Since it's almost the end of summer (where I'm at) I decided to make a nice little summer country love story about Scott and Courtney. You know? The city girl and the country boy? Basically Courtney takes a vacation to her uncle and aunt's house and meets their neighbor, Scott. At first they don't like each other until the Uncle throws a little family party and Scott's invited because he's helped the old couple. Anyways that night they become good friends and so on. Nothing really sad or dramatic like my other one's just a lot of love, friendship and hopefully humor. :)

The car was going down the highway. Courtney sat in the passenger seat of the little blue and new car. Her father was practically rich and they we're going down to Texas to visit her uncle and aunt. She looked out the window, hand on her cheek pulling her blue jacket over her. Most of her family lived in the city while the other half lived in the country. She was a full city girl. Dresses and looks nice, proper words, hates bugs and would rather roam the shops then roam the field on a horse. In about an hour she would be smothered in bugs and forced to pick eggs from the barn.

"You kid's excited?!" Her father said, her little sister in the back screamed with passion while Courtney just shrugged. Sure she loved to see family but she hated dirt. Her dad noticed this and sighed loudly, looking over at his daughter.

"Just wait until you see the sunset. It's beautiful, breath-taking. I'll bet you will enjoy it then." He said and then placed his cow-boy hat on her head. She threw it back at him and he put it back on. She had plans for the rest of the summer with her friends and trying to get another boyfriend. Her previous boyfriend, Duncan, cheated on her with an old ex best friend she had. So far, Courtney thought, this was the worse summer ever.

Scott ran down the dirt and rocky road, his feet stinging with pain from his bad shoes. Or just cloth on his feet really. He stopped in front of the old Clark home. An old couple lived there he would enjoy helping when he had free time. He noticed the man was carrying food and he was slipping. Scott quickly ran up and helped him. The old man smiled down at him.

"Why thank you again Scott." He said and the ginger nodded, opening the door and walking in after the old man.

"What's with all this food? Is winter coming early, Mr. Clark?" Scott asked and chuckled putting the bags down then helping unpack them.

"Oh no," the man chuckled helping the boy, "family reunite. I guess after my parents died a few years ago people want to meet up again." He said and Scott remembered when he found the old man crying the one spring day. The ginger stays quiet and continues helping.

"Cousins, my brother and sister, their children and much more." He said and laughed. His wife came in and welcomed Scott with a big hug. "Scott your just in time! I'm about to make a pie!" She said and smiled warmly.

"I would love to stay around and eat a piece but I ain't got time. Pappy needs help back on the farm." Scott said and pointed to the door with his thumb. The woman nodded and understood.

"I will save you a piece then. It will be you and Bob's favorite, cherry!" She said and winked at her husband. The man's eyes widened and so did Scott's. She knew them very well. Scott then didn't want to leave but he had to and left with a wave and a sad sigh. The man then jogged after him.

"Scott," he said and the ginger turned around, "since you help us a lot for the past few years or more. You are invited to are family get together. You can invite your ma and pappy if you want." He said and placed a hand on the boy's shoulder. The ginger smiled and thanked him, giving him a big hug before running back down the dirt road to his little trailer with his pappy waiting outside for him with the tracker.