Hiiiiii! How has everyone been doing while I was away and not updating and being unsocial with my fandom friends? Nice? Great! Here is chapter 18! (DISCLAIMER: This chapter might get a little too touchy-feely between the captain and Angelica. It won't go beyond the T rating, but it might make some of you uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable writing it, but I felt like it had to be added to the plot. Anyway, if you don't want to read this chapter, I understand! But if you do read it don't cringe at my horrible writing)

Angelica had dreams. She had dreams about her and Jack sailing around the world together, looking for this elusive treasure. In her dreams, she was one of Jack's favorites, and he was no longer infuriated with her. Nightly, she would toss and turn on the tiny bed in her private cabin, sometimes crying with thoughts of Jack staying mad at her forever. But she was lucky. This ship wasn't the biggest of pirate ships, and some rooms had four or five men crammed into it. She had the luxury of being alone.

Recently, Angelica had started to worry. Whenever she went up on deck, Captain Sherman was no where to be found, and he seemed to ignore her whenever they crossed paths. No matter how strange he was acting, Angelica still greeted him with respect and a curt nod in his direction.

Lying in bed, Angelica sighed sadly. She was going to be in Dominica in about a day, and she was going to find the treasure for herself, but the appeal of the hunt diminished after she had lost Jack. She rolled over on the stiff mattress and pulled up the blankets, shivering. She tried to fall asleep, but an uneasy feeling gave her goosebumps. She lay still in the dark, listening carefully. She heard the wooden door creak open and gasped, alarmed. Nobody on the ship could get into her room, especially if she'd locked it. Boots hit the ground, making the old wood creak. Angelica's heart sped up as the intruder walked closer to her, trying to stay still. She tried to control her breathing and pretend to be asleep.

The stranger move even closer, and soon, Angelica felt the bed groan as the person lay down next to her. She squeezed her eyes shut.

"I know you're awake, Angelica," a hoarse voice whispered into her ear. Angelica could feel Captain Sherman's hot breath against her face. His slightly shaven beard was prickling at her bare shoulders. She shivered under his cold touch. "Almost every single woman that has boarded my ship has never been able to fall asleep." Angelica felt her heart skip a beat when he said that. "Why is that?"

"What do you want?" She whispered fiercely, trying to keep her panic hidden.

"Oh, nothing much," Sherman said nonchalantly, "I just want you to stay on my ship forever. It gets lonely when there's only men around, you know?" He shifted closer to her and she moved away from him, revolted at his behavior.

"If you are implying that you want me to sleep with you, Captain Sherman, keep dreaming." Angelica said, gritting her teeth. She could hear Sherman's gasp of surprise.

"Oh no, Angelica! What were you thinking?" Angelica wanted to slap him across the face. "I was only saying that I would like someone to talk to," He made his voice more menacing and deep. "That's all."

"What do you want?" Angelica asked a second time. She sat up and slid away from Sherman on the bed. He got even closer and stared at her, not breaking eye contact for a second.

"I wanted to know if you would like to have dinner with me tomorrow night. After all, it will be your last day on the ship before I drop you off." He gave a mischievous smirk. Angelica narrowed her eyes at him skeptically.

"Alright. But I want to sit as far away from you as possible. And I do not give you permission to touch me or make me feel uncomfortable." She paused. "If you don't accept and follow my guidelines, I won't accept the offer. Deal?" Captain Sherman looked defeated but he had no other choice.

"Fine. Tomorrow night then?" He asked quietly. Angelica nodded. The captain got up and left the room hastily, grumbling to himself. Angelica rested her head on the pillow, but could not get back to sleep. She could only imagine what Captain Sherman was planning with his invitation.

Angelica looked out the small porthole in her cabin to see the setting sun, glowing brilliantly with its oranges and reds. She put her tangled hair into a loose ponytail. Finding some clothes shoved away in the closet, she changed out of her soiled, dirty, old clothes. It felt nice to finally have something to change into after spending so much time traveling. She walked out of her cabin, making sure to lock the door behind her, and made her way down the wooden floors to Captain Sherman's room. Her heart was beating and her breathing sped up. Tentatively, she knocked on the door. A disgruntled "Come in!" gave her a cue to walk in.

Slowly, she stepped in to see a darkened room, with only candlelight illuminating the walls. In the center of the room was a long rectangular table that had two plates, with silverware and glasses, and food spread around the tablecloth. There was red wine in the thin, elegant glasses and water in the fatter ones. She could hear faint music coming from the corner. It reminded her of La Martinique. Jack. She thought wearily. Her breathing hitched, and she stopped herself from shedding even one tear. Captain Sherman appeared out of no where, holding a glass of red wine.

"Care for a taste, love?" He asked in a deep, clearly drunk, voice. Angelica was trying everything in her power not to break down.

"Please, don't call me that." She said sharply. At the hurt look he gave her, she added a softer, "Please." He nodded gravely, taking a large sip of his wine. He motioned for her to follow him to the table. He pulled out a chair for her, acting unusually nice and gentle. She silently thanked him as he sat at the other end.

"See? I took your request. I'm roughly six feet away from you," Sherman said, awaiting approval like a child who did something good for a change. Angelica smiled. She wanted to get through the evening. It was just this evening until she would be docked at Dominica. Taking a small drink of wine, Angelica smoothed a crisp clean napkin on her lap and started to put food on her plate. It was quiet in the captain's room and the only sound was the utensils clanging against the plates and cups.

"Tell me about yourself, Angelica," Captain Sherman broke the silence, rather loudly. Angelica jumped in her seat at the sudden volume in his voice.

"My father was Blackbeard." Was all Angelica needed to say. Captain Sherman was sucked in immediately. For the next couple hours, Angelica and Sherman talked about pirates they've met in the past, and their future plans. She didn't find the dinner as awkward as she had imagined, but there was something unsettling about Sherman's constant attitude changes. Towards the end of the meal, when they were enjoying a small dessert, Angelica was finishing off her fourth glass of wine. Captain Sherman his third.

"Are you going to finish that?" Sherman slurred. Angelica stared at her half-eaten piece of cake and burst out laughing. She'd never been this drunk before and the fact that she was giggling about cake was surprising. The captain got out of his seat and moved to the chair right next to Angelica. She smiled wide, staring into his eyes. She reached out a hand and grabbed his.

"You know, captain," Angelica said softly, still giggling a bit. "I've never had a meal this nice in years." Sherman blushed and drew closer, until they were almost nose-to-nose.

"Well," Sherman whispered, "I try." And with that, they kissed. After all the wine, food, and music, Angelica felt oblivious to the world around her. She knew what she was doing was wrong, but the feeling it gave her was just too good to stop. After a few moments, Angelica felt herself being lifted off her feet. Captain Sherman was carrying her to his bed, all the while kissing her forehead and cheeks softly. He laid her down on the soft sheets. Angelica sprawled out on the bed, the wine giving her its full effects. She spread her arms out and Sherman took this as a sign. He put his hands on her waist and Angelica closed her eyes. He took the brim of her shirt and started pulling upward. When it passed her ribs, everything snapped back into place. Angelica suddenly realized what was happening.

"Stop," she said forcefully, putting her hand on Captain Sherman's wrist. He smiled, amused.

"You're drunk, love. Remember?" He said, mocking her. Angelica felt her cheeks fluster and a lump formed in her throat.

"No." Angelica said through clenched teeth. "I'm not." She grabbed Sherman's other wrist and suddenly jumped up from the bed, trapping him underneath his own arms. "Now. Let go of me, and you don't get hurt." And to herself, she scolded, "Why would I let myself do that?" Sherman chuckled deeply.

"If you say so, darling." He let go of the small piece of shirt he was holding. Angelica then released his right arm, and yanked his left behind his back. Sherman yelled in pain and fell to the ground, curling up in a defenseless ball. Angelica grabbed a pistol off the nearby dresser and cocked it, pointing it at his head. Her hands were shaking, and her voice came out it strained whispers.

"I suggest you stay there. Or I swear, I will shoot." Her finger moved to the trigger ever so slowly. Sherman stopped moving. She didn't know if she could shoot him anyway. The captain groaned in agony, holding his arm.

"Fine. But don't expect to be able to escape this God-forsaken, floating piece of wood." He squeezed his eyes shut. Angelica took this opportunity to leave. She dashed out of the room, hands still trembling. As she was running down the hall, tears starting streaming down her face. She ran through the narrow passageways up to the deck, making loud sobbing noises and sniffling. She passed a larger sailor on the way up and shoved the gun in his chest. He took it, looking confused.

When she climbed up the stairs to starboard, she spotted a longboat tied to the side. Pulling off the cover sheet, she saw food and water, extra clothes, and a first aid kit. She smiled through her tears and set the boat up to lower it into the ocean.

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