them they were unabLe to connect with her stories. They knew nothing of the magics their daughter talked about, the stories she would tell them full of things they did not understand and could not comprehend. Finally though, they would be able to see their daughter use magic, they would be able to see the results of the lessons she attended, the books she read, just like when she was little.

"You are a good man Sirius. I can't think of many pure bloods who would do what you have done." Harry whispered to Sirius, just out of earshot of the happy family.

Sirius turned to reply to Harry when he noticed something about his godson's stance. He realised it after a while, and knew where he had seen that look. It reminded him of when he was only eleven, getting ready to board the train. He had just had a frosty goodbye from his mother and father, no hugs, just a firm handshake and a judgemental look from his father. That was when he had seen it, looking over he saw a man and woman, both he recognised, bend down and embrace their son, telling him that they would love him and miss him. Seeing Charlus and Dorea see James off at the station had caused a wanting to appear in Sirius, the want to feel loved by family.

The moment Sirius realised what the look in his godson's face and the way he held himself, Sirius did the only thing he could. He bent down and pulled Harry in close for a hug, not a friendly hug, not an excited hug, but a hug that a parent might give their child, a hug that conveyed to a person that they were loved.

"I didn't do it to be a good man Harry. I did it because it was the right thing to do." He told his godson.

Harry had only moments ago been looking at how Hermione and her family were hugging each other, wondering to himself what it would feel like to be hugged like that, for a parent to acknowledge they love you and that they are there for you. A cold fury began to build within Harry, the cause of which being a fleeting memory of Riddle's shade in the Chamber, he took Harry's family from him, denied him the right to feel that.

Before that fury, before that hate could set in and fester in Harry's mind, he felt Sirius wrap his arms around him. The hug was gentle, kind, making Harry feel loved and safe.

Harry hugged Sirius back, neither acknowledging the silent tears that feel down both their faces. Neither noticing how the Grangers saw their embrace, none of the three willing to interrupt the two during their first moment as a real family.

Harry and Sirius separated from one another, both wiping the tears from their face without acknowledging them.

"Right, I don't mean to ahh, cut this happy moment short, but ahh, Harry and I need to go meet Remus. He was finishing up his study and I didn't want to bother him." Sirius said, quickly changing everyone's attention away from what happened with him and Harry.

"Of course. It was a pleasure to meet you Harry, we will see you again when we return from France." Isobelle said, smiling gently at Harry.

"Yes it was nice to meet our daughter's best friend Harry." Eric said, Harry could of sworn he sore a gleam of, well of something, in the man's eyes, but he didn't call attention to it.

"It's been a pleasure to meet the two of you as well, I cannot wait to see you again and hear some stories about Mione before I met her." Harry's statement causing Eric and Isobelle to laugh, their laughter making Hermione go bright red in embarrassment.

"Let me walk you two off the platform and let the kids say goodbye." Sirius said, Isobelle and Eric following him back toward the exit that they realised they had drifted away from.

"We've had a better year then the last two haven't we Harry?" Hermione asked.

"Yeah we have, I just hope that future school years stay that way." Harry replied.

"We can only hope. I'll see you in a few weeks Harry." Hermione said, right before she hugged him.

Harry didn't know why, but this hug felt different then any other hug the two had shared, but he couldn't put his finger on why.

"I'll miss you Mione, see you in a few weeks." He said, hugging his friend the whole time.

Harry walked Hermione over to the exit where Sirius and her parents were waiting. Seeing the two approaching Eric and Isobelle walked through the barrier.

"Bye Harry." Hermione said to him.

"Bye Mione." He replied, watching as she began to walk away.

Halfway to the barrier she stopped, before suddenly, turning around and running back to him, bright red in the face. Before Harry could comment she reached up and pecked Harry on the cheek with a kiss before sprinting through the barrier.

Sirius watched his godson get kissed by his best friend right before the girl vanished through the barrier. Seeing the look of complete brain meltdown on his face Sirius calmly walked up to his godson, walked him over to the Apparation point, and apparated home. He would tease his godson later.

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Not gonna lie, my original estimate was that this chapter and the next would be a single chapter, but with how quickly this one ran away from me I knew I would probably wind up with a giant chapter if I didn't cut it there.

EDIT 18/05/17

Yeah if you missed it at the top, not 100% sure on when I will be able to write again, but hopefully it will be soonish? My ability to fix my computer is extremely dampened by my current state of unemployment so yeah, if only I had a working PC I'd have lots of time to write, unfortunately *sigh* I do not.

Anyway, until next time all,