It was strange for Italy to be telling that story to them. No one had known the whole story. Other countries had been there for parts of it but only Italy had been there for the whole narrative. He felt empty after their comfort. He bid them farewell and went to his bed for once feeling nothing. He did not feel guilt, sadness or anger. He slept without dreaming, without thinking. His mind was as empty as his body. When he woke he actually felt at peace. Japan had been right. Holy Rome loved him and did not want him to be upset. Holy Rome was watching him from above hoping that he will be happy. Just as he hoped Italy would be happy when he gave him some pasta.

It was a wonderful feeling to be so free from guilt. He felt like he could fly. He got up made himself some breakfast pasta while singing. He ate in the living room and he did something he normally never did. He talked to Holy Rome's painting. He told him about all that had happened since he had left. He had awoken surprisingly early like before the sun had risen so he had time to get it all off his chest. He told Holy Rome about Germany. How he had fallen in love again and Germany was so strong and kind and wonderful. He told him about how much he missed him and wished that they were able to speak face to face. Then he told Holy Rome he was ready to move on. He told him he was going to stop waiting for him. He reassured the painting that he would always love Holy Rome but that waiting for him after his death was not what either of them wanted.

He got up and went to the meeting with an honest smile on his face. He told Japan thank you for the advice. He didn't say anything to Germany who looked haggard. Italy in one of his rare moments of sensing the mood figured that the tired nation would probably want quiet. That was the exact opposite what Germany wanted.

Germany was having an inner freak out. He had practically told Italy that he loved him. He had not thought about the lack of response until he got up in the morning. Italy hadn't responded. Had he been too vague? Did Italy not know? If Italy did know then that meant he was ignoring him for some unfathomable reason. Germany sat there hoping that Italy would come to him but it seemed that Italy was avoiding his gaze. It was nerve racking. The meeting was insane but it ended soon enough. Everyone was on edge about the hockey and soon it became a taunting competition the likes you don't normally see unless it's the Olympics. Nations normally avoid each other during the Olympics because the taunts can end in some pretty bad fist fights.

They went to an ice rink Italy had reserved and the games went differently. Italy allowed the nations to align themselves into groups of 5. They played it that way. America, Canada, France, England and China called themselves team Allies. They did it as a joke from World War 2 but soon Italy, Romano, Germany, Prussia and Austria were on a team as well. They were the axis if you hadn't already guessed. Russia forced his old "Servants" to be on a team so it was Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and his new charge Ukraine. THE Nordics five made another team and Spain teamed up with some of his children. Those being, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, and Argentina. His other children formed the other team. Spain did have many children after all. Australia formed a team with Hungary, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Malaysia. The teams were all very interesting of course.

The games were funny for the southern countries who weren't used to the cold. The South American and African countries struggled quite a bit. It was however terrifying to watch Canada's team play. That's right it was Canada's team. He was loud, vulgar and merciless especially to his own team. Russia's team was just as you expect everyone did what Russia said while trembling in fear. The first day ended quickly and Italy's team lost on their first round. Not that they minded, it meant they wouldn't have to face either Canada or Russia on the ice. The next day passed similarly except Italy had a medic tent set up for when nations were injured. The injuries were usually caused by Russia, Canada or just plain stupidity. The Nordics made a surprisingly good team and they advanced into third place. However it was very clear that it was going to be USSR vs. Allies once again.

Italy had been walking on air these past few days. He hardly noticed that Germany was upset because he was just too full of his own lightness and joy. He did notice however and he tried to cheer up Germany with hugs and kisses on the cheek. Little did he know that that just made Germany more nervous. Today was the final day of Hockey and you could feel the tension in the room. It was reminiscent of the cold war when America and Russia were not on speaking terms except now it was Canada glaring at Russia. America was trying to calm his brother down in fact. It was a strange reversal of roles.

The meeting had pretty much nothing going on during it. There was a presentation by Switzerland on the economy of the EU, along with some points of change to help better the economy. There was also supposed to be a meeting on Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Russia feels especially guilty about this and wanted nothing more than to get the invasion of his big sister to stop. That was all swept under the rug for a day. Everyone felt light hearted being able to focus on fun instead of all of the death and destruction of the world.

The meeting ended of course and everyone hurriedly had lunch and drove to the hockey rink. Now that Canada was visible everyone couldn't help but be interested be in the angry violent man. They couldn't help but wonder why they had never noticed him before. As everyone began sitting down Italy thought to sit down by himself so he could relax but Germany finally took the initiative and sat next to him. As the teams got prepared Germany tried to start a conversation.

"Hello Italy. Are you doing any better? I was worried after we left you since you were so distraught."

"Oh si Germany! It was very good for me to finally tell the whole story to someone. I feel much better, I am ready to move on I think. It might take a while but I'm going to get better."

"Did I offend you with what I said last night?"

"Germany I don't remember much from last night. You said something? I was crying really hard so I guess I just missed it, veee. Was it anything important?"


"Okay Germany!"

Italy settled into his seat and leaned against Germany taking comfort in his warmth. He felt Germany's muscles tense, which is not out of the ordinary since he normally did that when people invade his personal space. But what startled Italy was that Germany relaxed quickly after tensing up. It would take a very long time for Germany to relax while Italy was leaning on him. What really startled him was that Germany lifted up his arm and draped it around him. While he loved the extra contact it was so unlike Germany. It was Italy's turn to tense.

"Germany, something is wrong."

"What do you mean?"

"You are practically cuddling me. You don't do that Germany. I'm the touchy feely one, veee. Is something wrong?"

"You just looked cold that is all."

"Oh, Germany is thoughtful. Thank you Germany."

Italy then snuggled closer causing Germany to blush. That was of course not at all why he had impulsively thrown his arm around Italy. He had thought about how nice it would be to have Italy right next to him and he did it without thinking. When he felt Italy tense his heart began to beat rapidly in fear that Italy did not want that kind of contact. Germany had been wrong though. Italy wanted more of that contact he always had.

The game began and it was terrifying and bloody. The teams started out as you would normally expect but soon everyone but Canada and Russia was cowering by the nets. At first the game played as you would expect but Canada soon took a swing at Russia and it became a bloodbath. Russia produced his "magic metal pipe of pain" and Canada produced a chainsaw from some void and the fight began. They were still play which was the strange thing. They made goals and the points kept rising but they were also visibly attacking each other. Russia got a severe laceration on face and Canada began to bruise all over. The other nations just watched in mute horror, except the Nordics of course. They had taken to egging on the two warriors.

Eventually the buzzer rang letting the players know the game was over and they both stopped their violence to see who had won. It was surprisingly Canada by just one point. Once their battle fervor wore off they shook each other's hands and went to the medic tent to get patched up. The others nations on the ice shakily got off and everyone came up to them to congratulate them on surviving. They went out drinking then. Except for a few nations who had other things to do.

Italy had fallen asleep in Germany's arms. Germany had no reason to want to move or wake him either. He felt extremely comfortable holding the Italian. It was just as comfortable as he would feel training or cleaning. As if sitting here with him was just as natural as breathing. No one seemed to notice when they didn't go out drinking with the rest and soon they were all alone on the stands. Germany suddenly had a vision of him and Italy ice skating together with music playing while holding hands. The desire was nearly powerful enough to make him shake Italy awake and ask him to go skating.

He didn't though and instead gently picked up his friend/love. He carried him to Italy's house and let himself in since the Italian always forgot to lock his own doors. He was carrying Italy bridal style and the thought of it made him blush. He carried him up to his room and laid him on his bed. Germany acting on impulse once again leaned down and kissed him on the lips. It didn't wake the Italian, heck Italy had slept through earthquakes before. He blushed at the feeling of the kiss and walked out of the room.

The air was brisk as he walked back to the hotel. Germany was definitely not being himself lately. He had cuddled Italy, carried him home, and then kissed him on the lips. It was so unlike him that it was practically the opposite of him. Then again he had never been in love so maybe that this was how he was supposed to act. He went to sleep that night completely happy and unaware of what he had just set into motion.

Italy had been woken up when Germany had picked him up to take him out of the ice rink. But Italy was a man who was very good at getting out of work. He knew Germany would take him home if he pretended to sleep, besides Germany was very comfortable. So he allowed himself to be carried home listening to his friends comforting heartbeat.

He felt Germany open the door and walk up the stairs. It was so nice of him to do this for him. Germany was so thoughtful and it was one of the things that Italy loved about him. He loved his seriousness, his awkwardness, his dedication, his strength of will. There had been many times before that Germany had taken Italy home but that was only after trying to wake him up. Italy expected that he would lay him down and leave so it was strange that he did not here retreating footsteps.

He was about to open his eyes and pretend to wake up when he felt something electric. There were lips pressing down on his. It was the most amazing experience he had felt in a long time. It was a chaste kiss but his whole body felt like it was tingling with electricity. It took all of his power not to reach up and pull the German down to deepen the kiss. Germany then got up, sighed and left the room. Soon he heard his front door open and close and he knew he was alone.

It was only after Germany left that Italy realized the implications of the kiss. Germany liked him he wouldn't of kissed him if her hadn't. Why did he not say anything then? Italy felt he had been very clear with how he felt about Germany, if he returned those feelings why had he said nothing? It made no sense to Italy. He had a few options, ignore the kiss, confront Germany, or trick Germany. Italy smiled inwardly at the idea of tricking Germany. What was the competition tomorrow? Oh right drinking and Karaoke. That would be the perfect excuse to loosen his long time ally's tongue.

Italy stayed up a little longer planning out how he was going to trick Germany. He rarely acted so mischievous but the kiss had light a fire in him. He was determined to get another kiss from him and this time while they were both "awake". Tomorrow was going to be interesting for a number of reasons and Italy could not wait.

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