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Chapter Fifty Three


I obliged Esme by booking their tickets for Rio then packed up my things ready to leave the Whitlock place where everyone still hung around as if unsure it was really over. I turned to Bella,

"So do you and The Major have plans?"

"Not really. I guess we'll find ourselves a place somewhere and you will always be welcome, all of you. Dad, what about you and Mary? I take it you'll be changing her?"

"I hope so but I don't think it's as easy as that. I was going to ask The Major if he'd do it for me."

I could see the flash of jealousy at the thought of Jasper so close with another female whatever the reason but she swallowed it down quickly and smiled hoping no one had noticed.


It had finally come to the end, or at least almost and I knew the gang were about to split up, Esme and Garrett had already departed for Isle Esme straight from London but they promised not to be strangers when they returned. Rose and Emmett had asked Charlie and Mary, who was now inseparable from him and seemed oblivious to the fact she was the only human among a large group of blood drinking vampires, to travel with them for a while so she could get used to our way of living then they would find a safe place to settle and Darius had offered to change Mary for Charlie which relieved me. When I saw the look he'd given me I understood why he'd offered, he knew I was jealous of Jasper getting that close to any other woman and he had no mate to worry about. I would owe him big time for that act of kindness.

"So, that's it folks, time for you all to fuck off and give us our home back, not that it hasn't been nice seeing you all but..."

I nodded, but something occurred to me,

"What about Sam and Emily?"

"What the fuck are you worrying about them for Bella?"

"I feel sorry for Emily, its hard on her."

"Hey she chose the mutt now she's got to live with him."

"But if Johnny H banishes Sam from the guardian tribes she loses her protection too."

"Hey, you were the one who insisted on calling the big bear about Sam in the first place. Make your fucking mind up woman."

I glared at Peter who grinned impishly, he liked nothing more than to bait someone and this time it was me.

"Actually I heard Emily was returning to the reservation just before I left Forks."

I looked at Mary slightly surprised by her news,

"What about Sam?"

"I think she's going to be on her own because I heard Sue Clearwater and Rachel Black talking in the store."

"So what's happened to Sam?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear anything more."


Harry picked me up but he didn't look happy,

"Emily we can't allow Sam on the reservation. Johnny H has sent strict instructions that he is barred from entering any Guardian lands."

"I know but we thought if we stayed close and there was trouble at least the pack might protect us, after all Sam is still a Quileute."

"He's banished from all tribal lands Emily and from our protection I'm sorry. Where is he anyway?"

"He insisted I fly back but he's promised to meet me soon. Harry why did all this happen? I know it's not all Bella's fault much as I dislike her."

"Fate I think Emily. Perhaps we guardians got too arrogant and the spirit warriors decided we needed to see that we were not the rulers of the world and protectors of all mankind. I don't really know".

"How's Sue?"

"Quiet, she spends a lot of time at Leah's grave. She's buried close to Jake, I think Sue hopes they will lead each other to the spirit world."

Johnny H

I knew what Sam would do so I followed him back into the forest. When he stopped in a small clearing I joined him,

"Be sure it's what you want Sam"

He turned to me angrily,

"You've left me no choice."

"You left yourself no choice Sam, don't blame me for your actions."

"Emily's safe?"

"Yes she is and she will always be protected, she's innocent of any wrong doing but you chose to work with our bitterest enemy to get what you wanted. There is never an excuse for that."

"I know I can still phase."

"Yes you can but you also know it's a one shot deal. If you phase you will remain a wolf for eternity, never growing old, never able to phase back, and shunned by all others of your kind. Is that really what you want? What about Emily? Don't you think she deserves a say in this as your imprint?"

"No, because Emily would blame herself for it. She'll find someone and I will always look out for her, as a wolf I can at least do that. Being alone doesn't scare me."

"You won't be alone Sam, you see you don't quite understand the situation. If you phase again you will become a true spirit warrior and that brings with it the chance of madness. Remember the legends. The spirit warriors needed to return to their human forms to keep their sanity. Those that did not are doomed to live out eternity as cursed spirits. Their only hope lies in saving another's life from evil, then they can lie at peace. Is that what you want?"

"Perhaps it's what I deserve Johnny."

"That's for you to decide Sam but choose wisely"

As I turned to walk away I felt Sam phase and turned to see the ghost of a wolf fade from view surrounded by the others who had been called to him.


I heard from Aro in Volturi that Edward was now living in the clock tower with the wives but he had closed in on himself and spoke very little, only when called on to use his gift by the brothers.

"I fear he will need Chelsea's gift to stop him falling into the pit of depression. He was grief stricken when we explained what had happened to his sire. I'm not sure he believed me until I showed him Carlisle's head. I find my friend becomes more absent by the day, I think the head will cease to function if left bodiless for too much longer so I have given him a choice, Edward too. They are so close perhaps they would like to be joined physically too."

I didn't reply immediately, that idea was sick even by Aro's standards!

"It's your choice Aro, I'm not interested I just wanted you to know that if he or any of the Volturi threaten us we will visit on you the full power of my gift and Volterra will simply become a ruin, a heap of crushed stone on an Italian mountainside."

"There is no need for threats Bella. We have no wish for a war with you or anyone else for that matter. As long as our world continues in the same pattern, peaceful, and unknown to the humans."

"Good. We are no threat to you, just remember that."

"Oh I know or I would have sent the guard after you before now. Perhaps one day your suspicions about the Volturi will be allayed and we might meet face to face."

"Perhaps, one day. but I think it's highly unlikely don't you?"

After I put the phone down I turned to find Jasper waiting, we were heading out to start our new life together but we would never be far from all the good friends who had risked so much to help us. The Whitlock clan had just increased and spread out a little, that was all.