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"Miss Kinomoto take that off this instant! It is a violation of the dress code!" the teacher told her. The strawberry blonde head looked up from her book. Matt turned to look at her. She sat three seats to the back of him and two rows to the right. Lindsay was always quiet, well mannered, and always obeyed every rule in the schoolbooks. She was a lot like Izzy and Ken. She was very intelligent and was respected by many for it, including the two digidestined. Though most thought she'd talk over their heads and be stuck up or something, she was actually very quiet and shy to everyone. Izzy had on a few occasions talked to her. To her being a good way to put it, considering she did a lot of listening in the 'conversations'. Izzy observed that she was a classic stereotype of the nerdy loner and, unfortunately, he wasn't the only one who did. The rest of the school did too, but some of the digidestined wanted to help her out of that, having been stereotyped them selves. Namely Matt. But whatever Mr. Hiroshi thought was wrong, was going to be fixed.

"No," she said rising. The whole class was now completely focused on her. "I will not remove my armband. It's a symbol mourning and you as a social studies teacher, teaching a world studies class at that, should understand its importance."

'Man… Lindsay's never been like that before… To think a nice girl like her just recently lost her parents…Mr. Hiroshi shouldn't be so hard on her,' Matt thought looking at her determined face. She had bags under her emerald eyes. They usually had this spark to them but now they seemed so dark and shuttered. Her skin was also very pale, even compared to Ken she looked like snow.

"Ishida! Escort her to the office. Don't come back until you know what action should be taken," Mr. Hiroshi said handing him the papers. As Lindsay passed him while exiting the class, Matt had to push down the urge to chuck the papers and show her the back way out of the building.

"I'm sorry about this…" she whispered to him as they made their way to the office. "It's Matt isn't it? Matt Ishida of Teen Age Wolves, ne?" she asked suddenly.

"Yeah, and you're Lindsay Kinomoto, ranked first in our class and tied for first in the school with Izzy Izumi. He's very honored to be ranked with you," Matt told her calmly.

She smiled slightly, "He is younger than me, I am the one who should be honored to be ranked with him, and I am, don't get me wrong… I'm smart for what it's worth I guess but really… Comparing me to him is really unnecessary because he definitely out does my intelligence by a long way. Begging pardon though Matt, but you two don't strike me as the kind to be in the same circle of friends."

Matt chuckled, "You aren't the only one to say that. By the way Lindsay, for what it's worth, I'm on your side."


"I said, 'For what it's worth, I'm on your side.'" She stopped and looked him straight in the eye. Her emeralds searching his sapphires for an answer to a question never asked.

"You're not lying… Almost no one ever sides with me… just … Just like they're never really friendly…" Matt placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. Both felt some shock of recognition but acted as if they didn't. 'I've got to tell Io about this… He'll want to know…'

"I will be," Matt said as he opened the office door for her. "Izzy? What's up?"

"I'm working in here this period. Home Ec. isn't my forté," the redhead replied smiling. "Lindsay Kinomoto."

"Izzy Izumi," she said nodding her head to him, sitting in a chair by the door resuming her quiet existence.

"So Matt, what'd you do now?" he joked.

"He didn't," Lindsay whispered to them. "Can you work with your eyes that big? If so I'm very impressed."

"Funny, guys, real good joke. You had me going for a minute. What did you really do Matt?" Izzy asked, receiving the papers.

"Think they speak for themselves man," Matt told him.

"What's the violation?" Izzy asked looking her over. She pointed to the black armband on her right arm. He arched his eyebrow before turning to announce their presence to the principal. "Don't know whether this is good news or not but he'll see you two now." Matt sighed as he led her into the principal's office.

"You are the last one I'd expect to be in here for a violation Kinomoto," the principal said as they sat down.

"I'm truly sorry sir," Lindsay said head bowed.

"Stand please so I may see if there is an infraction." Lindsay did as she was told. Matt watched from the corner of his eyes. She did have a *nice* figure, features that looked soft as flowers, and, what showed of her personality made her appear very sweet and nice. "I see nothing wrong. What did Mr. Hiroshi see that I do not?"

"My armband sir, the symbol of mourning. He called it a violation and sent me here when I refused to remove it." He nodded as he wrote something down. Matt glanced at the pad and it said something about talking to Mr. Hiroshi.

"Both of you are to return to class. Kinomoto, I'm sorry. This will not be recorded," he said. The two bowed and left obtaining a pass from Izzy.

"Lindsay, are you okay?" Matt asked as they left the office. She seemed so tense all of a sudden. He stopped her, turning her to face him, hoping that she'd look him in the eye so he could maybe see what could be wrong. The only thing Tai had ever been right about, or rather the only thing that Matt agreed with when he said it the first time, was that eyes were the true windows to a person's soul. The crest of friendship sort of allowed him to understand the look that people give when they sub-consciously, or even sometimes consciously, know that they need some help from someone willing to listen and stick by them for longer than two seconds.

"Cheer up, Lin. Things'll look up soon. After every storm there's a rainbow," he said. She glanced up at him, just as he thought she would, eyes confused and sad. "A good friend told me this once, when I was down, and now I'm passing it on to you." She shook her head as she walked forward again, almost as if trying to convince herself that nothing had happened and everything was going the same way it did every other day. Even if she secretly wanted it to be better… this wasn't the better she was worthy of anymore, having a friend like Matt Ishida... 'Wake up Lindsay… Stop kidding yourself… This can't be happening and even if it is, it's all a joke to them. You're only good to them if they need a report done.. Or a punching bag…Stupid jocks. Stupid preps. Stupid people who think themselves better than me 'cause they surround themselves with fake people, just like them.' Matt grabbed her arm tightly enough that she turned around almost terrified. "Look, I'm making an effort to be your friend here. Why are you being so against me?" he demanded.

"I'm not worthy of a friendship with you. I mean… well…" she struggled to find the words to say. All the brains she had and she couldn't put a simple sentence together! How frustrating, and not to mention embarrassing! Matt sighed silently as he released her arm.

"You'll get used to it Lin," he smiled, "if you give me a chance." He couldn't help but reach out to her. His gift, not to mention his crest-quality, was friendship and he just found the person who seemed to need him to share it the most.

"Okay then Matt," she addressed him quietly stopping outside their classroom. "I will give you a chance, on one condition though."

"Name it."

"Call me 'Lin' again and I get to kill you," she stated as he opened the door. 'This period is going to be Hell,' they both thought as they entered the room.


"So Matt, you got rehearsal tonight?" Tai asked his friend as they made their way through the halls towards where they usually met Izzy. His best friend was always really intense and deep in thought if he had rehearsal or something really important on his mind, often his brother or how he was to break up with Sora. The guys still got on to him about that mistake.

"Wha? Oh… ah.. No actually." Tai blinked shocked but then not really so.

"Then what's up? You're silent and thinking hard. What's on your mind, man? You can tell me, we've been best friends for years. Dude… Matt are you even listening to me?" Tai shoved him a bit to try and gain his attention. Tai went for the big guns when he received no answer again. "Is Mimi coming back? Cause if that's what your thinking about you need Izzy to scan you for some dysfunction or something."

"Very funny Tai," was the absent response the chestnut haired soccer captain got from the blonde haired musician as they left the building.

"I believe, Tai, that I may have a theory on who Matt is thinking about," Izzy said casually as he joined them and they descended the stairs.

"Who?! Well Iz? Come on, spill! I really want to hear all the good stuff since our friend over there is out in the universe surfing the Milky Way," Tai said as he threw an arm around the red-head's shoulder. The three of them stopped and looked over where there were sounds of shouting and fighting.

"You're not even capable of being human anymore are you?!" someone in the crowd was shouting.

"What's going on over there?" Matt asked as Izzy started over.

"I unfortunately have a pretty good idea," he said. The other two boys followed him and when they reached the crowd they all tried to push their way toward the center of it.

"Daddy isn't here to save the genius anymore now is he? Poor Brainsy! She's all alone now isn't she?" Tai recognized that voice. It was Koji from soccer. They continued to push their way forward as a girl whispered something.

"Leave you alone?" That was Koji's girlfriend Aisha. They fit so well together, idiots who are only good for their bronze, because they have no brains. "Now why would we do a thing like that Lindsay?" Tai and Izzy could tell Matt's temper was flaring like it seldom did anymore. Tai himself was about to the same level as his best friend. Izzy on the other hand, being the victim himself once, was more concerned about getting to Lindsay than Koji and Aisha. "You can travel the world, so why pick here to stay huh? Had problems in Russia? What about America? Even Europe? Tsk, tsk." There was the sound of a slap and a small yelp of pain.

"She's already fallen? You are so weak Kinomoto." That was the last straw for Matt and Tai. They started to shove people blindly out of their way, not caring that a good portion of them fell over. It was common knowledge that angering one of the two would result in major damage but both of them was considered to be down right suicidal.

"Leave her alone ya god damned idiots!" Matt growled out as he made it into the center of the group and stood face to face with Koji. Tai came up next to him as the other two stood there looking amused.

"What's got you two all worked up boys? She's just a nerd. It's not like she's important or anything," Aisha said to them flipping her hair.

"Coming from a lying slut that's hard to believe," Tai retorted. Aisha got red faced and was about to make another comment when Koji stood up for his girlfriend.

"Where'd you come up with bullshit like that Kamiya?" he asked.

"The boys' bathroom and locker rooms have her number in every stall. It's the right one too, my drummer checked. So, Koji, do you pay too or are you the pimp?" Matt added on to what Tai said seeing it was the right button. The two started to argue so the crowd dispersed. Matt and Tai walked over to where Izzy was helping Lindsay gather her things since they had spilled her messenger bag.

"You're sure you're okay Lindsay?" Izzy asked as she stood up.

"Yes, thank you. All of you… Sorry that you had to get involved," she said keeping her head bowed. "Goodbye," she said as she ran past Matt and Tai and toward the gates.

"Hey Lindsay! Wait up!" Matt called after her, running to catch up.

"Is that who?" Tai asked. Izzy quickly nodded and proceeded to explain what had happened in the office not that long ago.


"Matt please! I don't want any fights!" Lindsay said sitting down on a bench in the park.

"Hey, I never once rose my fist to Koji!" he shot back. Sighing he kneeled in front of her to look her in the face. "Look, Lindsay, I couldn't just sit there and let them beat you! If you won't stand up to them on your own then I'm gonna be right behind to fight them off. I'm not gonna let Koji and Aisha or their friends hurt you anymore! You don't deserve that! You are not the stereotype they make you out to be. You're Lindsay Kinomoto, and my friend," Matt said taking her hands and pulling her up so she was standing in front of him. Her eyes were searching his again for a sign that it was safe to believe. "If I know anything about battle wounds, you should get this cut here clean," he told her motioning to her left hand. There was a small scratch on the back of it. She nodded once, her eyes looking dark and melancholy as she bowed her head. Suddenly a brown cat with a yellow moon-shaped mark on its forehead jumped up at Lindsay and the girl caught it in her arms with a surprised gasp.

"Io! What are you doing out? I thought I left you inside today?" she said smiling as she pets him. "Spoiled brat.."

"He belongs to you?" Matt asked as the cat looked at him. At her nod he asked, "May I?"

"Uh-huh! Just let him sniff your hand first," she said. Io seemed to take to Matt instantly, jumping from Lindsay's arms to Matt's shoulder.

"Hey!" he said in surprise. "Am I really that likeable?" he joked.

"Obviously!" Lindsay laughed. Matt smiled, this Lindsay who could laugh and smile seemed almost opposite of the one from school. 'She's sorta like a butterfly that's just coming out of her cocoon…' "I really should be getting home," she said with a true smile on her face. "I owe you Matt, double really."

"You owe me? Well, this certainly could be interesting," Matt said as Io jumped down again.

'Lindsay! What are you doing? I know you want human friends but I sense something strange about him…' Io thought as he looked up at them.

"I'll take the first one starting now. I get to walk you home for however long I please?" Lindsay blushed a bit.

"You don't need to bother Matt, I'll be fine."

"Aha! You said you owe me so I'll take this as one of the payments," he said as he put an arm around her shoulders and gave her a wink, which seemed completely unlike the stylish and suave image he had. 'Guess everyone hides something from the world for the most part…'

"I get it," she sighed. "My apartment's this way." With that she and Matt started walking toward the pricier district. "Come on Io, or no dinner!"

"You live in the penthouse district?" he asked looking at the tall buildings.

"Well, yes. My mother was an international TV big shot and my father was a doctor. This is my building… See you later Matt!"

"Are you that anxious to get rid of me?"

"NO! But you must have something that I'm keeping you from…" she whispered looking at the ground away from him. He lifted her face to look back at his.

"Only thing you're keeping me from, is you Lindsay. You're my friend; all I want to do is get to know you."

"Maybe next time Matt… Here, it's my number… give me a call when you can… We can talk then…" she said handing him a piece of paper after scrawling on it.

"Fine.. Later! Lizzie!" he called teasingly as he disappeared into a crowd.

'Lizzie…' she smiled as she picked up Io. "Maybe… Oh Io I have so much to tell you!" she said as she walked to the elevator. As soon as the door shut Io looked up at her.

"Really?" he asked. "I've got news for you too. There's something strange about that boy-"

"Matt. His name is Matt Ishida. And I know Io!" The door opened to their floor. This was a small building compared to some of the others but it was nice. Most floors had big apartment and only five at the most. This floor happened to have three. One was empty, one was theirs, and the last one belonged to a family that was almost always gone on trips. "Almost everytime he touched me today I felt this flash of remembrance, only I couldn't remember. Do you think he reminds me of the past-future or has a connection to it?" she asked opening the door.

"I don't know, Lindsay. Is that all?"

"No. Armband got me in trouble. Mr. Hiroshi was acting like I was gonna leave," she giggled. Io jumped onto the table with the phone out of habit.

"Lindsay there's a message!" He pushed the button there was a beep and then it played.

"Hey Lindsay! It's Ami! I'm so sorry that I wasn't there for you, honey! I promise, Greg and I are going to be there for the funeral okay? Have Mom help you plan it if you need to. Good news though, Greg and I are transferring back to Tokyo for school! I'll see you right after I get in town. I'm gonna be at KO University near Odaiba! I'll see you when I get in!" There was another beep to signal the end of the message. She jumped up and yelled for joy.

"Ami-Aneue!! Yeah!!" she said plopping on the couch. The ringing phone made her get up. "Moshi-Moshi, Kinomoto residence."

"Lindsay, this is April Kido."

"Oh, hello Ms. Kido."

"Going over your parents will again I found who your guardian is to be."

"Really who?" Lindsay feigned interest at this.

"One Lita Kino, since doing some research finds out that her parents who are listed are dead. She's in college at KO University. I can't contact her till next week directly, but I'm calling her lawyer in a few minutes okay?" Lindsay cringed a bit. "Will you be okay on your own?"

"Of course ma'am. I have Io with me!" Lindsay hung up and sighed after cursing. She headed to her room to change.


"Hey Matt!" The blonde turned to where he was being hailed. Running towards him was his brother TK, Ken Ichijouji, and Davis Motomiya.

"What's up guys?" he asked.

"Have you heard from Cody?" TK panted.

"No," the older blonde said shaking his head. "Why?"

"You know the four of us usually walk home together? Well, today, Cody never showed," Ken explained.

"He's always on time, doesn't have anything after school, and according to Yolei was in his last class," Davis added.

"What about the digital world?" their elder asked. They shook their heads,

"Not there," Ken said. "The port hasn't been opened today… It's like he disappeared."

Suddenly there was some sort of explosion from the younger digidestined's school. The four of them took off at a run.


"Go away you ugly ol' creep!" yelled a girl with sugar pink hair. She was standing next to Cody. "Get out of here! I'll distract him!"

"No, it's not safe. You go," he told her. 'Go so Upamon can digivolve…'

"Let's both get out of here then!" she cried grabbing his hand.

"Not so fast!" the creature growled. When the girl had called it ugly, she was dead on. It was a big purple creature with an ape's body, snakeheads for hands, and a lion's head on top. "You've got a crystal I want! Give it to me!" One snakehead opened and shot fire at them. The girl screamed ducking her head.

"Boom Bubble!"

"Sticking Net!"


"This doesn't appear to be working…." Ken told them.

"Patamon digivolve to-!


"What in the?!?!?!!" the girl asked as the angel flew over their heads. 'Is that what I think that it is… A YOUMA! They control youmas?' she thought. "You okay?" she asked Cody as they stopped running.

"Yeah, you?" She nodded.

"I better head home…" she said, chest still heaving she ran off leaving Cody alone. Once she was out of sight, she stopped and turned around to watch what happened. 'Are they from the Negaverse? Or maybe the Black Moon… But they must be evil… right?'

"CODY! I was starting to seriously freak out! Where have you been?" TK called to him, relief showing on his face and in his voice that his young friend was okay.

"I was helping that girl!" he responded.

"Guys! Angémon needs some help!" Davis called to them. Cody nodded as Upamon digivolved up to Ankylomon.

"DNA digivolve!" Ken yelled, as the two digimon were barely able to escape a blast from their enemy. Cody ran closer to TK as their digivices began to glow. Soon Shokugumon was standing before them. They were able to drive the monster away, but it was obvious that it would be back. The girl backed away shocked. 'I've got to tell the other scouts…'

"Cody, who was that girl?" Matt asked.

"I didn't get her name… She was having locker problems. I offered to help her since she was new," Cody explained as a tired Upamon bounced into his arms for a rest. "I'm sorry I worried you guys…"

"No problem Cody. As long as you're okay, my meltdowns are fine," TK told him throwing an arm around him. They all left not really giving any more thought to the situation.


"But guys, they might be from the Negaverse or something!! They can control youmas! That's important isn't it?" Rini asked as some of the scouts as they were reviewing for an exam.

"Rini, it was your first day as school, they can't find you that quickly, they aren't that smart," Mina said matter-of-factly. Lita and Rei agreed.

"Not to be pessimistic but what if they didn't need to find her?" Ken asked. Antonio, Chad, and Darien agreed with their fellow knight. Serina sat quietly as they calmly argued.

"Rini," she interrupted calmly, "just be careful okay? Don't look too hard to find the answer either alright?" Rini nodded as she started to work on her homework, slightly discouraged.

"Greetings lovely ladies and my fellow knights!" Greg said as he entered the room.

"Greg?! Where's Ami? You two are like joined at the hip!" Rei exclaimed.

"She's visiting a friend I don't know yet. She told me to come on here ahead." Suddenly all the girls started talking at once trying to catch him up.


"Hello, Kinomoto residence," Lindsay said answering the phone after her customary three rings. "Oh, hi Matt! What's up?"

"Nothing much," was the reply but she thought she heard pots in the background. "Listen, my band's got a gig tomorrow, and I wanted to know if you would like to come?"

"I'd love to Matt! But isn't it sold out?"

"Nah! I always have them set aside a few tickets for my friends and there just happened to be an extra ticket and I was wondering if you wanted it?" he bit his lip waiting. She would be sitting with the digidestined. Tai and Izzy wouldn't mind but the others? 'They'll be fine with it… I know they will…'

"How much will I owe?"

"Nothing. Consider it a gift Lizzie!" 'Here it comes…' he thought.

"Are you sure Matt? I can pay you back," she said. 'She's not upset with the nickname? Alright!'

"Positive. See you tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow. Bye!" she said as she hung up the phone and smiled dazedly. Hearing the doorbell, she went to answer it.

"Lindsay? What's wrong?" Ami asked as she entered her friend's apartment.

"Wrong? Nothing is wrong Aneue… The lead singer, the coolest guy in school, Matt Ishida of the TeenAge Wolves just invited me to attend a concert of his tomorrow, for free! And he wants to be my friend!" she cried. Ami blinked and smiled.

"I'm glad things are going well for you Lindsay." Lindsay sighed and collapsed into an armchair. "Don't be mad at me for saying this but, for one who just had a tragedy such as this, you're awfully chipper."

"Ami, you've been in my shoes. Most people totally avoid you because you're smart. Now this gorgeous guy, who also happens to be one of the friendliest, is trying to befriend you… It's improbable but happening!"

"You're putting to much emphasis on this."

"He's my only friend besides you!" Lindsay cried standing.

"I just don't want to see you hurt anymore! We're just being stupid now… Listen," Ami said hugging her, "I'm just a phone call away if you need me okay love?"

"Okay Ami. I think I'll be much better off if I take a few chances now and not later… alright?" Ami nodded in consent.

"I've got to go but you be good, and careful, you hear me?" Lindsay nodded. "At least till after finals." Ami winked to a shocked Lindsay as she left the younger girl alone with her cat, who himself preferred Ami's advice.

"You should be careful, Lindsay," he said. "Ami even said so." She wasn't listening though as she walked to her room.

"Finals were done two days ago.. We're on a different schedule then the Universities…" Lindsay grinned as she rummaged through her closet. "Too formal. Too junkie, too retro! Too pink! Too, too……. Too.. too……too.."

"Girly?" asked a familiar voice. Lindsay spun around to find April Kido in the doorway to her room.

"Oh! Ms. Kido! I guess I was so preoccupied that I didn't hear you knock!" Lindsay blushed as the woman smiled kindly.

"Going to the concert tomorrow I take it?" Lindsay nodded. "I thought so. My son Joe is going as well… He's good friends with Matt."

"Isn't everyone?" Lindsay smiled.

"I was stopping by to see if you needed anything, but you seem to be just fine. Anything I can do?" she asked, just to be sure.

"No, I'm alright…just excited about the concert."

"If you want, I can have Joe pick you up tomorrow. You remember him, my youngest?"

"The Junior? Blue hair, glasses, majoring in medicine?" Lindsay asked. "Or was that Jim?"

"It's Joe. The only other person he's picking up is Izzy Izumi. I know they won't mind, what do you say?" Ms. Kido asked with a look that said 'you better say yes because it's good for you'. Lindsay couldn't help but agree. After showing her unexpected guest out, she locked the door and started to go through her clothes again.

"Lindsay, are you trying to impress someone?" Io yawned stretching.

"As a matter of fact Io, I am," she retorted rolling her eyes. "What do you think of this outfit?" It was a pair of hip-hugger bell-bottoms black with silver moons and stars and a baby doll bellyshirt that said 'Crazytown' on the front and had the coverart to their CD with 'Butterfly' on it. She pulled out a belt with a moon-sun Ying-yang buckle. "Well?"

"Your shirt… The um..Girl on the back is a little…loud Lindsay, don't you think?"

"I'm fed up with being me Io! Proper is getting my butt whooped! This scratch is from someone hitting me earlier today! I wanna, I wanna… I don't know… The door chimed again and she went to answer it.

"Tai Kamiya? What are you doing here?" she asked shocked. First the lead singer of TeenAge Wolves is talking to her and now the captain of the school soccer team was standing at her front door with that cheeky smile he always wore.

"Well, Matt obviously thinks you're okay, since you're coming to the concert tomorrow and all. I was curious as to why you seem to hide? It can't be all that fun to be all alone, Matt would know, but that's a different story all together." Again he had that cheeky Tai grin on his face. His hands in his pockets except the right one that moved to emphasis whatever he was saying.

"You mean, you came all the way over here to ask why I act like a brainy loner?" she said cautiously. He and Koji were in the same league as far as she knew.

"Look, you obviously have your defenses, and I can't blame you. Koji's an ass but you shouldn't use him to stereotype all the jocks." She looked up at him suspiciously. "Okay so maybe that was the wrong way to put it…"

"Just say what you mean okay?" He could tell that this was really awkward for her.

"Since Matt is giving you a chance, I thought maybe I should too. I mean, not only is he my best friend, but he has excellent taste in other people. His ability to be friends with anyone has got to be one of his most admirable qualities," Tai told her as she grinned a bit.

"Let me get this straight. Two of the most popular guys in school are giving me, a brainy nobody, a chance to be friends with them? I'm not getting why…"

"You look like you could use a few good friends to talk to. Like I said, I've had friends like that before. The people who hide tend to be really interesting and in need of some help, ne?" Lindsay stared at him a moment. 'How in the world can he see through everything I've had defending me..' She was about to answer him when her stereo started to play.

"Sorry!" she said leaving the door open and going to it. Scolding the tabby cat that had messed with the remote. "You can come in if you want you know," she said over her shoulder. Pink's 'Don't Let Me Get Me' played on as she turned down the volume.

"Cool décor.." Tai said looking around. "Something from everywhere, huh?"

"When Aisha said I could travel the world she wasn't lying."

"Guess not. On the behalf of the jocks, sorry about that. I'm reporting it to the coach, he won't be on the team for long." And again with that grin! It was gonna drive her crazy, it implied they had some private joke or something.

"Can I get you something to drink or something?" she asked nervousness in her voice though she wished it wasn't.

"Nah, but ah, Lindsay?" she looked up, fear in her eyes. "You don't have to hide," he informed as he sat on the couch.

"How did you know I was hiding?"

I've seen the same thing in your eyes that was in Matt's a few years ago. That look that says 'I wish I were me, but aren't I that already?' You two have a lot in common," he chuckled.

"Really? I thought that no one would understand…"

"News Flash for Lindsay Kinomoto, more people understand than you think."

"Obviously since I thought none would," she giggled.

"So how are you getting to the concert?"

"Well, Ms. Kido is gonna try to have Joe come pick me up on his way but I don't know if he will yet since she, nor he for that matter, have called me yet…and no it wasn't my idea it was hers but there's no arguing with an attorney," she smiled shaking her auburn head a bit.

"I take it you really like this song huh? It's like that what's it called? Energizer Bunny that keeps going and going…" She blushed and mumbled an apology as she reached for the remote. "But maybe it kinda suits you. Who you are verses, what people are seeing."

"Till you and Matt started talking to me, I thought I hid myself pretty well, but now… It probably wasn't a good idea huh?"

"Nah, it hurts to be untrue to one's self. We're in trouble now, I'm being philosophical," he chuckled and Lindsay all out laughed. "Glad I could make you laugh."

"I'm glad you did," she said as the phone rang. "Be right back. Hello?" Lindsay paused as she listened. "It's alright Ms. Kido, I'll be fine. I can make it there on my own." Again she paused. "Really! I'll be fine. Goodbye Ms. Kido." As she hung up Io jumped up on the table and started batting the remote around to get some attention. He was uneasy with these boys just showing up.

"Hey don't make her mad! Even my cat Miko doesn't cause this much trouble," Tai said picking him up and petting him right behind the ear. 'He's got that same strange feeling Matt did but, this one knows the right spot to scratch… Maybe this strange feeling means they shall be important to Lindsay…' Io purred as he curled contentedly into Tai's lap.

"He really seems to like you Tai," she said sitting down and remembering saying something similar to Matt only a few hours ago.

"Guess I'm that likeable," he said the normal Tai grin was twice as large until Lindsay started to snicker and giggle. "I'm not?" he mock pouted. Lindsay quickly apologized and explained what was funny. "Man, every year we become more alike. It's like our brains are molding into one," he joked.

"More likely the nuro-wavelengths have the same frequency," she said facing him on the couch holding a pillow.

"What are you? Izzy in disguise? That's about as out there as the aliens!"

"Oh yeah, they're coming back for you in a week."

"But I'm not packed yet! I was supposed to finish up school!" he whined playfully. Lindsay laughed so hard she fell backwards on the sofa. "You know by now, you could probably sing this song," Tai commented as once again the song started to play.

"I'd rather not. I'm all off key and stuff," she lied as she sat up.

"Well I'd better be going." Removing Io from his lap, he stood up and stretched. "From the sound of that phone call I'd say no ride?"

"No but I'll be okay," she smiled. 'Someone my age really cares! This is great, but still so weird…'

"Meet me downstairs at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon and I'll walk you there," he said smiling that wonky, lopsided smile of his. There was something in those brown eyes that begged her to say yes.

"Sure, as friends."

"Of course as friends," he said as he left. She turned the volume up a bit and went back to her room to see if she needed anything else for tomorrow.


"You're father will be angry love! You shouldn't have come!" he whispered to her urgently.

"Yamato, they're going to send you to fight! I-I couldn't let that happen without seeing you the way I love to see you the most Yamato… I love the way Jupiter and the other moons make your eyes shine even more than their normal brilliance. Oh Yamato! Promise you'll come back to me!" she whispered burying her face in his chest, as they stood hidden by the weeping willow. His strong pale hand lifted her face so emerald eyes would stare into the sapphires that were his own. He kissed her eyelids and whispered for her not to cry. "But, you'll be gone! It hurts so much when you're not near me!"

"I'm always by your side Loralei. I love you with all my heart," Yamato whispered in her ear as he held her close to him. "I'm doing this to protect you my princess."

"Oh Yamato… My strong and handsome prince…My knight and only love… You must come back to me, you must! I love you too much to loose you…" They kissed with passion knowing as they had for years now, that there was no one else in the cosmos for them.

"Princess, Yamato," Yagami whispered urgently. "Sorry to interrupt, but we all need to get back to where we belong." Loralei kept her head high as she nodded, she hated that she had to pull her dear friend Yagami, Crown Prince of Crystal Mars, into this matter but he himself had suggested it.

"Goodbye for now, my dearest Loralei. I'll see you soon, I swear it," Yamato whispered as he kissed her hand. "Thank you again my friend," he whispered as he passed Yagami and disappeared. Loralei stood trying so hard not to cry, Yamato hated it when she cried. He always claimed it broke his heart. She felt a friendly hug envelop her.

"Oh Yagami! Why did Daddy make him leave?" she whispered brokenly.

"We all have to, Loralei! You're going to Crystal Tokyo the day after tomorrow! We knights leave tomorrow." She looked up at him, eyes looking dead.

"If you two die on me, Yagami!" she swore as they walked toward the castle.

"We won't leave you alone like that Loralei! We could never hurt you like that! You've been like a sister to me; a friendship like ours is one of the strongest they know! Now as your mother says, 'Have a little faith!'" he told her. She smiled slightly. She was about to climb the vines up to her balcony when she turned around and threw her arms around her friend. Pecking his cheek and wishing him well, the Crown Princess of Crystal Jupiter climbed the vines to her balcony and disappeared into her room. Yagami smiled sadly as he went to where he was staying on Callisto, the moon on which the Jupiterian kingdom was re-established. 'Queen Makoto and King Shinozaki are so kind to me… I pray to the mighty guardians that they stay safe. As well as dear Loralei and Yamato, who is now my brother…'


"They are the ones I hold dearest to me Great Jupiter, please protect them…" the princess, now changed into her nightgown, was praying just before she broke down and sobbed bitterly onto her bed.


'Please almighty guardian spirits, allow me to return to my princess, my soulmate. And allow her and Yagami, my blood brother, to live and stay safe…' Yamato was praying silently himself from his barracks.

Amazingly, all three were praying at the same time for the same thing, but it wasn't to be.


Three teens sat up in their beds simultaneously; gasping for breath, drenched in cold sweat, shaking in shock, pale with fear. Each had seen the same thing only in the eyes of three different people.

Tai looked around and found himself in his room. He fell heavily onto his pillow muttering about never cooking for himself again and other possible reasons behind the dream that was so real and memory-like; frightening yet comforting, and meant to be.


Matt stumbled to the bathroom and splashed cold water on his face. "Just a dream… That's all it is…" Looking up at his reflection, he could see himself slightly older for a moment. "Loralei… I loved her…but had to leave her to fight, something. Yagami… was my…best friend… We were going to fight together…. I was.. Yamato…" He looked at himself and for a moment saw the girl's reflection in his eyes… 'She looked like…She looked like…' He hung his head in frustration and brought his fist down hard as he muttered fiercely, "Damn it! Who is she?!"


"Lindsay? What's wrong?" Io asked walking up the bed and sitting on her lap. Her eyes were confused and very sad.

"Io, was I… Loralei?" she asked softly.

"Yes, but I couldn't tell you… You had to remember on your own. What makes you seem so sad though, princess?" he asked.

"Yagami and Yamato… Where are they? Do you know?" she asked desperately. The cat shook his head slowly. Tears formed at the corners of her eyes. "Why am I here Io?" she questioned getting up and looking out her bedroom window. "In the name of Jupiter, tell me if you can.."

"Please understand when I tell you this Lindsay… I can't say right now, but I hold the key to our powers and I'll give you that key tomorrow. Rest up now, you've got to look good to impress." Lindsay nodded and walked over to her bed. Curling up with her guardian, she returned to sleep.

All three teens were unaware that they were going to remember that dream vividly. Nor were they aware of two evils joining together. One they died at the hands of and the other one; two thought was banished, but the third having no idea that this monster ever existed.