Chapter 1 - Beginning of a Tragedy

At the battlefield, a girl with purple bangs and a boy with silver-grey hair lay on the ground.

"Ouch!" Fuuko struggled to sit up, her hand flew to her face to caress the ache on her forehead. "What just happened?"

The madougu had cast an explosion of eerie green light around Mikagami and Fuuko. The light threw them off sliding on the ground, rendering them unconscious.

"Something feels funny with my body" was Tokiya's first thought when he opened his eyes "And my head aches...and just when I think life couldn't get any worse, that monkey must be so noisy" Tokiya grimaced as he sat up too.

Tokiya and Fuuko sat a distance away from each other, back to back, both dazed by the impact of the explosion before they realised something very important.

"Did I just hear YOU say something in MY voice?"

"DID I JUST SPEAK IN YOUR VOICE, MI-CHAN" the two exclaimed simultaneously.

The sky lit up and resounding thunder could be heard, as if nature had its own way of showing its exclamation...

The two snapped their heads towards one another and each drew back breath in shock.

Tokiya stared at Fuuko, in his body, as Fuuko saw a likewise scene, only reversed.

"NO WAY!" both yelled.

At this, Fuuko and Tokiya leaned anxiously towards one another, to examine their own bodies. Fuuko pinched her own cheek for a reality check.

"OUCH...What was that for?" Tokiya stated in Fuuko's voice.

"I'm just checking if we're dreaming" Tokiya's voice rang out in return.

"Then pinch your own body...I mean my body..." Tokiya replied back, sweatdropping and thinking for the 103rd time of that day, what silly monkeys he had for friends.

"Arggghhh...Mi-chan, what are we supposed to do now? Where's that bastard by the way? Were we unconscious for long? Maybe we can still catch up with him? I WANT MY BODY BACK, that bastard is SO dead" Fuuko attempted to stand up but feeling a sharp pain in her right knee, fell immediately with a loud thump. Tokiya's body must have gotten an injury in the knee during the explosion.

"Hey, take care of my body while you're in it and stop trying to jump around like a silly monkey" Tokiya snapped impatiently, pulling Fuuko closer to him in a half embrace to examine his own knee.

Recca and the rest (Yanagi, Domon, Kaoru and Kagero) ran towards them, unaware of the 'switch' that had just occurred.

"Are the both of you alright, Fuuko-san, Mikagami-senpai (senior)? Let me heal the both of you now." Yanagi offered in concern as she kneeled down beside them.

"Hime...You forgot again..." Recca interrupted.

"Oh ...You're right, Recca-kun. I forgot that I can't heal anymore.I'm sorry" Yanagi looked down sadly, agonised by the fact that she could no longer help her friends.

"MY DARLING FUUKO! Are you ok?" Domon rushed forward in an attempt to hug Fuuko's body. Tokiya's response was classic, he dodged in disgust before hitting Domon at the back of his neck with his, erm, her? elbow. Domon landed in a painful heap on the ground.

"What the hell just happened? We saw a blinding green light cover the both of you just now. Are the two of you hurt?" Recca asked the inevitable question.

"Its...its..." Fuuko started in Mikagami's voice.

"Stop stammering. You're making ME sound like an idiot." Tokiya interrupted while the rest listened, confused by the strange dialogue between the two.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!" Fuuko yelled, allowing a rare sight of Mikagami looking flustered and frustrated at the same time. She tried to sit up more so as scream at Tokiya properly but the bad knee didn't agree with that and she sunk down into Tokiya's arms once more in pain. "Damn this body, I hardly have any control over it at all" she muttered under her breath as she struggled to steady the body.

*Note: When Fuuko is doing something, please remember that her soul is now in Tokiya's body. Its the same for Tokiya*

"...Mikagami-senpai?" a confused Yanagi asked.

"Stay still. You're going to spoil my body if you continue like that." Tokiya replied coolly as his medical examination of his knee just now had informed him that it was no more than a nasty bruise. "I wonder why she's feeling so much pain then."

Huge question marks begin forming over the less intelligent of the group, Recca and Domon. They didn't understand why their two friends have started behaving like each other and slowly, their eyes turned into swirling pools of confusion. Kaoru just stared blankly at a weirdest scene of a cool Fuuko nee-chan scolding a VERY hysterical Mikagami nii-chan.

"*Minna, I'M Fuuko..."Fuuko looked up from her agony, sighed and continued "I think Mi-chan and me just had our bodies switched"

*minna - everyone

The eldest of the lot, Kagero had been watching the scene in silence and quickly realised what had happened. "Goodness me!" Now all eyes were on the older woman as she continued, "The two of you must have had your bodies switched during that green explosion, I've heard stories of a madougu with the ability to switch souls between two human beings. It was by accident that it was created actually, and was stolen 2 weeks after its creation by an enemy clan. It must have been the Kira's clan!"

"NANI!" Recca and Domon roared together while Yanagi covered her mouth in shock. Kaoru continued staring...

The full impact had now sunk deep into Fuuko's mind. "Gulp, I'm in Mi-chan's body." She looked down at Mikagami's body. "I'm really a boy now ..." .

"FUUUUUKOOOO!...Don't worry, I'll be your prince this time and save you from this horrible incident" finishing which, Domon ran towards Mikagami's body, possibly in an attempt to hug Fuuko's soul out of it... At this point, Tokiya had taken control of one of Fuuko's trademark darts and had it at a life-threatening position near Domon's throat. "Try that one more time and you will really be dead". He said in Fuuko's voice, bringing it down a several degrees Celsius by doing so.

"Mi-chan, don't be so mean to Domon. He's just being concerned." Fuuko cried out, pouting at the sight of HER face looking so cold.

Touched by Fuuko's defence of him, Domon now had tears flowing down his face by the gallons, "OHH FUUKO!...I always knew you cared!" The following scene was a massive sweatdropping session by EVERYONE...;p

"Kagero-san, if we get hold of the madougu, will we be able to get our bodies back?" Tokiya asked. He had placed his own body on the ground and stood up to face the rest better. Unlike Fuuko, he seemed to have gained better control of her body than she had of his. He stood up, calm and graceful as ever and apparently indifferent of the feminine curves he now possessed (barely hidden beneath a casual singlet and shorts of course...;p). Even Fuuko laid momentarily shocked... "How on earth does he manage to carry my body off so well, he makes me look like a goddess with that aura of his." Fuuko thought sorely, shaping Tokiya's face into a comic grimace yet again.

"Fuuko-san, does your knee hurt a lot?" a concerned Yanagi asked when she saw the grimace on Mikagami-senpai's handsome face.

" no, you don't have to worry about me, injuries are nothing." "I just wish I had enough control over this body NOT to put weight on the damn knee" Fuuko gave her an awkward smile, embarrassed that her thoughtful grimace had been seen by someone. "Anyway, I want to know too", Fuuko got up carefully to her feet beside Tokiya and looked at Kagero.

"Well..." Kagero started with a troubled look "I don't know if the process can be reversed successfully. The only test for this madougu conducted by the Hokage involved only animals. They switched the souls of a frog and bird successfully. After the switch, the bird began to croak endlessly while the frog kept trying to spread its legs to fly off a rock. It was a cruel sight, really. When they tried to reverse the process..." Kagero trailed off

"What happened then? Don't keep us in suspense" Fuuko demanded while Mikagami showed a flicker of anxiety in his face, erm...I mean Fuuko's face (you get the logic don't you, I don't have to keep repeating these things..;p)

"When they tried to reverse the process...the animals turned crazy. The bird started to attack clan members who came near and the frog kept climbing on a rock and jumping off it...repeatedly.

They drove us crazy, many of the clan members wanted to kill them but that was forbidden by the elders. But, eventually, the animals killed themselves. The bird escaped from its cage and flew full-speed into the nearest rock and on the next day, the frog was found dried out by the sun in the garden.

It was inexplicable and from then on, the elders forbid the use of the madougu and it was to be kept in an underground vault in the village. Before long, the vault had been scavenged by the enemy clan and the madougu was stolen."

Among Recca and friends, there was a solemn silence. Fuuko was the first one to speak out "How can this be? There must be exceptions for humans right. I don't want to stay in this body forever. I want to be Fuuko again." Her body shook gently as if incapable of handling her outburst.

"I just don't believe this. Just watch everyone, I'm going to get that bastard to switch back my body with Mi-chan. Mi-chan, let's go now. He can't have gone very far. We can still get him if we go now. " Finishing with the confident tone, she began to drag Tokiya's hand which remained rigid and unmoving no matter how hard she tugged.

"Oi!, Mi-chan? Let's go already. If we wait any longer, that bastard will really be gone." Fuuko looked more impatient now as she realised that Tokiya's hand remained unmoving. "Damn my control of his body, I can't even release his strength." She thought.

"Are you dumb?" Tokiya said simply

"NANI? I'm doing this for US, don't you want your body back?"

"Yes, but not if I have to go crazy, you stupid monkey."

"You don't know that for sure."

"Well, I don't want to risk that right now"

Silence reigned as the two glared fiercely at each other while the rest looked dumbfounded. Yanagi burst into tears then, bringing everyone's attention to her. "What's wrong, Hime?" Recca asked in concern "Sniff sniff... I don't want Mikagami-senpai and Fuuko-san to go mad. Recca-kun, can't we do anything to help them? I feel so useless" Yanagi said between her sniffles. Both Tokiya and Fuuko softened at the sight of a crying friend. They knew how emotional Yanagi could be.

"Why don't the both of you go back home and rest first. We can decide what to do tomorrow ok?" Recca suggested, his arms firmly placed around his dearest 'hime', determined to make her feel better.

"Looks like its the only thing to do now. " Mikagami agreed. "Well then, I'm going home now. Just remember to take good care of my knee Fuuko." he turned to walk off. The rest began to walk in the direction of home as well, tired by the day's events.

"wait...WAIT MI-CHAN!" Fuuko cried out, limping over to his side and dragging his ear down to whisper in secret. The rest stopped at this commotion.

"Have you forgotten something very important...we're in each other's body, right? So how do you expect me to go home to Ganko and my mother now?..." Fuuko hissed in anger at Tokiya's inconsideration. "Besides, surely...surely you don't intend to take a bath while you're in my body are you?..." She continued

"Yes, I do actually. You don't expect me to bear with your stinky body do you." He replied, unaware of what Fuuko really meant.

"NANIIII! You can't do that" Domon yelled out before Fuuko could. "How can you see Fuuko in the buff before I do?" Another river of tears had began its formation down his cheeks before Fuuko gave him a punch that allowed exclusive view of the high heavens. "Arghhhh...stupid men" She grumbled thereafter.

"Oh" Tokiya said after realising what Fuuko was making a fuss about. He hadn't thought about it himself, "I have to see and even touch that monkey's naked body if I wanna bathe, not that I really want to. This thing is getting more troublesome than I thought it would be"

" Don't worry, I'm not interested in your body. It's not like I haven't seen it before." Tokiya smirked as he recalled seeing Fuuko almost totally naked TWICE (once when she fell under the control of Kagero-san and lost her clothes in the final tornado hit and another time during Uru Buto Satsujin when Fujimaru had succeeded in stripping her down to her undergarments.)

"I don't care if you're interested in my body or now, I don't want ANYONE to see and touch my unmarried body." Fuuko argued back, evidently embarrassed by his last statement by the sight of her reddened cheeks.

"Man, stop blushing. You're making me look like a ditzy girl. You think I like the idea of a silly monkey occupying my body?"

"Arghhhhh!...I don't care, you are not going anywhere without me from now on until we get our bodies back. I don't want you doing funny things with my body." Fuuko demanded.

"Fine, I don't want you to be doing stupid things while you're in my body anyway." Fuuko's last comment had unwittingly angered Mikagami, and made him say something he would learn to regret in days to come.

Among the rest, Kaoru looked at the two in heated argument. He foresaw an interesting scenario and a wide fanged-grin appeared across his boyish face. "Sounds like chemistry to me, Fuuko nee-chan, Mikagami nii-chan..." he thought cheekily. Aloud, he said, "Does that mean the both of you are going to live together until this issue is resolved."

Tokiya was stunned, "I didn't agree to live together with this monkey..." his voice trailed off in remembrance of his words a few moments ago. "There wouldn't be any other way if she insists on following me EVERYWHERE" He shivered a little at the implications.

"What a great idea, Kaoru-chan." messing up the little boy's hair as she spoke. "That way, I can keep an eye on my body until I get it back." Fuuko said cheerfully while Tokiya contemplated the tragedy of his life and wowed at the quick change of moods in Fuuko. "She sure is optimistic though, what if we can't get our bodies back?"

"I'm sleeping over at your place tonight, Mi-chan. It's too late for me to go back home it'll be too difficult to explain to my mum and Ganko tonight. I'll just do that tomorrow. Hey, who knows, we might be able to capture the bastard tomorrow and get our bodies back by then already." At that, Fuuko walked off, or rather limped off ahead of Tokiya. Tokiya following dully behind. Recca started to walk Yanagi towards her home while Kagero headed home first, leaving a thoroughly upset Domon behind and Kaoru comforting him (mildly though since other cheeky thoughts had already invaded his evil little mind...;p)

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