Title: Binding to Earth (1/?)

Author: Sandy S.

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Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Set after all recent stuff on the show (Season 7 included).

Summary: This is the sequel to "Confronting the Sun." What happened to Buffy and Spike after the Watcher's Council had them dusted by the sun? Of course, they didn't go peacefully to heaven, but they didn't go to hell either. Read their continuing story to find out what their new trials. . .

Binding to Earth

". . .What is the force that binds the stars? I wore this mask to hide my scars What is the power that pulls the tide? Never could find a place to hide

What moves the earth around the sun? What could I do but run and run and run? Afraid to love, afraid to fail A mast without a sail. . ."

From "Ghost Story" by Sting, 1999

Year 652 Meonik time

"You have to believe that I'm Buffy Summers." My voice is hollow with the desperation that I'm feeling. How am I to convince the man before me that I am Buffy without my corporeal body encasing my soul? Thankfully, I'm able to touch physical objects because the only reason I'm staying focused is by gripping the arms of the cushioned chair in which I'm sitting and by ignoring the claustrophobic effect of being in such a small cabin. The power my listener wields is far greater than his dwelling indicates.

Although his hair is black as night, his response is hoarse and tired as if he has heard too many tales. "And why should I believe you? You say you're in the chair across from me, but I can't even see you. How do I know that you're not with *them*?"

"If you don't believe me, then, a lot of people are going to die very soon. Think about it, if I were with them, would I be here trying to elicit your aid?" I try to avoid thinking about how little time is left before lives are lost and before I might truly lose my lover forever. If the latter occurred, I would surely be destroyed.

The man licks his lips in anticipation as he weighs my words. "What's in it for me and my people if we choose to help you. . . if you are who claim to be?"

"The Meoniks will be gone, and you will be free to return home." I don't know if this incentive is powerful enough.

"Many of my people were born and raised here. They know no other way of life. Why should they want to go somewhere else?" His face his youthful, but when he thoughtfully raises a finger to his lips, I notice that his hand is wrinkled from using the magic in this dimension.

"They would be crazy to stay here. . . , but they could stay if they wanted," I amend when I witness his expression change to one of annoyance.

"And how many will I lose if I agree to help?" He's carefully covering all the bases. . . not that I blame him. "How many will I lose to save your lover?"

Anger flashes scarlet red through me; I am sick of human arrogance. "It's not just to save my companion but to save this world and Earth's dimension. Billions, no. . . trillions of lives, Sievene, not just one."

Even though I know he can't truly see me, he appears to study me with a bemused expression. Then, he sighs. "Tell me a good story, invisible one, and perhaps I will consider helping you."

My stomach lurches in a mixture of annoyance and resignation. "All right. But if I'm to tell this tale, you must be serious as well because I have no time for jokes."

"Oh, I am very serious. Tell me."

* * *

TBC. . . What is Buffy talking about? Why is she invisible? Where's Spike? And what happened after they were dusted? Read on. . . :o) Hope you enjoy this, too!