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May: Oh.

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A three-letter word.

It's the name of a month or in this case a human girl.

Drew didn't know what it was that drawn him to her. She was special, that much he knew.

She wasn't like other girls, fangirling over him. No. May was different, she had demonstrated it the moment they met. She had fought back to his teasing, gotten mad and protected her Pokémon, all in one day.

At first he didn't thought of her as much, now thought, now was a different story. She had gained his respect and along the way, she had somehow gotten his heart. He didn't understand how such a clumsy and dense girl had been able to affect him that much, but apparently she had. Whether she knows it or not.

He was at the palm of her hand, every wish she made was his command and even thought he hated himself for falling for her, he didn't regret it. Because along the way, he started to see the changes in her.

She still fought against his insults, yes. But she had learned to deal with it.

They had passed from simple rivals to best friends to lovers.

Drew didn't know how it happened but he wasn't complaining and neither was she.

He didn't mind where they had ended at the moment for he knew he had May with him along the way.

And maybe, just maybe. He might have her along with him for the rest of his life.

If that night's events went to his favor.

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