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The Life of a Devil

Epilogue: The Life of an Angel


*1 Year Later…Masquerade – 8:00:01*

"Thank you for coming. Thank you, I insist, please…make yourselves at home."

A woman with long, flowing grey hair bid the guests into the luxurious mansion, her eyes kept hidden by the traditional, shining blue eye mask she wore. Her small smile continued unchanged on her delicate lips, her ballet-like stature insisting the visitors inside the homey building.

"M' lady."

Her teen like face watched the man bow low in front of her, his blonde hair that reached to his neck spilling onto his face like liquid water.

"May I have the pleasure of knowing your name?"

"My, of course sir." She let him take her hand and put his lips politely on the back of her hand. "My name is Tsubaki."

He smiled up at her nodded. "And I would like to introduce myself as Hojo."

She grinned. "I hope you have a wonderful evening, my good sir."

"As to you too, m' lady." He smiled charmingly for the last time…his indigo eyes sparkling as he walked away and into the entranceway.

The woman directed last of the guests in the mansion before she looked around the quiet summer evening. She sighed and listened to the crickets for a moment, watching a few fireflies pass by before she cracked her neck and made sure that there weren't anymore invitations she had to check off from her mental list.

It was clear to say that she nearly stumbled down the stone steps when a familiar white child stood at the bottom of the staircase. And the most bizarre part was that the white haired pale skinned child, the familiar mirror holding kid, who had grown over the year, was actually wearing a ruby red dress. Without her recording mirror.

Growling, 'Tsubaki' stomped down the stone tiles with very un-lady like manner and towered menacingly over the once white child. Yet the girl wasn't as short as she used to be.

"Kanna, what are you doing here! There could be people still arriving; being…'fashionably' late."

The child watched her with the same dull black eyes.

The woman, or now obviously known as Kagura, sighed and shook her head. "Who am I kidding; you always arrive when no one else's around." She carelessly took off her mask and revealed her bloody red eyes, unchanged by the twelve months that flew passed her. "What's the word? This wig's getting itchy."

"Sesshoumaru said that we're done for the night." The messenger girl repeated the silver haired man's words. "He says we could come back if we wanted to, now."

Kagura shook her head. "It's not like we're going to the ice cream shop." She pulled on her tight wig and started to walk away from the mansion she was oh-so directing the 'guests' into. "Let's get out of here before the FBI agents show up."

Kanna followed her dear sister towards the gateway, already taking out her car key.

"One thing." Kagura said as she started for a black Rolls Royce. "What's Yura's progress in the clinic? I haven't seen her in months…"

The messenger nodded, as if she had expected this question. "The doctor said she'll be fine in a month or so at the latest. After that, she should be sane enough to roam the streets."

"Oh great." The older woman snorted, holding onto her mask and wig as she opened the door and hopped into the car. "A 'once-insane-mad-woman' roaming the streets with rogue-like skills."

"They say she may be accepted into the FBI enforcement."

"You gotta be kidding me." She started the engine.

Kanna didn't reply. She kept on staring at Kagura with an expecting look. The older woman tried to ignore this as she drove out of the front lawn, but it was hard when a pair of black marbles were staring directly at you.

"Oh alright! You can have your darn ice cream…we're going to have to pick a few up for your friends too."

"Kohaku and Rin." Kanna recited.

"Yeah, whatever."

"Shiro and Kirara too."

"We'll get them pet treats." She mumbled. "You'll kill them with that constant junk food you kids give them."

"And Sesshoumaru."

Kagura momentarily paused as she watched for an opening to drive into the oh-so-famous, vehicle infested Los Angeles traffic. "What about him?"

"Aren't you going to get him anything?"

She tried to ignore the expecting stare but failed as always. "Oh leave me alone Kanna! I'm trying to drive!"

The indigo eyed Hojo looked around the room and noticed the food stand, just as soon as he got on the last step of the stairs. Smiling like a boy who finally found his lost penny, he rushed over towards the evening snacks but was soon blocked by an also blonde woman, some of her hair highlighted cherry pink.

He had to give it to her. He didn't know what she did with her self, but her chest was bulging very abnormally.

"My sir, fancy meeting someone like your self in a place like this."

He smiled. "Eh? And why's that?"

Her grin quickly dropped and she hurriedly took his wrist. "Oh, just follow me you idiot."

"You know…I do like a woman who approaches the prey first." He continued on as she pulled him near the food stand. "You remind me a lot of this battle-ax woman I know of."

"Excuse me?!" She hissed as they stopped near the corner of the table, furthest from the group.

He chuckled. "Oh don't fret about it Sango. I can easily see you through your disguise."

She snorted. "You'd better Miroku. Now have you checked the bathroom?"

"Yes and I gotta say…" He scrunched his nose. "I had enough share of seeing other people making out in such a small amount of space to last me a lifetime."

"Then don't look to your left."

Out of pure habit, he did. "Oh gee…"

Sango rolled her dark magenta eyes and pulled his ear, getting his attention back. "Hey, I did not wear this stinking tight outfit for no reason, alright?"

"Well, you have my attention." He looked down at her tight black dress, much like the one Kagome had worn the year before. "Isn't that enough?"

She slapped him senseless upside the head, but still furiously blushing. "Oh can it. We have to make sure these fugitives are all here when the FBI agents arrive!"

"Yeah, and I gotta say; that fake invitation was quite ingenious." He rubbed the back of his head.

Sango slapped his head again and shushed him. "Be quite or they'll hear you!"

He sighed. "How did a world renowned doctor like my self get stuck being babysat by a very fine woman?"

She slapped him on the head again.

"Did you hear that?"

"I heard everything!" The other man dressed in his tuxedo whispered desperately. "We have to get out of here! Those cops are going to get us in this fake party!"

The two started to walk down the dark hallway.

"We can probably get away from down that way."

"God I hate stings…"

But before the either of them could start towards the nearest exit, the door to the right suddenly slammed open as they passed it, knocking the pair of fugitives on the floor and out cold with stars flying above them.

The reason for the sudden intrusion was soon discovered to be a couple that had suddenly fallen out of the bathroom, the male on top of the female.

The brunette, who had her hair in a ponytail, tried saying something but was muffled out by the long black haired one's constant kissing. She pushed him off of her and sat up with wide hazel eyes, her hair slightly out of place and her cheek a bit flushed.

"Inuyasha! Stop it! I think there's someone below me!"

And so the couple noticed the two unconscious men she was sitting on.

The violet eyed man raised his eyebrow and helped his girlfriend up.

"Well, I guess they were trying to escape, mm?"

The hazel eyed girl glared at him. "I told you we should be guarding the hallways." She pulled her self away from him. "I can't believe you jumped me in a bathroom…"

Inuyasha looked offended. "Now Kagome, I didn't jump you! I didn't know you were in there washing your hands!"

"I told you I was going to after I ate that sticky cheese chips!"

"The door got locked when I went in!"

She snorted. "You pushed me onto the door and started kissing me like crazy! I turned the handle and the door just opened."

He snapped his fingers. "Darn, I should have known to lock the door."


"Now Kagome, calm down." He raised his hands in innocence. "We both have a migraine from these tight wigs, but do you think wearing these violet contacts are comfortable?!"

She snorted. "Oh please…excuses, excuses…it's your fault you made yourself famous all over the globe for every fugitive to see anyway."

He glared at her, but then quickly went back to his old chuckling self. "But really; why can't you appreciate the fact that we're alone? I've been approached by plenty of girls tonight, and I say it's a nice time for some intimate moment…"

"Intimate moment?! That isn't an intimate gathering out there you know!"

Inuyasha sighed. "What I would give to have Kouga with me right now."

"You can say that again." Kagome muttered. "But coincidentally, we needed someone to pick up Ayame from the airport tonight and you know she's trying to convince him to loan her his bazooka. Now c'mon, help me carry these guys."

Kagome pulled on the limp arm onto her shoulder while Inuyasha easily heaved the other guy over his shoulder. "But why did she decide to stay in Japan?"

"You know how she is. She may act tough, but she really does miss her family. She wanted to take care of the shop her gramps left for her."

"Sounds a lot like the wolf." He continued along the dark hallway with Kagome beside him, currently struggling to drag the unconscious man on her back. "Good think my brother loaned her his place."

"He said that he only let her have the keys to his mansion and gave her the position of watching over it."

He snorted. "Yeah right. I say he's getting softer."

The music from the main room got louder as they continued along the red carpet.

Kagome grunted.

"Are we there yet? My spine's going to snap if we keep on going like this."

"Hold on. Just drop them here – we're close enough to the entrance way."

Literally dumping the two men by the wall, Kagome sighed and rubbed her slightly sweaty forehead.


Kagome, or 'Gina', turned around to face the familiar blonde girl. "Hey Serena."

Sango, or 'Serena', walked over towards them with Hojo in tow (Miroku). "We should get out of this party. The FIB agents are barging in here in a few minutes."

"Make sure they get these two idiots then." Inuyasha tapped one of the two unconscious man's shin. "They tried to escape after they probably heard your little chat about this little sting."

"Sorry 'bout that…Spike." Miroku shook his untidy hair. "But really…why do I have to be Hojo and you get to be Spike? I mean really…"

Sango rolled her eyes. "Oh be quiet you baby. We're getting out of here soon enough. Actually…" She looked at her watch. "If we don't get out of here in the next 15 seconds, we're going to be mistaken as fugitives by the police that are running this sting operation."

The four exchanged glances and hurriedly made their way through the exact way the two men were going. Just as they reached the door, the song that was starting to sound quieter abruptly stopped and a sudden burst of scream echoed the mansion as the familiar sound of the entrance door banging open sounded after that.


They followed Sango through the dim hallway and quickly rushed through the backdoor. While running towards their hidden car behind a few bushes, all of them quickly ripped off their wigs with a cry of joy and jumped into their black viper.

Miroku started the engine while Inuyasha started to take off his contacts. The two female in the backseat were fixing their hair after dumping the wigs beside them on the leather seats.

"Oh gee, does my head hurt or what…"

"You and me both." Kagome mumbled. "The summer heat's making it worse too."

"How 'bout we get some ice cream on the way back to the headquarter?" Miroku suggested. "I mean home…err."

Inuyasha shrugged as he blinked, letting his now free eyes adjust to the night sky. "Why not? Our home isn't exactly a block away from here, anyway."

Kagome massaged her neck and looked up at all the brilliant stars in the sky. Exactly a year later after that 'nightmare' (as Inuyasha called it) ended and here they still were, tracking down fugitives and planning stings in Los Angeles.

After looking at what was left of the mansion back here, they had decided to buy a smaller place. It was bigger than any ordinary house, but it was cozier than before and fitted nicely with the woodlands. Sesshoumaru and Rin (sometimes with Shiro) visited them at least a week every month, so it was clear to say that they nearly lived with them.

Ayame, following her grandfather's footsteps, had already started her own machinery company near Gunma. Because of her work, she didn't visit them quite often but fairly enough to say that she made it her yearly routine.

What was left of Naraku's once great drug marketing was no more but ashes. The only remains that concluded that he ever existed were the pasts of Kagura and Kanna and a few cocaine left back somewhere deep within the rubbles of the collapsed buildings.

But overall, life was good.


"No way, I want Rocky Road Flavored Ice Cream!" Kagome demanded.

"What?! Cherry Topped Strawberry is so much better!" Sango defended her favorite flavor.

The man waiting at the drive in of the ice cream shop and the other two in the front seats watched the girls fight with a sigh.

"So, does this happen often?" The man wearing the ice cream hat asked, leaning on the counter and watching the scene with a bored look.

Miroku nodded and leaned on his steering wheel, getting ready for a long ride. "As often as often gets."

Inuyasha leaned back on his seat and tried making himself comfortable. "And the scariest part is…we're used to these things."

Inuyasha and Miroku exchanged secret glances as the two girls fought on while the ice cream man nodded in agreement.

In truth, they wouldn't have their life changed in any other way.

And like they always said –

Devils would be devils…

…and angels would be angels…

*The End*

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