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To commemorate the occasion, I'm starting up a new ficlet series. This time TMNT! I'll mostly do 2012 but I will take requests for 2003 and the 2014 movie once it comes out and I see it.

The same basic principle applies to this as it did with my Xiaolin Showdown minifics and my SRMTHFG! minifics. I'll only put a maximum of nine and a minimum of five minifics in each chapter and add pairing warnings to the beginning of the ones that need them in case someone doesn't want to read about that pairing. However, I will not do a pairing warning for 2012 Donnie's crush on April, because that's canon.. I'll take requests as I get them and put them in the next update they'll fit in. I take requests for prompts and pairings.

Now, to the stories:


Pairing Warning: Donatello/April

The four turtle brothers bowed to their Sensei and father as they left the dojo. Their morning training was over and now they had time to relax. As per usual, Leonardo and Michelangelo went straight to the television, plopping down in front of the device to watch their shows together. Raphael went to the kitchen to get himself something to eat before joining his brothers. Donatello, however, made his way to his lab.

He stopped, however, halfway through the sitting room. Something caught his eye. In the water that flowed from underneath the dojo was a bottle. He kneeled down and reached for it, taking it out of the water and examining it. There was a note inside.

He pulled out the cork that sealed the bottle shut with relative ease and held the bottle upside down to let the rolled up paper slip into his waiting hand. He unrolled it and smiled.

I'll be waiting at Murakami's for our date at seven. See you then, my prince.
Your princess, April.

"Donnie got a love letter!" The note was snatched from his hands and he jumped, the bottle falling back into the water.

"Mikey, give that back!"

"I wanna see!" Raphael was quickly between Donatello and Michelangelo, holding the genius back with his foot, balancing on the other as he read the note over Michelangelo's shoulder.

"Donnie has a date tonight! Ooooh!" The youngest giggled, "Leo! Sensei! Donnie has a date with April!"

Master Splinter paused, having just come out of the dojo, "What was that, my son?"

Leonardo grinned and leapt out of the pit to look at the letter. He grabbed it and ran it over to their Sensei while Donatello wrestled with Raphael and Michelangelo.

"Give me that back!"


"Donnie and April sitting in a tree!"

"You gonna kiss her?"

"Have you kissed her already?"


The three separated and were kneeling in a matter of seconds, heads bowed as Splinter walked towards them. He held out the note to Donatello, who nodded before taking it back.

"You may go, my son." Splinter smiled, "But you must return home by one. And be sure to walk April home. Maybe you can steal a kiss at her doorstep." The rat winked and walked away, chuckling.


Like any family, the turtles and their Sensei had many routines they went through. For example, their morning routines.

Leonardo was always the first to wake up. He would take a bath, grab a water bottle from the kitchen, and go for his morning run in the sewers.

Splinter would be the next to awaken. He would meditate for five minutes to help him wake up before preparing the dojo for the boys' morning training.

Michelangelo would be the next to wake up. He would always wake up with just as much energy as he had for the rest of the day, but reserved it for a brief moment to enter Raphael's room and retrieve Spike, who would already be awake. This was the only time Raphael would allow anyone in his room unannounced or to even touch Spike. The youngest brother would bring Spike to the kitchen, set him out a few leaves of lettuce for his breakfast, before getting started on breakfast for the rest of their family.

Raphael would wake up next. He would make his way to the kitchen to check on Spike before waking himself up by throwing a few punches at his punching bag for a few minutes.

The only one who had no set time on when the rest of the family would see him was Donatello. That was because he was the only who didn't have himself on a sleeping schedule. Sometimes he would be up and about before Leonardo was; sometimes Leonardo had to retrieve his brother from his laboratory. His bedroom had been unused since Donatello had put a hammock up in his lab in case he needed a nap.

When April lived with them, she took Donatello's bedroom. She would wake up around the same time as Raphael. She would take over their bathroom for a good fifteen minutes to wash up a bit before going to sit with Michelangelo and Spike in the kitchen. Sometimes she would talk with the youngest turtle, sometimes she would help cook, sometimes she would watch Raphael.

Leonardo would come back from his run about fifteen minutes after April and Raphael woke up, water bottle empty. He would refill it in the sink and set it back where it had previously laid. If Donatello was not out and about by this time, he would go to retrieve their brother. Normally he found the purple-clad turtle still at work, focused on his project and only his project, but on rare occasions he would find him asleep at his desk, some gadget or gizmo resting by his head. Every once in a blue moon the genius might actually be found in his hammock.

Today was no different from any other. Raphael and April had been awake for about nine minutes before Donatello dragged himself out of his lab.

Everyone knew to stay out of Donatello's way in the morning. Out of all living creatures in any universe, Donatello was the worst morning person. He was grouchy, angry, and tired. April had tried to say good morning to him her first day there and only received a grunt in return. She would've said something but Michelangelo had to stop cooking to quickly warn her of the dangers of, what he called, 'Morning Donnie.'

Donatello made his way from the lab to the kitchen. He grabbed a glass of water before making himself a quick bowl of porridge. There was one thing April did to help everyone in their routines, and that was introduce Donatello to the wonders of a morning cup of coffee. So his routine altered to make himself a cup. He would eat his porridge as the drink brewed and he downed the whole cup in one sitting. He would then retreat back to his lab and disappear for an unknown amount of time.

Today it was a solid sixteen minutes. Then, like always, he came out his usual chipper, grinning, nerdy self. He would greet each of his brother and April as he came back to the kitchen. He would then fill a small sakazuki glass with water and place it next to Spike so the tiny turtle could have a drink.

Michelangelo finished breakfast by the time Splinter came out of the dojo and they all sat around the table, ready for breakfast. The youngest turtle sang their names as he placed plates of food in front of them, each made specifically for their different tastes. Raphael, for instance, would always have a side of habanero ketchup if they were eating eggs. If they were eating pancakes or waffles he would have slathered a good amount of peanut butter over Donatello's pastries and topped off Leonardo's with a swirl of whipped cream, a strawberry, and a few blueberries.

Splinter looked around at his family as they ate and talked, laughing and grinning and fighting.

He closed his eyes and sipped on the tea Michelangelo had prepared for him. He truly couldn't have wished for anything better than this.


Donatello sat on the roof of April's apartment building. He remembered times when the five of them would all meet up here and just hang out or go to Murakami's or train. Now it was empty, with no trace of fun or smiles. The only memory of the past times they'd spent was a broken radar device, which he had come to retrieve. He'd thought earlier he could salvage it and make something new, but now he just wanted to destroy it. This stupid device was why April hated them.

Hated him.

"Don't touch me!" "You mutated my father!" "You keep away from me!" "I never want to see your faces ever again!"

He sat down, his head hanging low. He held the broken radar in his hands and glared at it, tears blurring his vision. He pulled off his mask and tried to wipe away the wetness from his eyes, but that only made it worse. So he sat there, only a floor above the beautiful girl he'd give his life for, sobbing like a child. He hadn't cried like this in a long time. He probably would've if they'd actually lost Leonardo in their battle with Kraang Prime.

But this was different.

He hadn't lost April

She wasn't gone.

She just wanted him gone.


"How does this even happen?" Leonardo grumbled.

"No weapon is invisible." Donatello informed him.

Leonardo glared, "Your weapon is the only one that breaks. Not my swords!"

"Keep that attitude up and you're going to have to learn to fight with only one katana." The genius turtle quipped.

"Wow, as much as I love to hear Leo pout like a child, we're kind of in the middle of a fight here!" Raphael shouted.

Leonardo dropped the empty handle of his broken sword and jumped back into the fray with only one weapon.

"Dude, what happened to your weapon?" Michelangelo laughed, "It totally just gave up on you!"

"Shut up, Mikey!" Leonardo snapped, stabbing his single blade through a FootBot and ripping through it.

"Uh-oh." Donatello stopped running and backed away, only defending at this point.

"What's wrong?" Michelangelo asked, coming up beside him.

"We're brothers. Like, actual brothers. Four turtles from the same turtle mother and turtle father mutated by the Kraang."

Raphael stabbed his sais into the FootBot that was attacking his two defending brothers, "Your point, Donnie?"

"My point is usually our emotional traits are genetic. Like obsession over something we like, determination to overcome fear..." He pointed to Leonardo, who was on a rampage, destroying everything in his path, "And anger."

Raphael whistled, "Dang. I feel like I've been upstaged."

"Note to us." Michelangelo stepped back, "Never piss off Leo."


When Michelangelo awoke, he knew only four things:

One: His nunchucks were gone.

Two: His arms and legs were chained to a wall. How high up off the floor, however, he didn't know.

Three: He could hear breathing around him.

Four: He couldn't remember how he got here.

He coughed and tried looking around, "Donnie? Raphie? Leo?"


He perked up, "Raphie? Is that you? Where are we? What's going on?"

"I don't know, Mikey. Keep calm and stay as quiet as you can, okay? Are you hurt?"

He tried moving a little to see what hurt, "I can't tell…. My head feels fuzzy."

"That lunatic pumped us each with some kinda drug."

"Where are Donnie and Leo? What happened?" He was really scared now. Where were his other brothers? He didn't know what he could do without them. If they were hurt….

"I don't know. They were here earlier but that goon has us hooked up to some kinda device that'll knock us out whenever he needs. I think he took Donnie away but I don't know about Leo."

He was trembling now, wanting to reach out and feel the comforting touch of his brother, "What are we gonna do, Raph?"

"I don't know, Mikey…. I've never been good with plans. Without Donnie or Leo… or even weapons…."

Suddenly his mind became even foggier, "Raphie?" He didn't even know if the word had escaped his lips by the time he fell into unconsciousness.

That's all for chapter one! I missed doing these. I forgot how much fun they were!

Bottle: My OTP in this show. Seriously. Apritello for life. And yes, at the end Master Splinter was giving Donnie romantic advice.

Porridge: I love writing about the turtles just being a normal family.

Radar: Set after the episode The Mutation Situation. Donnie mourns the loss of his princess.

Sword: FootBots broke one of Leo's katanas. He is very unhappy. Donnie makes an observation.

Lunatic: There's a good possibility I'll make a companion piece of sequel to this in a later chapter.

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