Growls and muttered curses hung in the air, while it wasn't out of the ordinary for Rocket to be pissed after a relatively tough fight, today was different. Peter didn't know what happened, but Rocket was beyond livid. Tension hung heavy in the air, but no one really wanted to risk the raccoon's ire at the moment. Peter was pretty sure he was making another death ray of some kind.

Drax had wisely taken to his quarters, something about sharpening his knives...again. Gamora stayed by Peter as she likely thought he might say something stupid and, if he were being completely honest, her staying up there was probably keeping him from saying something that would get him shot. Even Groot, the member of the team who was easily closest to Rocket, seemed to be giving Rocket some breathing room.

A loud clank and a louder "SON A VA-"caught Peter's attention, he looked back from the controls towards the stairs that led down to the common area. He only caught a glimpse of his team's technician and weapons expert, the fur on the back of his neck raised in anger and frustration. Peter grimaced and looked back forward, not missing the matching frown on Gamora's face. Something told Peter that Rocket wasn't going to calm down any time soon.

It had started three days earlier. The Guardians had gotten a call from Nova Prime. Nova Corps had found evidence of a large spanning slave trade. While they were more than capable of taking down the branches and suppliers in Nova Protected areas, it looked like the main hub of the ring was just outside their controlled area of space.

Three Galactic Standard Days Ago

"So what you're saying is, you want us to break it down," Peter bit back a smirk. He couldn't help that he loved, absolutely LOVED, when Nova Prime needed their help on things. It almost always meant getting charges dropped and both he and Nova Prime knew it.

The older human looking woman raised an eyebrow, "Yes, though I would like to think you'll handle this more...delicately than the last task I asked you to help on," She glanced pointedly at Drax before looking back to Peter. Quill just grinned, the memory of Drax taking down five armed criminals, twice his size, with his bare hands had been rather impressive even by Drax's standards. "Please Remember, Starlord, there are innocents inside."

Peter nodded, "Don't worry, we'll come up with something, get as many out as we can and shut the place down, though we do need a favor in return." Nova Prime narrowed her eyes before looking down off screen, she was likely looking up their records.

"Consider Gamora's charge of assault gone."

Peter smirked, "A pleasure doing business with you, Nova Prime. If you'll send us the information you have on these guys, we'll get started."

She looked at him tiredly, "Don't screw this up, Quill, if you need anything call the Corps. We'll get you what you need."

Peter nodded in appreciation, "Starlord, out." Shutting off the call, he turned and leaned against the small table in the kitchenette and grinned at his friends, "Who's up for taking out a high tech slave trade?"

The small mammal sitting at the table scoffed, "Really, Quill? One Assault charge? If tha's all she wants to put up, then this job's barely worth our time." The tiny stick, planted in a pot on the table, hummed quietly.

Rocket glanced over at the stick, "Nuh uh, if this job's as big as Nova Prime thinks, it shoulda at least covered Drax and my assault charges too, an' Quill's petty theft."

The terran man rolled his eyes, "Rocket please, I'm not that stupid. These guys run a huge trafficking ring, and I plan on you being on the inside. How much money do you think these guys make?" At the mention of money, the raccoon perked considerably. Peter glanced around and was glad he had all of their attentions. "Think about it, this is the biggest ring Nova has ever found. Big rings equals big ka-ching. We know they won't be able to trace all that money, so we just... take some of what they can't follow, and call it a fair price for our help."

Rocket was grinning, Drax nodded appreciatively, though Groot seemed to it be paying attention anymore. Gamora looked thoughtful before asking, "What's the plan then?"