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Chapter 7: Raising the Stakes

At the Phantom Lord Headquarters

In the aftermath of the Sins and the Fairy Tail Mages' incursion into the headquarters of Fiore's multinational Guild few hours later, Jose Porla had immediately gave out orders to his subordinates for the task of rebuilding the entire Phantom Lord Headquarters with the men and resources from his industrial and science & development subdivisions so he can unleash the Super Mage Giant which will be designated as Mark 3 by the time upon the insolent fools that is Fairy Tail and the Seven Deadly Sins.

Thankfully, the Jupiter Cannon remained intact due to being made of a super strong, Magic-resistant metal known as Maginium and is encased deep within the headquarters ready to unleashed and annihilate Jose's enemies with a single blast. The foundations of the walking castle's legs and infrastructure are also made of Maginium, so it takes some time to rebuild the headquarters back in full operational.

On the other hand, many Phantom Lord Mages were wounded both in body and pride after the Fairies and Sins had kicked their asses as if they're nothing but cannon fodder to them, and were tended to their injuries and cared for by their fellow members from the medical subdivision while the Element 4 mourned for the loss of Monsieur Sol as the only real casualty of death.

Even Gajeel of all people was affected too as well due to being close acquaintance with the late Sol but he made sure no one saw him like this or else they would get an Iron Dragon's Club on their faces or stomachs if they saw him. He has a reputation to keep after all, and the son of Metallicana is busy eating up some spare iron he can find and also preparing himself to not only defeat Salamander but also Helbram most of all.

Despite being a Guild apparently full of unrepentant assholes from how Fairy Tail sees them as which is figuratively true so to speak, the Phantoms really do care for their guild mates in their own way, not like the Fairies with all their weirdo cult-like views on friendship like a zealous religion, and they also got a reputation to keep too as well.

As for the Guild Master of Phantom Lord however, Jose had kept himself locked in his room and warned to all in his Guild that he will not be disturbed or else they will suffer his wrath for stumbling in the middle of an understatement of the year bad mood.

His office became quite a mess with items thrown and scattered everywhere on the ground as a result of his temper tantrum or villainous breakdown.

"Just a greeting... Just a greeting... Just a greeting... Just a greeting... JUST. A. GRRRRRREEEEETIIIIINGGGGGG?!", Jose snarled with pure unadulterated rage with his Magic power's aura flaring dangerously at the blatant insult done in a mischievous manner by the young blonde boy who claims to be the leader of these Seven Deadly Sins and now he and his friends are on the Wizard Saint's shit list.

The shady Wizard Saint had never been so humiliated before by these powerful knights in intimidating armor who made his Guild a joke more than Fairy Tail ever did, and he despises it to his very core of his soul. No one, I mean no one, humiliates Jose Porla the Guild Master of Phantom and member of the Ten Wizard Saints, and gets away with it!

Jose muttered before he then bellowed with a wicked snarl on his face, "'Just a greeting', huh?... WELL, I'LL GIVE YOU A GREETING THAT YOU AND YOUR SEVEN DEADLY SINS WILL NEVER EVER FORGET! MELIODAAAAAASSSSS!"

A bemused baritone voice called out to him with a chuckle behind his back, "Whoa, calm down the hams there Jose. You might have a heart attack if you keep this up. It's no use if the master of this country's Guild I hired as your client is dead at my feet. It'll be bad for business."

Turning around to punish the interloper for not heeding his warning, Jose came face to face with an older well-built man in his 40s with shoulder length flowing brown hair, grizzled beard and purple eyes. He also wears a casual regal knight's attire as if he was off duty from work in the kingdom in a land far far away from the continent of Ishgar.

And he was just leaning on the wall pretty casually as if the castle was like home to him.

The Phantom Lord Guild Master asked upon recognizing him, "Fraudrin. What brings you here?"

Little did Jose know that this man before him was named Dreyfus, the former Great Holy Knight of Liones from Britannia and is currently possessed by a Demon who is charge of his body. And not to mention that the Wizard Saint can feel his client's Magic Power compared to that of a General of the Rune Knights or even potentially one of the top ranks among the Ten Wizard Saints.

"Oh nothing much Jose. Just testing out the Thought Projection I have been learning on my spare time. After that, it feels pretty easy once you get the hang of it.", Fraudrin nonchalantly explained as his form flickers like a hologram. "And judging by your current mood, I'd say my target has been rescued and is currently out of your hands right?"

"Yes. Both of my targets, Lucy Heartfilia and Princess Elizabeth Liones have been rescued by their friends from Fairy Tail and those knights calling themselves Seven Deadly Sins. They even trashed my Headquarters that contains the Super Mage Giant and Jupiter Cannon in their rampage inside my own turf! It's gonna take a lot of time, effort and resources to repair the damages on a short schedule! Not when my victory is near grasp! And their captain had the audacity to claim all they did was 'just a greeting'!", Jose replied with his teeth gritting.

Peeking through the window to see the many men and women with construction materials and equipment working as best as they can to put Phantom Lord Headquarters into tip top shape as soon as possible, Fraudrin commented, "I see. The dedication and hard work of your Guild is impressive and it would probably pay off sooner than you think. Anyways, did you get the blood sample of the princess?"

Removing a flask that contains Elizabeth's blood from his pocket, Phantom Lord's Wizard Saint confirmed, "Yes. Prior to their rescue, I had Emilia, a member of Phantom's medical subdivision whom I brought her here earlier, procure Princess Elizabeth's blood while she was unconscious in her cell with Lucy Heartfilia, the target of my other client, her father Jude Heartfilia."

Jose commented with curiosity, "I wonder what are you going to do with it but it's none of my business so long I get to crush Fairy Tail and also now the Seven Deadly Sins for daring to stand up against me and my Guild, the greatest of all in Fiore."

"Ah yes, them. The Seven Deadly Sins certainly are a major thorn on your side as well as mine. With that, we have shared a common enemy now and our business has taken to a whole new level.", the Demon wearing the former Great Holy Knight's body commented after he received his prize from Jose and puts it safely away in his pockets.

After his head apparently calms down thanks to having a conversation with his second client, Jose nodded with a small sigh as he went to take a bottle of wine and pour on the cup on his table nearby. "I agree with you there Mr. Fraudrin. Judging how you're familiar with these Seven Deadly Sins, they must be quite annoying foes for you."

Rubbing his stubble, Fraudrin explained, "Indeed, the Seven Deadly Sins were known to be the strongest and most cruel order of Holy Knights from Liones in Britannia where I hailed from and they have liberated the kingdom under my control and thwarted my plans which forced me and my cohorts to leave the island continent for Ishgar in exile after a hard battle. My friend Hendrickson have suffered heavy injuries after Meliodas gravely injured him and he would have died if it weren't for Tiffany tending to him in a coma."

"That explains a lot. It would seem that the rumored tales and legends of the terrifying Holy Knights of Britannia, with each able to match an entire country's army in strength and power and having magic that transcends human knowledge imbued within their bodies are not merely exaggerations after all. Even the Council dismissed such tales, afraid that their Rune Knights don't match up with the Holy Knights.", the Phantom Lord master raised an eyebrow from the exposition given by his client as he poured on his drink and drank its contents.

Jose then wryly added, "Considering the massive collateral damage the Sins have done to my Guild and killed one of my S-Class Mages effortlessly without even breaking a sweat compared to those pesky Fairies, I think they are the proof of such tales. The same for you too as well, Fraudrin. The Magic power I feel from you is almost comparable to the Generals of the Rune Knights or even boldly speaking higher among the top ranks of the Ten Wizard Saints."

Oh you have no idea how exactly powerful I really am even in this body of Dreyfus I possessed. Fraudrin gave a small chuckle when he helps himself on the drink on a glass cup of wine, "Well since I got what I came for, perhaps I can lend you a hand, Jose. It's natural to help a friend in need."

Getting really interested of having a new opportunity to destroy the Sins and the Fairies, Jose smiled. "Why, of course Fraudrin! I'm more than happy to accept your proposal and together we shall our common enemies to crush underneath out boot. The more the merrier I would say! So where is this help you are offering?", he said.

"Oh I can arrange that.", the Demon wearing Dreyfus' body replied with a casual snap of his fingers.

Appearing through Teleportation Magic, over five individuals have stood and then knelt before Jose and Fraudrin.

"Who are they, Fraudrin? I sense quite a lot of Magic Power emanating from these people. Pretty dark and very strong.", the Guild Master of Phantom Lord asked curiously as he can sense high levels of power that he had felt from the three men and two women still kneeling.

Fraudrin introduced the newcomers to Jose with some measure of pride and confidence as he bid them to stand up, "Meet the Varbylos Vanguard. 16 years ago in Britannia, they were renegade Holy Knights of Camelot who once took over the Varbylos Fortress, which they named their group after it, and had fought the Seven Deadly Sins in battle which unfortunately Vladimir and his comrades were defeated and almost killed by their hand."

"After Hendrickson and I rescued them and kept them safe underneath the noses of the king of Liones and even the Sins themselves, they have been reborn as the Varbylos Vanguard. Allow me to introduce them...", he bade them to stand up one by one.


"Pleased to make your acquaintance Master Porla.", she politely greeted with a formal bow and a serene smile on her face.

Yama is a short woman with long blonde hair that runs down her back and sports red lipstick and wears solid steel armour around her shoulders, arms and legs. She sports a light green button up top, which has a white picture of an angel on the back of it.


"Whatever... Can we get this over with?", he said in a fairly bored and lazy tone.

Yami is the opposite of his sister, a tall guy with short black hair. He wears a full suit of darkened armour, minus a helmet. He also has a tattoo on his back of a Devil to counter his sister's image. It also serves to hide one of the scars he got whilst fighting against the sins 16 years ago. The other scars he has is one on his right arm which was a nasty burn mark and another which was a cut across his right eyebrow.


"WITNESS THE INCREDIBLE AURA OF MY POSING!", he shouted out loud with a fabulous pose and jet black flame aura on his armored body.

When the Varblyos Vanguard managed to revive him from the brink of death, Asher's body was 100% burnt to a crisp and remained that ever since. He is now bald, with burn marks completely covering his body and wears a full suit of armour with a face concealing helmet which is covered in spikes. He now sports a large spiked mace and a spiky shield of the same size with a burning man on it. He is now more keen to burn people alive than do a posing battle but there's still traces of his old habit left in him.


"It is an honor to meet you Mr. Jose Porla. I would love to study how the Abyss Break and the Jupiter Cannon works after reading about your Guild's exploits.", she made a ladylike bow with a glint of madness on her eyes hidden by her witch hat and a mildly sadistic Cheshire-like smile on her face.

Tiffany has gotten into the mindset of a true witch now. She now sports a large pointy purple hat with a golden stripe around the base. Her robes are also purple laced with golden ribbons and she will often carry a brown satchel and daggers on her right hand side. The robes are to hide her body as she was heavily scarred from her fight with Merlin and she is quite self conscious about that now.

"And finally, Vladimir, the leader of the Varbylos Vanguard."

"At your service, Master Jose Porla. My sword and my men are yours to command.", he spoke in a deep northern accent.

And the last one has pure white hair due to the age he is now and has become very old in his appearance quite quickly thanks to the after effects of his false power up of the Royal Resin. Despite this, Vladimir is still capable of fighting like he once did. He also now has a long white beard and his hair is longer and popped into a ponytail which apparently makes him more or less look like Escanor's wanted poster ironically.

He also has a large slash scar going straight through his body and has burn marks scattered about on him. He wears solid steel armour like Yami around his arms and legs. Sporting a long blue and silver tunic and carrying a cutlass as his new weapon on his side.

All five individuals under Fraudrin's command have jet-black eyes of malevolent intent with each intricate seals on any part of their faces like their eye or cheek for example, and they made Jose's own monstrous wicked side look adorable in comparison.

"Well they are certainly powerful alright, and they could give those high-ranking Rune Knights from Era a run for their money. Regardless, I welcome your aid in my cause, Sir Vladimir. I trust you and your group are right for the job, right?", Jose complimented.

The leader of the Old Generation stated with strong conviction, "Leave it to me Master Porla. I am known as Vladimir the Unpredictable for my strategies are peculiar but extremely effective. My comrades and I are no pushovers compared to the rank and file members and S-Class elites of your prestigious Guild. The Seven Deadly Sins won't see us coming as they thought us annihilated but we have learned from our mistakes 16 years ago and has grown stronger, smarter and more powerful. For we are the Old Generation of the Reactor-class Holy Knights."

That certainly impressed Jose Porla the Wizard Saint and Guild Master of Phantom Lord, and now his chances of winning against the Fairy Tail guild and the Seven Deadly Sins has gone higher than ever for him.

Fraudrin mused in his thoughts, Rumors of the Old Generation being considered a failure due to being 'wild and difficult to control' with Dale as the only example are not true. Even Hendrickson was fooled to believe that just because few like Dale ended up as grotesque monsters and went to the New Generation from the Apprentice Holy Knights instead. If anything, the New Generation are the true failures who couldn't truly master the power of even the weakest class member of the Demon Clan to begin with, and easily fell victim to Hendrickson's Blood Awaken spell.

Eyeing on the young witch, he finished, Thanks to Tiffany's secret involvement in the Reactor project with the Red and Grey Demons' corpses even under Hendrickson's nose with my help, the Old Generation truly become incredibly powerful 'unified beings' after stabilizing their power and they trained hard in body, mind and soul to master their new demonic powers and retain their human forms. With that, Varbylos Vanguard have ascended into honorary members of the Demon Clan. Stronger than Hendrickson even before he took the Grey Demon blood to enhance his Demon powers from the Red Demon blood.

Jose nodded in agreement and brandished some Guild seals of authority to Vladimir and his teammates, "Consider the Varbylos Vanguard hired and part of my Guild, Sir Vladimir. First order of business for today is to do whatever it takes to take down our common foes with the Sins! Give them a greeting they will never see it coming! Rally any surviving branches of my Guild with these seals of authority, that they only recognize and obey, to me so I will unleash the full might of the Phantoms. And leave some of Makarov's brats alive so I can wipe them off the face of Fiore!"

He finished with an evil smirk, "Oh and if you happen to encounter Lucy Heartfilia among the Fairy Tail brats, capture her and bring her back to me. I have some... unfinished business to settle with her father over his request which I intend to finish once and for all."

"Yes, sir!", they all shouted with a salute.

Then some of the Varbylos Vanguard teleported away to do their tasks while others remained and left Fraudrin and Jose alone.

Jose laughed with malevolent glee and hand shaken his client gratefully before he left his office, "It appears the soul of my ancestor Geoffrey smiles upon me! Thank you so much Fraudrin! My chances of defeating that wretched Fairy Tail and the Seven Deadly have increased tenfold! With Varbylos Vanguard on our side, not even the Magic Council can stop the greatest Guild in all of Fiore, nay the continent! Well, that's just dandy! Hahahahahahahahahaha!"

"No problem there, Jose. It's a win-win for you and me. I wish you good luck on winning the war.", Fraudrin shrugged with an amused look before he discarded his Thought Projection after Jose went back to rally his Guild with Tiffany following and to make haste on rebuilding the headquarters enough to activate the castle's walking mechanical fortress mode and make way for Magnolia to destroy two thorns of his side once and for all.

At the Varbylos Vanguard's secret base somewhere in Fiore.

Back at the huge fortress that was apparently abandoned at some point by some Dark Guild of oddly only six people and is now his base of operation for him and the Varbylos Vanguard and their Old Generation forces, the Demon in charge of Dreyfus' body with vial of Elizabeth's blood on his hand stood next to the comatose form of the Ashen Grey Demonified Hendrickson in his bed whose body was completely mangled with only half of his torso, his arm and horn remaining as a result of Meliodas' Revenge Counter that nearly obliterated him from existence and it's hooked on life support to keep him alive.

It was a miracle that Hendrickson managed to keep himself alive even when such wounds could have killed an ordinary man already.

"Soon after you recovered, you will be the one to bring back the Demon Clan here in Fiore, Hendrickson. This continent of Ishgar is potently rich in Magical power more than Britannia ever could for my brethren to regain their Magic Power once they're free. Soon, Fiore will be the first to fall before the Demons and Britannia will be next after Ishgar has been conquered.", the Commandment of Selflessness stand-in mused as he turned around to see the landscape of Fiore through the balcony.

Fraudrin smirked before he takes a seat on the balcony, "Of course, the Mages of this country are very strong, possibly even stronger than the rest of the Holy Knights of Britannia after I sensed their Power Levels from Guilds to the Magic Council too as well. They are no joke at all... By human standards at least. Now, the Varbylos Vanguard will be sent to test the waters in Fiore for they are but a mere taste of the true strength of the Demon Clan after their release from the Coffin."

Soon large pillars of smoke and explosions began appearing from afar of Fraudrin's amused view and all he needs is a box of popcorn he finds himself enjoying the food delicacies in Fiore. Then he summoned forth the Lacrima Scrying Orb made by Tiffany to take a good look at Fairy Tail arguing and butting heads with the Boar Hat crew in Magnolia, both allied groups unaware of what's coming for them.

It's clear the Sins and Fairies are divided and vulnerable without realizing the true danger coming for them even if they fight them off on their own.

"Raising the stakes of this so-called Guild War will soon descend Fiore into a free for all conflict that has gone completely out of control, and the Seven Deadly Sins have found themselves caught in the middle of it: hook, line and sinker. Let the games... begin.", he finished with a laugh.

At the Magic Council Headquarters

In the heart of the densely-populated metropolitan center known as Era, was a massive, rocky, mountain that extended upward for thousands of feet. The geographical land mass featured a jagged pathway that encircled the circumference of the mountain as an entrance into the imposing palace up above. The massive palace was composed of both pure white stone and light blue bricks, with large, elongated windows with arched tops being placed over its walls, some complete with glass, others hollow. The front part is a large facade, dominated in its center by the entrance, consisting of a double door topped by a pyramid-shaped roof, adorned by a bas-relief portraying a naked male figure taking the hand of a naked female figure, with a large shell being placed behind them.

This magnificent building was none other than the headquarters for the most powerful administrative body of all of the magic users in Ishgar, the Magic Council.

In the interior, nine Councilmen and women briskly treaded along until they reached a large, open-air space, a massive balcony covered by a roof held up by columns and arches, with railing visible on both sides. The whole space was built of azure stone, and it was given access to by a battlement, with the stairs leading to it being flanked by a pair of statues portraying hooded women covered in dresses, wielding what seemed to be rudimentary axes or pickaxes; sitting between some of the columns near the entrance were small tables with flowerpots on them.

"I will now call this emergency meeting into session!" stated the Chairman of the Magic Council, Crawford Seam.

The nine Council members seated themselves in ornately designed armchairs, these having white and golden frames and azure stuffing, around a large, circular conference table that was composed of a crystalline substance, known in Earthland as lacrima. The lacrima shimmered and rippled until it projected a detailed map of the kingdom of Fiore.

The national capital, cities, towns, ports, and even secluded villages were represented as various shapes according to their population density.

Then, a multitude of red circles highlighted several of the locations in all part of the country. Imagery feeds, thanks to Crawford's Super Archive Magic, popped up from the several highlights on the map showing the ruined branches of Phantom Lord and Oak Town's representative guildhall, and also the guildhall of Fairy Tail in Magnolia too as well.

"Let me guess. Fairy Tail at it again as usual?", Siegrain rhetorically questioned, rolling his eyes with an unsubtle hint of sarcasm and boredom.

"Yes, Siegrain. They're at it again. But this time, it would seen that Fairy Tail had a Guild War with Phantom Lord. Ohhhh myyyy...", Ultear replied with amusement.

Then the chaos broke out among the Councilors as they are obviously not amused that Fairy Tail is at it again and it gave them no end to their endless grief on their jobs as rulers in the World of Magic. This time, Makarov's brats are at war with Jose's Guild which is illegal. Thanks to the Interguild Dispute Interdiction Treaty passed after the Second Trade War that forbids all and every guild from waging war against one or another for whatever reason, Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord had violated the law and both warring Guilds are now under the shitlist of the Magic Council.

"ORDERRRR!", Chairman Crawford shouted out with a slam of his staff and a small burst of Magic power to exert authority which silenced the most of the Councilors except Siegrain and Ultear who remained quiet the whole time and were simply amused of the old folks bickering with each other and Org, Yajima and Belno simply sighs in complete exasperation.

The elderly man with a cushy and braided beard wearing a wizard's hat and robes stated, "Thank you. Yes, Siegrain, Ultear, you've nailed it pretty accurately. Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord violated the law forbidding inter-Guild conflicts. That's the reason I called for the emergency meeting in session."

Org lamented, "Why now? Why did they start a Guild War now of all times? Did they know the consequences of war just to settle their grudges and hatreds with one another. Jose and Makarov could have settled their rivalry at the Grand Magic Games, but nooo, they had to break the law that strictly forbids them to wage war no matter the reason, be it justified or petty."

Yajima interjected, "Fellow Councilors, it's no secret both Guilds have hated each other's guts and it is inevitable that a war will eventually break out between the Fairies and Phantoms. Even Makarov knows better than to start a war against Phantom Lord but only as a last resort if they hurt his 'children', however Jose will take any excuse or opportunity to start it, all just to prove his Guild's superiority. And whoever gave it to him, he bought it and took all the eggs in one basket."

Michello sneered in return, "And whose fault is that? Back in the X678 Guild Masters' Annual Meeting where the Masters gotten a bit drunk, your friend Makarov started bragging about his Guild and all the members in it at Jose's face and both men started fighting, resulting to their Guild's long-lasting rivalry and hatred. If only Makarov had kept his mouth shut and passed out piss drunk, none of this would have happened!"

The ex-member of Team Makarov can only huff in exasperation at his old friend's foolishness and wordlessly agreed with the elder cat-prick.

"No need to cry over spilled milk. All we have to do now is to stop the Guild War between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord before they cause even more unnecessary property damage and potential loss of civilian lives caught in the crossfire! Far worse than our usual Fairy Tail's antics we complain every week 24/7!", Belno retorted, which Leiji and Hogg nodded in agreement.

Ultear said as she played her part, "For once I agree. The consequences of a Guild War would be bad. Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord are equally the strongest Guilds of Fiore, and they have two Wizard Saints as their Guild Masters. If Makarov and Jose clash, they could create a catastrophe. A scenario we do not want that to happen should two Wizard Saints clash at full power."

"I would be looking forward to see such fight happening. Of course, as a fellow Wizard Saint and prodigy in the Council, I will take them down easy as pie.", Siegrain casually commented with a cocky smirk, resulting with some of the elder members of the Council roll their eyes or groan but cannot deny his strength that gained the blue-haired young man with a unique eye tattoo a place among the Ten Wizard Saints.

"Yes, yes we know you have the power to back it up, Siegrain. But for now, it's time to send out the Rune Knights and quell the Guild War before it escalated out of control in the name of the Magic Council. Bring in, Grand General Siegfried Karn!", Sage Org declared with a shout.

Entering the chamber is an able-bodied man in his 30s with glowing radiance who has long silver hair coming down to his shoulders, wore platinum colored gauntlets, and boots with a tattered red cape that didn't go past mid-back and a huge sword was slung over the man's back which was too narrow for a Zweihander, but still too long to be a Claymore. His black leather armor is glowing with a green crystal imbuing the insignia of the Council, in the center of his chest.

"You summoned me, Exalted Council?", the man asked with a formal bow in front of his superiors.

"Yes, Grand General. Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord have broken one of the important laws of the Council: waging an illegal Guild War against each other to settle their petty rivalry and superiority over their Guilds. Your orders are to stop the war, apprehend both Guilds and take them to stand trial before the court.", the leader of the Magic Council answered with a serious look on his face.

Slamming his chest in his right arm, Siegfried declared with conviction, "At once, Exalted Chairman. I will deploy the Rune Knights to apprehend them immediately. Each half for Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord. And the rest will go to Wizard Saint Jose's Guild branches too as well."

Slamming the ground with the butt of his staff, Chairman Crawford stated, "Do not disappoint us, Grand General Siegfried. Restore peace and order in Fiore and bring the interlopers behind this mess to justice with all of your power and resources at your disposal. Meeting has been adjourned."

Leaving the meeting room of the Councilors, Siegfried walked down the hallways and rendezvoused with some of his top-ranking subordinates in the Rune Knight hierarchy to begin mobilization of their forces to neutralize the Guild War by the order of the Magic Council, and among them is Head Captain Lahar of the 4th Custody Enforcement Unit and Division Commander Doranbolt.

"Grand General, sir!", Lahar saluted, followed by his colleagues.

"At ease, gentlemen. We have our orders from the Council. To intervene the illegal Guild War between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord.", the silver-haired leader of Fiore's Rune Knights stated, straight to the point.

"Ah, I see the Fairies and Phantoms have finally clashed in war, and it's up to us to stop them from tearing half of Fiore apart.", one of the four Generals of the Rune Knight spoke with interest.

A man well in his 40s or maybe 50s with short wavy, pink hair that parted on either side of his eye and was rigid like daggers where it terminated past his cheeks in many bristles like a well-kept broom. He was dressed in a white shirt, pants and boots, all made out of protective leather. The ankh of the Council was embroidered in silver on his chest. Over his uniform, he wore a long pale blue coat that came all the way down the man's knees. It also had protective shoulder pads built into it.

"Great, more field work to do as vanguard, Sean Exodus. So much for a mid afternoon nap.", another one of the Rune Knight Generals deadpanned.

A man in his 30s with shoulder-length black hair, a well-kept stubble around just the left of his chin, and wearing the Rune Knights' officer's uniform along with a pair of rose-tinted shades that has some digital figures in yellow text running across in tiny print. Sheathed on his hip side, it appears to be a large pistol but it turns out to be less than a pistol and more of a hunk of metal with a barrel and a trigger.

"First General Wolfe, there is always time and place to take a nap. Your lazy behavior is very unfitting for a General.", Lahar stated with a straight face.

"Chastising a General, Lahar? That's pretty bold.", Doranbolt sweatdropped.

"At ease Captain Lahar. No need to take everything seriously.", Siegfried bemusedly told the bespectacled man which the latter simply bowed out politely. "And yes, the Council ordered us to intervene and we shall obey and do our duty. With both Guilds are at each other's throats in full strength of their members and Magic, they pose a serious threat to the people of Fiore if they take it too far. We march out with the might of the Rune Knights and neutralize the pointless conflict before it gets out of hand."

The Rune Knight officers understood their leader and despite their character quirks, they take their job seriously as law enforcers of the Council as they walked down the hallway with the Grand General.

A Frogman messenger appeared before the Rune Knight officers, running up to them and presented them the copies of the reports to them, "Grand General Siegfried, sir! Reports from the Fiore branch that Lieutenant General Chandra and her forces are already on the move to capture the ones behind the attacks on the Phantom Lord branches!"

"Wait, you mean?...", Doranbolt asked in disbelief that was shared among his colleagues.

Siegfried sighs with a sweatdrop, "Yes. Chandra Graymare, the 2nd strongest among the 8 Lieutenant Generals. She is on quick pursuit of the culprits behind the Phantom Lord branch attacks even before she got her orders on the Fiore branch of the Council from Era. At least she got a headstart and acted quickly to stop the threat."

"Why am I not surprised? That lady is eager for a good challenge and hates it when her opponents aren't worth her time. To quote, 'you can't follow up a nuke with a cherry bomb.' She will never get promoted someday with that kind of gung-ho attitude. Or even get a guy who can match or surpass her standards.", Tony Wolfe rolled his eyes in chagrin at the fiery spirited woman.

Sean shakes his head at his fellow General and said, "As if she cares about the promotion or settling down, General Wolfe. At least her subordinates Major Generals Atomix and Tyson Hammer are with her based on the reports. They're quite a formidable trio when they work together."

"Judging from her action and the direction she went with her fellow Rune Knights in the reports, they are heading to the west side of Fiore where there's a Rune Knight boot camp and a Phantom Lord subdivision, following the trail of the culprits' handiwork with the fallen subdivisions. Like all the other branches of Jose's Guild, they were under attack in retaliation for provoking Fairy Tail.", Lahar noted.

"Probably by Fairy Tail's S-Class wizards Gildarts Clive, Laxus Dreyar and the ever elusive and myterious Mystogan for all we know. They don't usually stick around in their Guild or on the middle of a job on foot around Fiore. I hope they better cooperate with the Council despite our relations with the infamous Guild in Fiore if they're behind it.", Doranbolt suggested.

Siegfried declared and made his orders, "Regardless, the plans remain unchanged. Deploy each half of the Rune Knights to Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord, and take them into custody for starting the Guild War and we launch an investigation behind the causes of the conflict. Take them all down if they resist arrest or has shown hostility and aggression towards the Council which is equivalent to assault, treason and destruction of property."

He finished, "Have the remainder of our forces on standby and maintain security just in case the Dark Guilds and the criminal and slave groups take advantage of the chaos of the Guild War and defend the remaining Phantom Lord branches from incoming attacks."

"Yes sir!", they all saluted and proceeded to carry out their tasks given by the Grand General.

Little did the Rune Knights know that they are gonna bite off more than they can chew very soon when their forces marched out to intervene the Guild War between Fairy Tail & the Seven Deadly Sins and Phantom Lord & the Varbylos Vanguard.

On the western side of Fiore, Phantom Lord branch

In one of the Phantom Lord branches where it is situated quite nearby the capital city of Fiore, Crocus in a 10 mile kilometer away and has a forest and a lake there, dozens of Phantom Lord Mages and Rune Knight Cadets lie defeated and unconscious on the ground alongside their ruined guildhall branch. They never stood a chance. Not even the subdivision master could not beat him despite being a veteran Rune Knight of great power in his own right as Colonel before his retirement and possessed a powerful Machina Soul Takeover: Crusader and he was struggling to catch his breath.

The same could be said for most of the Rune Knights and the majority of their forces with only few of their officers remained standing.

Even then, only three stood defiant despite their foes is beyond any of them.

All because of the last member of the Seven Deadly Sins who had been hunting down Hendrickson's associates that fled Liones when they ran into him, and tracked them down to Fiore away from Britannia, and had received order from his Captain through Merlin, the love of his life, to neutralize the branches of this Phantom Lord Guild in his path.

The Lion's Sin of Pride, Lord Escanor.

He is a tall muscular man with short-cut blonde hair and blue eyes, and a mustache, and wore a set of clothes that were intentionally loose and baggy so they fit him properly in a form-fitting way when he increases his body size by day like how he used to wear back in the Edinburgh mission 12 years ago. Sheathed at his back, it is his large long spear that he mainly uses for hunting and also his secondary weapon which is not that heavy for him by night since Rhitta is too damn heavy that only he can wield it by day which he is using it now.

Of course, he used the blunt side and never actually killed his opponents by Captain's direct orders.

It doesn't matter to Escanor for what's worse than broken bones or bloody corpses is the shattered spirits and demoralization of his enemies realizing the hopelessness before the magnificence and radiance of the Sun.

After learning about Princess Elizabeth's capture and assault on Elaine by Phantom Lord thanks to the news from Merlin whom he gave a gentleman's kiss on her hand like a chivalrous man he is, Escanor is more than willing to help Captain in anyway he can to weaken Phantom Lord's strength and make it easier for his team to have breathing room and quick route to victory even if his presence alone was quite overkill and that his would-be opponents are too weak for him to give him an actual challenge.

However, the mightiest human member of the Seven Deadly Sins did not count on the fact that this Phantom Lord branch happens to have a boot camp for the Rune Knights of the Magic Council and there's no doubt that they had already sent a distress call for backup to take him down.

He had taken down more than several Phantom Lord subdivisions in Fiore after all.

Regardless just like every opponent he had faced so far in his entire life as the man who stands above all clans in the world, Escanor did not see the Rune Knights as legitimate threats but mere nuisances, struggling to catch their breath and recover from his love taps of his immeasurable strength which he obviously held back. Not so different with the Holy Knights from Britannia.

"Okay big mustache guy. Last chance. Put that big-ass axe and spear on your back down and surrender into Rune Knight custody. Don't make me and sis range the shit out of the park on you real good.", the black haired Rune Knight with an white bandanna on his officer's uniform demanded even as he tried to retain his consciousness and fighting stance under labored breaths.

"Really, Chase? What are you, a park ranger?", a blonde female Rune Knight with a custom made blue and white striped jacket rolled her eyes at her twin brother's even as she also tried not to fall too as well until reinforcements arrive.

Chase retorted with gritted teeth, "Bite me, Tina! I don't work well under pressure."

Tina growls in annoyance, "Work on your comeback lines later! We gotta keep fighting until backup arrives!"

"Agreed, Division Commander Chase and Tina Connors. We cannot fall here even if we are no match for this monster. He's treating like this is all a game to him and we are the playthings!", declared Balderich in his griffin-themed Machina Soul Takeover form that of a heavily armored knight with his helmet destroyed that revealed his bleeding face with mutton-chopped beard, using his rocket hammer as a crutch to support his exhausted body with his sheer willpower.

"Monster? You wound me, Sir Balderich. Such insults from a fellow knight does not suit you well and it is very unbecoming of you.", Escanor chastised like an a parent scolding his child for calling hurtful names at others.

Balderich roared back in rage with a bulging vein on his forehead, "Silence, heathen! You attacked my Guild subdivision out of nowhere! Took down my subordinates and Rune Knight trainees like they are beneath you! Looking down on us! And you are clearly not a member of Fairy Tail whom Jose foolishly went war against Makarov and now the subdivisions had to pay the price for his folly! Do you have some form of hatred to warrant this unprovoked aggression?!"

The Lion's Sin of Pride simply scoffed with a small huff, "No, I do not. I am just simply following orders from Captain to neutralize any potential distractions while my comrades focus on wiping out your foolish Master's Guild for attacking us out of nowhere with immense abhorrence. He brought this upon himself the moment he invited Captain's wrath and now your Guild pays the price of retribution for crossing with the Seven Deadly Sins."

"As for me, well... I've no reason to feel hatred toward those beneath me. Because all I feel toward them... is pity.", he finished with a serene look on his face.

Snapped in pure blind rage at the highly arrogant muscular man for looking down on them and pitying them, the former Rune Knight veteran bellowed and assumed a fighting stance with his left arm raised as he's ready to ram at his opponent and his rocket mace held in the other side with his right arm as the main rocket thruster behind his back began to hum to life and began to flare out, ready to burst. "Charge Assault!"

With that, Balderich charges forth with a short temporary boosting speed, faster than a speeding train in a straight path line, intending to ram Escanor in his way or smash him with his rocket hammer he raised to swing down in full power.

"Brave, but foolish.", Escanor spoke before swinging down Rhitta with one hand and clashed with Balderich's rocket hammer that caused the ground to explode and crack heavily in spider-web cracks. They then clashed axe and hammer with each other in fast superhuman speeds that a normal human cannot see.

However the difference in the Power Level is that Escanor is being very casual and obviously not putting up any real effort at all while Balderich is struggling to keep up with him even in Machina Soul form despite its Ethergon energy empowering him which is infuriating and insane that there is someone who could give all of the powerhouses in Fiore's top Guilds and Rune Knights a run for their money.

Probably even the Four Gods of Ishgar with that unbelievable level of power.

Then Escanor effortlessly knocked Balderich back, leaving him wide open and swung down his Sacred Treasure on the Phantom Lord subdivision master who swung up his rocket hammer in response. "Fire Strike!"

It ended up in a brawler lock with a ground shattering explosion of fire and debris. Balderich buckling a lot under the strength of his monstrously strong opponent and tries to push back Escanor in a futile effort as the ground underneath his foot cracked more and his Machina Soul has suffered major damage from all the strain and injuries.

"Heads up tough guy! Double Buster!", Tina shouted after jumped good high above Escanor still on a brawler lock with Balderich, and charges a pink swirling energy sphere of light which fires a rapid barrage of destructive Magical energy blasts at the Lion's Sin of Pride which did nothing but tickle him with every beam that struck him directly while the rest literally bounced off his body and instead struck on the ground and exploded at every random direction.

"That really tickles.", Escanor chuckled much to the blonde Rune Knight's frustration.

Tina dived down above the Lion's Sin of Pride and tried to punch him on his head with her flurry of Magic-imbued fists and kicks. But Escanor parried her attacks with his free arm and gently, well gently for him, pushed her away into trying to stop herself from dizzying and crashing into the ground.

"Get ready to be stoned! Rock Avalanche!", Chase shouted from behind and with a brown Magic circle he made through his two punching hands, unleashed a small avalanche of ball-sized rocks towards Escanor and Balderich with the intent of apparently burying him alive if the latter gets out of the way.

"Really?", Tina thought with a groan, raising an eyebrow after landing safely on the ground. Seriously, that was the best one-liner that her twin brother could come up with. He really doesn't work well under pressure.

Brushing off the wave of rocks that did nothing but soil his clothes with casual ease, the human member of the Seven Deadly Sins reprimanded, "Didn't your parents tell you to not throw rocks at people? How rude."

Effortlessly pushing back the ex-Rune Knight Colonel again before knocking him aside crashing into the already destroyed Phantom Lord subdivision hall with a small backhand, Escanor disappeared and reappeared behind the twin Rune Knights. He swung down his axe on them multiple times which the duo quickly dodged out of the way and some have cleaved the ground in half, splitting it across the countryside in a process.

"Oops, I forgot my own strength sometimes.", the human member of the Sins said.

"This guy is crazy! What the hell are they feeding him these days?! Haaaa!", Chase exclaimed as he charged in rapid speed and tries to land series of punches and kicks imbued with Earth Magic on Escanor but missed by the latter's nonchalant dodges which the Rune Knight Division Commander then spin-kicked in mid-air to intercept the muscular mustached man's backhand strike.

He got sent flying for his trouble.

Fortunately, Tina was there to grab her twin brother on time in a blitz of jumping speed and used the momentum to throw him back towards Escanor with her strength. "Accel Dance Maneuver, Chase!", she shouted before dashing forward in rapid speed at Escanor and Chase heard her loud and clear.

"Alright sis, let's go!", he shouted when Tina caught up with him.

Charging together, the Rune Knight duo made a combined rush attack with a combo of fast-spaced punches and kicks enhanced by their respective Beam and Earth Magics together on the Lion's Sin of Pride. Although he can just tank their attacks, no problem, Escanor easily counters their coordinated attacks with simple parries and blocking them with his one hand without even leaving his spot, and slammed Rhitta on the ground again to blow them away

This disoriented Chase and Tina Connors in a dizzy state, leaving them wide open to be flicked away, sent crashing and sliding on the ground in defeat.

Emerging out of the ruined subdivision hall, a bloodied and battered Balderich jumped high into the air thanks to a short burst of his main rocket thruster on the back. Rerouted all remaining Magical power into his weapon, he swung the rocket hammer powerfully upon the monster of a man. "Take this, monster! For my Guild! Hammer Down!"

His last ditched-effort to avenge his subdivision in a form of a Magical-empowered hammer attack made contact on the mustached muscular man with the ground shattering and exploding debris and smoke. But it was futile in the end as the Lion's Sin of Pride tanked it with his bare head with no sign of visible injury and the rocket hammer was shattered to pieces.

"No...", the former Rune Knight Colonel can only say in horror.

Gripping on the tip of the remains of Balderich's destroyed rocket hammer, Escanor easily pulled in the Machina Soul-wielding former Rune Knight and lightly headbutted him, breaking his face and nose before throwing him towards the barely recovering twins who worked together to catch him despite the man being heavyweight.

This was too much for Balderich to handle the blow right on his sails and lost consciousness with his Machina Takeover dispelled as a result.

The strongest man among the Seven Deadly Sins stood triumphant for he had already won and walked towards Tina checking on Chase trying to not lose consciousness after putting down Balderich's unconscious body and readied her Beam Magic on him. "Please don't embarrass yourself further with this. You have a choice young lady. Flee or be defeated with your friends, it's your choice. What can I say? I'm still a feminist at heart. I can even bring them to immediate medical attention for you before I leave.", he made a proposition.

"Thanks but no thanks. Even if you're right, we can't let you get away with what you've done. Because you're obviously too dangerous to be left alone. Should we leave, you will be gone long before backup from the Council arrives. I can't accept your offer even if you're 'generous' about it.", Tina stubbornly refused and powers up her flickering Beam Magic on her palm one more time.

"I believe that is a poor decision, milady.", Escanor warned like a father scolding an bratty daughter.

"Maybe... But it's mine to make!", she remained defiant to the end and ready to fire her Magic.

Escanor can only shake his head in disappointment and was about to finish the job and move on to the next target before he looked up with mild surprise.

Hearing sounds akin to rockets flying in high speed and sensing an incredible amount of bursting Magic power heading towards their location, Tina looked behind with a shocked look on her face and saw incoming human projectiles of orange, crimson and blue and dodged out of the way almost immediately with an unconscious and Balderich and Chase whom she dragged alongside.

And the new arrivals have simultaneously slammed right towards Escanor who got struck directly head on at his chest and 12-pack abs underneath the fabric of his clothes and was caught off guard as a result.

"Blazing Knuckle!"

"T.H. Deadly Hammer!"

"Fissile Whistle!"

Three powerful and very fast Magically-empowered punching attacks upon directly striking Escanor simultaneously had engulfed the whole area in a massive explosion with smoke and debris flying off in one direction and had actually pushed back the Lion's Sin of Pride a few meters back with tracks dug into the earth as his feet remained grounded deeply.

Even though they didn't really hurt him that much yet had actually surprised him, but he could not deny that the triple powerful punching attacks on him all together at once kinda stung quite a bit hard when they combined their punches' collective Magic power together.

And that only peaked his interest.

"Ooh, that actually hurt a bit. Not bad, not bad all. I have been caught off guard and actually pushed me back. Impressive.", the Lion's Sin of Pride casually complimented as he patted his slightly bruised chest and burned portion of his clothes.

"Indeed, villain! Your reckoning has finally come for you are under arrest and we, the Rune Knights, will pass judgement upon you in the name of justice!", a deep robotic voice with a sense of righteousness called out as if he had heard the golden-haired man speak.

After dusting himself off from the three simultaneous assaults, Escanor took a good look on the newcomers arriving on the battlefield with a welcoming gift they gave him and the trio seemed quite stronger than they looked compared to Division Commanders Tina and Chase Connors and Phantom Lord Subdivision Guild Master/ex-Rune Knight Colonel Balderich Wilhelm.

Nothing he can't handle.

Oddly, instead of a human, it's a a humanoid robotic being with blue and white body. He has large cylinders on his arms, near his wrists, that are full of a blue energy with dark blue bubble-like spheres, and these spheres constantly move on his metallic body. He has the same energy on his Council's ankh-shaped chest. His mouth doesn't move when he talks and his head is a pointed, armored helmet.

"You don't look human. Who are you?", Escanor noted of its metallic form.

"Yes I am not human, villain. I'm a Machias. A sentient machine capable of using Magic. And I am Major General Atomix! So what is your name, villain before we strike you down?", Atomix bombastically demanded.

The golden-haired member of the Sins proudly introduced himself with a raise of his finger, "Very well, my good sir. My name is Lion's Sin of Pride, Lord Escanor of the Seven Deadly Sins! The top above all clans in the world! The strongest One there is!"

"'Lord Escanor'? Great. Looks like we got ourselves a wannabe rogue wizard with a fancy schmancy title and an inflated ego way bigger than God Serena as if the whole Earth Land belongs to him. With a pretty high Magic Power to back it up to be noted.", the trucker hat-wearing Rune Knight drawled with a southern accent before approaching the Connors twins and Balderich.

A muscular man with greenish-blue eyes and long white hair that was held together in a ponytail. He wore a tight light blue shirt adorning the Magic Council logo on his left side, as well as tiny grey suspenders worn underneath his shirt, a military coat with the ankh symbol on both arms that was being worn like a cape, white baggy trousers, dark grey boots with black tips, white gloves and a white and gold trucker hat with the Council emblem on its front.

"Ya okay there, kiddos?", he asked them, checking up on their injuries and gave the twins some of his Magical energy to regain theirs.

Barely opening his one bruised eye, Chase replied with a relief on his face, "Y-yeah we're fine Major General Tyson. Man, you guys sure had one hell of an entrance. That was so cool!"

Tyson smirked before his facial features hardened as he took a good look on the enemy they have just pushed back a few meters away, "Sure we did, nephew. Now leave this to us and get the unconscious folks out of the warzone pronto. Our forces already en route and arrivin' will assist ya in getting out while we take down the big hunk of muscle."

"Of course, boss. Be careful with that guy. He's a monster.", Tina warned.

"I'll be the judge of that, darlin'. Now go!", the trucker hat wearing Rune Knight Major General ordered, which the twins carried away an unconscious Balderich and anyone else nearby they can carry and come back for the rest later with the fresh troops ready to assist evacuating the wounded, so long the higher-ranked Rune Knights kept the monster busy and possibly defeat him when they worked together.

And finally, an auburn haired busty woman with lilac eyes and ponytail hairstyle along with an elastic headband on her forehead. She wore a custom-made Rune Knight combat uniform made for someone like her that is composed of tungsten breastplate armor with the ankh symbol of the Magic Council and firebane dust enhanced tights, and wears a pair of metal rimmed, red tinted goggles on her eyes.

"Alright then, Lord Escanor. The name's Chandra Graymare, a Lieutenant General. By the order of the Magic Council, stand down and come quietly. Because if you don't...", the female Rune Knight officer shouted out as she activated her Fire Body Magic with her two fists slamming together and her entire body was completely composed of flames, all of it well detailed so that her form retained its human shape. "... Kiss your butt goodbye!"

Intrigued and amused of her ability to become one with the flames, Escanor chuckled, "Flattered my lady. Entertain me Rune Knights. Show me what you've got and I will rise victorious once more. But please... do not disappoint me."

Attacking immediately with huge burst of Magic Power and irked by the tall muscular man's sheer arrogance on odds against him, Chandra punched out a huge torrent of extremely intense flames at the Lion's Sin of Pride, "Such insolent pride! Magma Cannon!"

Her powerfully destructive Fire Magic spell was easily reflected by Escanor who didn't bother to dodge and just nonchalantly swung Rhitta to deflect it away upward which engulfed the area behind him in a massive explosion seen across the countryside of Fiore.

"...That is my sin.", he simply said.

"Impossible...", Chandra gasped in surprise at Escanor's power before she regained composure and smiled that she has finally found a challenge and probably the man she was looking for as she assumed her fighting stance and made her Fire Body even hotter, "... But interesting! Show me what you got! I hope you won't disappoint me!"

Somewhere in Northern Fiore to deal with its Phantom Lord branch there with Gowther, Merlin sneezed for some reason even though the cold never bothered her anyway. Unknown to them are the three Rune Knight officers of northern origin are moving to intercept the aggressors and defend the subdivision from potential attacks at all costs.

Tipping his trucker hat that has hidden an elastic headband on his forehead, Tyson said, "Well, looks like we're going all out on this one, fellow Major General. He is too plum-gum-done-damn dangerous to roam freely in Fiore if we don't take him down right here and now. Not after what he had done and the massive collateral damage the rapscallion can do."

"Agreed, we must stop this villain with our full might! No holding back!", Atomix nodded and raised both of his metal arms covered in blue Magical energy.

Ever always confident and proud that he will always win no matter how powerful his enemies are before him, Escanor simply smiled with mild amusement in response towards the three highest ranking Rune Knights as the sun above remained shining brightly as ever.

Meanwhile from the blasted area where Chandra's Fire Magic attack was deflected and landed on with a huge explosion instead, a certain orange-haired scruffy-looking muscular man with a prosthetic arm and a leg was covered in soot from head to toe with a small fire on top of his hair tips after taking the blast head on like a champ.

And he is mighty pissed as Hell unleashed.

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Meanwhile, Jose's other client who hired Phantom Lord to kidnap Princess Elizabeth is revealed to be Fraudrin who possessed Dreyfus and had acquired a vial of blood from her for unlocking the Coffin of Eternal Darkness and had a group of the Old Generation Holy Knights, the Varbylos Vanguard, under his control while Hendrickson in a coma recovers from his near death of Meliodas' Revenge Counter.

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