His blonde hair was spiked up and his grey eyes were hypnotizing, "Your mine" He growled out pulling me towards him. "I'm yours" I murmured smiling wrapping my arms around his neck, "Mine" he mumbled burying his head into my neck kissing it lightly. Suddenly a loud obnoxious noise sounded around us, "You are not leaving me" He growled loudly hugging me tighter. I looked into his beautiful grey eyes that had turned yellow, "I will find you" I breathed letting go.




"Arrrrgh" I moaned rolling over, "Shut up" I groaned hitting my phone until it stopped it's beeping. "Kayla are you awake!?" my mum yelled from downstairs.

"Kind of" I answered sitting up moving my hair out of my face, "Well get up, we're leaving for the airport in an hour!" She ordered.

"Okay" I yawned stretching my arms over my head, "What to wear" I mumbled sarcastically looking over at the clothes I had laid out last night that were placed on top of my unzipped half empty suitcase.

I untangled myself from the sleeping bag I was sleeping in and proceeded to roll it up and shove it into one side of my suitcase, being sure to stuff in my pillow as well.

I grabbed the jeans, T-shirt and underwear from where I had placed them on the floor and ran into the bathroom to have a quick shower.

"Why are we moving to Stoneybridge anyway?" I asked myself after stepping out of the shower.

I quickly changed and brushed my teeth before taking two front pieces of my long brown hair and pinning them back, I dabbed on some concealer and blush knowing that was all I had time to do before collecting everything and moving towards my room.

I packed my dirty laundry and towel into a plastic bag and placed them into my suitcase, then grabbed my toothbrush, toothpaste, concealer and blush and squashed them into my makeup slash toiletries bag before placing that into the suitcase as well.

I tied my jacket around my waist and grabbed my suitcase, duffel and backpack making sure I had my passport and plane ticket in side.

"I'm ready mum" I said running well attempting a run with all the bags I had, down the stairs.

"Alright honey the last of our stuff is getting shipped today, your Grandma and Grandad are going to fix all that up." She explained putting some last few things in boxes, most of our furniture and belongings have already been sent over to our new home.

I dropped all my bags at the door and pulled on my socks and shoes that were waiting for me there. After they were on I picked up my two bags and wheeled my suitcase outside on to the porch before heading back inside and helping my Mum with hers.

"Do we have to leave?" I asked staring longingly at the house I had lived in for 15 years, "You've been asking the same question for two months now" My mum sighed waving down the taxi we had pre-ordered last night.

"I know I just don't want to leave" I mumbled letting the cab driver pick up my suitcase and duffel and put it in them boot.

I gave him a thank you smile as he gathered my Mums bags and climbed into the back of the Taxi letting my mum take the front, "You'll love it there sweetie" She smiled encouragingly turning from her seat in the front to face me.

"You'll meet new people and maybe find a guy you actually like" She said teasingly making my face blow up. "Mum" I whined, as the driver got in and started the car.

"Okay, okay I'm just teasing." She smiled before turning back to the front.

"How much longer?" I asked pulling on of my earphones out after about 30 minutes, "About an hour if traffic isn't bad" Mum answered looking up from her book making sure to keep a sly watch on the price that was slowly adding up.

"Damn" I muttered, "I'm gonna go crazy" I threw my head back.

"You'll live" Was all my mum responded with, "Gee thanks mum" I mumbled placing my earbud back in. Turning on my phone to change the song a picture came up of my best friends and I at a sleep over, we had done crazy makeovers with permanent markers and make-up... turns out it wasn't the best idea, It had taking us all hours to get all of it off.

In the photo I was crossing my eyes making a fish face, my bestie Sam was doing the peace sign smiling hugely with her eyes squinted closed, Eve was putting on a double chin and looked like an old man and Laylah was, well looking like Laylah.

Sighing I unlocked my phone and flicked through the apps until I found Spotify, pressing it I went to playlists and pressed Shuffle. I closed my eyes and leant my head back letting the music calm me. I looked out the window and saw buildings and trees flying by, goodbye Australia.