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Monet's POV

At this point morale had plummeted, Steve and Luffy had both gone off to deal with Big Mom's generals and we knew it wouldn't be long before the rest of her forces had recollected to attack us again, and this time we wouldn't have Pedro around to protect us, that was what had truly drained any positivity out of the situation.

"We should be getting a move on." I stood up and tied my hair back "Odds are this storm won't break for some time so we can use it to cover some distance in the escape, the problem will be timing out arrival to meet with Sanji's group, too early we'll be sitting ducks for Big Mom, too late and they'll be finished instead. Nami can you and Jinbei work on a route, the rest of us will work on preparing what we can."

"She's already coming!" Carrot yelled.

"That can't be possible." I ran to the edge of the ship "With the sea in the way she couldn't catch up because she can't swim."

I looked at the horizon, it looked as if that giant woman was walking on water.

"It's a candy pathway." I glared "They're building her a walkway right too us! That candy man is still alive."

My snow will simply melt if I try and put a wall up to block.

"We need to break the mirrors." Nami said "Luffy said so."

"He went into the mirror world; they can still come back through." I said as a shadow was cast over me.

"A tidal wave?" Nami gasped.

"How is this woman so fast?" I hissed.

"Adjust the sail!" Jinbei said "We'll sail through it in the Green Room."

"Are you out of your mind!" I yelled "You can't manually steer through a Green Room!"

"I can't recharge the Coup De Burst anymore!" Wyper warned "We have to at least try his idea or we're dead anyway!"

The man gathered up the ropes to turn the sail and handed them off to Jinbei who twisted the sail and pulled us into the heart of the wave as the top crashed down leaving us in the pocket of the swell, the foam and seawater trickling down.

"Be quick or we'll drown." I said "Still hiding in here should prevent them from seeing us. In the meantime Nami you should involve Luffy of the situation and break the last of the mirrors with the others, I'll stay here and try to figure out a way to slow Big Mom down."

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"My research skills are in a variety of sciences, practical and theoretical." I smiled and adjusted my glasses "The Young Master, Doflamingo, also had me study Military Science, I will figure out a strategy to aid out escape."

I looked around, we seemed to have lost Big Mom for the time being when we came out of the Green Room, the key now would either be making the proper timing to the meeting point.

"Miss Monet." Carrot came up "Is tonight going to be a full moon?"

"That sort of tidal change is minor this far out at sea-unless." I looked back at her "Of course I should have realized such a thing…judging by the lunar cycle yes tonight the moon should be full."

She nodded.

"Carrot." I looked back "Please don't do anything too rash."

I kept looking over the facts I knew.

"If I could just draw her away from that Candy Man and his power to reshape the candy in that soluble form." I suddenly had a realization "I know how to sink her!"

It took less time than I hoped but Big Mom had caught up yet again.

"She's looking thinner?" I hummed "Never mind I have a plan. Nami could you possibly make it colder?"


"Candy is strong and malleable when warm but when cooled rapidly it becomes brittle and the bonds holding it together fracture, in other words if we shill that candy slug with my snow and your cool air I think it should shatter under her weight and plunge her into the sea."

"Will that work on Candy made with a Devil Fruit?" Nami asked.

"I'm not sure but we'll have to do a live experiment." I headed up to the figure head "We can begin shortly."

"Why not now?" Nami asked.

"It's part of this plan." I took off my glasses "First her support ships need to be taken out of the way."

I looked up.

"Carrot! You can begin now!"

"What are you planning for her to do?" Nami asked.

"The Mink people have an ability known as Sulong, it's their true form that comes out under the light of the full moon." I looked up as a jolt of white streaked over the sky and landed on the other ship "It's super charges their natural speed, strength and makes them more tenacious. I suspect such transformations scared early civilizations leading to the myth known as Werebeasts when some Minks with a lack of training used the ability and lost control of their minds."

With a flash of speed Carrot darted across the opposing ships and stole their ship wheels preventing them from steering after us.

"While their distracted this is our opening Nami!" I held my arms out "Blizzard!"

"Cool Ball!"

A rush of icy snow blasted out against Big Mom's candy slug slowing it to a stop.

"It's working!" I yelled "Huh?!"

"CAKE!" Big Mom roared and jumped towards the shower.

"She jumped off?!" I yelled as she landed on a cloud "Dammit that cloud is back too! Someone of her size shouldn't be this fast I don't understand this makes no sense!"

The whole ship rocked as the giant woman landed on the deck,

"Cake! Give it to me!"

"We're dead." I gulped.

"Who do you think you are stepping foot on our ship." Wyper yelled as she ripped half the roof off the kitchen "Franky put a lot of work into this ship, he trusted me with it, there's no way in hell I'm letting you destroy it!"

He adjusted the backpack weapon he had and aimed it "Impact Shot!"

The icon on the back spun and landed on a dial, he pulled the trigger and a concussive blast went off causing her to stumble back.

"Beat it, I don't have any cake for you!" he said.

"Don't piss her off!" Nami yelled.

"My son said you had the cake, he'd never lie to me!" she pulled her sword up "He knows better!"

She's slipping in an out of her hunger driven fugue state. Just what is this woman?


"Wyper get out of the way."
"Snow Hut!"

I moved my hands and covered him in a protective dome, though it was rapidly cracking under the pressure.

"I told you." Wyper pushed out the side and skated up the mast before rushing back down "Get off this ship!"

"What is he doing."

I noticed there were wires connecting his jet boots to his weapon pack which seemed to be glowing more.

"Try and stand up to this pressure!" He yelled aiming down at her as he got closer to the deck "Impact X Reject!"

He pulled the trigger and a massive energy blast shot off and knocked Big Mom against the railing.

"Kinetic Cannon!"

The woman fell overboard and Wyper fell forward grabbing his shooting arm.

"Are you alright?" Nami asked.

"The Reject dial feedback isn't something you can just work out of it." He hissed "I'll live but the build up of that energy and that shot is too much for another one?"

"Give me that cake!" Big Mom floated on that cloud "If you won't tell me where it is I'll just slice your whole ship in half.

"She didn't fall in?!"

"Brook cut the cloud." I said "With his body destabilized Nami's weapon should be able to forcibly discharge his lightning."

"Right." He dashed passed me "And perhaps after this you will-."

"Not the time to test my patience." I said.

That little plan worked but before we could even get a chance to make the slightest repair to the ship Big Mom returned riding on her son.

"This woman is indescribably strong." I hissed "does nothing stop her?"

"They're here!" Nami yelled.

I looked back and saw the ship Sanji was on approaching with the cake.

"This is our only chance." I yelled "No matter what get that cake to Big Mom and maybe we'll get out of here alive!"

I put a map down "The cake is on Bege's ship, we can split up and pull Big Mom in the direction of the cake, I believe with the state she's in her body will be compelled for follow it's sense of hunger to the ship allowing us to leave with no more damage, we'll have to take out anyone who attempts to follow us instead but that should be more manageable."

"Will this work?" Sanji asked.

"It has to, other wise we're doomed, this plan will allow us to get to the meetup point with Luffy."

"But what about Steve."

"…He'll have to come on his own." I said.

"We'll have to trust him he flew here on his own he'll manage." Nami said.


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