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Chapter 1

Unexpectedly Unemployed


"I don't understand; if I am one of the best Marketing Directors you have ever had, why am I being fired?!" I said, trying to hold the tears at bay and sounding weak to even my own ears.

"Bella, you make it sound so harsh; we are downsizing and unfortunately we only have room for one director."

"But, Mike, Jessica Stanley just graduated from college a year ago! A year ago Mike! I have been working for this firm for 8 years now! SHE WASN'T EVEN IN HIGH SCHOOL YET MIKE!" I yelled, not able to control the tears from falling while my chest heaved up and down.

Mike got up from his chair, walked around his desk, and took the seat next to me in front of his desk. He placed his hand on my knee which made my skin crawl from the contact. Mike is the President of Newton Marketing, which is a subsidiary of H&M Marketing & Advertising Firm, and my current boss, who just became my ex-boss. He took over 2 years ago after his father's untimely death.

"Bella, calm down please; I don't like to see you so upset. Maybe, if you're nice enough to me I can find you another position within the same department. I'm sure if we put our heads together, we can come to some kind of compromise." Mike said, while running his finger up and down my knee and for a few seconds, I just stared at his hand, unable to move and in disbelief of what I was hearing.

See, Jessica Stanley is Mike's newest recruit and his "personal whore" for all intentS and purposes. In just one year, she has managed to sleep her way up from an entry level marketing/consulting position, to my now former position as Director of Marketing and Advertising. This I'm sure is due to all the nights she volunteered to stay late to and work on "special projects" for Mike.

"Wait, so let me get this straight. You want me to entertain the idea of taking another position in this department where Jessica will not only be the Director, but my boss as well?!"

"Bella, you shouldn't look at it like that; there are a lot of client accounts that Jessica will need your help with. You know, until she learns the ropes for herself." Mike said, still running his finger up and down my knee, which, at this point, has me both furious and nauseous at the same time.

As I lift up my head to look at him, I become even more infuriated when I see the cocky smirk on his face. The one that says, "I know you need this job and won't turn down my offer." But, he couldn't be more wrong and looking at his disgusting face and feeling his annoying touch only strengthens my resolve. Before I can even thinks about what I am doing, I've slapped Mike's hand away and am now standing up ready, to leave his office.

"I studied hard at NYU for that degree hanging on my wall in my office and I graduated Summa Cum Laude! I worked my butt off day and night when I came to this firm and I closed twice as many deals than any consultant on my level and certainly more than Jessica Stanley has! My moving up the ranks in this company was nothing other than my consistent dedication to giving my very best and always doing what was in the best interest of the firm and not myself. Your father, may God rest his soul, ran this company with dignity and integrity; he treated every employee with respect and would never promote an individual for any other reason besides hard work. You, on the other hand, are a heartless, shallow, creep who considers a late night office blow job as a valuable skill and an asset to this firm. Well, let me make myself very clear, Michael, I have never and will never sleep my way to the top of any company! So, you and your little slut Jessica can both grab hands and kiss my ass! Good day!" I said, poking him in his chest as his name rolled off my tongue like venom, before storming out of his office and slamming the door.

Outside of his office I was met with several stares, but only one caught my attention. There standing with a skirt barely covering her thighs and a blouse that left nothing to the imagination was the devil herself, Jessica Stanley.

"Hello Bella, you don't look so well; if you'd like, I could give you the rest of the day off to get yourself together. I'll have a couple of the guys from the mailroom move your things to the smaller office down the hall and you can organize it tomorrow." Jessica said, walking up to me with a smug grin on her face.

"Jessica, that won't be necessary; you see, unlike you, I can find another job, because I actually know a thing or two about marketing and advertising and I'm good at it. You, on the other hand, will be out on your ass, as soon and the next young, hot piece of ass comes through those doors. Then what will you do? We both know you don't have a clue about how to retain clients." I said, turning on my heels and walking to my office to pack my things.

When I closed my office door, I collapsed in my chair and let the sobs take over, because, to be honest, I loved my job and I was devastated. I quickly threw the few photos of my mom and dad into the box on my desk along with a few other items that belonged to me and not the firm. I looked in the mirror hanging on the back of the door and fixed my makeup before exiting my office and making my final trip to the elevator. Once I was out the building, I quickly haled a taxi and headed home to wallow in self pity.

I pulled out my cell to call my mom, because, more than anything, I needed to hear her voice right now.

"Bella, darling, what's going on? Why do you sound like you're crying?" My mother asked, in her usual worried tone. So, I lied, so I wouldn't cause her any more worry than necessary. My mother and father already hated that I lived so far away from them in New York; and they live in San Jose, California.

"I'm fine mom, just tired that's all; where's dad?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

"He went golfing with Billy; he should be back home soon though. How is everything in the 'Big Apple'?"

"Um, good, things areā€¦ good mom. I was just calling to check on you guys; tell dad I said hello and I'll call again on the weekend."

"Bella, you'll never guess who's back in California." My mom said, sounding a little too eager.

"Who, mom?"

"Jacob Black, you remember him don't you? He's Billy's son and my, my, my, is he handsome as ever, especially in his Marine uniform. He just came home from Japan and I was thinking maybe you could come visit one weekend soon while he is home. He was always crazy about you Bella." My mom said, playing matchmaker, as usual, with me.

According to her, if I did not settle down soon, she would never see grandchildren. Apparently, at 31, I am waiting too late in life to get married and have kids; they are the last things on my list of priorities right now.

"Mom, I can't; I have a lot going on right now."

"Bella, if you keep working the way you do, you will never have time for a relationship and before you know it, you'll be past 40, wondering where the years went. Honey, it's okay to slow down and take some time for yourself." She said, giving me the same speech that I've heard for the past 5 years.

"Mom, please stop being so dramatic and I will settle down when the time is right for me, okay?"

"Fine, but you know your father and I only want you to be happy, Bella."

"And I am, mom; so don't worry, please. I'll talk to you guys soon." I said, before ending my call with her.

Once I was home, I placed the box with my things from the office next to the door and lay on my couch throwing my arm over my eyes. What was I going to do now that I am unexpectedly unemployed? Don't get me wrong, I have a savings account and can probably manage for the next 6 months as long as I don't do any crazy spending and then there's my 401k that I can use some of if things really get bad. I took out my phone and quickly dialed my best friend, Alice's number. She answered on the first ring, as usual.

"Bella, how the hell are you? You want to meet for lunch?"

"He fired me Alice; the bastard actually fired me today." I said, letting the tears flow again.

"Are you kidding me?!" Alice asked, sounding quite appalled.

"Hmph, I wish I were, but, no, I'm not kidding at all."

"Aww, sweetie I'm so sorry; are you okay?"

"I'll be fine, I just need to find another job." I said, swiping the tears from my face.

"After everything you did for that company, how dare he? His father would kill him if he were alive."

"I know, right?"

"Listen, honey, I'm coming to get you and we are going to have a night out on me. Don't think about that job or that sorry excuse of an ex-boss of yours; he probably did you a favor, Bella. Have you called Tanya yet?"

"No, I just got home not too long ago and I don't know about going out tonight, Alice. I think I just want to stay in tonight."

"Come on, Bella, you need this and it has been a while since we all went out; I'll pick you up at 8, okay?

"Fine, Alice, but I'm not staying out late tonight." I said, before hanging up.

Maybe Alice is right; maybe I do need a night out to just relax and enjoy myself. I mean, who knows what the night could bring?

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