Angelica stared into the dark brown eyes of Jack Sparrow. "I love you," she said quietly.

"As do I. Always have, always will," the scruffy pirate replied back. The two edged their heads slightly towards each other, so close to making contact. Slyly, Angelica reached into the worn pocket of Jack's leather coat and silently pulled out his prize compass. She slid it up the sleeve of her blouse, proud of herself for her deceptiveness. As their lips were about to meet, Jack interrupted their precious moment. "I gotta go," he said hurriedly, running towards his boat. Angelica was overcome with a wave of disgust, betrayal, disappointment, and anger.

"JACK!" Angelica yelled, desperate for him to come back, "JACK!" She suddenly spotted the pistol that Jack had abandoned her with. She dug it out of the sand and cocked the trigger. "You can do this, Angelica," she told herself," you can shoot him down with one shot." She grit her teeth, concentrating. She released the bullet, watching it miss Jack and plummet into the water.

"You missed me, love," Jack said mockingly. He continued to row away, no matter how much Angelica's pleads tempted him to go back. He wanted to turn around, but he knew that after his boat would hit the sand, Angelica would kill him in a heartbeat. Jack didn't leave her on this island to die, he left her here so that she wouldn't die. He wasn't going to say anything if Angelica happened to decide to shoot herself. He sadly smiled and continued rowing away. "Don't worry, love," he said to himself, but talking to a still screaming Angelica, "you'll find me one day, I'm sure." He rolled his eyes and rowed farther away, never turning around again.

Angelica collapsed to the ground, her knees hitting the sand. She felt tears poking their way into the corners of her eyes. Her vision started going blurry. "Don't cry Angelica," she told herself, "if anyone should be crying, it should be Jack." When she said his name, Angelica immediately felt angry, yet desperate to see him. Her one chance at getting him back, she blew it. She wanted him. He was the one who mentored her into being a con-artist. Their history went back so far. Although most of the time it was spent arguing, they always had a special relationship that was hard to understand. Angelica was most likely the one to start an argument, so that probably factored in to why Jack left her. Angelica could still remember the first time they met. She was in her mid-twenties and he was about thirty. He had thrown himself into her bedroom in the Spanish convent by leaping through the window. When he introduced himself, Angelica swore that she would never forget his words. "'Hello, love. I am the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow. I was looking for a brothel, but I seemed to have found a better place instead.'" Angelica quoted his words under her breath. Back then, he didn't have a ridiculous haircut and he seemed to be cleaner in a way. Maybe not as much rum drinking. That first night, as soon as Angelica met Jack, he took her out of the convent and led her to a nearby beach. It was almost a date, but all Jack talked about was his ship. Angelica could almost remember the conversation.

"Yes, my Pearl is one of the best ships you will ever see." Jack had said, smiling and pointing to a large boat floating by the dock.

"Wow," Angelica had nothing else to say. She didn't know what to say. She had never seen a pirate in her life. Well, maybe her father when she was a baby, but she could hardly recall that.

"You don't seem to know a lot about being a pirate, do you, love?" Jack had asked, a smirk on his face.

"No," Angelica stuck with one word answers. Although she was completely star struck by Jack, she didn't know what his plans for her were. She didn't want to give too much away about herself.

"Well, how would you like to escape this nasty, old place and come with me? Believe me, I can teach you a few things about sailing," he winked, which only caused Angelica to be even more suspicious.

"Um, yes, please," Angelica had smiled slightly.

"Great," Jack said. Angelica remembered Jack standing up and offering Angelica his hand, "come with me."

"Maybe it's for the best," Angelica snapped back into reality, "maybe seeing me was…too much for him to handle." She shook her head. Who was she kidding? He didn't love her. This island was the proof. Looking out into the ocean, she could see that Jack's boat was just a small speck in the distance. He wasn't turning back now. Angelica stood up, brushing the sand off of her pants. She pulled out the compass and opened the black and gold lid, admiring the shine. Her finger rubbed against the sharp edge, taking in every detail of the metallic surface. The red arrow pointed north, the same direction Jack had sailed away. Angelica was confused for a second, then remembered what Jack said about the compass. "Don't worry, Jack Sparrow. You will have to come crawling back to me soon enough," she said, a slight smile peeking across her lips.

. . . . . . . . .

Jack Sparrow sat on a wooden stool in the local tavern in Tortuga. He took a swig of rum, then gallantly burped. At this point, he needed as much rum he could get his hands on. He didn't care who saw him drink bottles after bottles of the liquid. The past events had caused him to get massive headaches. First of all, not being able to drink from the Fountain of Youth had definitely made him feel sick. However, he couldn't get that feeling out of his stomach: a happy, reassured feeling when he saw Angelica's wound heal and Blackbeard disappear. Then there was the fact that he had recently stranded Angelica and came to Tortuga to pick up another ditzy broad.

"Classy Cap'n," Joshamee Gibbs complimented, draining his own glass of alcohol.

"Aye, Gibbs," Jack said weakly, his drunkenness just starting to kick in. "Another drink for me, man," he demanded to the bartender. Jack drank large gulps of his rum, frowning at the pungent taste.

"Something bothering you, Captain?' Gibbs asked," You haven't been like yourself since we arrived at this place."

Jack shook his head. "Just trying to drink my sorrows away, Gibbs." Gibbs placed a hand on Jack's shoulder. Jack looked at it in disgust and spit on it. Gibbs quickly retracted his hand and wiped in on his shirt.

Gibbs sighed, "Sir, maybe you and I should have a little chat in the corner. While you're still sober." Gibbs took the bottle from Jack's hand, holding it in his own. Jack grabbed at it sadly, like a four year old who just got his favorite toy taken away. He led Jack to a small table in the very back of the tavern and made Jack take a seat. Gibbs still stood. "So what's one your mind, Jack?" Gibbs asked.

Jack stole the rum bottle from Gibbs and drank from it. He set the container down and wiped his mouth. "Angelica," Jack said bitterly. This was half true. He was only sour about her because he had left her and she's probably planning on how to kill him. The other half was because he couldn't find another woman that suited him.

"I thought you left her on the island so you wouldn't have to see her again? I thought you loved her too much to be able to look at her?" Gibbs sighed at how confusing Jack was being.

Jack frowned and scratched his beard," Of course, Gibbs, don't be stupid."

"Then why are you acting like a downer?'

"Let me explain something to you," Jack laid his hand on the table, almost like he was spreading out a map," women are like eagles. One minute they're majestic, beautiful, and fascinating creatures. If you try to get personal, they'll gouge your eyes out in seconds. Savvy?"

Gibbs shook his head. "I don't think that's how it works, sir."

Jack slammed his fist on the table in a resonant bang, his drunk-induced anger flaring at Gibbs. "Of COURSE that's how it works, you bastard. I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, god dammit and nobody tells me that I'm wrong unless they want to be knocked overboard and be eaten by a pack of sharks!" Jack picked up a nearby glass and threw it on the table, the cup shattering everywhere. The tavern went silent and looked at Jack in a disapproving way. "Carry on," he said casually, looking at the mess he had made.

Gibbs held his hands up in defense. "Alright, alright, calm down."

Jack brushed the glass under a nearby table carelessly. "Forget it, Gibbs," he sighed," I'm done with women. Right now, I need to focus on getting myself a crew." He pulled the bottle containing his beloved Black Pearl from his coat and set it on the table.

"Captain, can I have a cup of that?" Gibbs asked, pointing to the half empty rum bottle sitting on the table.

"Sure, sure," Jack waved his hand aimlessly. He was barely paying attention as he poured the rum into a second glass. Gibbs continued talking.

"Jack, maybe you shouldn't focus on getting a crew now. You said it yourself, you still love Angelica. You have your ship, and there will be plenty of new pirates ready to sail the seas. Put your bottle in a safe place, and go find her."

Jack continued pouring, the cup close to overflowing. "I don't care if Angelica starves to death on that island. I don't care if she gets eaten by cannibals. I want my crew. That's all I care about. My crew."

"Which you don't have," Gibbs reminded him.

"I know that, Gibbs," Jack snapped, silently cursing.

Do I have to spell everything out for that idiot? Gibbs grew impatient and just yelled it to Jack. "Just follow your heart. Forget about your crew, Jack. Look at your compass!"

Jack immediately stopped pouring rum, frozen in his seat. He hadn't thought about his compass. Maybe it would lead him to what he wanted. It hasn't worked recently, to Jack's dismay. He looked down at the overflow of alcohol. "Dammit," he hissed, moving his ship-in-a-bottle away from the spill. He reached for his compass, only to grope around an empty coat pocket. The last day had flashed before Jack's eyes as he sat there, hand in his pocket, mouth agape. He didn't understand how somebody would have time to take it from him. It's always on a chain connected to his coat. He replayed the last few hours, leaving Angelica, getting drunk on his longboat, and then getting drunk in Tortuga. Nobody had touched him at all…Except Angelica. "What the hell?" Jack scowled. "Angelica stole my compass."

"I'm sorry, Captain," Gibbs wiped up the rum spill, not really sympathetic at all.

Jack stared at Gibbs straight in the eyes, ignoring his comment. "Let's go, Gibbs, we're getting my compass back."