Italics indicate Thinking

Bold shows Attacks


It was a bright and sunny day, just like any other. Two men sat in a boat drifting on the sea. One had black hair wore a straw hat, red shirt and blue jean shorts and the other was a tall boy with shaggy hair as red as a tomato wearing a blue, black and white flannel shirt opened to reveal a basic white tee-shirt along with a pair of loose blue jeans. These two boys one seventeen and the other eighteen sat in this boat ready to begin their journey as individuals who will accomplish their dreams. The younger of the duo is Monkey D. Luffy the older boy goes by Steve.

"It's nice out today." exclaimed Luffy as he looked to the horizon.

"Yeah it's a shame we ended up in this disaster." His friend responded. They both preceded to look at the whirlpool that their tiny boat was being swallowed by.

"There's no one else around it be bad if the boat wrecked. "

"Yes, Luffy that would be bad especially since you CAN'T SWIM! You're always getting us into trouble because you never think things through. I told you we should've found a navigator sooner so that this wouldn't happen."

"It's not that bad if the boat sinks you can carry me in the water." Luffy remarked not noticing that Steve was already pulling the lid off a barrel in their boat.

"I can't carry you and swim in a whirlpool at the same time, now get in the barrel, we just have to hope this thing doesn't sink with the two of us in it."

"Wont that be kind of cramped I mean you're a pretty tall guy."

"And your short so that'll make it even." Steve deadpanned "Alright let's go Luffy the boats already falling apart."

Steve's POV

"Hey Luffy get up it feels like the barrel stopped rocking. I think we got picked up by a boat."


"Dammit Luffy GET UP!" I kicked as hard as I could inside the cramped barrel in an attempt to wake my rubber friend, but Luffy remained in dream land.

"Come on get up I can hear people talking and if we get caught, we're gonna be in a bad spot." I was starting to get frustrated with my best friend when suddenly Luffy stirred from his sleep and began doing a wake up stretch

"No you idiot you gonna break the barrel!" Luffy proceeded to burst from the barrel and yelled out "I SLEPT GREAT!" with that I stepped out of the barrel and took stock of the surroundings.

I was right, at least we got on another boat

"We made it out I was worried we were gonna die there for a minute."

As I continued to look around, I saw three grown men and a younger boy all looking fairly shocked.

"Oh hello" I casually remarked.

Suddenly the three older men became irate and began yelling at Luffy and I, asking what we were doing here and why where we in the barrel.

Luffy leaned over and whispered to me "What's their problem?"

"Don't know it's probably because you almost gave them a heart attack when you woke up."

Then suddenly the wall exploded and Luffy and I got launched of the ship

What the hell just happened. I hope we don't end up in the water again.

Suddenly that boy from before appeared looking worried "Are you two ok you got sent flying pretty far"

"Haha we fine just surprised is all" Luffy answered for the two of us "I'm Luffy and this is Steve. Where are we?"

I was actually surprised Luffy didn't begin by just asking for food he actually was trying find out where he was, usually he just lets his stomach think for him.

The Boy than introduced himself as Coby and told us he was the caretaker of the ship of the pirate "Iron Club" Alvida. Luffy then proceeded to destroy all of the good will we had obtained up to that point by immediately asking for a new boat. I mean come on we just meant this kid and Luffy is already asking for favors.

"Dammit Luffy be polite, it's rude to just ask for something."

"No, it's ok I actually have a boat." Coby then proceeded to show what looked to be a just a pile of sticks and nails.

"I've spent the last two years building this boat in secret"

Damn Two years. Sorry kid, but this boat is kind of pathetic.

I looked over and saw that Luffy was probably thinking in a similar vein.

"Why do you even have this thing" I asked.

"Well I was planning to run away in this someday soon but I just don't have the guts to do it" Coby told us.

Wow this kid really needs to take some self-esteem classes.

Luffy then told Coby that he should just leave anyway. I was a little stunned but then again this is something Luffy would do. He was always good at making friends and ignoring the struggles that stood in his way, speaking his mind all the while. But Coby clammed up again and started making excuses like feeling sick or other garbage answers.

"Coby why are you even in this crew in the first place clearly you don't wanna be here why don't you just ask Alvida if you can leave." I asked him.

If a crew member wants to leave their ship all they need to do is ask the captain and have a good reason, I would let any crew member leave my crew if I felt that they had a fair reason to.

"I don't have a choice" Coby said "I went to go out to fish one day but got on that pirate ship by mistake."

"WOW your dumb!" Luffy blurted out and didn't even seem to realize that he just flat out insulted this kid "And your kinda wimpy to."

Yep great job.

"Luffy stop being so rude to the poor kid"

"Oh ok sorry I'll try to be nicer"

I was angry at Luffy but also proud for some odd reason. Luffy and I have an odd relationship he has always been the doer and I was always the thinker; not that he can't think and I can't do. I try to keep my friend in line but I usually end up following his lead anyway.

"Hey Steve, Luffy why are you two sailing" Coby asked us.

Luffy and I looked at each other, smiled and said "We want to be the Kings of the Pirates."

Coby looked stunned "You mean that you're looking for the One Piece, the greatest treasure, everything the world has to offer." Coby then took a breath and yelled "DO YOU TWO WANT TO DIE!"

Coby was acting crazy at this point "There's no chance it's impossible you'll die, to become the Pirate King in this era it'll never happen..."

Before Coby could even finish his sentence Luffy had clocked him but I wasn't upset or very surprised.

"Why'd you hit me" Coby asked.

"Because you pissed me off" Luffy said.

"You shouldn't insult people's dreams" I told him.

"But aren't you afraid you'll die" Coby asked.

"No" "Nope" Luffy and I responded respectively.

"It's our dream so what's to be afraid of" Luffy answered

"If you truly believe in something not even death should stand in your way, run towards it with no fear." I told Coby as he began to get up off the ground.

I could see by the look on his face that he was it a state of shock, but I wasn't sure if it was from what Luffy and I just told him or the punch to the face he took.

"Do you think I can accomplish my dream to?" Coby asked us "Can I become a marine"

"A Marine?" I raised an eyebrow.

"I know it would make us enemies but still do you think I can accomplish it?"

Why was this kid caring if he would become my and Luffy's enemy, was he already considering us his friends? I didn't really know what to tell him.

"I don't know" Luffy said

"I'm not sure I suppose you could." I gave him the most reassuring answer I could, I was worried that if I said something wrong the poor kid would just become a puddle of tears.

"Well I have to at least try I would rather die trying to escape and become a marine than spend the rest of my life serving Alvida, then I can come back an arrest her"

"Just who do you think you'll be arresting COBY!" suddenly huge women appeared and took a swing at Coby with a humongous spiked club.

Luckily she missed and crushed that pitiful excuse for a boat. I looked around and noticed her entire crew was here.

"Who is this rude women Coby?" Luffy asked

"I believe that is probably the Alvida that Coby spoke of. Your right she is very rude also I'm not entirely sure if she's a woman." I answered with a smirk.

Her crew began hastily screaming that she wasn't ugly and that she was the most beautiful women on the seas but I disagreed even my half-pint twin sister was more attractive that this mountain of a person.

Then Coby shocked me when he said "They're all lying this woman isn't beautiful she's nothing more than a monster"

I was stunned was this the same kid I had meant a few hours ago he was so determined nothing like the coward form before. While I was stunned by Coby's actions Luffy was laughing away and that was all the notice I needed to tell that the two of us were in for a fight.

Alvida took a swing at Coby but luckily for him Luffy got there in time to block the blow, but he did it with his head. If there was a single scratch on dad's hat, I would kill him myself.

Everyone was stunned that Luffy was unharmed. "That won't work because I'm rubber." Luffy told them and with that they began to back up stunned but not before he began to use his signature move.

"Gum-Gum pistol!" Luffy yelled and suddenly Alvida was launched in my direction I quickly unholstered the two batons strapped to my sides pushed the buttons and whips emerged from them.

I cracked my whips so that the wrapped around Alvida and I took a big swing and let her fly.

"Whip Twister!" I shouted and Alvida landed on the ground with a viscous thud. My whips retracted back into the holders with a snap and a put them back in my belt Luffy stared down the rest of Alvida crew and spoke "Get a boat ready for Coby he wants to go become a marine"

The stunned crew obliged us and we got on our way.

We had been sailing for an hour or so when Coby finally asked the question, I wasn't surprised was on his mind "So you ate a devil fruit, I wasn't even sure they really existed."

"Yep I ate the Gum-Gum fruit and became a rubber man." Luffy told Coby as I pulled his cheeks to help drive home the point.

"And Steve what where those things you used?" I assumed he was referring to my whips so I answered accordingly.

"These are my weapons of choice duo whips. I received them as gifts from Mom and Dad before the left me and my sister so they could go to the Grand Line."

"Oh, the Grand Line is that where you two are headed" Coby asked us "they call it the pirate graveyard it's really dangerous."

"Yeah that's why well need a strong crew." I responded.

"So exactly what are your two positions on the crew?" Coby asked us.

Luffy and I both responded together "Captain"

"Huh?" Coby said looking confused "How can a ship have two captains?"

I answered in the simplest way I could "Luffy and I make decisions together, usually I just let Luffy do all the simpler thinking like where we are going or who is gonna join our crew because that tends to lead to more fun and adventure."

"Yep and then Steve does all the hard stuff I don't understand like equipment and making sure nothing breaks." It was actually pretty simple I did the hard stuff and all the easy decisions were left to Luffy. I have found that more often than not it's just easy to let Luffy have his way and go with the flow.

"So, do you have anyone in mind to join your crew?"

"Actually, we do an old bounty hunter acquaintance of my sister who is supposed to be at the place you're going" I answered. Coby looked stunned; I had begun to get used to the look on his face.

"You mean Roronoa Zoro but I heard he's a demon who hunts pirates!"

Luffy quickly defended the man saying "Well Rose said he was a good guy so it can't hurt to try." And with that our little rag-tag group began sailing towards the next island.

Note: This is my first time posting anything like this online so any feedback is appreciated.

Just a quick bio on Steve

First Name: Steve

Last Name: Unknown

Age: 18

Height: I don't know the actually height of the crew but Steve is somewhere between Franky and Robin. He's taller than Robin but Shorter than Franky

Appearance: Shaggy red hair (Think Accelerator's hair but red)

Skills: Whip Master, strength, agility, no Devil Fruit powers


Father- Shanks (probably not a surprise I heavily alluded to it)

Mother- Lilly (just a random OC name)

Sister- Rose (Steve's older twin sister. Also, another OC will become a major part of the story later)

Uncle- Mihawk (I decide to make Lilly Mihawk's little sister to add to the history between him and Shanks and the Relationship between Zoro and Rose that will later surface)

That's all for now I will update soon, once again this is my first story so any feedback is appreciated.