So here is your second chapter. I want to make something clear to my readers that this is after the Avengers so Thor hasn't returned. And even though the second movies doesn't exist in my story it will have some reference to it. Also even though the Star Sapphires are considered supervillains let's make them good/neutral for the sake of this fic


It was a busy day for Thor. He had recently traveled to Vanaheim. The marauders had attacked multiple Vanir villages so he, Sif and, the Warriors Three were sent by the Allfather to put a stop to them. It took a while but eventually they were defeated and imprisoned within the dungeons of the castle.

Now they were celebrating, with lots of mead, music and feasting. He sat in a tavern with his friends, except for Hogun because he wanted to stay with his family in Vanaheim. Volstagg sat in a chair with his many children on his lap and around him including his wife telling a tale of their victory in Vanaheim and occasionally sipping his mead. Sif sat by quietly eating her meal while rolling her eyes at the exaggerations to Volstagg's story. Fandral was by him with his newest lover sitting on his lap, he was laughing and correcting his friends story. Thor sat by them doing the same, drinking his mead and listening to his friend go on. As his story was ending Volstagg threw his cup down and yelled, "Another!" An echo of "anothers" came after that followed by laughter.

The thunder god himself tried to partake in the happiness by throwing down his mug but before he could lift it up an inch off the table, the memory of Jane scolding him came to view and he immediately put it back down. He got up and left the party tugging his cloak tighter around him.

He started acting like this after he returned from his banishment. He and many were glad he returned but Thor did it with a great cost. The bifrost had been destroyed leaving Asgard cut off from the rest of the worlds and Loki "fell" to his "death". That prevented the genocide of the Jotuns. Through his actions he lost two important people, Loki and Jane. Even though his time with Jane was short he felt he had a special connection with her. He didn't know why but for some reason he just felt drawn to her. It was strange this feeling, he had never experienced anything like it before. He hoped she felt the same for him. She was just a human but she had done what no one else did and that was she changed the prince for the better. Many of the Aesir citizens were surprised at the change of his behavior. They also wondered how a mere mortal managed to change him in less than three days.

Now he was walking to the outskirts of the city to the newly repaired bifrost. The walk was long but he needed some fresh air to clear his senses. It wasn't an unusual sight to see Thor doing this, he had done it most nights after he had been banished and more so after he retrieved Loki. Whispers of the people him being too attached to Midgard after spending time there and his self proclamation as it's protector. Others say the Prince had fallen in love with the mortal girl. Heinous rumors said that he had sired an illegitimate child with her. But gossip was gossip and Thor ignored them. Of course he knew of what his people said about his lady love but could do nothing about it. All he could hope was their opinions to change when he finally introduced Jane to Asgard, he had promised her of course and wanted to keep true to it. There would be so many things Asgard had to offer for her curious mind. He had wanted so much to visit her when he went to Midgard for Loki and the tesseract. But he had no time and was content to know she was safe because of the Son of Coul's promise. He trudged along until the magnificent sight of the bifrost came to view.

Heimdall stood tall at the edge of the bifrost bridge and chamber. He sensed Thor's presence before he even set foot on the bifrost. He didn't need to anyway, he had grown accustomed to Thor's daily visits with him. He knew it was because he was the only one who could tell Thor about Jane Foster.

"Heimdall my good friend, how fares the nine realms?" Thor greeted as he entered the bifrost chamber. "The nine realms fare quite well, my Prince. It is at peace" he answered walking alongside him. That was good news, after the bifrost broke and Loki causing trouble on Midgard the nine into chaos. It took awhile but all was well. They both gazed at the sight before them. It was a marvel, seeing the stars gave the thunder god some peace. "And you Heimdall?" The man smiled, "I am well, but it isn't my well being that is on your mind is it?" Thor laughed, "Yes it is true, pray tell how is my lady of Earth?" The gatekeeper smiled again, "She is a clever one. As I've told you before she is working with the group called SHIELD. They are aiding her research and generously given her everything she would need to create a stable bifrost." He listened on and smiled. He was proud of his Jane and thankful SHIELD was helping her despite their bad beginning. "In recent events she has…" he trailed off confused. Thor didn't take this as a good sign. "My Prince I cannot seem to find her she is not on Midgard."

That was all Thor needed to hear. He summoned Mjolnir to his side. Heimdall searched through the stars, "Something powerful is hiding her from my sight. The only one capable of such a feat is Loki but you and I know he is imprisoned."

Thor gripped his weapon, "Heimdall send me to Midgard quickly!" The gatekeeper shook his head, "I'm sorry but the Allfather has ordered me not to allow you to travel." "If Loki is imprisoned then a higher force more powerful than him is at hand. You saw the damage Loki had caused when he was hidden from your eyes. Something more dangerous may happen and I am not going to let anything happen especially to Jane!" He exclaimed.

"I apologize my Lord," Heimdall sincerely answered and turned to the center of the room. He sheathed his sword on the pedestal, "I will have no other choice but to report this to your father…" Thor growled raising his hammer, ready to strike him down, "upon your return." He finished and twisted his sword like a key to a lock. Thor shot away from him and headed to Midgard.


Jane slowly opened her eyes. She felt dizzy and quickly shut them again. Once the feeling had passed she reopened them. A sudden wave of pink flooded her vision. All she saw was pink. It was blinding to say the least, she tried to move her arm to at least shield her eyes but she could barely move. She tried moving her limbs but judging from her surroundings she was trapped in a small space from what looked like a pinkish crystal. How she could breathe was a miracle. She struggled to contort her arm in front of her and noticed there was a dark pink ring on her finger. Why it was there she had no idea. She banged her fist against the crystal trying to escape. Her actions continued until she knocked the ring on the crystal and glowed making a small crack. She didn't know why it did that but she began to furiously push and bang on it until the ring shot out a bright pink blast and it gave away allowing the outside air and light to seep in. For the moment Jane used that to her advantage, she concentrated and shot the crystal making the crystal weaker and she picked away at the crumbling area until most of her body was exposed.

She stepped out of the broken pink mess and onto the ground. From what it looked like she felt like she was in a castle. She was in a room, a large one with a big balcony. From what she saw she guessed she wasn't on Earth. Looking from where she was she saw the sky was strangely pink. It was unusual but didn't question it anymore when she looked down at herself.

Her original jeans and flannel were gone. In its place was a sleeveless pink top that stopped to show her stomach. It was also cut to show her collarbones and a little cleavage. On the center of the top was a strange star-like symbol. A long glove covered her left arm starting at the upper arm and ended by tying it off the middle finger. Her right arm was bare except for the band on her upper arm and the same glove but shorter ending at her wrist. She wore tight but comfortable pants and high heeled boots. She gasped, blushing she didn't know how these clothes got on her or the ring.

"Greetings Jane Foster of Earth." a voice came from behind her. She jumped in surprise and turned around to see the voice's owner. It was a tall blue skinned woman with dark hair. She had a type of headdress on her head and dark blue eyes. She wore a sleeveless top, cut to show her stomach, two bands around her arms and a skirt slit both sides and high heels. The back of skirt was longer than the front. Her outfit was all colored pink. Just like Jane's clothing.

"Who are you and where am I?!" Jane demanded. The stranger chuckled, "Forgive me for not introducing myself sooner. I am Queen Aga'po, I am the leader of the Star Sapphires. I am also the ruler of Zamaron." She said calmly. "So I'm not on Earth then, well I pretty much deduced that from the pink sky but why am I here? And why am I wearing this?" She pointed to her clothing in confusion.

The queen laughed, "My you are a lively one. The garments you wear are what the ring has chosen for you." That really didn't answer her question. If anything it made her more confused. "Please come along with me Jane Foster, I suspect you have many questions I have the answer to." She walked out of the room leaving Jane to follow.

She was in a castle. The woman in front of her was a queen after all. They walked through the long hallways until they were outside. They both sat down. "Now Jane Foster what are your questions?" "Well tell me why I'm here, tell me everything." she asked. "You are here because the ring chose you. It knew you were worthy enough to wield its power. The ring led you here."

Jane still didn't understand so Aga'po went on, "Long ago a group called the guardians were once tasked with destroying evil in the universe. We were once one with them. But then they decided to allow no emotion to cloud their judgement. We found that insufferable and foolish and left to create our own force. They are also the masters of one of the seven lantern corps, the Green Lanterns. Each corp is powered by a specific color of the emotional spectrum." "So what are we then? The pink lanterns? Because I don't remember that color being in the rainbow." Jane laughed.

"Not exactly we are the Violet Lanterns. Just as the Green Lanterns are powered by their will power, our power is fueled by love. More specifically our power rings are fueled by love." She took Jane's hand and her own to show her the rings. "Love fuels our rings, its power is unfathomable."

Jane was beginning to understand, "So it's the rings that give us power, right? You told me earlier I was chosen. How is that possible and why?" Aga'po retrieved her hand, "These rings were created to make up the Violet Lantern corps and protect the universe using love. It uses our love as power. Then we send the rings out into the universe to find someone worthy to be apart of the Star Sapphires. It will look for someone who has loved and lost. When the ring finds a worthy user the ring brings the user here on Zamaron and encases them in a crystal until they are ready. Hence that was why you awoke in crystal. And why you are dressed this way, the ring has altered your clothing into something of our uniform. Most of us look this way. It also shows you are a Star Sapphire, the symbol on your chest proves it." She pointed to the symbol. "You Jane Foster are very special. You are the first human to ever join any of the Lantern Corps. It is a great honor."

"So this ring is give power. What kind of power does it have?" she asked. The queen stood up to demonstrate, "It has given us many abilities. Such as flight." She summoned its power and levitated off the ground. Jane also noticed her eyes became purple. "We can generate a protective aura, and create violet light constructs. Just as you did. We can do many things and you will learn soon." She said as she landed back on the ground with a small thud.

"Just one more question, why me?" The Queen sighed, "Most of the time one is chosen because you are worthy. But there are other reasons. Perhaps it was drawn to your depression in love. It sensed you had lost someone recently. You loved a man did you not?" Jane flinched, Aga'po took that as a yes and continued, "It could be that or it could be it sensed you have a strong heart. Maybe you were chosen because it sensed a great danger and you are strong enough to wield it and destroy evil. Whatever it's reason is, you were chosen for a reason. Do not forget that." She nodded.

"Good. Now I would like for you to begin your training." "Training?" Jane didn't expect that. The queen smiled, "Yes Jane of course you need training. You do not know how to harness the power of your ring. So you will be taught." She said as someone approached them. She had pale skin and blue eyes with short dark hair. She wore a similar outfit with a pink short sleeved top and shorts. "Jane this is my niece, Ghia'ta. She will be your trainer. She will teach you our ways. Ghia'ta come greet your new sister." The said woman smiled "Hello Jane is it?" "Uh yeah it's Jane it's nice to meet you." Ghia'ta took her hand and pulled her away from Aga'po. "It is a pleasure to meet you Jane Foster. We have never had a member from Earth before. Come with me!" She practically dragged Jane away enthusiastic about teaching her leaving her aunt behind in the garden.


It was night time in New York. Most of it's residents were asleep while the other part was awake walking the streets of the city. It was always such a busy city no matter what time of day. Tony Stark was one of the sleeping residents.

It was quite rare for him to be sleeping at a decent time actually. While Pepper ran Stark industries he was usually at the Avengers tower working on his newest Ironman suit. All the Avengers lived there, each had their own floors but he and Pepper shared a floor.

He often worked late into the night until Pepper's insistence to go to sleep. This time however he promised himself to go to bed early with her. It was nice sleeping early, he could snuggle with Pepper until he fell asleep at a decent time and he did. He managed to get a few hours of sleep until at 2:30 am the sound of a familiar tune woke them up.

Tony jerked awake at the sound waking Pepper up too. "What's wrong? What's happening?" she asked hearing the music.

"Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! I was caught in the middle of a railroad track!"

The lyrics to AC/DC's Thunderstruck blasted through Jarvis's speaker system

Pepper glared at him. "Babe do not tell me you hate this song!"

"Tony!" She yelled throwing a pillow at him "Why the hell do you have this song playing at 2:30 in the morning!?" Tony yelled at Jarvis to turn it off. He got up and grabbed his laptop. "I didn't program it to play at this time of day. God Pepper I'm not evil. I set it up as an alarm awhile ago actually." Thank god it was only them in the tower. She didn't think the others would be too happy about bring woken up very early to Tony's music. Pepper plopped back down on the sheets "An alarm for what?" Tony began to type on his laptop. "For Thor. I programmed it so whenever Thor comes back this song plays so we'll know." She shot up from her lying position "Thor's here!?" He grinned "Yeah and I know a certain astrophysicist who'll be really happy about that." He hacked into SHIELDS system to see if he could pinpoint the God's location. Judging from the atmosphere readings and weather changes he was in the Mojave Desert in California. Just then his phone started ringing, it was Coulson"

"Stark we need you. Something came up, it's an emergency and Thor's here, it's serious. Come to the Mojave desert in California." He hung up "Sorry Pepper but I gotta go." He went in the closet to go get changed. She started to look worried. "Tony? What happened?" "I don't know!" he yelled putting on new clothes "Coulson needs me. I'll call you later!" He ran out of the room and headed to his lab where he kept his suits. "Jarvis! Get Mark 7 ready for me!" The AI complied and built the armor onto his body. He flew out of the tower and headed straight to California.

Yeah now the gangs all here! (Sort of) Now the Avengers are involved. I stuck with the animated series origin more and tweaked it a bit for my own personal use. Sorry not sorry. I got the idea of Tony programming Thunderstruck to play when Thor came back off a tumblr post. And because c'mon that is such a Tony thing to do. I hoped you enjoyed and reviews are always welcomed!