Chapter 30

"Loki..." Tony breathed out, taking a step towards the god in front of him with his eyes wide in happy disbelief.

Loki only grinned back and pulled Tony into his arms. It had been close to three years since they'd seen each other due to the troubles on Asgard and Loki was beyond happy to see him. "You thought I was Jareth." Loki said, finally pulling back. "That means he's living with you?" Loki asked hopefully.

"Yeah, although he's out at the moment." Tony smiled at Loki with a hopeful expression that matched his mere seconds ago. "Are you back? For good?"

"Or arguably bad. But yes, I'm staying." Loki confirmed.

Tony breathed out a sigh of relief, leaning forward and resting his forehead against Loki's shoulder. "Finally."

"My mother is dead. Asgard had been at war. That is why it has been so long since you've heard from anyone. I am sorry. Did you not see Thor and the Dark Elves on the news?"

"I think I was holed up in my lab a few days while that was happening." Tony pulled up his head up and sent him a regretful look. "I only learnt after it happened... Wait, did you- did you say that Frigga is..." Tony trailed off and looked away sadly. "I'm sorry for your loss."

"Thank you, but I have an eternity to grieve." He leant down so his lips brushed against Tony's ear. "Right now I'm going to make you scream until you are dry."

Tony jumped at the sudden touch, but then smirked as he felt his cock twitch in response. "Oh gods yes!" He moaned

Within a minute Loki had picked him up bridal style, carried him to the bedroom, laid him on the bed, climbed over him, and had a perfectly lubed finger up Tony's ass. Loki kissed him deeply as he probed him. Magic would be quicker, but after all this time Loki wanted to feel Tony again. Tony gasped as Loki entered a second finger.

"You know" Tony moaned, throwing his head back at the feeling he hadn't felt in so long. "I haven't had sex in over fifty years..."

"You haven't?"

Tony blushed slightly and looked away. "No... I couldn't."

"I didn't expect you to stay celibate. I presumed you'd have a different girl every night. Maybe not straight away, but eventually." Loki removed his fingers and raised himself above his lover to look at him properly. "You really love me don't you?"

"Well it's not like I didn't do things to myself... And besides, I had a lot going on, and didn't know when you'd be coming back. Also, I'm not..." He trailed off and the reddening in his cheeks brightened. "Doesn't matter."

Loki kissed him slowly, silently thanking him for waiting for him all those years. "What's bothering you, my love?"

"Well... It's just... You said a girl a night. But since Jareth was born I haven't really been, y'know, attracted to the female gender..." He looked into Loki's eyes and smirked. "And would you have forgiven me if I had slept with others? What if you'd arrived to see me being taken by another?"

"I would have pulled them off you and reminded you who you belong to. But I would not have been angry. I know you have needs, my love."

Tony chuckled then pulled Loki's mouth down into his. "Well then, you'd better take care of these needs now before I explode." He ground his hips up, forcing their erections to brush against each other through the clothing barriers.

"Do not think you are the only one. You have had the pleasure of masturbation." Loki replaced his fingers and finished preparing Tony before he lined himself up.

"Then let's make sure this is pleasurable for the both of us." Tony said with a grin, then wrapped his legs around Loki and pulled him forward, closer.

Loki pushed in with a moan from both of them, and Loki stayed there for a while before binging to move. Thrusting hard and fast directly where he remembered Tony's prostate to be. They could be as slow and loving as they liked later.

"Yes!" Tony cried out as Loki found it, hitting it continuously to make him see stars. He almost forgotten how good Loki felt inside him, and it made him wonder why there was ever a time here he hadn't wanted this. "Oh gods, Loki, Don't stop!"

Loki rested his heavy head on Tony's chest while he let his hips do the work. He was too breathless to speak and didn't let up in his pace.

One of Tony's hands moved to grab the pillow behind his head, whereas the other moved round Loki's back to hold him close. Gasps and moans escaped his lips as he felt Loki inside him, even shouting his name loudly when the waves of pleasure washed over him. As Loki picked up the pace, the hand that clung to him dug sharp nails into his skin, leaving red legions in their wake as he threw his head back again in a loud, lustful gasp.

"AH, TONY!" Loki squeezed his eyes tightly shut and his mouth hung open in bliss, knowing he was close.

"Harder, LOKI! Fuck me ha-AH!-rder, oh GODS!" Tony moaned wantonly, using his hips as much as he could to pick up the pace further.

They continued to rut until they both came with loud cries of each other's names. "Think ten minutes will be long enough between rounds?" Loki asked breathlessly, already kissing Tony again.

"Why wait?" Tony grinned mischievously, then moved so that he sat on top of Loki and straddled him, then leant down so that his mouth was level with the god's ear. "Make it so I won't be able to walk for a few days." He whispered in a low, husky tone.

Loki moaned. "I forgot how good you felt."

"I know." Tony said smugly, then ground his cock down against Loki, both of which were started to get erect again.

Loki smirked and moved lower on the bed, his tongue darting out to lick the tip of Tony's cock with a moan. "You taste the same too." He grinned, taking the rest of Tony's cock into his mouth.

"Uhhhh!" Tony groaned and shut his eyes in bliss. "Same with the feeling of your mouth, honey."

Loki sucked and licked, using all his tricks to make Tony come undone, which wasn't that hard because of the long time without this. "Please Lokes, never leave us again...!" Tony whined between pants, feeling his erection come up pretty quickly again.

Loki pulled off only to speak. "Not for a second." He said before taking Tony's cock in mouth once again.

As a hand reached underneath him and fondled his balls, Tony cried out loudly and thrust up into Loki's mouth. Loki spluttered a little in surprise but soon corrected himself, please that Tony seemed to be enjoying himself so much

Tony's hands threaded themselves through Loki's hair, pulling slightly but not in a wholly unpleasant way. He apologised between gasps, trying to hold off coming too soon because it felt too damn good to stop. But with what Loki was doing to him now, he knew that he wouldn't be able to hold off much longer.

One of Loki's hands joined Tony's in his hair, telling him that it was okay.

Tony hummed in reply, moving those hands out of his hand to link them together, placing the other on his shoulder to keep himself balanced. Because he was kneeling up, he found it hard to stay upright as he neared his peak.

A few minutes later, Tony was coming hard into Loki's mouth.

Loki continued to swallow until Tony's orgasm was over and looked up at him with crazy eyes. It was three rounds later that Loki had finally had enough and would rather crawl up Tony's chest and kiss him lazily.

"So..." Tony said as they pulled apart and he held Loki in his arms, legs tangled loosely together as they played with the others fingers. "That was awesome, as always."

"It was." Loki pecked him on the lips. "I missed that. Your libido hasn't decreased in all these years."

"You got that right." Tony grinned wildly, then turned his head towards his discarded jeans as his phone started to ring, blaring out 'Carry on Wayward Son' by Kansas. "Uh, that's Jareth's ringtone. I'd better get it." Tony said as he tried to get up, but as soon as he stood, he fell over and groaned at the pain in his back.

"Hahah. I'm sorry love, I'll grab it." Loki stood up and walked over to the discarded clothing to grab what must be the new Starkphone but found he had no idea how to actually use it. Technology had changed a little since he's last been on earth.

"Put it against your ear, it puts you through automatically." Tony told him, not bothering to move from his spot on the floor. Loki smirked at him then looked at the still ringing phone, raised an eyebrow and put the device against his ear.

"Hey dad, am I interrupting your knitting and tea drinking right now?" Came Jareth's smug voice, as clear as if he were standing right next to Loki in the room. He clearly meant it as a joke, which Tony rolled his eyes at, as the room was so silent that he could here it, but let Loki answer anyway.

"I don't think your dad would know how to make tea without burning himself, let alone knit."

An 'Oi' was heard from Tony's direction on the floor.

"Wait, Father? I didn't know we could have phone connections through to Asgard. Is Dad visiting you?"

Loki chuckled softly. "Not exactly. Inter-realm communication hasn't been invented as of yet."

There was a few second of silence, and Loki felt that he could imagine the dawning of realisation on his son's face as he figured out where he was.

"Y-you mean you're back?! Really?!" He raised his voice slightly, sounding as if he could barely contain his excitement.

"That I am. But we can talk when you get back. What did you call for?"

He heard a pleased laugh on the other end. "Oh my gods, this is great! I was going to say I'll be back late, but now I'll be home right away!"

"I thought you were on a date."

"Yeah, but I see her everyday. I haven't seen you in years, and this is more important..." He paused. "Unless you and Dad are, uh, catching up first?"

Loki laughed loudly. "Oh, we've already done that. How long will you be?"

On the other end if the line, Jareth rolled his eyes but couldn't help a smile. "Half an hour if the trains aren't late? Or I can be there in seconds?"

"Half an hour it is then." Loki confirmed, trying to give them a chance to get dressed and presentable. Loki hoped there were some earth clothes somewhere he could wear. "I'll see you then. Uh, Anthony how do I turn it off?" Loki turned the object in his hand upside down, looking for a button that he didn't find.

"It's off." He said, pulling himself into a sitting position on the floor while wincing then leaning half on the bed. "I need a warm shower. Fancy joining me?"

"Only to wash." Loki flopped down next to his lover and kissed his cheek. "Will you shampoo my hair?"

Tony looked thoughtful for a few seconds then smirked. "If you wash my dick?" He tried, despite what Loki had said mere moments ago.

"I'm afraid I might have my hands full with washing everywhere else." He smiled at Tony's disappointed look, "I guess I'll have to use my mouth instead."

Tony didn't answer, merely stood abruptly and was quickly pulling Loki up and towards the bathroom, now apparently ignoring the pains in his lower back.

-Page Break-

Loki sat by the door his leg bouncing up and down in an impatient habit. Perhaps he should've told Jareth to use his magic. "Anthony, could you perhaps fix me some food? I skipped lunch. And breakfast."

"You know where the kitchen is, I'm not moving unless Bilgesnipe suddenly appears and charges at this sofa." Tony grumbled, lying face down on the sofa with his head rested on a pillow. They'd gone another round or two while in the shower, hard and fast, making it so that Tony definitely wouldn't be able walk easily for the rest of the day. Loki had to carry him out and dry him, but for all the glorious sex, it had been worth it.

"Love, I am waiting patiently for the return of my son, of whom I have not seen for over three years. Kindly fetch me some food." He snapped, glaring at Tony across the room. "You should not have initiated sex if you couldn't handle the consequences."

Tony moaned in annoyance but didn't move. Loki was about to ask again, when a box of cold pizza appeared right in front of him. "Go nuts." Tony said, a hand appearing over the back of the sofa and batting lazily in Loki's direction.

"Thank you." Loki opened the box and pulled a face of disgust before completely devouring what was more than half a pizza in a couple of minutes. "If you come here, I can ease the pain in exchange for a glass of water."

"I don't want it eased. I told you, I wanted to feel this for a while." Tony pulled himself up, wincing a little, as he shot Loki a cheeky grin. "I love you."

Loki's returning smile was warm and it reached not just his eyes but his entire body. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Tony said as he flopped back down, groaning again as he hit the leather fabric harder than planned.

"The young sir is back in the building sir's." Came the voice of Jarvis.

"Thank you, Jarvis. And Tony, I was thanking you for the water that you aren't getting me." He sighed. "Never mind, it can wait." Loki didn't know whether to stand or sit. He thought sitting might be awkward, so settled hovering by the door.

After what felt like an eternity, the elevator opened and Jareth stepped out. There was a loud thud as the men's chests came together forcefully into a slightly painful looking hug, Loki squeezing Jareth close to him.

"Father- you're hurting me." Jareth said against his chest, but still smiled at his father's compassion. Despite the slightly suffocating hug, he didn't want it to end for fear Loki might go as soon as he pulled back.

But Loki did, and he looked his son in the eye before hugging him again. "You've changed your hair." He said into the hug, not as tight as the first.

"I fancied a change." He shrugged, then glanced around the room and frowned slightly. "By the way, where's dad?"

Before Loki could answer, a hand shot up from the sofa and a voice followed. "Over here. Forgive me if I don't get up. Blame your father."

Loki chuckled slightly embarrassed and pulled back from the hug, holding Jareth's shoulders at arms length and inspecting him. He noticed he still wore the jacket Loki had given him about thirty years ago, and he had a faint scar by his collar bone. He had obviously inherited Loki's love of leather and tight clothing. Apart from this he looked very much the same as when Loki had last seen him about three years ago. "Ignore him. Come and tell me what you've been up to, and then I want to hear about this Sarah girl your dad's been on about. He says you're quite sweet on her. In... Not so many words."

"Yeah, she's nice. You should meet her, I think you'd like her." Jareth said as they walked over to where Tony was. Jareth looked as if he were about to say something, but then paused and looked away almost embarrassedly. "Um, would you mind if I switched forms...?" He asked carefully. He knew Loki wasn't all that keen on his own Jötunn appearance, but he hadn't really talked about his own in his presence.

Loki was somewhat taken back by the question and didn't really know how to answer.
"If-if you'd prefer. I mean, if you're comfortable."

"Thanks." He said before letting go of the human half of him to embrace the Jötunn side. His markings were similar to Loki's, which made sense seeing as they were hereditary, although he kept his eyes green. He walked forward and plonked himself down in an armchair, throwing a leg over the armrest as he glanced at Loki, as if asking silently if he would sit too.

Loki laughed inwardly, recognising a lot of himself in his son. He moved to the sofa where Tony lay, lifting up his legs and sitting down before replacing Tony's legs onto his lap.

Tony groaned quietly as he turned around, still keeping his legs on Loki's lap. "Hey, Squirt. Date go well?" He asked with a sky smile. Tony had gotten into a habit of calling Jareth 'squirt' as a child, and even though he was taller than him, the name still kept.

Jareth rolled his eyes but nodded. "Yeah thanks, we went to that Italian place you like... Venderichi's?"

Tony smiled and nodded. "Great. Glad it's going well between you."

Jareth returned the smile, and then shifted his happy look to a curious one. "Have you asked-"

"NO!" Tony quickly interrupted, sitting up and holding up his hands to stop him from speaking. Jareth nodded and blushed slightly as he sunk into the chair a little, feeling embarrassed that he'd almost revealed something which Loki didn't know about. "Not yet..." Tony replied a little softer, sending his son an apologetic look for snapping suddenly.

"You're keeping something from me already?" Loki asked incredulously before remembering the news of his own. "Actually Jareth, I've got some bad news."

Loki told him of the attack on Asgard and Frigga's death. She and Jareth had become close during her magic lessons and Loki hated giving him this news so soon after he was back. It was better than keeping it from him though, Loki knew that much. "I'm so sorry."

"No... Grandma's... She can't be..." Jareth was giving Loki a look with strongly mirrors his own when he found out he was adopted all those years ago. The same hurt look, although at least it wasn't because this fact had been kept from his every day of his life since it happened. Tony's panicked expression shifted into a sad one as he looked to the floor. He sat up, ignoring the pain (which by now had subsided a lot, but he was just milking it for the sake of it) and rubbed Loki's back comfortingly while glancing over at Jareth.

"From what I gather, she died protecting Jane. And the one who is at fault is dead so she had been avenged." Tony said with a sympathetic smile. He too had been close to the woman, but obviously not as close as his lover or son.

Loki didn't know whether to hug Jareth or let him deal with this by himself. "I watched Thor squeeze the life out of the bastard by his throat." He said, trying to comfort his son.

"And you think that helps? You really are a sick bastard aren't you?" Jareth stood. "I'm going to my room."

"Jare- Jareth, come back here..." Tony started to say, but trailed off as soon as Jareth had reached the bottom of the stairs and teleported off. Tony sighed, and then turned to look at Loki. "He's just upset, it's understandable. You should've seen his reaction to Clint's..."

"Jareth is right." Loki sat back pinching his nose. "I don't understand him. It's alright for you, he's grown up with you. But... We don't really know each other."

Tony moved closer and placed an arm around his shoulders. "Give it time. We have centuries to spend together as a family. Like I said, he's just upset about the news. He was probably expecting everything to be okay now you're back." Tony leaned in and kissed his cheek. "You want to go check on him?"

"No, I'll give him a couple minutes. But you're right, we just need to get used to each other." Loki leant into Tony's side and allowed his hair to be stroked. "I thought I'd come back and everything would be fine as well."

Tony chuckled lightly. "If only life were that kind."

"Mmmm, what was it you didn't want Jareth to tell me?"

Loki felt Tony stiffen slightly. "Um, oh that? Nah, it was nothing." He tried to pass it off casually.

"Anthony." He sighed, looking up. "There will be no better time than the present."

"Um, actually there is. I'll... I'll tell you later."

Loki looked at him sceptically but decided to let it slide. "What time is it? When I let it was early morning in Asgard. Actually what is the month?"

"Um..." Tony glanced at his phone. "Nearly five pm, September 8th, 2066. A whole millennium since the Battle of Hastings."

Loki gave him a confused look but didn't reply then let his eyes slide shut as he leant on his lover.

"I'm 93 years old..." Tony said to himself with a laugh. "I never thought I'd reach that age."

"Well you look very good for your age. What did you say to Steve, 'Spry for an older fellow'?"

Tony smirked. "You still remember that?"

"I haven't had many new memories to replace my old Anthony. Only your visits."

"Fair enough." Tony shrugged, and then glanced up the stairs where Jareth disappeared. "Do you wanna go or shall I? Might be better if you went, and..." He trailed off, pretending as if he didn't have anything else to add, but Loki had heard him.

"And what?"

"Well..." Tony rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "I just thought... It might make him feel a bit more at ease if you're, um, in your Jötunn form too?"

"As much of a bad idea as that sounds, I do not find it easy to control my transition into that form." Loki got up and crossed the room to the door Jareth had left through. "Uh, which room is his?"

Tony sighed heavily. "It was only because he's spent his entire life growing up thinking that form to be okay, because I taught him that. I love you both no less just because you get a little blue and frosty from time to time." He pulled a face and gave Loki a stern look before softening it. "You don't have to, it's just, I thought it might help calm him down, take his mind off things, reassure him that his father doesn't think him the same monster as he sees in himself... Third room on the right, you'll know it when you see it."

"Thanks." Loki disappeared up the stairs and laughed when he saw Jareth's door.

It was covered in various magic symbols and old words- mostly protection and warding off with a few swears added in. When he knocked and entered, he saw Jareth sitting on his bed, hugging his knees tightly into his chest. The room felt cold, and the bed sheets looked a little frosted around where he sat too. He didn't look up when Loki entered.

"May I come in?" When Jareth didn't answer, Loki came to sit at the end of the bed, frowning when Jareth didn't look up. Loki considered what Tony had said, but didn't know if he could control Odin's magic enough to turn to his Jötunn form without hurting someone. Perhaps he should practise when alone. "Jareth I-"

"Leave me alone." He said suddenly, cutting Loki off. He still didn't look up. "I don't want to talk to you right now."

"Jareth." Loki put his hand on his son's knee and continued when it wasn't shaken off. "I love you, and I hope you love me in return, but we don't really know each other do we? At least we are not used to each other, we handle things very differently. When I heard of yore grandmother's death I was angry. I wanted revenge. I was brought up in a world where every young boy dreams of war, death, and glory. You were not. You have to understand that I can't help my way of looking at things, I was not brought up as diligently as you were by your dad, and I wish I could have been there. But what I'm saying is even though I may seem violent and barbaric to you, in Asgard that's the way things are done. And that doesn't make me a bad person. I just am yet to learn the Midgardian way. That is all." He tilted Jareth's face up to look him in the eye and was met with no resistance. "Just give me a chance okay? I've lost my mother too. Imagine how you'd feel if it was your Dad. You'd probably want someone's blood too." The thought of it nearly made his words catch in his mouth, but Loki didn't waver. Jareth needed to know his intentions were good.

Jareth sighed heavily and lowered his knees as he looked at his hands against his lap. "I know... It's just... Weird. Asgard's way of life is so different to this world, and I do want to learn about them all. I'm just not used to it yet. I can understand- like you said, I'd probably try and extract revenge if anything happened to you or dad, but... Well, I was brought up differently, so I doubt we can really understand the other in this sense." He paused and looked up, his eyes, Loki noticed, now red. "But that does t mean I don't want to try."

"C'mere" Loki held out an arm and smiled when Jareth hugged him. It was weird thinking that Jareth was fifty, but because he'd always looks like a twenty one year old, he always acted like one. Loki wondered for a moment if people in bars ever thought his ID was fake. "We'll learn to live with each other. It'll just take a little time. And we've got plenty of that."

Jareth laughed and nodded in agreement. "That we do, father."

"Before I go back down, care to tell me what it was that your Dad's putting off telling me?"

Jareth grinned smugly, a look which this time mirrors Tony more than Loki, and shook his head. "Nope. Wait and see."

"Just tell me if it's good or bad."

At that, Jareth just smiled and swiftly left the room, leaving a very confused Loki behind, although as soon as he opened the door, Tony nearly fell through it. Clearly the man had been trying to eavesdrop, but was now pretending to act casually as if nothing had happened.

Loki sighed and Jareth rolled his eyes, stepping past Tony and going back down the stairs, leaving his parents to talk.


"Well what? Should I be asking you that? How'd the talk go?"

"I'm intrigued as to what you have to tell me."

Tony blushed a little. "U-um... Look, Loki, what I have to say, it was supposed to come as a surprise, Jareth should've kept quiet, and I actually had a specific time to tell you it. Now isn't it." He paused at the look Loki was sending him. "It's nothing bad, I promise."

"Nothing bad in your opinion." Loki emphasised. "I don't like surprises." He stood up and wrapped his arms around his lover. "But I will let it slide this once if you help me catch up on fifty years of news and technology. We'll start with some movies and then tomorrow we can all go out. Tell me, what city are we in?"

Tony breathed a small sigh of relief, then quickly covered it with a smile and began to lead Loki out the room. "Same one we've always been in. The tower hasn't magically changed locations you know."

"But the rooms have changed. I don't know, we could have been in Malibu or something."

"That's a good point. But into these movies you said you wanted to catch up on..."

-Page Break-

After Tony and Jareth had spent a few hours catching Loki up on most, if not everything that he hadn't been told of while in prison. They had also, decided on by Tony who'd bought it, ordered take out food and rented a movie to watch while eating.

Tony however seemed to have other plans, as he'd excused himself to the 'toilet', but had ended up being gone for 15 minutes as the movie played on. Before he'd left, he and Jareth had shared a look and their son had nodded before Tony announced his departure and left. Loki dismissed it at the time, but now felt it slightly suspicious.

He kept giving Jareth sideways glances which were always returned with a smug smile and knowing eyes. Loki knew better than to ask; he wouldn't get an answer.

It was a further ten minutes before anything was said. Jareth's phone vibrated on the arm rest next to him, and his grin widened as he asked Jarvis to pause the film, which neither were really watching at this point anyway. He turned to Loki with an excited look, despite trying to keep as straight faced as possible.

"Dad wants to talk to you in the bedroom."

Loki was beyond suspicious now, he was downright uncomfortable. Tony and Jareth were plotting a surprise for him. Loki got up tentatively and narrowed his eyes in suspicion at his son before making his way to the bedroom, cracking the door open and poking his head in.

The entire room looked completely different to how it had done earlier that day when they'd left it. The bed was nearly made up with fresh sheets, with rose petals scattered loosely over the pillows. Rose petals? All discarded clothing had been tidying away too, and all around the room, small lit candles flickered away, giving the room a warm, romantic feel to it... romantic? Tony stood in front of the bed, shifting about from one foot to the other, but otherwise the same as he'd done before.

"Hey." Tony said with a nervous smile as Loki walked further into the room

"What's all this?" Loki stepped in, looking around properly.

"Just a mood setter." Tony shrugged. "But not for what you probably think I'm thinking... I wanted to talk to you about something." Even though the lighting if the room was dimmer than it would be with the lamps on, Loki could still see a tint of a blush starting to form on Tony's face.

He reached out and touched Tony's cheek, stroking the reddening area with his thumb.

"U-um, okay, before I get too nervous and chicken out of this, because I know I'll regret it if I don't, I'm gonna say it..." He paused and frowned at Loki's height, then pulled away ever so slightly from his touch. "Actually, do you think you could sit on the bed for me please?"

Loki faltered, getting an idea what Tony was going to say and sitting down on the bed silently, not wanting to make Tony feel any more nervous.

"I know at first I didn't come across as particularly willing, sort of, but since the day I realised it, I've been in love with you. I still am. And now, we have a child, despite the fact he's 53... And taller than me, seriously? Both of you giants freaking tower over me, the small human... Anyway so yeah, I love you, Loki, and all this time with you locked up in the Asgardian cell made me realise something. That when you got out, I wanted to spend the rest of my extended life with you. Not because we have to as we have a child, not because of any reason other than the fact that I love you more than anything else in this universe."

He paused and took in a deep breath, as if psyching himself up. "Now, uh, this thing I'm going to ask of you, years ago this thought terrified me. Because it meant commitment, heart, and soul. I had none of those things until I met you, and seeing as how we have the rest of eternity to spend together anyway, we may as well make it official, if you want to, so..."

He reached into his pocket and grabbed a hold of a small green box, then knelt down on the floor in front of Loki and opened it. "Loki, will you marry me?"

"Oh, my beautiful perfect boy." Loki cupped his lover's face in both of his hands and kissed him carefully. "As touched as I am, you have not thought this through." Loki patted the bed beside him and waited for Tony to sit beside him before he continued. "On Earth I have no passport, no social security number, no record of birth or existence. We cannot legally marry for I have no identity. On Asgard a royal marriage is only legally binding if approved by the king, which will be nigh impossible. Please don't think i love you any less, but I am just being practical. Besides." He took both of Tony's hands in his. "Aren't we as good as married anyway? We are more tied to each other than most other married couples. Not only do we have a child, but our immortality binds us."

Tony smiled sweetly. "That we are, but I just thought it might be nice to do this. You know, to deal the deal. I know you have nothing required for an earth marriage, but I could easily get you them or we could simply have a fake ceremony with the meaning only to us, as not to the states." He placed a finger on Loki's lips as he looked as if he were about to speak. "And as for the Cyclops in the Sky, I've grown on him in the last few decades. As has Jareth. He likes us, and despite everything, he is your adoptive father, so he must feel a tiny ounce of compassion hidden behind the patch somewhere?" He paused and frowned. "Or wait until Thor's king and he could do it, or perhaps a wedding in another realm-"

"You truly want to marry me so much?"

"Well, the idea isn't terrifying so much, I want everyone to know that we belong to each other in a way that doesn't involve Jareth, much as I love him. And also..." He paused for a brief second. "Your mother always wanted us to marry. I know she thought it, even asked me on several occasions if you'd asked me yet." He pulled a face the. Glanced back to Loki and gave him a sympathetic smile. "Although don't think that I'm asking this now just because if what happened to her, I've been planning this encounter for years."

Loki's heart almost broke at Tony's words and he gathered who he guessed he should call his fiancé into his arms. "You truly are perfect Anthony. How could I have survived so long without you?"

"Same way as me but with less masturbating?" Tony replied with a smug grin, but then lessened it to a hopeful smile. "So... Is that a yes then?"

"By now you should know that I'd do anything to make you happy. And if marriage is what you want, then that is what my boy shall get." Loki pressed a kiss to his lips and smiled at him warmly. "I've only been back a matter of hours and its already been a roller-coaster of emotions. However am i to survive a week, let alone eternity?"

"Well, I'm here to help with that now." Tony said sweetly, taking Loki's hands and entwining them in his own. "Plus, like you said, we have eternity."

"I thought I'd never sleep with the inter-realm jet-lag but it appears you have tired me out." He stood, not letting go of Tony's hand. "Care to let me fall asleep on you during a movie and then carry me to bed?"

"Sounds perfect, and we also need to let Jareth know the good news." Tony grinned, squeezing Loki's hand once then they walked out the room together. "Oh, and we're so having sex in here later with this setting." Tony leant in to whisper in his ear.

Loki smirked as they entered the living room. He waited for Tony to sit with his back against the arm of the sofa before sitting between his fiancé's legs with his back against Tony's chest and his legs stretched out before him. He smiled again when Tony's arms instinctively wrapped around him instinctively.

"Well,?" Jareth asked expectantly. "What happened? You were in there long enough for more than a simple answer and too short to have fucked."

"Jareth!" Loki scolded while Tony laughed. Loki swatted at the man's arm in annoyance.

"He said yes." Tony said with a huge grin. "Though the when and how is yet to be decided."

"Yes! I knew it would be fine, Dad." He looked pointedly at Tony who cringed and looked away with an awkward cough.

"Yeah yeah, I know."

"You though I cold possibly say no?" Loki looked behind him curiously.

"No, I just... I mean... I was nervous okay? I didn't know how you'd react."

"I'm not mocking you love." Loki reached behind him and ruffled Tony's hair. "Are we going to continue this movie. I believe there's quite a way to go."

"Yeah, Jarvis play." Jareth said, then twisted around in his seat and watched the movie again.

The end.

Sorry for the wait, but here it is! Thank you to everyone who has read or shown support for this all the way through, we greatly appreciate it :D Adios!