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The Muggle Prime Minister receives a notice that Cornelius Fudge is to meet him. He then recollects Fudge's earlier meetings with him: his first meeting with Fudge soon after he became the Prime Minister, Sirius Black's escape from Azkaban, the Quidditch World Cup, the Triwizard Tournament and the 1996 Azkaban mass breakout. When Fudge finally arrives, he reveals a number of incidents which had occurred in the Muggle world and for which the Prime Minister is forced to owe responsibility: the collapse of the Brockdale Bridge, a supposed hurricane in the West Country, the deaths of Amelia Bones and Emmeline Vance and the insanity of Junior Minister Herbert Chorley which have all been caused by Lord Voldemort, his followers the Death Eaters and their Giant allies. In short, the Second Wizarding War has begun. Fudge also reveals that he has been sacked and replaced by Rufus Scrimgeour as Minister for Magic. Scrimgeour too meets the Prime Minister and discusses security arrangements with him. He also reveals that Fudge will be a liaison between them.

Draco came from a family of turn coats and opportunists, but for what it's worth, they were also a family of fighters. They fought to survive, fought for their loved ones and in his case, fighting for against the prejudice his family upheld for centuries. He didn't return to school for his sixth year, he believed that the war may arrive sooner rather than later and called for a preemptive strike. Rather than mock him, the rivals of his clan, the Weasleys, with the exception of two rallied behind him in support.

His father was in the hands of the Death Eaters, being tortured at any knowledge of where his son is. Seeing that said son managed to strategize with the Order of Phoenix and helped bring down several warded pureblood estates that were homes to the supporters of the Dark Lord.

Say what you will of Lucius Malfoy, he is a coward, an arrogant bastard and a downright nasty person, but he is a good father and a loving one at that. No torture would make him break down and tell those monsters where his son is. After his torture, when he's left naked, bleeding and alone in his dungeon cell, in the very manor where his proud ancestors walked, Lucius dreamt of better times. Memories of Narcissa dancing with him, so young, vibrant and beautiful and of Draco learning to walk and discovering new things as a little boy played in his mind and gave him the strength to continue on.

Both didn't know how valiantly each would fight for what they believe in and Draco wouldn't know until it's too late just how much his father loved him.

Harry notices Dumbledore has received a serious injury to his right hand, but the Headmaster dismisses it as unimportant. Dumbledore then asks Harry's help in convincing an old Hogwarts teacher, Horace Slughorn, to come out of retirement. They pay him a visit, but Slughorn is reluctant to return to the school, fearing it may put his life in danger from Death Eaters.

Harry tells him that no teachers have died since Dumbledore became Headmaster, except Professor Quirrell, who was working for Voldemort. This dubious comfort, and the opportunity to get Harry to join his Slug Club, persuades Slughorn to return to Hogwarts. Dumbledore then drops Harry off back at his parents', praising him for the way he has handled his godfather's untimely death and reveals that he would take private classes for him in the forthcoming academic year.

Vincent Crabbe was given the task of killing Albus Dumbledore and it is one that he carries with pleasure. He liked the idea of being the one in-charge. It is a huge change, from being Draco Malfoy's underling throughout his younger years. But what Draco lacks in brawns he certainly makes up for in brains. He guessed that Vincent would be given an important task now that he and his family is out of the Dark Lord's favor. Thus, Harry with the help of his friends managed to capture Vincent Crabbe while he was sneaking around the castle trying to ambush Dumbledore.

He was brought to the Shrieking Shack before he was taken to an undisclosed location to be squeezed out for information. Think what you will how ruthless Draco is, but every victim in his dreams had been Hermione and he'd be damned if he let that happen.

Ginny and Kelly may have had their differences. But when it comes to the bottom line of doing what they have to, in order for their loved ones to survive, they would do it. It had been Kelly who noticed the charms and spells ensorcelled around their former teacher Remus Lupin. She knows that this has got something to do with controlling his werewolfism. Kelly got concerned; an ensorcelled wizard is a vulnerable wizard. She knew this much reading about the First Wizarding War. She realized given the state of his clothes and his reluctance to be with the woman he loves that his being ensorcelled is the only way to control the effects of his werewolfism. Whereas, Ginny who grew up in poverty and was more practical realized they needed resources and materials to fund their fight.

They remembered the room of requirement and realized what they should do.

Hermione Granger read about wars, not just about the wizarding wars, but about wars in general. She realized how stupid, pointless and meaningless these wars are. At the earliest of time, it had been food and other resources. Then the causes added on with territories, succession and the ever changing concept of freedom and identity. After that, it had been religion, race and the interests of the wealthy. Make no mistake, she will and she does fight for this war but hearing things from both sides of the fence, Draco's stories from his childhood on how his parents told about the muggles who persecuted wizards and witches, of children being tortured for their magic by their own parents and communities.

She read stories of those innocents slaves, persecuted and given harsh treatment for their difference from their "masters". These pureblood look at her in the same light as the slave owners of old look upon their revolting slaves. Winning this war, much like winning the last one or the others ones before this, wouldn't change the fact that there would be a new Dark Lord someday. They have to change their world.