It was Friday night at the Rabbit Hole and the place was buzzing with energy, as couples grinded on the dance floor to the beat of the music, or as others chatted at the bar. Emma Swan unceremoniously sauntered into the bar and lazily plopped onto a bar stool, ordering a whiskey on the rocks. It had been a long and boring week at the station with the most exciting thing happening the last couple of days to be Pongo's escape. His escapades were becoming so common that Emma began to suspect Archie purposely let him loose to give her something to do. She rarely ever got out of the station anyway, what with "Her Majesty" swaggering in the door nearly every day with her perfectly toned legs and shapely ass and her "Miss Swan" to deliver her next pile of paperwork. Emma was certain the woman waited till she could see that Emma was doing absolutely nothing so she could make some snark about it as she dropped the papers with a thud onto Emma's desk. It irked Emma so much to see a smirk form on the other woman's face as she successfully fired some various insult about her parents or jail time or lack of ability to get anything done. But the way that woman said "Miss Swan" (which she probably didn't mean to sound so damn sexy but it did nonetheless) totally made up for it. God Regina was hot. Jeez she wasn't even hot, she was beyond that, she was on a whole scale of her own, and ever since Emma arrived in Storybrooke, she couldn't get Regina off her mind. It was everything about that infuriating woman that absolutely captivated Emma. Her selfless love for Henry, her bravery, her strength and amazing willpower. Her stubborn mind and borderline mean sense of humour. Her willingness to try become a better person, and how hard shes trying at that. Emma was enamoured with the woman's mind and soul, her looks were just a bonus. But it was more than that too. What Emma loved the most was that Regina understood her. She understood what Emma had been through, and she didn't try to awkwardly apologise or pity her when the subject came up. She understood her. And Emma understood Regina. And while Emma reduced her feelings to a stupid crush, a small voice at the back of her mind shouted that indeed, she loved her too.

Emma broodily stirred her drink, lost in her thoughts, but she was quickly snapped back to reality, and reared her head to the sound of a familiar song. As she did, she caught the eye of one Regina Mills that was sitting poised, across the bar. Emma was taken aback at the sight of the woman, thinking that this place was too seedy and the music too provocative for the ever regal Queen. She wore a tight blue dress that showed off her every curve, her hair perfectly curled, and her makeup accentuating her already flawless features. Regina looked absolutely stunning. This outfit was much different from the power suits Emma was used to. As she sat there, mouth slightly agape, she watched as the woman smirked before plucking a cherry from her drink, and as if in slow motion, raising the fruit to her blood red lips before they enveloped it entirely. Emma blushed, and felt the need to look away, but the other woman held her gaze with such intensity that Emma was forced to watch with curiosity and slight embarrassment. She looked on as jaw muscles and tongue worked quickly until, moment later, a cherry stem, tied in a knot slid out between Regina's lips.

Heat instantly shot to Emma's core and she watched hungrily as the woman gracefully slipped off her chair, and with one finger, beckoned Emma, before sauntering to the bathroom, hips swaying. As Emma registered what just happened in her mind, playing the last few moments in her mind, one blaring question came to front "Holy shit did Regina Mills just flirt with me?!" followed by another "Oh my god am I dreaming again?" After she pinched herself for good measure, Emma was broken out of her stupor, and hastily stumbled off her bar stool, before she all but ran towards the bathroom, where a very turned on Madam Mayor was expectantly waiting for her.

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