Captain in Love

A/N: All your Zero Wing are belong to Toaplan. They dead yet?

In 2102, war was finished. CATS is destroy. All CATS base are belong to Captain. Captain say HAHAHA to CATS. Captain want to go vacation. He go to base and land ZIG carrier. Mechanic and Operator go to bathroom. Captain tired. He go to bar. Captain meet girl Captain.

"How are you gentlemen?" say girl Captain.

"I no know you. Who you?" Captain wonder.

"I Captain of ZIG carrier 2," girl Captain reply.

"I no know that. I Captain of ZIG carrier 1. CATS set us up the bomb. We get signal," Captain say. Girl Captain very pity. Captain look sad.

"Many sorry. I make all hole in ship fix it all up when girl mechanic coming back home," girl Captain pat Captain on back. Captain happy.

Captain and girl Captain go to ZIG room and see two carrier, one captain and other are belong to girl captain. Girl Mechanic and Mechanic are under ZIG doing kiss red lips. Captains shock.

"What you doing!" Captain scream.

Mechanic look up at Captain and embarrass. He say, "I know what I doing. I sorry. Girl Mechanic very sorry."

"When you come home, girl Mechanic?" girl Captain ask.

"Now," girl Mechanic say sad.

"All your kiss are belong to you. You are on your way to love," Captain smile.

"What you say!" Mechanic shock.

"You know what you doing. For great Justice," girl Captain smile.

Suddenly, big explosion! Red lights go flash! All base shake very much! Operator run in, very scare. He go to Captain.

"What happen?"


Again big explosion. Operator fly to wall and die. Captain sad and girl Captain cry much. Them hug tight. Girl Captain no breathe.

"Ouch. Captain hurt me," girl Captain muffle.

Suddenly, Main speaker turn on.

"It's him!" Operator scream. Metal man appear and look like CATS.

"How are you people. All this base are belong to me! You destroyed," CATS clone say.

"You dead! I take off every ZIG and ZIG kill you!" Captain say!

"I not CATS! I BIRDS! No mistake again!" BIRDS frustrated.

Both shock. Girl Captain run to ZIG carrier. BIRDS angry. BIRDS main screen turn off. Big explosion again!

"Captain!" girl Mechanic scream. But door close ZIG carrier and fly away.

ZIG carrier go to shoot him all up at BIRDS ship. Ship name NEST. NEST burning all up. ZIG carrier go Home.

Captain happy. "Celebrate!"

After base, Captain and girl Captain go marrying tomorrow. Make 5 small Captains. Live happy forever.

Mechanic and girl Mechanic get 10 small Mechanics. Get promote to Captain. New Captain and New girl Captain go to base and party that belong to them.