We ran like the wind, Shadow and I. Relentlessly chasing the sound of Sparrow's voice, leaping over small boulders and fallen trees.

Shadow was oblivious as always, her tail wagging as she snapped her sharp little teeth at my carelessly untied leather boot laces. I shook her off, as I was in danger of tripping over her. She let out an indignant yelp and vanished into the undergrowth. It was too late to catch her, so I kept on running, hoping she would find me again.

A few minutes later, I realized that I could no longer hear Sparrow's voice. I stopped suddenly, turning sharply, searching for a glimpse of him. The momentum carried me forward and I felt the ground abruptly give way from beneath my feet. I felt myself falling. Squeezing my eyes shut and putting my arms up to protect my face, I braced for impact.


I hit the ground hard, but landed on something relatively soft which cushioned my fall. Rolling off the thing I had landed on, I looked down and saw it was Sparrow. I apologized profusely, to which he lay on the ground gasping for breath and clutching his squished body parts.

While I waited for Sparrow to resume breathing, I surveyed my surroundings. I had fallen into a large pit that was partially covered with an assortment of branches, moss and leaves to create an illusion of the forest floor. There was barely enough room for the two of us to sit down, and the sloping sides of the pit created a bottleneck about five feet above our heads, making escape impossible.

We had probably stumbled stumbled upon a trap intended for catching large animals such as bears and wolves. Hopefully the owners of the trap would check on it soon, or we would likely be trapped for some time.

It took a while for Sparrow to recover (I had fallen pretty hard) but as soon as he did, I started yelling at him.

"How could you leave me like that?! I waited for you for hours-"

"Robin, I-"

"HOURS! And you've been fine-"


"-all along! What a waste of my time. I got lost! Shadow ran off somewhere and I can't find her! She could be-"


"- dead for all know! I fell down a hole! I could have died too! How are we even going to get out of here?!"

I paused momentarily to catch my breath from my sudden outburst. I looked up at Sparrow and put all my energy into an extremely pissed off glare. Sparrow met my gaze with an equally venomous his arms crossed, eyes narrowed and nostrils flaring, he looked quite formidable.

He held up a small bag filled with food-or what could, at a stretch, be called food if you were hungry enough. Edible mushrooms, blackberries, crab apples and two dead rabbits. I was used to roast dinners and my mothers famous apple pie, but right now this was just as appreciated as the very best of my mother's cooking.

Although grateful for the food, I was still angry with him for leaving me alone, in the dark, with a forest full of wild animals. I grabbed a small handful of blackberries and sat on a small pile of leaves, refusing to make eye contact with Sparrow.

"I'm sorry I disappeared like that, alright?"

I raised an eyebrow, unimpressed. He carried on regardless.

"You were still sleeping, so I went to look for food," he explained. "I thought I could be back before you woke up, but then I got lost and fell down this hole".

He looked up at me with those melted chocolate eyes of his and I couldn't help but forgive him. Before I could say anything however, we heard a familiar barking and the much anticipated sound of human voices-Shadow had returned, and she had brought help!


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