I decide to challenge myself to write this fanfic to explore a speculation.

This fanfic uses the speculation 'Guile is Alfador', and is told on Guile's POV (except the prologue). CT DS Dream Devourer ending is considered canon here. This takes place after CC.

I interpret Guile's character as an aloof, but loyal person, which is the closest to Alfador himself. Also, I decide to interpret that Schala and Kid return to the Dark Age after the good ending of Chrono Cross.

Disclaimer: I don't own Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger.

Another note: I have separated the prologue from chapter 1 and turned it into an individual chapter. So the newest chapter is chapter 4 in the FFnet chapter navigation, not chapter 3 (which now contains chapter 2 of the story).



The tavern's wooden door slowly opened.

A dashing man walked in with his hands in the pockets of his white trousers; his waist-length lavender braid swayed as he moved. He was tall; if he had been a little taller, he would have bumped his head against the upper frame of the door. He had left his white duster – the only piece of clothing he was wearing on his torso – unbuttoned down to his flat yet well-built abdomen, exposing his broad and toned chest.

Silently, he sauntered up to the pub's counter, oblivious to the stench of beer and the sounds of clinking glasses and screeching chairs in the bar. His face, which had a golden domino mask covering the upper half of it, remained stern as he walked.