The rain wouldn't stop...

The day was dark and dull. There was no life. There was no joy. Only rain. Pouring down on the world, it seemed like it would never end. Something was wrong. Yes, it is normal to rain, but everyday in the heart of winter? Where was the snow?

Bunnymund did not like to admit it to the other guardians, but he and Jack had grown closer ever since he brought back belief into the children of the world. He felt as if he owed Jack, after treating him so horribly, it wasn't even his fault. Bunny knew he had to work on his temper, and the kid started to grow on him.

He had been underground, trying to avoid the snow. Even in the Warren, Jack made an effort to make sure he had snow sent there to irritate him. But all he heard was rain. Falling hard and without rest. Where was the snow?

After a week or so, he emerged from his burrow to find all of his painted eggs washed away, his lake of dye a murky color, and all the wildlife gone. What was happening?

He thought about going to the Pole, but he neglected the idea, since it was so close to Christmas. If something was wrong, wouldn't North have contacted him? Tooth and Sandy were so busy every night, that surely they would have realized what was happening.

Bunny decided to go look for Jack himself. This was not a normal winter. The more he thought about it, the more he worried that something was wrong with Jack. Was he hurt? Bunny was hoping with all his heart that that was far from the truth.

He made a tunnel with two taps of his foot, and left the gloomy Warren. But going down into his network of tunnels, he realized he was covered in mud. The rain had seeped through the surface down where he was. He hated this cold, wet feeling. It made him shiver. How miserable this was. But he had to keep going. He had to find Jack. And he had to hurry.