Seth had woken up from his second nightmare panting and covered in sweat. He could still almost feel the fires of Rome still burning into his eyes.

After hanging up and dropping his cell phone onto the bedspread he exhaled deeply.

He needed a drink of water.

He sat up and pried Jin's arms off his torso.

The hotel they had picked in a hurry only had rooms with queen sized beds left so they had settled with that and slept in the same bed.

Jin was like a sister to Seth, sometimes Seth even felt even closer to Jin than his own sister, that conversation over the phone only a few hours ago was probably the closest he had felt to his sister in a long time.

Jin mumbled something in Chinese in her sleep and settled for a pillow, hugging it like she had been Seth a moment ago.

Seth sighed in relief and slid out of bed and padded over to the bathroom, grabbing a cup from the sink's edge and filling it with water. He chugged its contents and set the cup down on the counter, turning the lights off in the bathroom and going back into the room.

He stood in the dark silence for a few seconds until the mess of his mind finished sorting itself out.

Melkor had once loved Avitus, and even confessed, and Avitus stabbed him. Freaking stabbed him.

Seth groaned inwardly and grabbed a fistful of his hair in irritation.

"I was such an asshole." He hissed.

Sure it wasn't the most romantic confession; Melkor had burned down Rome to offset the night sky or something, and the dark unicorn wasn't exactly blushing-bride material either.

Seth could think of a hundred different ways how to handle the situation like a calm and rational adult and for once none of the answers on that list were 'try to stab the problem'.

"I need to find him quickly and put an end to this." He said to himself quietly.

He went over to where he threw his jeans down on the floor and pulled the silver ring Bracken had given him out of the pocket and slipped it onto his finger.

He felt the enchantment from the ring wash over him in a familiar tide, suppressing his powers, but also helping with the continuous nightmares and giving him an illusion of a comforting presence at his back, watching him.

Once feeling his body relax he climbed back into bed and allowed Jain to press her cold feet to the centre of his back as she adjusted.

He wouldn't wake her or hurry for now. Their train ride to England could wait.