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Chapter 1

Boredom did not even begin to describe what Tony Stark felt at the beginning of that evening. Little did he know that because of his actions there, his way of life was about to change forever... And it all started with three little words from himself.

"Hey there sexy." he said seductively as he walked up to the tall dark haired man that stood in one corner of the room. Tony usually didn't care about gender in the bedroom, so in his minds eye he had no lack of confidence in being able to hit on this guy. The man he approached wore a plain black suit with a white shirt, green vest and a long tailed coat, accompanying a green tie and a fashionable cane which gave him a posh yet sophisticated look. His mid-length coal black hair was neatly slicked back from his face, and his head was tilted at such an angle that to Tony's eyes, the light caught and accented his high cheekbones. Tony himself was wearing a similar outfit, minus the cane, but his shirt was red and he had on a red and gold tie, completely contrasting to the blue glow from his Arc Reactor that shone through from underneath. The colour scheme was similar to his suit, and he took pride in that fact.

He had noticed the man eyeing him from the shadows throughout evening, so Tony thought at least saying 'hello' would make this dull party seem more interesting. He had never seen this man before, and was drawn in by curiosity.

An amused smirk played at the other man's lips as he stepped forward, leaning down slightly so as to be roughly the same height of the flirtatious man.

"Hello Mister Stark."

"That's me, and what's your name?" Tony said. As their eyes met, piercing green stared curiously into chocolaty brown ones. Mischief seemed to dance around the green iris's that were also, interestingly, flecked with hints of gold. If Tony was some stereotypically love-stricken teenage girl, he may have melted from just that look alone. Instead, he placed his hands in his pockets and attempted to play it cool.

"What's wrong with sexy?" The man raised a perfect eyebrow and one side of his mouth quirked up in a smirk.

"Well, nothing, but I'm sure there's a name that goes with that pretty face." He grinned flirtatiously.

The man then leant close and breathed a name that left Tony with tingles. "Loki."

"Loki..." Tony repeated, liking the way it rolled off his tongue. "That's cool, I've never met a Loki before. Where're you from Loki?"

"Oh, far away. You wouldn't know where."

"Ah, mysterious are we?" Tony raised his own eyebrow and smirked back. "Although please, I prefer Tony. Mister Stark's way too formal."

"And what is that short for?" Loki swirled his bourbon round in the glass.

"Anthony." Tony said with noticeable displeasure. "No one calls me that though, I don't like it."

"Well Anthony." Loki held put his hand. "Pleased to meet you."

Tony sent him a small glare but took his hand anyway, taking note that (1) he had a strong grip, and (2) that his hands were quite large.

"A bit dull these parties aren't they?" Tony mused as they both turned to face the rest of the room. "I was planning to do other things tonight but Pepper dragged me out. Apparently it's rude not to turn up to your own charity ball."

"Especially when there are these delightful little things." Loki grabbed a caviar blini from a passing platter and popped it into his mouth.

Tony's eyes were glued to Loki's lips as they parted, unconsciously and shamelessly licking his own before his eyes darted back up to hold his gaze again and he smiled cheekily.

"Always so suave, Anthony? You're terrible at it. I wonder how you get anything at all?"

Tony snorted. "Please, I'm Tony Stark; genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist." He raised a suggestive eyebrow. "I could always show you first hand?"

"It appears to be you who needs the lesson. Not all of us need a surname like yours to get what we want."

"Oh? You do, do you?" He challenged. "And honey, I wasn't offering to teach." He said as he took a sip of the drink he currently had in his hands.

Loki chuckled and took a sip of his drink.

"So do I take that laugh, which is quite sexy if I'm honest, as a yes?"

"A yes to what?"

"Me personally showing you," he paused and leant closer so as to whisper, "how I get some."

"You seem very confident."

Tony shrugged. "Have you seen me? Plus I'm a superhero, and everyone wants a piece of me." He took another sip of his drink with a smug smile.

"That we do." Loki smirked into his glass.

"So...?" Tony asked then sighed and placed his now empty glass on a passing tray. "If you're not interested, then it's not good to get my hopes up. I'm sensitive." He placed a hand over his heart and pulled an expression of mock upset.

"I said 'we' didn't I? I would so gladly like a piece of you. And I dare say you will be unable to resist" He downed his drink and gave Tony his empty glass "my charm."

"Is that so?" Tony said, taking a small step forward to bring them closer. "So your place or mi-"

"Mister Stark!"

Tony grimaced as he turned around to become face to face with someone who apparently knew him but he couldn't remember. At the sound of the person, Loki managed to slip away unnoticed.

"Uh, hello. Are you enjoying this evening?" He asked the middle aged woman in front of him then nodded to the man next to her. This was where he needed Pepper, his assistant, because he couldn't remember everyone who she had invited.

"Were just fine. We wanted to thank you for-"

Tony didn't hear the rest of her speech, as he turned around in order to smile apologetically, but his jaw dropped when he saw the other man gone. 'Sneaky bastard...' He thought as he pretended to listen to the woman. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Pepper and excused himself before walking over to her.

"Hey Pep."

"Tony. Talking to me doesn't count as mingling. Half these people are just here to see you. Your job is to go schmooze their money, so get schmoozing." She made a shooing gesture with her hands.

"But Pepppp" he wined, "I'm bored! And plus, I need to you get me some info on someone." He looked around, trying to locate the man from before but couldn't see him anywhere.

"No. No no no. I am not giving you information to help to coax poor girls into your bed." She stopped walking and turned to face him. "Actually there is someone I think you should meet. Very smart, I used to work with him actually. His name's Killian."

"Bzzzt, boring. What do you know about a man called Loki?" He asked, narrowing his eyes in thought and watching her reaction.

Pepper laughed. She actually laughed. Traitor.

"What, what's so funny?!" Tony pouted.

"Loki is the pagan God of lies. You think maybe he was messing with you?"

"What? He's named after a god? Not surprise with that ass..." He looked away in thought and nodded approvingly but then frowned and looked back. "Well you're the one who invited everyone here, you think he might've?"

Pepper raised both her eyebrows at him. "He's not named after a God Tony, he was lying to you. Probably to get away from your shameless flirting. There was no Loki on the guest list."

"What? Ah damn it." Tony sighed then shrugged. "Ah well, his loss."

"He probably just knew what he'd be getting himself into. Maybe he wasn't gay. Oh look." Pepper smiled at an older looking couple. "Mr and Mrs Ashton. So glad you could make it. This is Tony Stark, our host for this evening. Tony." She gave him a look.

Tony shrugged back at her then turned on his social Stark charm and talked to the people.

-Page Break-

It wasn't under later into that night that Tony was allowed to leave. Seeing as he had drunk a fair amount, Pepper escorted him back home to make sure he got back safely and didn't try to fly off in his suits or something equally as stupid.

After the disappointment of being stood down by the mysterious Loki, Tony had given up in finding someone else and committing himself to being a 'good host.

"Good evening Sir, although morning would be more accurate."

"Yeah, yeah, alright J, I know. Blame pepper for keeping me up too late." He shrugged then fell onto the sofa in giggles.

"Something amusing Anthony?"

AN: Hey! So, new fic. Like I mentioned at the start, this is from an RP I am doing with Doctor Maz (I'm Tony, she's Loki, and we just do whoever left if relevant), which is still on-going, so we have a lot of the story to put up ;)

Just a few warnings: This does involve slight non-con, BDSM themes and also Mpreg, so if you don't like these then don't read this any further :p Another thing is the chapters vary in length quite a bit, so if some are longer/shorter then others then its just because its from an RP and there were no good sections to add/split at.

But anyway, I hope you enjoy this if you read further, and until the next chapter! :D