Chapter 1


If there was one thing Olivia loved, it was hand-to-hand combat. Thanks to Huck's capable tutelage she was skilled at Krav Maga. Those were the eyes she looked into now, Huck's, as they prepared to battle it out in the practice ring. She knew she would sustain a bruise or two, but that came with the territory. Before a heist, Olivia always fought one round with Huck until one of them was defeated. It mattered not who was victorious. The art of the fight, the strategy, was what prepared Olivia mentally for a job. The key was to avoid confrontation. When that was not possible, one must neutralize the threat so as to avoid injury. Quick fights were the best. Huck and Olivia knew each other's weak points since they had fought so many times. This put them on equal footing.

Today was a milestone for Olivia. This would be her final heist. She had been an art thief for 10 years. Now at 32, it was time to stop. She always knew this line of work would not last. It had endured this long because of the stellar team of accomplices she had in Huck, Abby, and her beloved Harrison. He was another reason she was retiring. She had promised him they would get out of the business and settle down, build a real life together before they got caught or injured. Since she and Harrison were moving on, Abby and Huck would take the helm along with their new recruit, Quinn Perkins.

Olivia glanced at Quinn who stood on the outside of the ring looking on eagerly. She was such a little copycat. Olivia could see her mimicking her movements even as she observed. Abby found Quinn through a bogus advertisement for an office manager. The ruse was revealed when she accepted the offer. They had never had to recruit any new talent to Olivia Pope Securities (OPS). Bringing on new people was a risky proposition. They had to stay lean to survive, and survive they had. They were never caught. Olivia's thoughts ceased when she was slammed on her back. Huck smiled over her in triumph as he pinned her. Olivia smiled back.

"You win, Huck." When he moved off her, she placed her thigh flush against her chest and extended her knee forcefully into Huck's abdomen. When he fell back, she straddled him quickly and slammed her forearm against his throat.

"Liv, baby, that doesn't count because he pinned you first," said Harrison as he jumped into the ring. He bent over and lifted Olivia up into his arms, "But my baby still has it. Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee." His lips touched hers and they kissed indulgently.

"We won't miss that," Abby said, glancing at Quinn, "Be thankful you won't have to be party to the Olivia-Harrison TMI PDAs. Three years is enough for me!"

"You're just jealous, Abby!" Huck screamed from the other end of the large room as he refreshed himself with water.

"Let's meet in the office in an hour to do the final preparations," Olivia said, after pulling away from Harrison.

Harrison wrapped his arms loosely around her waist. "How are you feeling, babe…your last job?"

"Hmm…happy…sad…anxious, but mostly happy because now is our time, Mr. Wright. How are you feeling?" Olivia asked. She rubbed her nose against his.

"I'm happy that the woman I love will finally be out of harm's way. Happy that you won't have anymore fighting matches with Huck or any man for that matter. I don't like you rolling around on the floor with anyone but me."

"Well, now, Mr. Wright, as tempting as that sounds, you know my rule. No sex…" Olivia said before Harrison cut her off.

"No sex within twenty-four hours of a heist…I know. I know."

An hour later, the OPS crew sat together at the round table in the conference room, staring at their individual laptops as Olivia reviewed the heist using a digital simulation. The animated simulation was also projected on a large screen at the front of the room.

"Tonight, at 0300 hours, I will enter the West Mezzanine of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, taking the underground route to the Greek and Roman Art rooms. I will disable the lock on the glass enclosure of the bronze statue, Sleeping Eros. Huck will enter on the East side to set up the rolling conveyer belt device that will transport the statue out of the building. Harrison will enter on the north side, and Abby on the south to keep watch and rearm the security system after the statue has been acquired. Once the statue is inside the vehicle. We will all depart on the soundbikes with the exception of Huck who will transport the statue by bus to the bunker below the office. Any questions?" Olivia asked as she stopped the animation.

Quinn raised her hand slowly, her eyes darting from person-to-person. "What are soundbikes?"

Everyone looked at Quinn with impatience at her inexperience and ignorance. "They are only the most state of the art quiet motor bikes in the world. We need them to extract ourselves from the scene without being detected. We have three of them," Olivia explained.

"You haven't traveled until you've been on a soundbike," said Harrison. "It's like gliding through the air at insane speeds, but with control. Don't worry. You'll get trained on them. For now, you have a very important job to do back here at the office while we are in the field. You will monitor our audio feeds, GPS tracking devices, and voice feeds. Essentially, everything we do will be transported over this feed. We usually debrief later and review the recordings. They help us improve. All you have to do is make sure everything is recording. You should also answer any calls we make in the event someone is in distress." Harrison stood behind Quinn as he explained, resting his hands lightly on her shoulder.

"What about the museum security? I read an article last month in the Times about increased museum security. After that successful heist in Oslo, all the museums are ramping up security." Quinn made eye contact with Olivia as she asked the question.

"They'll just put an extra pot bellied guard at the exits and entrances during business hours. Most of the big museums in the US rely on government funding to survive. With the sequester, the automatic, across the board spending cuts hurt arts funding. They have no money to throw at the supposed threat. OPS is way under the radar of the FBI. They have bigger fish to fry than little ole' me and my team of thugs. So I will go out in a blaze of glory!" Olivia raised her fist in triumph. Everyone clapped.

Quinn joined in, but she was still worried. She kept her uneasiness to herself. She was new to this. OPS had a 10-year track record of never getting caught.

Olivia winked at Harrison. "Harrison, could you make sure the champagne is on ice?"

Fitz was a little buzzed. He had promised himself he wasn't going to drink tonight because he wanted to remember every minute of this celebration. Drinking was not conducive to remembering. Tonight was the last time he would be known as Special Agent Fitzgerald T. Grant. FBI Director, Cyrus Beene had appointed to him to Deputy Director.

He looked around the room and his eyes met Mellie's. She was engrossed in deep conversation with Cyrus' wife. When she saw him, she winked and waved before turning back to her conversation. She was probably forming alliances she could use later when they were married. That was Mellie, always planning and positioning. For the first time in a while, Fitz didn't feel guilty when it came to the state of his relationship with Mellie. They had lived together for five years. For each of those five years, she wanted to get married. She didn't ask him, of course, but he knew. She was a brilliant woman and very successful in her own right as a criminal prosecutor. They were good together. She knew what he needed and how to take care of him. She was very loyal.

Six months ago, he finally accepted the inevitable. He proposed and she accepted. She had squeezed his arm, gave him a peck on the cheek, and started planning the wedding with military precision. They had 6 more months go before D-Day.

Fitz grabbed for another drink. When he placed the glass to his lips, Cyrus appeared and snatched the tumbler from his hand.

"Fitz, come with me." Cyrus said.

Fitz could tell that Cyrus had some important information to share so he followed without question. He had that laser focused look on his face, and he didn't bother with any of the pleasantries. They left the foyer where Fitz's celebration was taking place and moved to the conference room.

"Cyrus, I feel a little philosophical on the occasion of my transition. It is bittersweet. I'll miss chasing thieves, criminals, thugs, and rogues. What I'll miss more than ever is bringing them to justice."

"You will still bring justice, but now your decisions will affect all the departments. This is not a horizontal move, but a vertical one. All the cards are in your favor with the exception of one. Do you remember Sanders Black?" Cyrus asked scratching his head.

"Yes, my old partner in the Art Theft division."

"He has taken a leave of absence for personal reasons effective immediately…keep it to yourself but, his wife left him…so, my friend, you will have to go into the field tonight in his place."

"What is the job? Why wouldn't there be a contingency plan like there always is for agents who might get sick, get killed…why do you need me for this?"

"We have it on good authority that OPS plans to rob The Met tonight. We've been preparing for this for months," said Cyrus.

"What is the ring leader's name again? Isn't it a woman? Vivian Something?" Fitz asked.

"Olivia Pope. Review this file. It is comprehensive on her and her team. We think they just hired a new recruit. She has escaped capture for almost a decade. That's ten years and tens of millions of dollars that she has cost us. We need her Fitz. I know you can get her. We don't care about the team…only her."

Fitz took the file. "Okay, Cy. I guess I need to leave. I'll be looking forward to the briefing call. I'm going to leave you to tell Mellie. She looks to be having too much fun to leave now."

"I can handle the future Mrs. Grant. Just be careful. Olivia and her team are like wolves. They know how to hunt and fight. They'll do just about anything." Cyrus said.

"Fitz threw up his hand and left the conference room. Everyone was having a great time. He had one more night to be an agent in the field. He was confident it would be another standard stakeout and criminal acquisition.

"It is tight as hell until the zipper is fully closed and the fabric gives according to your body shape. Pull harder Quinn. You don't have to wear this since you aren't going out, besides you have to be totally naked underneath for it to work," Abby said to Quinn as they dressed for the job.

"I know, but I want the full experience. At least I will learn how this suit works. Who's idea was it to wear this second skin bodysuit?" Quinn's zipper finally closed shut. Her body adjusted and she felt totally enclosed and protected.

"Abby, I love it! I feel naked and skinny! Everything is held in perfectly. Look at my profile!" Quinn looked at herself in mirror and turned around admiring profile.

"It was Olivia's idea, of course."

"How do you feel about Olivia and Harrison leaving?" Quinn asked.

"I'm happy for them. They deserve a real chance to be together. Being an art thief is not a long term career option." Abby repeated this, hoping it would be the truth if she said it enough.

"They seem to adore each other," Quinn said. Abby did not respond.

Fitz was already out of bed and dressed when his alarm buzzed. He had forgotten to disable it so he wouldn't wake Mellie. He was eager to get moving especially after reviewing the file and learning more about Olivia Pope. He knew of her and her many exploits, but he hadn't had to keep up with her over the years since he had been assigned to another division. He recalled some the information he read last night.

Olivia Pope, 32 years old. Krav Maga expert.

Bachelor of Arts in Art History, American University of Rome

Parents: Lionel & Charlise Pope (Deceased)

Sibling(s): Timothy Pope

"I can't believe Cyrus is doing this to you." Mellie walked up behind Fitz and slid her hands around his waist. "Why couldn't some agent lower on the food chain take this job?"

"This suspect is highly valuable to the agency. I count it an honor that they would ask me to lead out tonight," he said turning into her embrace, "You should be in the bed. It's one in the morning."

"I want to see you off, and your alarm woke me. You be careful, and come back to me," Mellie said before she gave him another hug.

It was a cool May evening, and things were going according to plan for OPS until the FBI showed up. The OPS team had infiltrated the building. Unfortunately, the FBI's team was moving in behind them. Inside room 150, Olivia carefully entered the code to unlock the glass enclosure that housed Sleeping Eros. The room held a soft yellow glow created by the break away lights Olivia had brought with her for visibility. Without them the room would be entirely dark.

Once the code was entered, the thick glass cube ascended. Olivia heard the whoosh of the compression being released. She only had a couple of minutes to slide the conveyor belt's lever under the statue to slide the 3 foot long, 100 pound statue effortlessly from the room to the East Mezzanine. When she began sliding the levers, she heard a voice behind her.

"Don't move, FBI!"

Her body froze, and her heart began to beat out of control with fear, fear of being caught. This was the second time today she was taken by surprise, first by Huck and now by the agent standing behind her. She squeezed her eyes shut to calm her breathing. In the space of 3 seconds she readied herself for the fight.

She bent her knees and swung her leg around, knowing that the surprise attack would fell the man behind her like a tree cut off at the stump.

When he went down, Olivia straddled his waist and slammed her forearm against his neck. She heard him choking so she pressed harder, hoping he would pass out. His arms thrashed as if he were trying to reach for something. Olivia pushed harder, leaning over to increase the force. Her face was inches from his so she wasn't able to see his entire face. His complexion was turning red and a ringlet of his thick wavy hair was stuck to the beads of sweat on his temple. His hips thrashed under hers, but Olivia pressed down, undaunted.

Fitz was fighting for breath. He couldn't believe how strong this slightly built woman was and the skill she used to subdue him. She wore a black body suit that fit her like a second skin. He knew because his eyes had trailed over her body when he'd entered the room and found her. Fitz knew that his perusal of her body had taken longer than necessary, but he couldn't help himself. Now that body was on top of him.

His hand found a railing that was attached along the bottom of the wall. Using it as leverage, he pulled his body forward. The momentum broke her arm hold on his neck. Fitz began coughing uncontrollably from the strain she had placed on his neck. He stumbled to the opposite side of the room, keeping his eyes trained on her.

Olivia gave an inward curse as she flew off his chest. She rose to her feet and ran towards him trying to gain the advantage while he was coughing.

Fitz saw her run towards him and he remembered her expertise in Krav Maga. He had only taken a couple of classes but he readied himself. She swung at him, but he threw up a hand to block her blow. They ducked and dodged each other's hands and arms for awhile. The room was eerily quiet except for the sounds of exertion as they fought.

Olivia's eyes darted around the room trying to find something she could use to her advantage against him.

"Olivia Pope, you are caught. I have twenty-five agents at the perimeter. Stop resisting," Fitz said between breaths.

"Never." Olivia bent low and ran towards him aiming for his abdomen. They both fell to the floor and began to scuffle. She bent her knees and pushed towards his chest. He pressed down on her legs forcing them apart until he rested between her legs. He grabbed her wrists and placed them above her head. Their faces were only inches apart as they both struggled for breath. Olivia shifted her hips and widened her eyes in surprise as she felt his hardness between her legs. This bastard is aroused.

Olivia made a mental calculation. This was her only chance to escape. She moved her hips against his erection, knowing that her body suit was durable but thin enough to have the desired effect.

"What the hell are you doing?" Fitz asked.

"There is no sense in letting that go to waste," she said opening her legs wider. When she heard a little moan slip through his lips, she thrust her hips upward.

"I…think you better," Fitz breathed out softly against her lips. Olivia couldn't stop because she was really enjoying the sensations that coursed through her as she rubbed against him. Their gaze never broke. "Make me," she whispered.

Unable to stop himself, he ground his hips into hers. Neither knew who kissed the other first if what they did could be called kissing. He let go of her hands and gripped her face as he pressed his lips into hers, mouth opened wide, tongue sinking deep. Olivia felt as if she were dizzy. It was all she could do to hold on. They bruised each other's lips as they seemingly tried to devour the others.

Olivia reached for his belt, forgetting all about her plan to use his desire as leverage against him. Her own arousal worked against her. She needed to feel him inside her just as much as he needed to be there.

"How do I open this thing?" he asked roughly wanting to tear the body suit off, but unable to find a seam.

"There's a zipper on the side…wait...I'll…" His kiss covered her explanation. His hands searched over her body until he felt the little piece of metal.

"Slow…" Olivia whispered knowing a hasty move could cause the zipper to catch her skin.

The material gave way. The chill of the room made goose bumps appear on her skin.

"Wow," Fitz whispered when he realized she was naked under the suit. He wanted to see all of her, kiss all of her, but his body would not cooperate. She would not cooperate because she reached for him, placing him between her legs.

"Now, please," she pleaded.

He reached down and felt her abundance of wetness and knew she was ready. He grabbed both of her wrists with one hand and placed them above her head. With the other arm he placed her thigh in the bend of his elbow and entered her swiftly. They both gasped and their bodies buckled from the pleasure. Then he began to stroke in and out of her slowly until their desire uncoiled and the rhythm increased.

There was no heist. She was not a suspect. He was not an agent. They were a man and a woman whose sole purpose at that moment was to be filled and to fill each other. Were it not for the sound proof walls anyone on that side of the museum would have heard their cries of passion.

"Agent Grant, what's your location?" said the voice on the listening device snapped to the waistband of Fitz's pants.

The voice broke them out of their reverie. Olivia made a move to slide from under him but he held her still.

"I've swept the room, but I don't see anyone. Do you see any of the other suspects?" Fitz asked.

"No. They are all gone, but the truck that we assume was used for transporting the stolen goods is still here."

"Okay. I'm coming out soon."

When Fitz finished speaking, they stared at each other. He lowered his lips to hers and they kissed slowly and leisurely. When Olivia felt him getting hard again, she pulled her face away.

"We have to stop this. Help me with my zipper." Olivia pulled the fabric together.

"I have a handkerchief. Do you want to clean up?"

"No…I…I need to get out of here. Hurry!" Olivia felt a little queasy as she realized what she had just done. Once he had her zipped, she rolled over and used the railing to stand. They dressed quietly.

Olivia took the chance to get away when she saw his chin pressed to his chest as he buckled his belt. She tiptoed to the door and then sprinted out of the room, running for her life in more ways than one.

Dear Readers,

My favorite part of this story is Liv's brother, Timothy. I am looking forward to him. Thanks for reading and in some cases re-reading. I may end it before I get to Casper (for those of you who remember him).



Note: The avatar of this story is a picture of the sculpture Olivia was trying to steal, Sleeping Eros. You can google "Sleeping Eros MET" to see the full sculpture.