When Love Loves Even if it Hurts


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Chapter 1:

When I Really Need You

"I can't believe it's finally happening! I'm getting married to the one I truly love!"Kagome sighed happily.

Rushing through her house two story family home. Kagome walks carefree to her room to get dressed, coming from her mother's garden tub bathroom. Only the overly large crimson terry cloth bathrobe her lover left over was keeping the secret of Kagome's naked body.

She passed the living room clock and noticed it was 30 min until her soon to be husband would pick her up to take her to the chapel. Her family had left to give her all the rest she needed and few moments of solitude she rarely gets. Plus Inuyasha did not believe in superstition especially old wives tales.

When she made it to the fifth stair a quick 'knock knock' vibrated throughout the empty house.

'Shit! Inuyasha is going to be angry but not too angry,' she smirked while she loosened the fabric around her waist to allow easier access to groping.

She went downstairs giddy to see Inuyasha's reaction.

'Maybe he would take me on the stairs. We haven't done it there yet because of all the traffic caused by my family,' Kagome thought to herself.

She reached the oak door and slowly opened her robe some more hoping to tame that demon inside, figuratively of course. Her nipples stood to attention because of the sudden climate change and her loins because of the thoughts of their previous encounters of their new talented master.

As Kagome opened the door she seductively cooed,"hey you, why are you here so early? But now we have extra time to…fool around."

She gasped and pulled the robe tighter.

The last person she ever thought to see of all days was…Koga. Her ex-husband.

When she saw this man she tried to hurriedly close the door but he put his hand up and stopped the door from closing.

"Hey babe, you missed me?" he asked with that toothless grin that she hated but loved.

He sniffed the air and smiled, she knew he could smell the heat and wetness between her legs. Unknown to him it was because of her expecting Inuyasha.

He forced his 6'3 rock hard body past the dazed Kagome. She silently prayed that for once Inuyasha would be late to pick her up. She didn't want her soon to be husband to commit murder. Inuyasha said that he would murder Koga if he ever saw Koga again.

Inuyasha kept his promises.

Kagome turned toward Koga and with all her might told him, "Koga, Koga you must leave now. I do not have the time nor the care and patience to know why you are here. You need to leave. NOW!"

Koga laughed and shook his head. His black locks going from side to side guided by the strong muscles in his neck. Kagome inappropriately remembered nibbling and holding on for support when Koga was the one that made her walls quiver over and over again.

Koga smelled the air again and slowly turned around in his dark tight boot cut jeans over his taut ass. Koga had a great ass. Moisture was gathering at the lips of Kagome's vagina.

'He must leave now,' head slapping herself to get it together.

Kagome again finding her voice not full of Wonder Woman strength but an almost a sex crazed nymph.

"Koga, you need to leave, I am getting married in a couple of hours. Inuyasha-," lips penetrated her train of thought and speech.

In an instant he was entangled in her body.

She felt the contraction of his clothed chest from being so close, breathing heavily. His strong callous hands cupping the nape of her head and the other finding it's home at the lower part of her back.

Her brain, the logical one, was screaming 'kick him stupid!'

But her loins were dominate now and they were smoothly and persistently saying 'fuck the shit out of him Kagome!'

Koga kissed her and she melted even more into his embrace. He knew how to make a women drop her soaked panties. Her logical part of her brain finally taking the reins back reminded her;

'HEY IDIOT! GETTING MARRIED TO INUYASHA TODAY AAANNND HE IS DUE HERE ANY MOMENT! STUPID! Hey remember this is how you got pregnant and how he kept you as his punching bag.'

Reason won over lust and longing. Kagome's muscles returned from mush and pushed him off. Breaking the one of the sexiest kisses she ever encountered from him. Koga smirked, he knew that Kagome wanted him badly and he needed to get her back from that nutcase that brainwashed her. He held her closer to him but Kagome was squirming to get away from him.

Regaining her new found bad ass attitude she demanded to know, "what the fuck are you here for? Koga we are done and we have been for a long time now!"she glared at him like Inuyasha does when he is angry.

'Inuyasha, damn.'

Koga laughed and closed the two foot gap between him and his love. He reached in her barely protecting robe and plucked out her aching breast. He put her left nipple and groped the right. He placed his left leg between her legs and fondled her. She slapped him away, he saw it as a challenge. He assured himself that he was going to woo back his woman to him. All these years she wasn't going to leave him again. He repositioned himself and slipped his hand between her now dripping lips between her legs.

He relished in her squirms from the circular ministrations he was doing to her clit.

Gently he whispered in her ear "where is my kid? I need my kid, I need you back,"saying all this between kisses when he removed his mouth from her glistening nipple. He removed his hand and licked his fingers of the juices from Kagome's wet pussy.

Kagome swaying and hypnotized by his kisses and his fingering, a traitorous tear escaped.

She didn't know why, maybe it was what Koga said. Maybe what she wanted him to say years ago. Did he finally get it? A little too late though but he was in fact the first guy to make her feel pretty, kissed, made love to, father of her young child Jin.

'Who beat you,' her brain reminded her.

One who took her away from her family and friends; made her lie about her bruises and lack of work history; who told her constantly that she wasn't shit but fucked her like she was the only one. She knew he fooled around countless of times with bimbos because said bimbos came around to tell her. A couple of those bimbos had threatened her and some wanted child support money because of his potent sperm; in which he drank or gambled the money away.

Those memories washed over her.

She screamed at him, "get your disgusting fucking hands off of me! Now!"

Tears brimming, threatening to fall over and her body backing away from him outraged she said, "you have no right, you-you-you have no fucking right asking about MY child. You sick fuck get off of me!"

Anger replaced the lust that was spreading across her body.

"Kagome, I love you, how ever twisted up it was, I love you. I love you and OUR child. I want, I desire, I need you back Ome."

When she noticed that he was moving in to kiss her again, she remembered her self-defense lessons.

She first put her free left hand on the wrist of Koga's free right hand. As soon as that happened she reinforced her left hand's grip on Koga's hand with her right hand. Koga had let go of her robe sleeve and tried to punch Kagome with his free left hand. She held on to the right hand and close in to protect herself from another punch.

She pushed him away and knocked him on his ass. It worked! Stunned he grabbed out her again but missed.

Turning towards the stairs she ran with all her might. He quickly regained his composure and caught her before she made it past the fifth step. He slapped her with his palm out and that brought a sting to her face. He put all of his weight on her on the stairs. The virgin area where Inuyasha and Kagome never fucked at. She was being raped by the guy she thought was out of her life for good.

Kagome tried hitting him back and making it impossible for him to penetrate his dick inside her. The more she moved the more the wooden stairs was digging into her back.

'The is going to leave a bruise,' Kagome thought to herself while still fighting off Koga.

Koga avoid some of the hits that she was laying on him. He finally grasped her arms and pinned them down above her head. He smirked at her because he knew he got her. Kagome still had fight inside of her. She spit in his face and tried to knee him in the groins. Koga was and wasn't shock but he was taking it all in stride because he knew he was going to fill her up with his seed.

He took one of his large hands and grasped her small wrists into a 'X' shaped. He wiped his face and chuckled a bit. He then unbuckled his belt buckle and pants. He unzipped his jeans and his semi-erect penis lopped out. He rubbed his shaft a bit and the veiny appendage came to full mast.

"No, please, no,"Kagome began to plead.

"Sorry bitch, I want you. I have been dreaming about you," Koga said while lining up his shaft to Kagome's entrance.

Koga probed the moist area and without any further preamble he thrusted inside. Kagome shrieked from the intrusion and tried to muffle her pleasure in Koga's deep thrusts.

Koga lifted Kagome to where she was literally being held by his pure strength. He walked to the couch without losing connect between them nor rhythm of his thrusts. He continued to pummel inside of her. She lost count as to the many orgasms she had or the amount of cum swimming inside of her.

The only thought that she had was 'Inuyasha…where are you when I need you?'


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