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'She's like the women from the old movies. Quiet and dangerous, but you just can't stay away. She's like an angel from hell or maybe even a devil from paradise………'~ Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop


The Life of a Devil

The Truth


It was the middle of the night. When black cats roamed the deserted street, when the streetlights flickered on and off, too random to be called a pattern. When bums scavenged the dumpsters for any preserved meal, when the moon was full in broom and illuminating a lustful shine. When – well, you get the idea.

Not exactly a time when young teenagers showered and turned on their radio to a pitch that would have been able to kill and shoo off any neighbors and cracking any car windows in the close range of its sheer pitch. Though this one seemed not to notice.

The delicate and slender fingers of a young girl softly turned the knob in the right way, causing the waters that was just spraying through the shower head like bullets, to die down and slow it down to a mere drip.

The delicate figure softly slid the shower door open as the young figure of a teenage girl stepped out, her raven hair all wet and dripping with hot water non-stop. Cursing as the water dripping from her layered hair dripped on the weight scale, she quickly took the pink towel from the counter and covered herself with it. Looking up, she discovered her mirror to be now hazed from the warmth of the shower and even the bathroom it self was all fogged up.

Grudgingly, she stepped out of the bathroom, still wet and only covered by her pink towel; she opened the bedroom window. Right on cue, the moment she opened the window a cool and gentle breeze swooped through her wet hair, as if it was helping her dry it.

With an appreciative nod, she stepped back inside the bathroom and cleared the mirror of the haze with her hand making a perfect little circle for her face and also creating a small squeaking noise.

She checked her face for any pimples or any disturbance to her usual fair skin to find only her lustful hazel eyes, her little wet raven hair, and her glossy lip. No pimples. She checked her teeth, opening her lips as if she was smiling to see if there were any intruding cavities. No black holes.

Now feeling more smug, she turned on her green weight scale, a little wet from her hair.

This was the real challenge.

Taking a deep breath in, she hurriedly stepped on her weight scale and watched as the weights began to drop, and drop, and drop, and-

She took in a breath, and gasped.

108 pounds.

"Ow maaan~" She groaned in frustration.

How was this possible? How could it be? How can I GAIN three pounds when I should LOSE three pounds? These questions urgently ran through her mind with many kinds of alarm signals, as if one of the lists had been unread from the elves, when it was the day Santa was suppose the deliver the presents.

She looked her self over in the mirror again, which was now quickly drying up from the haze.

She couldn't believe that she could GAIN even a pounce when the last job she took was especially harder on her body then in her pride. Subduing two FBI agents with especially an incredible power backing them up was hard enough, but having to cut their guts out and also having to kill off the witnesses was especially hard for her back.

What was their name?

Oh yes, the thunder brothers. Hiten and Manten, thought they were still just humans. Of course, getting almost rapped by that fat freak was obviously an eye opener. Maybe she should have bugged the place first to catch his naughty act first, THAN knifing him would have been a smart plan. The authority would have a kick out of the evidence if they saw the one of the greatest FBI agents were actually two wanted rapist.

Oh well, can't get what you already killed, or knifed and gutted for that matter.

Pouting, she dried off quickly in frustration and covered her self with her pink pajama in the same speed.

But than a stinging sensation started in her right shoulder, as if someone had dug a knife that was on fire right through it. Quickly, she pulled off the side of her pajama to see her right shoulder blade covered by a small red puncture wound; though it was hardly noticeable. The pain had disappeared as quickly as it had came.

She cursed as she remembered how a dart had sharply whizzed through the air and planted itself on exactly on the same spot and caused the puncture wound. She would kill the person that had annoyingly distracted her from killing Manten quickly and quietly.

Shrugging off the weird flash back, she stepped in her comfy bed, just waiting for her to step in to the mattress and fall in to dreamland.

She really wasn't expecting any jobs for probably a month or so, but of course, you all know that anything could happen to assassins, right?


The elevator made a little ring as the small light appeared on the panels, indicating that it was on the basement floor.

The passenger, the girl, didn't look at all please or impressed from the well-marbled floor or the well-lit hallway as she stepped out of the fancy looking elevator.

Having to wake up in the early morning, six in the morning to be precise, and having to do your hair and make-up less then 10 minutes wasn't exactly a enjoyable morning activity, since she wasn't a morning person herself. Actually, she wasn't the kind to put any make-up on. She just had this tendency to overdo her hair and take care of it a little too much than normally. And the fact that her puncture wound was especially giving her a hard time was not helping either.

She swiftly but all quietly walked in to the open meeting room, which surprised her that her boss would actually leave it open like this, though she was able to cover her shock with her usual bored look.

Three years in her line of work had taught her three major rules.

One, never show fear and be always alert.

Two, never leave an open target for anyone.

Three, never, I repeat, NEVER trust anyone.

Leaving the door open, especially the meeting room, was a major violation of rule number two. It was usually where her boss would greet his marijuana customers and trick them in to buying cheap drugs, though it was highly illegal. She her self, had never tried any kind of drugs, but it was necessary to adapt near their horrendous odor, since her life, I quote, "money" depended on those white packs of weed.

She looked around the dark room in annoyance. She had been planning on buying some snipers from her favorite, yet also highly illegal, shop. Thought thanks to her 'boss', it looked like she was going shopping some other time.

"You're here" A quiet, yet slimy voice admonished of the center of the dark room.

Right on cue, the lights that had been off just a second ago, lit up, making the teen almost jump in shock and daze from the sudden view. He always seemed to like to make her jump or scare her off.

"You called" She replied back, regaining her mind and pride, snapped back in irritation.

Her 'boss' was a fairly white man, with the exception of his very greasy hair that looked as if he oiled it on purpose or fell in to a pool of one, and his red mascara made his dark hell-like purple eyes more stand out than normal. Thought she didn't exactly like man wearing make-ups, since she thought that it made them look like a girl, or in other words, look weak.

He didn't exactly look pleased with him self, like he usually does, right now. Actually, he didn't have any expression at all. His lips were thin as if it was killing him to tell something exciting, like Christmas was canceled, and he was just sitting there, on his black meeting chair, as if he had all the time in the world or time it self had stopped.

"What do you want, Naraku?" The teen said, getting more annoyed every minute that ticked by.

But his only response was his usual dominate look, as if he was god himself, and looked towards the chair in the other side of the desk he was sitting in front of him meaningfully. The teen took the point, and sat on the rather comfy chair, though she was still tense and alert.

"I have a job for you, Kagome" he said rather sharply.

Kagome instantly looked up from twiddling her fingers in boredom, interested to know what was her next target was and the payment of it. Though in truth, she just wanted to find a good workout.

"What is it?" Kagome blurted out; trying to hold her pride in place and not letting curiosity take over her.

He chuckled in amusement hearing her curiosity spark in her eyes and her posture ready for anything.

"I won't tell you now," he said in this rather mysterious voice.

"Why not?" she glared, not liked to be made fun or played of.

"The information is all in the folder," he said as he took a thin piece of folder from where he materialized it from under the desk and sled it gracefully from his side of the well-polished mahogany desk to her side in an instant.

She caught it gracefully also, but he kept on going and drowned out her thoughts of opening the folder and researching her next target.

"-and the results came from the lab yesterday from the blood you sampled last week." That part especially caught her attention.

She snapped her head from the folder and stared at him in confusion rather sharply.

"What's the result?" she voiced her thoughts. She had given her blood just for a test to make sure that she hadn't gotten any fatal poison from the wounds she had gotten from the last battle with the thunder brothers. She had never gotten used to being forced to stick a needle in your own rest, but it was necessary.

He shook his head in tiredness.

"They have found a rather interesting cell in you." He said, almost in mock.

"………" She kept silence, waiting for him to keep on going.

"A rather interesting virus I should say." He said, his features unmoving, his voice not lowering. He didn't even flinch.

Of course, even he was a bit shocked with her next question.

"How long?"

He blinked for a good few minutes, until his pride kicked in and went back in to his normal god like self.

"Probably two month" he said and waited for her reaction.

But her only reaction was tilting her head, so her bangs covered her features and stood up abruptly mumbling, 'I'll get to my jog', and walking ever so slowly out the bulletproof door.

He sighed as she finally got out of the room in silence. Who knows? It could have gone worse. She could have questioned harder and found out about the truth………


Kagome hadn't shown it, but what he said had hit her like a typhoon. She would have loved to question him about the truth, since he seemed to hold something back, but her senses kicked in. Why fight it?

She sighed as she got nearer to the elevator. There wasn't anything to regret, no friend to lose, no problems to get away from………no dream. There wasn't any purpose for her living anyway, she thought bitterly. But for some reason, she still kept on replaying the same words that had brought on the sudden change for moods.

'Probably two months………'

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