So a few of you really like this story, I'm glad! I got inspired by my sister and fiancé. He was country and she was mostly city. Back then she used to hate country music (which my mom and I adored it!) and then once she met him she opened up to it. She loves fishing, trucks, country music and much more. I was inspired by him and her because it's amazing how you can change a person. Courtney and Scott's story aren't the same as my sister and stuff. My sister met her fiancé at Wall-Mart lol.

An hour later

As the blue car pulled up, Courtney was asleep. Her little sister woke her up and her's eyes opened. "Shut it!" She said and threw her water bottle at her. The girl was only six. The girl started to cry and the dad unbuckled her. Courtney got out, slamming her door and went to her trunk to get her two suitcases. A woman appeared at the doorway with her arms out, Courtney smiled weakly and her aunt wrapped her arms around the teen.

"It's so nice to see you again." She said, resting her hands on her upper arms. Ariana, Courtney's younger sister, ran to her uncle who's eye's went wide from being startled.

"Well hello there little missy!" He said and noticed she was crying. Scott came running down from the old road and stopped once he saw a few unfamiliar people.

"Oh! People, this is Scott. He helps us out almost everyday, he's like family through are eyes. Scott, this is my brother and two nieces." The man said and pointed towards his family. Ariana jumped and giggled, she then fell and scrapped her knee, crying. Everybody stopped and looked at Ariana. The aunt picked her up and got ready to walk her into the little house.

"Let me help her." Scott said, everybody but mostly Courtney pulled her attention to Scott. He picked up the small child and she smiled, he wiped her eyes with his thumb and reached into his pocket and pulled out a flower and handed it to her. She smiled and sniffed it, she felt better. He carried her inside and sat her in a chair while the aunt grabbed a band-aid and stuff to clean her scratch. Courtney watched him, she didn't like him at all.

"How long have you been helping them?" Courtney said and folded her arms, leaning on a wall. Scott looked up a bit startled before turning his attention back to Ariana.

"About a year or now. How come I haven't seen you around?" He said and smiled, helping Ariana.

"Because I never come. I have better things to do with better people." Courtney said and Scott's face turned puzzled. How come she was so mean?

"Well that's a bit rude. Mostly to your family and the beautiful country side." He said and helped the little girl up, who hugged his leg and ran back outside.

"Well, I have friends unlike you who help elder people." She said and began to walk away. Scott's eye brows raised and he knew she didn't want to be here at all. Hopefully it will all change later. She noticed she was texting and he smirked. One way to spend family time is disconnecting your phone. He walked back out and started to help Courtney's dad with the bags. Courtney noticed how strong he was and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, blushing. Scott went up the stairs and put her suitcases in one of the guest bedrooms.

"Thanks son." Courtney dad said and handed him a $50 bill. Scott looked up shocked.

"What is this for?!" He said and handed it back, the father pushed his hand back.

"For helping my younger daughter, me carry the bags, helping my brother and his wife but mostly talking to my eldest daughter. She is pretty upset to come here." He said and Scott chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

"It's no problem really. I just help them out because I always like to be busy." Scott said and wiped his sweaty head, putting the bill in his front pocket. Who carries around a $50 bill in their pocket?! Some people are lucky to have a $10 or a $20 bill in theres. But Scott's family needed the money a bit.

"Well thank you. I'm pretty sure Bob and Mary already asked you to the family reunion?" He said and fixed his shirt. Scott could tell he was one of the proper one's of the family.

"Yeah, it's really nice of them. I feel like I am related to them even though I'm not." He said and the man nodded. They both headed down stairs. Scott didn't see where he was going and accidentally knocked into Courtney who had a glass of tea and it spilled all over her. Everybody stopped, then they giggled but Scott and the furious tan brunette.

"I'm so sorry!" Scott said and got some paper towels which he accidentally grabbed to many and the roll fell onto the floor. Everybody laughed and Scott handed her a huge thing of them.

"Forget it dirt boy!" She said and pushed him, going upstairs mumbling to herself. Scott looked up at her nervously and he felt so awkward and embarrassed.

"Don't worry, she's mostly like that." Her father said and Scott exhaled nervously. Since he was like family with the aunt and uncle he wanted to try to feel the same way with the rest of the family.