Before I start...

I am new to the fandom. Supernatural was something that had been on my list to watch for many years, and this year I finally got around to watching it. Cue major fangirling. I've been a Spuffy fanfic author for a long, long time, so coming into a new fandom as an author is pretty daunting for me, and I've seen some of the seriously nasty flaming that goes on around here. As with the Buffy fandom, I feel that there will always be some flames, but this is a community where people can put their own ideas out, and I don't feel that should ever be criticised, unless constructively done so. I'm gonna post this first chapter, and see where it takes me.

Secondly, I'm aware that sisfic has been done. I'm nowhere near reading through all of the fics on here (I think I'd probably be dust before I could finish reading them), but the sisfic idea caught me from the start. Especially the character of Alex Winchester, which has been done several times, and done very well. I'm a Calex shipper, but I'm also a Destiel shipper too if that makes sense. In fact, I ship pretty much Dean, Dean and more Dean most of the time. But this fic stuck in my head and I had to write it down.

Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. But this is my imagining of Alex, and my story of family. Because that is what draws me into the series most. Family. (And Dean topless, but that's neither here nor there!)

I hope you enjoy this.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything of SPN and whilst this imagining of Alex Winchester is my own, I must give credit where credit is due to the authors who created her first. River Winters is an amazing author and had me shipping Calex from the get go.

Pairings: There is a pairing in mind here, and it will become apparent (if it hasn't done so already) but mostly this story is about family.

Rating: M for violence and language. May be some more adult themes later on.

Summary: When Sam left for college, Alex Winchester decided that she'd had enough. Enough of trying so hard. She took off and forged her own life away from the boys. Five years later, destiny and danger brings her back to her family, and secrets that were to be protected need that even more so.

Indiana, November 2008

The house was silent, no noise from the neighbours; even the barking dog four doors down had shut the hell up for a change. The night air was muggy and the open window gave no relief from a breeze, the curtains remaining stubbornly still. She turned, kicking the sheet off, cursing the hot and close atmosphere in the master bedroom. Stilling, she listening intently for any sound from the room across the hall. None came, and she closed her eyes once more, wishing the hackles on her neck would stop standing to attention so she could get some sleep.

Something wasn't right.

A creak came from somewhere within the dwelling, and her eyes snapped open again. Her hand slipped to the hidden compartment below the mattress, concealed under the wooden frame of the bed. A few milliseconds later, and the ornately carved hunting knife was in her tight grip, and Alex knew she wouldn't be sleeping for the rest of the night.

Another creak sounded and it was closer, and she was upright, sliding off of the bed, not caring that she was only wearing a small pair of pyjamas shorts and a camisole with a cuddly panda on it. She flicked a stray strand of hair from her eyes and scowled at the door, creeping forward silently to pull the portal open. She never shut the door fully. Looking into the darkened hallway, she saw that the door opposite was open a crack too; as it normally was.

Her footsteps were silent on the carpet, and her heart rate remained steady and she crept to the opposing room, pushing the door to reveal the bed contained within. She smiled softly as she saw that James remained asleep, cuddled up in amongst his soft toys and Cars duvet set.

The creak came again, and her head snapped towards the stairs, her hand reaching out to pull the door almost closed. He wouldn't wake; she'd make sure of it.

Alex moved towards the top of the stairs, keeping close to the wall, the hunting knife held out in front of her like the weapon it was. If anything was coming for her, she'd strike first, and her first strike would be lethal. She could hear footsteps now, on the laminate flooring in the kitchen. There was someone in the house. Her grip on the knife tightened. Looking over the top of the stairs, she saw a shadow move from the kitchen into the living room, and whoever - whatever - it was, was breathing heavily. She took a silent and deep breath of her own and moved down the stairs.

The shadow was still, and she wondered briefly if he'd heard her, but then he moved again, and she continued forward, preparing herself to attack. Rounding the corner into the living room, the figure had his back to her. She could see now he was definitely male, and dressed all in black. His hair was thin and dark, and either he was bluffing, or he hadn't sensed her presence yet.

He turned, and black eyes flashed at her. She didn't make a sound as she moved towards him, before he could use any of those fancy demons tricks and send her flying. Her knife entered his skin smoothly, but he didn't even flinch, pulling the weapon from her grip and closing his hand around her throat. Alex struggled, fighting against him, breaking his hold on her and scrambling away. He'd thrown her knife on the floor and was coming at her again, pushing her towards the wall.

She'd been expecting this, and knew they'd eventually break through the wards on the house. She didn't question how; that would wait for later. Right now, she needed to kill this son of a bitch before he went for his real goal.

He came bearing down on her again and she ducked under his outstretched arm, going for her knife. She couldn't kill him with it, but she could hurt him, then exorcise him like she'd been taught.

Alex reached her weapon, and turned, but his fist collided with her face and she went down, dazed. She didn't hear the door burst open; she could only focus on the fact that her vision was swimming. She had to keep the demon focused on her.

Then his shadow was no longer upon her, and a fight was happening. The demon went over her couch, crashing into the table with a loud racket. Alex shook her head, pulling herself to her feet, blinking as a flash crossed her vision and the demon was instantly a corpse on the floor. She raised a hand to her head, scowling when it came away red with her blood; fucker had got her good. Her hair had come out of the messy ponytail she'd left it in and was pooling around her shoulder, shrouding her face.

She stumbled backwards, dizzy and feeling sick. Strong hands caught her shoulders and held her as she collapsed to the floor. She was so out of practice. Not good.

Someone was speaking to her.

'Ma'am? Ma'am are you okay?' The voice was familiar. But she couldn't focus. Don't pass out. Don't pass out. Seriously, don't pass out.

'She's been clocked pretty bad. Maybe a concussion?' A second voice, again familiar.

Don't pass out. The room was spinning now, despite the strong arms holding her.

'Maybe we should call the police.'

'No, no, too many questions.' Alex blinked, trying to clear her head but she couldn't and everything was going black. Her hair was being pushed out of her face. 'This cut is pretty deep...wait...' Silence. A small gasp from one of the voices.


Don't pass out.

'How in the hell?' The first voice sounded pissed. She was drifting, she couldn't hold on.


Goddamit Alex Winchester, do NOT pass out.

She passed out.

She didn't know what time it was when she finally opened her eyes again, but she was laying on the couch in her front room, and the sun was just beginning to turn the room pink. Her thoughts immediately flew to James upstairs, and she was upright in a second. Then the nausea hit again and she clutched her stomach.

'Whoa, slow down.' Alex looked up at the origin of the voice, sat on her desk chair next to the couch she'd been laid on. Her eyes widened at his face and she felt twice as sick.


Her floppy haired younger brother smiled and nodded, pointing over the other side of the couch to her elder brother, who leant against the door to the living room, his arms folded in a classic "I'm pissed" pose.


He looked at her, and she knew he was beyond angry with her. She wasn't surprised.

'What are you guys doing here?' Alex swallowed as she looked back to Sam.

'We were kinda gonna ask you the same thing. I mean, you obviously aren't hunting. Dressed like that.' Sam paused. 'Are you?'

'No, no, I, er, I live here. This is my house.' She swung her legs off of the couch. Another wave of nausea hit her and she paled. Sam held out a hand.

'Take it easy. You got hit hard.'

'Hits never used to take you down so easy, Alex.' Dean said from his position by the door. His tone was bitter, and she looked over her shoulder at him. 'What changed?'

'I did.'

'Was that before or after you ran out on us?' She opened her mouth to start but Sam grabbed her hand.

'Dean, stop it.' He ordered, and Dean looked as if he was going to argue, but stopped. Alex looked to her younger brother and raised an eyebrow.

'You quit?' He asked softly, and Alex stared at him for a moment.

'Not right away. After...after Dad...and you...' She sighed. 'Things are complicated.'

'How?' Sam asked. 'Are you married?' He looked down at her hand and the lack of wedding band. 'This is a pretty sweet get up, Alex. Is there a guy here? Is that why you never came back?'

She shook her head. 'No. This is all mine. I earn well.'

Dean scoffed. 'Doing what?' Alex glared at him.

'Internet stuff you wouldn't get, jerk.' He scowled and Alex sighed heavily. 'There's beer in the refrigerator.' Her elder brother paused, and then moved away, out of sight. A few seconds later, the fridge door opened and she could hear the clanking of bottles. It may have been early in the morning, but she knew that after a hunt, beer was usually required.

Even if she hadn't seen any of her family for years.

'So what happened?' Sam asked gently. 'After...'

'After I sided with you about Stanford?' Alex sighed again. 'I drifted. Hunted. I thought about coming back but...'

'You pussied out?' Dean supplied, along with a beer. She took it and gave him a look that could kill.

'No I didn't. I just...couldn't handle Dad again.'

'You know he's dead right?' Dean practically snarled. Alex flinched. 'You spent months doing nothing but arguing with him. We looked for you, after you left. Dad dragged me all round the country. And we couldn't find you. He thought you were dead, Alex!' She snapped, and stood, ignoring the dizziness as she yelled back at her brother.

'And I'm sure he cared a hell of a whole lot. The girl was gone, the girl he had to protect. Couldn't break a nail or anything could I?'

'Mommy?' The small voice from the doorway made all three of the occupants freeze. Alex turned, paling visibly at the little blonde boy in the doorway. 'Mommy?' He rubbed his eyes, looking warily at the two strange men in his house so early in the day. Alex dropped the beer bottle she was holding and moved to the boy, scooping him up in her arms.

'Hey, sweetie, it's okay.' She shushed him.

'Mommy, you're hurt.' Dean and Sam watched with matching expressions as the little boy brought his hand up to trace the injury on his mother's face. 'Was it the bad men?' Alex smiled and nodded.

'They're gone now.' She turned to look at her brothers, a pleading look on her face. 'I'm going to take him back up to bed. You stay here. We'll talk.' She disappeared up the stairs. Dean turned to Sam.

'You buying this?'

'She doesn't seem to be lying, Dean.'

'I don't care. There's something going on here. I'm gonna find out.' Dean started forward, but Sam was in front of him in an instant.

'Dean...don't...just let me go okay?' The eldest Winchester scowled, then nodded, letting the youngest take the lead. Sam nodded in return, then headed up the stairs, following the sound of Alex's voice as she got the boy back into bed.

'You just need to go back to bed for a couple hours, okay sweetheart? It's too early to be up. You know there's only one day you can get up this early.'

'That's Christmas Day, right Mommy?' A small chuckle from Alex.

'Sure is, kiddo.' Sam's heart clenched. He'd heard those words from his dad so many times. But she wasn't like their father. Not in that way. 'Now, get some sleep and maybe tomorrow we'll go get icecream yeah?'

'Who are those men, Mommy?' The boy's voice sounded tired. 'Are they bad men?'

'No, honey. No they're not. We'll talk tomorrow okay?'


Sam stood in the hallway, watching as Alex leant over and placed a kiss to her son's forehead, pulling his duvet up around him. She stepped back, seeing James close his eyes softly, and then she left the room, pulling the door shut slowly. She turned, her eyes meeting Sam's. He looked back at her, a small smile on the corner of his mouth.

'It suits you.'

'What does?'

'Motherhood.' He smiled genuinely and Alex felt compelled to run forward, throwing herself in her brother's arms. He wrapped himself around her, holding her tightly as she hiccuped a sob back.

'I'm so sorry, Sammy.' She whispered. 'I couldn't come home. I wanted to but then...then James happened and I couldn't put him in danger like that. I don't want him in the family business.'

'Hey, hey.' Sam pulled back, smoothing back her hair from her face. 'You got out, sis. I'm proud of you for that.'

'It dragged me back in though, huh?' She sighed, wiping the tears from her face. 'Dean hates me, I get that. He's like Dad; he won't approve. But this is's very complicated.'

'Look, come downstairs. I'll keep Dean on a lease. But we're gonna need to know everything.' Her eyes dropped and Sam felt her withdraw. 'Something is going on here. We're gonna need to know everything.' He emphasised and Alex raised her eyes back to him and nodded reluctantly. Sam took her hand and pulled her gently towards the stairs. 'Come on.'

Walking back into the living room, the atmosphere tensed palpably and Alex looked to Dean, who was sitting on the back of the couch.

'So. We gonna talk?'

She nodded. 'I'll tell you everything. But you have to promise me that you won't get freaked out. At least, not until I've finished.' Sam nodded, and Dean glared at her. 'Dean...' Her voice took on a warning tone.

'Fine! Okay. Just get to it.' He folded his arms, and Sam moved from beside his sister to sit beside his brother.

'Well...after I left you guys-'

'Five years ago.' Dean provided and Alex glared at him. He held his hands up. 'Sorry.'

'I moved around for a few months. I knew you were looking for me, so I kept low, taking small jobs and hunting out of areas that we'd not usually go to. I ended up in Washington.' She sighed. 'I couldn't face Dad, Dean. I was angry with him. He was so focused on finding Yellow Eyes that...he was making us into weapons. I saw what he was doing to Sam and I was pissed. So I left. I didn't think he'd miss me, he'd always said I was a liability cause I'm a girl, and I knew you'd be okay. Sammy was at school...I needed some time.' She looked back towards the stairs. 'I was gonna come home. Then...' Another sigh escaped her lips. 'I had been feeling sick for days. I was tracking a ghoul out of D.C, managed to kill it, and passed out. Some college kids found me and took me to a local hospital. They ran tests, checked me out, and informed me that I was two months gone. I freaked. I didn't know what to do. The hospital loaded me up with literature and sent me on my way. I kept local to the area for a while but with no I hit the road and ended up here in Indiana.'

'What about the father?' Sam asked, and Alex hesitated, linking her fingers together. 'Alex?'

'He isn't in the picture.' She didn't give anymore. 'I picked out a town, found an apartment and started working in a diner. The owner was a nice guy and I helped him out a bit with his computer and stuff, and I ended up doing some other jobs around town. By the time James was born in 2004, I was running a little business from home working with websites and databases and I had enough money to rent a decent house. Used my original name, since my record is technically clean. I figured you guys would think I wasn't stupid enough to use my real name.'

'Smart.' Sam tilted his head in acknowledgement of the idea.

'Wait. So you've been here all this time, living the apple pie life?' Dean asked, unfolding his arms. 'And you never gave us a straight answer. Where is James' dad? Does he even know he has a son?'

'I don't know.' Alex mumbled.

'Let me get this straight. You screwed some guy, wasn't careful and didn't bother to contact him to tell him?' Dean's big brother voice was on full angry mode. 'How could you so stupid?'

'Dean...' Sam admonished.

'No, she's done something stupid, she needs to stand up and recognise that!'

'I didn't do anything!' Alex blurted out, clenching her fists. 'There was no one!'

'What the hell do you mean by that? One night stand? Quick booty call. Considering the amount of stick you gave me about that-' Dean started but Alex cut him off, lowering her voice to practically a whisper, uttering the words she had never even told her son.

'James does not have a father. There was no one.'

'So this is what? An immaculate conception?' The eldest Winchester asked, confusion written over his face. 'You the new Virgin Mary or something?'

'No, don't be stupid, I've been with plenty of guy-'

'Whoa, whoa. Baby sister...TMI.' Dean held up his hands. 'I get it, not a virgin. But you can't seriously think that there wasn't a guy involved somewhere here right? It sounds...'

'Stupid?' Alex offered, and then her shoulders sagged. 'I know. I've asked myself a dozen times how it's possible. But it happened. He happened. And I have to protect him. You have no idea how much I wanted to find you, to come home to you. I kept in touch with a few hunters, kept an eye on the papers. But I stayed away, for him. To keep him safe.' She looked away from her brothers. 'I couldn't put him through what we went through.'

'But he is in danger now.' Sam looked between his brother and sister. 'Whatever wants him, wants him bad. That's what that demon was here for.' Alex nodded. 'We followed the attacks here. People have been murdered in town, reports of black smoke and sulphur.'

'James' kindergarten teacher was first. And the crossing guard. The postman went last week. I got scared. I knew the signs, but I had no one...I have friends here but not the sort that understand this crap. I had no one. I haven't had to face a demon in years.' Her face crumbled as tears gathered in her eyes. 'So you can hate me all you want but...' A choked sob escaped her throat. 'I've never been so happy to see anyone in my life. Both boys stared at her for a moment as she dissolved into tears. 'I don't know why they want him. All I know is, I have to protect him.'

Sam went to move forward, but Dean was already there. His arms wrapped around their sister as she collapsed, distraught, the events of the night catching up to her. 'God, should have called.'

'I-I tried, but your numbers had changed...I didn't...I don't...I can't let anything hurt him.' She was crying in earnest now and Dean's eyes raised to meet Sam's.

'We won't let anything get to him, Alex. I promise. We're family right?' She nodded almost imperceptible. Dean's face set into a determined expression. 'We're Winchesters. It's what we do best.'