Warning: For this story to work I pretended that John Watson and the A-Team fought in the same war, if you got a problem with that, don't read this, or tell me how else it could work, so I might change it.

Set before the Reichenbach Fall in the Sherlock series and in the first season of the A-Team.

Disclaimer: Sadly enough I don't own the A-Team and to make it even worse I don't own Sherlock either :( I guess I will just have to live with it. Quotes you might recognize are also not my own, but taken from the TV shows.

"Bored, bored, bored, bored, BORED!"

"Oh shut up, Sherlock!", John moaned irritated. "If you would help me prepare a room for our guests you wouldn't be bored!"

"But that is dull! Why do we even have to have guests? Guests are boring! Predictable!"

"We are going to have some old friends of mine over for a few days, so you are going to be polite! They stay with us, because in America they are hunted by the MP's for a crime they didn't commit, they need some holidays! So if you are so bored why don't you just go upstairs to our flat and search for a case!"

With one last offended look, Sherlock huffed off back to 221B Baker Street.

"And don't you dare shoot the wall again!", John shouted after his friend.

Then he continued to prepare 221C Baker Street for its guests.


At the same time on an airport in America...

"Aw, come on BA, you said we won't have to drug you this time, be a good boy, get on the plane!"

"Shut up fool, I ain't getting in no plain! I don't fly with you!"

Hannibal sighed, they didn't had time for this, Lynch was already on his way.

"Captain, why don't you get that plane ready for take off, while I talk with BA."

"Alright Hannibal", the Captain replied and left for the plane.

"I am NOT flying, Hannibal!", BA growled.

Again Hannibal sighed, this was going to take some time, time they didn't have, every moment Face could come to report that Colonel Lynch was there.

It might be time to pull ranks, he decided.

"Sergeant, I order you to get in that plane. You are endangering your team."

There was a hint of doubt in the big Sergeant eyes, but he didn't seemed ready to give up just now.

Just then Face came running down the runway, shouting: "Hannibal, we have visitors!"

"Alright!", huffing indignantly Hannibal turned around and knocked BA out with the handle of his gun."Lieutenant, come over here and help me to get the big guy in the plane, Murdock start the engines!"

In a hurry Hannibal and Face half pulled, half carried the unconscious Sergeant towards the plane.

When they finally got BA in the plane the MP's had almost reached them.

"Captain, get us out of here!", Hannibal yelled over the roaring engines. "Almost Lynch, almost, see you later!", Hannibal taunted the other Colonel, while Murdock took the plane off howling mad.

Once in the air they quickly confined their Sergeant to his seat, you never knew when he might wake up.

"Colonel, we really have to stop doing this, one day we will be caught, because of this! Why do we always have to wait till the last second!", Face whined.

"Of course we could take off earlier, but where is the fun in that? You know: I love it when a plan comes together!", Hannibal replied and with that he left Face alone with BA, to go to his place in the cockpit with Murdock.

Silently he sat down, to watch his Captain fly. It always fascinated him how his crazy, deflectable Captain seemed so confident and focused, while flying. "He just belongs up here", Hannibal thought with a hint of admiration.

Noticing, that he was being watched, Murdock turned his head. "Everything alright, Colonel?"

Snapping out of his thoughts he quickly answered: "Yes, of course, how long do you think we will fly?"

"I don't know yet, but I think we will arrive on time. How do you think John is doing, it's been a long time..."

"Yes, indeed, I'm sure he doing well. Anyway, we will be there in a short time. Then you can ask him."

"You are right, Colonel. I just wish I could have brought Billy with me, I am going to miss him! John always liked Billy."

"Murdock, you know that isn't possible, his landlady doesn't allow pets in her house. I am sure Amy will take good care off him."

"Of course she will", Murdock confirmed.

The rest of the flight was spent in silence, Hannibal pondering what was bothering his Captain.

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