Sorry for the grammar and language. I cant speak english fluently. I hope you could understand my story.

She was running through bushes and trees. She was searching for medicinal plants in the hill with Kaede but when she saw a rabbit she went after it. She didn't get the rabbit but she saw berries, she picked berries and eat it near the river, relaxed herself after running, then she realized she was with Kaede but she went from that miko's side without permission, Kaede must be worried about her. She was not lost, she knew where she was, she knew that hill, she was always go there since she lived with Kaede. It has been four years since her lord leaving her in human village.

At first time she was afraid and nervous. Kaede was a nice granny but still she was only knew InuYasha, Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kohaku. Sango pat her head, calm herself down and took her hand, walked herself with Kaede showed the village and met every villagers. Kohaku followed them behind. She turned her head back often make sure he was still following. He smiled everytime their eyes met, giving strenght to her, she returned his smiled.

"There is nothing to be afraid with this villagers" Kohaku said at the first night living with Kaede, she asked him to slept over, giving her accompany so she wouldn't nervous. Kaede had slept but Rin and Kohaku still woke up. They both was about to get a new live, they both nervous but Kohaku hide his nervousness very well and calm her.

"Yeah, the villagers seems nice. May be I could get used to it" she said.

"I know you could, Rin" Kohaku smiled, touch her hand "Lord Sesshomaru will not leave you in a dangerous place. He knows no one will harms you here. He knows you can do it".

She nodded "Yes. I will not let him down. He believes I can live with human so I'll show him".

"Do your best".

"Yes. I'm not so nervous anymore since you're around, Kohaku. I'm happy you will always be here too".

Kohaku seemed a lil bit sad "Um.. Well.. I'm sorry I will not always around you".

"What? Why? Are you leaving?".

"Yes, but don't worry. It was not like I'm leaving forever, this village is my home now, I will home, Rin. I'm leaving because I wanna be a good demon slayer. Thats what my ancestors do, I can not stop it in my generation. I can not..." he paused. If demon slayer extinct it was his fault. He killed them.

Rin saw him, there was must be something painful in his past. She hugged him "Good luck and please go home more often, okay? I'll do my best here, you should take care of yourself outside there" she released him and looked into his eyes.

Kohaku smiled and nodded.

"You promised me you will go home more often. It has been four months since you last home" she thought, stopped for a moment toom a breath before running again "And Lord Sesshomaru not visit me for seven months. Have they forgotten me? Kohaku, Lord Sesshomaru, where are you".

Rin met Kaede who was where she was before, calling Rin's name. She was really worried, when Rin approached her, she hugged her "Where have you been, my child?" Rin was like her grand daughter now, she really love this girl.

"I'm sorry Kaede-sama" she hugged her.

They both walked down the hill to the village holding hands.


When they were almost arrived, one of villagers run toward them "Kaede-sama, Kaede-sama! He was injuried, he was bleeding all over the place, Kagome-sama has take care of him, but I think you better come quick".

Kaede walking as fast as her old body could take her "Who and how?".

"It's Kohaku, Kaede-sama. It seems he injuried because of demon".

When Rin heard his name, she running faster to Sango's home "Kohaku, be safe" she thought.

There was young women in front of Sango's house, try to knew about Kohaku condition. They are Kohaku's fans. Kohaku has grown up, he was not a little boy anymore, he was fifteen now, not to mention he has good looking and strong and nice to everyone, many girls have a dream to be his future bride.

"Excuse me, excuse me" Rin tried to get through between those young women who taller than her.

Shippo, who inside the house, heard her voice and shouted at the young women in front of the door "If you can't make yourself useful just go!".

The young women offended and step backward. Rin finally get through and come inside the house.

"Thank you, Shippo" she whispered before go in.

"No problem" Shippo said, smiled with pride because he could help his friend.

"Hei, why she can get inside?" one of young women protest.

"She bring medicinal plants, can you see?!" Shippo going inside, closed the door and join the others.

"How is he, Miss Kagome?" Rin sit beside Kagome, looked at Kohaku who was seemed in pain in his bed. Sango hold his hand and Kirara slept in Sango's lap.

"He will be okay. His back was get scratched by a big demon I guess, that was a big scratch. Boy, this will be more scars in his body".

"Yeah, but the girls found it sexy" Shippo jumped to Kagome's shoulder "Nice body of him with battle scars just make girls dream about him every day and night".

Kaede came, sit behind Rin and asked what happened. Kagome explained about his condition and medical treatment she gave him. Kaede nodded said a good job for Kagome. She said Kohaku gonna be okay but his bandages has to changed every couple hours and put new herbs in his wounds. She went home to make potion to help him get better. Rin begged to Kaede to leave in Sango's home, she nodded. Kagome get up followed her to help her.

Kohaku opened his eyes, he saw his sister and smiled. He saw Rin looked at him, worried. He smiled "I'm home, Rin".

"Welcome home" she was move closer "You will be okay. We will look after you".

He nodded lightly and closed his eyes again.