Seth watched the clouds roll by as he sat in the shade of his tree house looking up at the blue sky.

Next to him his adopted daughter played with a magical brass spyglass he had picked up from his latest adventure. These days he was always traveling the world, stopping Dark Fairies from getting out of hand, acting as an embassy of the Fairy World, adventuring, getting himself into trouble, and most importantly, tracking down Melkor, the Dark Unicorn, who had escaped the Dark Fairy Realm and was now at large in the world, causing destruction and sickness wherever he went.

The truth was, Melkor wasn't always evil, once upon a time, he and Seth had been friends, but that all changed when the seal was broken on the hornless Unicorn's cautiousness.

Seth sat there twirling a blade of grass between his fingertips as he thought. The day was peaceful, but his mind was filled with dark storm clouds of worry and regret.

"I'm sure he's still alive Papa." Rox suddenly said, bringing Seth out of his thoughts.

"I didn't say anything, Roxxie" Seth said, bemused at the little girl's prediction.

"You don't have to." She said, holding the spy-glass still in her hands, "I just know." She looked back up at him from her lap and exclaimed, "And I know Bracken's alive, so don't worry about it!"

"Right, Kiddo." He chuckled and ruffled her hair.

Four years had passed, but still Seth had not even come close to trapping Bracken or even finding a way to purify the horn to bring him back.

"If he's alive, then where is he and what is he doing? Can you see him in your magic spyglass?" Seth poked the metal cylinder with his finger and watched Rox pout and put it up to her third eye and squint through.

"He must be doing majestic Unicorn things or something! I can't see him." She said, putting down her spyglass and flopping over onto Seth's lap. Seth grinned and tickled her, causing her to erupt in childish laughter.

"And what, exactly, would classify as 'majestic Unicorn things'?" He joked, grinning happily.

"Saving the world from evil!" Rox proclaimed standing up determinedly.

"But isn't that what I do?" Seth asked sheepishly. "I'm not a unicorn…."

"No, you're not." Rox agreed, "You are a part of Team Ghost, right? You get an exception."

"What is Team Ghost?" He asked, getting to his feet and leaning back against the tree.

"You and Aunt Jin; you both have ghost-y powers!"

"I see…"

Jin and Seth had worked together for a little more than three years now trapping Dark Fairies, tracking Melkor, and putting a stop to any Magical activity. Recently they had started operating world-wide as a crime-fighting duo in the magical department.


He looked towards the house as the car horn blasted from the driveway.

Jin sat in the driver's seat and gestured for Seth to hurry up.

Seth sighed and turned back to Rox,

"I've got to go, Kiddo. Promise me you'll be good and I'll bring you back something else. Deal?"

"Deal!" She chirped cheerfully, then her smile faded, "You just got back; why are you going again?"

"We have a new lead." Seth said. He looked upward at the sky once more, "Maybe this time…" He whispered. He looked down and smiled at Rox once more before running down the hill and over to the car.

The breeze whipped the indigo hair out of the Jinn's face as her wise eyes watched her papa leave the preserve. She smiled softly to herself, clutching the scope to her chest, "You'll defiantly find him one day… Papa."