Chapter 5 – RepentXFuuko

Fuuko was having a pleasant dream. In her dream, she was a princess who lived in a castle from a faraway land. From her bedroom window, she could see horses and grassland, blue blue sky and flowers, birds singing in a huge garden. Her prince was coming to receive her this day and she couldn't wait.

The door opened and Prince Raiha enters, he is handsome and kind but this day he is looking at the princess strangely.

"What's wrong, my dearest prince? What troubles you, pray tell me." Princess Fuuko pleads.

"My dear princess, I cannot marry you." Prince Raiha speaks sadly. "We may no longer become man and wife."

"How so? Do you not love me, my fair prince?" the princess pursued.

Prince Raiha looks away while saying, "How can we become man and wife, when we are now both men?"



With great puzzlement and sudden realisation, Princess Fuuko runs to a full length mirror which lined one of the walls in the room and as she saw her own reflection, she sunk deeper into the nightmare. She owned a pretty mane of silver-grey long hair and a beautiful face befitting of a princess but as her hands reached to her chest, panic lined her face.

"Where? Where are my cup C treasures?"

Taking a deep breath, she reached one hand to the forbidden regions of the human body. Something that a princess should NEVER own was in place...


Pretty images of the castle and glamorous bedroom cracked like fragile glass as Fuuko opened her eyes, breaking into cold sweat.

The dark room where Fuuko was lying in lit up now, as Tokiya ran in upon hearing the last shriek from hell that Fuuko let out in both the dream world and reality. As he saw Fuuko sitting up in bed, dazed, he calmed down a little...he was half-expecting an assailant he didn't manage to cripple just now, back for act 2 with that shriek. His examination of her earlier already told him she wasn't hurt that bad so she couldn't be screaming in pain...

"What's wrong Fuuko?" he asked impatiently, momentarily forgetting his favourite nickname for her

"Mi-chan?" Fuuko questions, still lost in time and space. She was confused with the recent royal visions and the fact that she just dreamt of the sweet raijin-wielder that she had not met for a while...After a long pause, she looks around her. She was in Mifuyu's bedroom again. Looking at her shoulder and hip, she realised they have been bandaged.

*Kindly hold…Fuuko's brain is now searching for the last chapter of consciousness in her memory database...

"AH!" Fuuko exclaimed as she finally remembered what happened. "If Mi-chan is here and I am in Mifuyu's means...he rescued me?" She equated.

She sneaked a peek at Tokiya, who was leaning on the wall just beside the bed looking at her, waiting for a response. His steady gaze at her made Fuuko turns red with embarrassment and look away quickly. She realised that Mikagami has DEFINITELY uncovered the stupidity of her recent actions.

Without further thoughts, Fuuko pulls the blanket over herself and closes her eyes. "Its ok, Fuuko-chan, this is all a dream. The next time you wake up, Mi-chan will not be there" she thought to herself.

Tokiya on the other hand thought, "That stupid monkey! Still pretending after all this?" Losing his cool, he pulled the covers off Fuuko and stared at her. "Don't you have something to say to me?" He reprimanded.

Still red in the cheeks but realising reality isn't disappearing anywhere, Fuuko opened her eyes, one at a time to look at Mikagami. Swallowing hard, she got up from her foetal position and quickly got off the bed, went on her knees and bowed down hard.


As she bowed, she forgot the open wound above her hip and it made her sink on the floor in pain as she spoke, effectively breaking her promise to treat Tokiya's body right. Noting the new blooper, she just looked up at Mikagami and gave an awkward smile without moving furthur.

"Would it help if I said I owe you one? ANYTHING that I can do for you, YOU HAVE THE FUUKO GUARANTEE!" Fuuko added, sincerely feeling the weight of her wrongdoing to the ice-man in the group.

Mikagami was having some mixed emotions on the whole issue. He started out curious on Fuuko's actions when she left school early, then part worry for his own body, and part worry for Fuuko's condition. Now, he was feeling frustrated that Fuuko was unaware that apart from caring for the safety of his body, she had also let herself face life-threatening danger. Finally, he was resigning to the fact that a stupid monkey is a stupid a stupid monkey... (_ _,)/~~ He will just have to help preserve her species.

"Sigh, you are unbelievable" was what Mikagami finally spoke out loud as he helped Fuuko up again to lie on the bed.

"You're usually stronger than this in a fight, these really aren't injuries enough to bring you down." He added, "Is everything ok?". Mikagami had sensed that Fuuko was having some real trouble in his body from the day before.

"Hehe, I'm not too sure myself, but, I'm wasn't able to use the fuujin just now." Fuuko said solemnly. "And what was that mind-splitting sensation?" she thought to herself as she picked up her precious madougu from the side table that Mikagami so kindly retrieved for her.

"Anyway, I'm feeling fine now, maybe I was just too hungry just now?" She shook off her worries, nothing ever came out from worrying right.

Blushing again for the 2nd time that day, Fuuko looked at Mikagami with a plea in her eyes, "Mi-chan, could you cook me something to eat? I can't think properly without some food right now."

"Ok, rest now, I'll call you again when the food is ready. Recca and the rest are out looking for clues on Kira now, they will come here to visit you later." Mikagami remained expressionless as he responded.

As Mikagami walked out of the room, he thought, "when she blushes, I really look like a girl...*_*. I don't think I've even seen Fuuko this fragile before...its almost cute...almost." he smiled involuntarily as he thought this.

20mins later, Tokiya had finished preparing a very gourmet looking congee dish, complete with a garnishing of delicious ume (plum), a fingerprint-less utensil set , a side-dish of pickles and a serving of hot tea. Preserving perfectionism in every aspect of his life was part and parcel in his way of life and it showed too.

"Wow! Mi-chan, you made all this? It looks delicious!" A ravenously hungry Fuuko exclaimed as she devoured the meal cheerfully AND messily to Mikagami's distaste..

In the past 24 hours, he had seen so many expressions on his original face that he had never even knew existed. "Is that how I would look if I was enjoying myself?" He thought, smiling again involuntarily at the "horrendous" sight before him as he sat on the bed beside her.

"Ah! Are you laughing at me?" Fuuko caught the lingering smile as she heaved a huge sigh of satisfaction slurping her tea, twisting Mikagami's face yet again to another comical expression.

Unexpected was what happened next, Tokiya placed his hand onto Fuuko's head and gave it a gentle pat, almost like he was stroking an animal. He was indulging in the simplest joy that cooking for another (in this case, a pet monkey) could give and temporarily deactivated his ice defence. Fuuko always had a strange power to be able to put Tokiya at ease, maybe it was the nickname calling, or her own blooper actions that entertained him so.

Fuuko was stunned at the sudden gesture, she stopped her movements and looked Tokiya in the face, his eyes were kind and he obviously looked like he was enjoying himself. As if affirming the identity of the soul possessing her body now, she whispered, "Mi-chan?"

Their eyes locked onto each other, unable to pull away from the reflection of each other. "Was he always this caring?" Fuuko thought as she looked at Mikagami.

"Mi-chan" Fuuko spoke softly, "Whatever reasons you did it for, thank you for coming after me just now, and saving my fuujin too. I wouldn't be here if you didn't" She smiled sincerely.

And the magic was cast...

*BA-thump, BA-thump... was the sound of Tokiya's heart, his cheeks growing redder by the second as he looked at her smile. "Was Fuuko ever this cute? The monkey?" he thought.

Ring ring! Ring ring!

Tokiya was saved by the door bell. He quickly stood up from the bed and started heading towards the bedroom door.

"Don't worry about it, rescuing wildlife are what higher life-forms should be doing anyway." He retorted while trying to retain his cool with his back facing Fuuko, before walking out of the room.

"What is wrong with me...getting this way over some 'wildlife'..." Tokiya thought with his face beet-red.

Ring ring! Ring ring! Bang bang! Bang bang!...the commotion at the door was getting rowdy.

Tokiya quickly splashed some water on his face to calm down, before going to the door to let the stampede in before they broke down his door.

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Author's Notes:

I had to rewrite this chapter several times to get the "doki" factor right for me... it was getting really difficult trying to figure out what our favourite ice-boy was thinking and how best to drop in some intimacy without overdose...and continuing the madougu plot...

I'm savouring the relationship nice and slow, hope you like it!

Starting chapter 6 now, this is going to take me a bit more time but I'll get there.

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