Chapter 1

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Harry Potter was feeling very different. This was not a new feeling, it had persisted for several years since the Battle of Hogwarts and nothing he did made it fade. Ever since Remus, Tonks and so many others had died all to help stop Voldemort, he felt as if something about him was different. So many were dead, crippled or in some way scarred by the battle and in some ways, Harry himself was the worst off.

After the Final Battle, Harry had thought it would be similar to the story books and he would get his 'happily ever after'. The reality turned out to be much harsher.

Despite Ginny's complaints and arguments to the contrary, Harry had turned down the offer to instantly join the Aurors and returned to school. He still wanted to be an Auror but wanted to finish his education first. Plus, without the threat of Voldermort, it promised to be the first stress-free year of his life.

Unfortunately, while he no longer had problems with Voldemort, his personal life took a downward spiral.

First was the fact that with Ron and Hermione finally a couple and studying for NEWTS, his best friends had little time to spend with him, leaving him on his own a lot as well. This wouldn't have bothered him as much if it wasn't for the fact that Ginny also seemed suspiciously busy a lot as well. Harry always tried to make time for her but sometimes she would make an excuse of being tired or saying she had Quidditch practice when he knew she didn't.

Eventually, he found the truth: Ginny had been cheating on him behind his back with Dean.

Needless to say, Harry had been furious when he found out and cursed Dean so badly he still walked with a limp to this day. As for Ginny, Harry instantly broke up with her, knowing he didn't have to do anything except tell everyone the truth of what happened to get his revenge on her.

Sure enough, once it was found out that Ginny cheated on the 'Chosen One', she was instantly vilified by every paper in the magical world. She found it hard to walk down the halls without being glared at, much less find a job after graduation.

Of course, this caused his relationship with the Weasleys to deteriorate, most of them subconsciously blaming Harry for their sister's problems despite it having been her fault entirely. Nowadays, he only really talked to Bill and Ron and the latter was only from time to time.

After graduation, Harry had joined the Aurors and quickly became Top Auror within the year. He continued to serve with distinction over the years, eventually becoming Head Auror just two years ago after the previous one retired.

However, while his professional life was meteoric, his romantic one had slowed to a crawl. After Ginny, Harry tried to date but quickly found that every girl only saw him as the 'Chosen One' and not just Harry. It bothered him a lot and he eventually stopped dating altogether, coming to the conclusion that his dream of having a family would never be.

Hermione constantly set him up on blind dates but while some were okay, all of them lacked that spark that made it something more. He kept in contact with a few of his previous blind dates but as nothing more than friends.

The nightmares didn't help. Battles between beings from the Bible that destroyed entire landscapes with him in the middle. No matter what Harry did, he couldn't make sense of them. Just what did these dreams mean?

Today was a day off and Harry had decided to start visit old friends that he had been distancing himself from ever since the nightmares of war and death on a biblical scale. He had tried to take his mind off of the nightmares by watching anime and so far his favourite was Fate/Stay Night, in particular the character Gilgamesh.

'Sure he's a little arrogant but he only became that way after the gods killed his friend,' Harry thought as he defended his favorite character. 'And to hell with anyone who thinks otherwise.'

Harry decided to visit George since he was near the Alley and George was one of the few Weasleys he was still on speaking terms with. George wasn't exactly his cheerful self without his twin and so Harry visited often so his friend wouldn't spiral into depression like he did after his brother's death.

Harry stood in Weasley's Wizard Wheezes looking at George with a sad smile. It was still morning and George held a shot of fire whiskey in his hand, quickly downing it as Harry approached. That looked to not be his first shot and magical alcohol was significantly stronger than most if not all of its muggle counterparts. He looked unkempt with dirty hair and was wearing barely clean clothes and he smelt like he had not changed or had not bathed in a couple of weeks.

"I tell you, Fred was something special," said George as he saw Harry approach. "The Yin to my Yang, the trickster to my mischief maker, the right to my….my…uh?"

"Left?" Harry suggested with a sad smile.

"Left!" George exclaimed slightly more cheerful but still intoxicated, Harry could smell him from the other side of the room. "You're right." George's face turned into a rictus of pain and sorrow. "Why did he have to die Harry? Why?"

"I don't know, George," said Harry softly. "But I do know he wouldn't want you to be like this. Don;t you think the best way to honor him is to continue the store you two built together? You can't exactly do that if your drunk all the time, can you?"

George seemed to think about it before sighing. "You're right, Harry. As usual." He smirked up at Harry, some of his old mischievousness returning to his eyes. "Look at you, all grown up. Just need to find yourself a girl and you'll be a proper British man."

The two laughed before George started to once more, this time wondering whether Fred would be married by now if he had lived. Harry sighed and looked out the window at the cloudy day. The weather outside looked to be just a miserable as George was, but then Britain was very wet so that wasn't much of a change to the normal.

'I do wish the weather would be a bit sunnier though', Harry thought to himself.

No sooner had the thought left Harry's mind than did the rain come to a stop and the sun broke through the clouds. Harry was slightly stunned but shrugged it off, he noticed that he couldn't hear George's drunken sobs anymore and turned to face him.

The former twin seemed captivated by something outside the window. Harry went over to see what he looking at and saw a large rainbow breaking through the gloom with the sun.

"Fred liked rainbows" George recalled drunkenly "We promised to one day each stand at an end and cross over it meet in the middle, now we'll never get that chance."

George dissolved into sobbing again and Harry decided to leave George alone but not without alerting his brother Percy who would hopefully be able to do a better job than Harry of trying to cheer him up. Harry had thought of trying to use the resurrection stone to let George talk to Fred but remembered that it had vanished along with the cloak and the wand shortly after the battle of Hogwarts.

He had wondered why that was but had quickly shrugged it off, deciding it was probably better that way anyway.

Once Percy arrived, the two exchanged stiff nods, Percy not being on speaking terms with Harry ever since he broke up with Ginny, before Harry left, deciding to go visit Luna.

Luna Lovegood, sweet Luna was just as quirky as ever and always managed to make Harry smile. As expected the conversation with her was far from normal.

Harry sat with Luna on one of the now fixed towers of Hogwarts. The cool night air was blowing through their hair as they watched the starry sky, or what would have been a starry sky had there not been clouds obscuring most of it.

"You shouldn't feel that way you know," Luna said comfortingly "None of it's your fault, you saved everyone you could and in the end Voldemort's gone for good. He can't hurt anyone ever again."

Harry was slightly perplexed, how could Luna have known what he was feeling? He had been thinking about just that ever since he arrived at Hogwarts, remembering the deaths that occurred in this very place not a decade ago.

"It's written all over your face," Luna replied to his unspoken thought leading Harry to believe Luna was either far more perceptive than she looked or she was secretly a Legilimens. Frankly, Harry was more inclined to believe the former. She hadn't been placed in Ravenclaw for nothing after all.

"I've always liked the night sky. So did mummy," Luna explained looking up to the cloudy sky. "Mummy used to show me the constellations and last of all she'd point out her favorite star."

"What was your mum's name?" Harry asked having never actually known Luna's mothers name.

"Oh her name was Yuma her maiden name was Amano," Luna explained airily/

Harry sighed to himself. 'I wish the sky wasn't so damn cloudy, a clear night sky is the least Luna deserves after what she went through in the war,' he thought with annoyance.

Then all of a sudden, a loud sound almost like fast blowing wind erupted in Harry's ears. Despite that, he felt nothing blowing through his hair, and wondered if he was going crazy. Soon it died down and Luna gently shook Harry's shoulder. He looked to her and she pointed upwards.

Harry followed her finger and was amazed to see that the night sky had cleared up and the stars were shining brighter than he had ever seen them. One in particular shone brighter than all the rest.

"That's Polaris, The North Star," said Luna with a hitch in her voice. "Mummy always told me it was her favorite because it always guided people home even in ancient times. It delivered them home, safe and sound no matter where they were." She turned to Harry with a sharper than normal (for Luna anyway) look on her eye. "Recently you remind me of a star. You've been giving off a warm friendly glow. Other people can't see it but I can."

Harry's thoughts drifted as he watched the shining jewels that glowed in the night sky like jewels on a painting.

Eventually he came back to nightmares that he had been having recently. They were very vivid and were the reason he hadn't been sleeping well recently. Ever since the battle of Hogwarts, every time he went to sleep, he saw people with different kinds of wings slaughtering each other. Some had white feathered wings, others had black feathered wings and others had bat like wings. They were using spears, sword and other weapons and powers against each other. It confused him not only from the gruesomeness of the battle but also about his feelings on them.

As if they were familiar somehow.

"They're not really nightmares you know," Said Luna airily, breaking the silence. "They're memories. Your memories of the battle that you died in long ago."

Luna had well and truly lost him, he had technically died in the battle of Hogwarts but he seriously doubted that these nightmares were of that. Second, he hadn't even told Luna about his nightmares so how could she know?

"Don't worry you'll understand," reassured Luna stood up and dusted the dirt from her skirt. "Say hello to Gabby and Mickey for me when they come to see you ok?"

With that Luna Lovegood walked away and went inside the castle out of the rapidly cooling night air, leaving a very confused Harry Potter behind.

That had particular encounter had been either the most informative meeting he'd ever had or the most confusing. Harry settled for confusing, but that was just because Luna thought differently than most people and you'd have to possess a pretty unique way of thinking to truly understand what Luna meant when she started talking in that particular manner. Even after all these years of knowing her, he still got lost at times.

His next visit was to Andromeda Tonks and his godson Teddy. Teddy seemed to have inherited his mother's metamorphic abilities, though it seemed that he had not inherited any werewolf traits from his father. That visit was the most pleasant by far, not including the grief or sheer confusion of his previous two.

Harry sat on a sofa in the widowed Tonks living room. Andromeda's half-blood husband Ted, for whom Teddy had been named, had been killed by snatchers during the war, leaving Andy completely alone. The snatchers had been essentially a group of bounty hunter scum who had been formed by Voldemort with the promise of gold in exchange for rounding up muggleborns, blood traitors and other enemies of the now ex-Dark Lord. They had disbanded after Voldemort's death and many were still at large.

Andromeda was now taking care of the baby Teddy after his parents Remus and Nymphadora had been killed by Antonin Dolohov and Bellatrix Lestrange respectively during the final battle at Hogwarts thus leaving poor Teddy an orphan.

Harry did try to visit his godson, but his recent nightmares made Harry wish to distance himself from people at the moment. The constant deaths he saw every night were so bad that he feared that if he stayed around someone too long, then they would start having these nightmares as well.

Harry knew that this was nonsense. You couldn't get dreams from someone else just by being around them except by magic of course but even that was sort of moot. Still, Harry had never been the most logical and these nightmares had him on edge.

"You've been rather distant lately," Andromeda stated matter-of-factly, cutting to the very heart of the matter. "Too busy with work to see an old widow?"

"No, it's not that," assured Harry hastily before sighing. "It's just these nightmares. They have me jumpy and paranoid. I almost killed a suspect the other day due to how jumpy they've made me. I'm afraid I might snap if I stay around people too long."

"So why are you here now?" asked Andromeda in confusion.

"To try and re-connect I suppose," Harry sighed. "With Voldemort gone things have really changed."

"That they have," replied Andromeda easily. "The old Pureblood laws have been abolished as have the laws discriminating against werewolves thanks to Kingsley and Miss Granger soon to be Mrs. Weasley."

"So Ron finally got the guts to ask the question did he?" Harry asked rhetorically, feeling slightly happy for his former best friend despite the distance between them. "Good for him."

"Are you going to go the wedding?" she asked quietly.

"No, I just don't feel too comfortable around people at the moment. It's like everyone is made glass and I'm stone, one wrong touch and they'll shatter," explained Harry in a low tone. "That and parties were never my thing. Years of being forced to sit through Dudley's birthdays while getting extra chores for your own tends to do that to you."

"How long do you plan on blaming the Dursleys?" asked Andromeda in exasperation. "I know what they did was wrong but you have to let it go."

"That's easy for you to say," Harry snapped angrily, memories of his time with the Dursleys returning full force. "You didn't grow in a cupboard under the stairs, working as your relative personal house elf since just after you could walk. You didn't get thrown into that damned cupboard every time you did something freakish. So don't you dare lecture me about forgiving them."

Surprisingly, Teddy stayed asleep in Andromeda's arms throughout Harry's ranting.

"And despite what they did, you came out of it a good person. A hero even," stated Andromeda calmly, thought inwardly she felt nervous. What was that power she was feeling?

"Yeah the wizarding world got its hero," stated Harry bitterly. "And all it cost me was a decent childhood free from being chased, degraded, being beaten up and the all-around general friendlessness."

Teddy turned over but otherwise did not wake.

"Well you're better than them now, you don't even have to associate with them anymore," said Andromeda in a calming tone. "You're of age on both worlds and have access to both the Black and Potter fortunes. Between them, that's more than you'll be able to spend in a hundred lifetimes even in the muggle world."

"Well that's not strictly true," Harry chuckled, his mood now lightening.

"Which part?" Andromeda asked confused before getting angry. "Don't tell you threw away your godfather and your parents fortunes?"

"No, the being better than the Dursleys part" Harry assured still chuckling.

Andromeda sighed before rubbing her forehead. "What did you do?"

"Let's see where to start?" wondered Harry rhetorically. "I used my fortune to get my uncle fired from his drill company. I paid a few of the neighborhood gossips to spread some juicy rumors about Petunia. I got Dudley dumped into military school and various other things."

Andromeda was stunned at Harry's apparent vengeful streak but it didn't end there.

"They say money can't buy happiness, but it can buy revenge" said Harry, chuckling darkly. "I'm still thinking of ways to make them even more miserable."

Teddy finally awoke, but quickly started sniffling and sneezing.

"What's with him?" Harry asked in concern.

"Just a cold. He's had it for a day or two now," Andromeda explained, still slightly stunned at Harry's revelations.

"Oh ok," said Harry, calming down. He saw the time and quickly got up. "Well, I better go. I was going to Kingsley today about something.

Before he exited, he took one last look at Teddy.

'Poor blighter. I wish his cold was gone,' Harry thought to himself before letting himself out.

No sooner was Harry gone than did Teddy's sniffles suddenly stop and his nose clear up. Andromeda was stunned at this and cooed at her grandsons' quick recovery, not making any connection between Teddy's recovery and Harry's presence. She simply believed it to be a nice coincidence.

Next up for a visit was Kingsley Shacklebolt, the current Minister for Magic and currently renowned for bringing about Magical Britain's golden age. Somehow he made time in his schedule for Harry.

"Harry," Kingsley greeted cheerfully in his booming voice. "How are you? What can I help you with?"

"I've actually come here with sort of bad news," said Harry regretfully. "I'm tendering my resignation from the Aurors, effective immediately."

"WHAT?!" yelled Kingsley in shock. He quickly sat down to regain his composure. "Please tell me this is a joke."

"Sorry but no," said Harry sadly. "It's just... I've done some thinking and I'm planning on traveling a bit. I've never even been outside of Britain, you know, and I've always wanted to see the world. I have more than enough money between the Black and Potter accounts so I thought, why not? The Department is more than ready to stand on its own and I don't need the extra money."

Kingsley looked like he understood but still had to try and change his mind. "Isn't there anything I can do to make you stay? Permanent Floo connection between here and your place, perhaps?"

"Thank you Kingsley but no thanks," replied Harry easily, turning the offer down. "Plus, the Department is clean now and we managed to get rid of all the corrupt ones. I recommend Ron to take over my position. He's already in line for it and he has a good head for that sort of stuff. He'd be great. Maybe even better than me."

Kingsley sighed but nodded. "I understand. I hope you find happiness Harry and if there's ever anything you need and it's within my power then I'll give it to you."

"So how are things anyway?" Harry asked curiously. "Is the Wizengamot giving you any trouble?"

Kingsleys face seemed to brighten a bit. "Surprisingly no" Kingsley replied cheerfulness entering his tone once more. "Ever since Voldemort's defeat, I've been able to eject all of his supporters from all the important positions in the ministry. Those that do remain are too afraid to speak out for fear of being branded Death Eater supporters. That's a double edged sword that I'll have to keep an eye on though."

"Indeed, the last thing we need is a witch hunt," agreed Harry. "No pun intended"

Kingsley simply chuckled and began drinking some butterbeer. "Thanks to their silent agreement though, many good things have happened. Anti-werewolf legislation gone, Pro-pureblood laws abolished, Dementor use at Azkaban banned, Muggle born registration act torn up and forbidden from ever returning, " Kingsleys listed off the various things he'd managed to accomplish. "Corruption in the ministry is at an all-time low for once, but much as we'd like we'll never truly root all of the corruption out. We don't live in a perfect world unfortunately, but much good has been accomplished and it's all thanks to you."

"I didn't do anything major," said Harry humbly. "I just did what anyone would have done."

"Yes, nothing major," Kingsley said sarcastically "You only defeated the darkest wizard of our age, endorsed me going into office, became an Auror and helped round up the death eaters, and generally became an all-around hero. You know, small stuff like that."

"I told you before I'm not a-"

"Whether you like it or not you're a hero," Kingsley cut across Harry. "Not just to me or your friends, but to everyone" man, woman and child in the magical world of all origins. Hell, some people are already calling you the new Dumbledore."

That soured Harry's mood. "I'm not Dumbledore," Harry snapped.

"But you are a hero like it or not," Kingsley retorted. "And Britain, no, all the world owes its continued freedom to you, and you can't change that. No magic can."

Harry simply sighed and brushed his hair back unconsciously. "Well whatever, I'll see you around then, Kingsley."

Kingsley sighed and as he watched the reluctant saviour walk out of his door. He prepared to get back to work and looked to his stack of paperwork groaning. One of the downsides of being in charge was all the paper work. Kingsley took a form off the stack to do, only to find it fully filled in. He checked it over with his wand and found no signs of magic whatsoever.

Kingsley searched all through the stack and cheered as his paperwork for the entire week was completed leaving him with a lot time free form his secretary nagging him to get his paperwork done.

The second to last visit was to Neville, who was currently visiting his parents in St Mungo's.

Harry stood with Neville watching over the latter's parents. They were sleeping safe and sound. It seemed that Voldemort hadn't cared much for people in St Mungo's and thus had left it mostly unmolested. The major job that needed doing was undoing all of the pro-pureblood crap that had been spewed by Voldemorts lackeys all over the magical hospital.

"I like to think that they feel a bit better now that the one who did this to them is gone for good," said Neville, breaking the silence.

"And she's never coming back," Harry stated firmly "She's where she belongs. Dead and rotting where no one will miss or ever mourn her."

The silence returned but Neville broke it again.

"What did they do with the bodies of Voldemort's army?" asked Neville curiously. Voldemorts name was no longer a taboo, not that it would have any effect even if it was still under that spell. The very few of Voldemort's army that had survived were now imprisoned in Azkaban, never to leave.

Amongst them were Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy. Despite their defection near the very end, they still had committed crimes too great to ignore. As such they had been trialed, sentenced and imprisoned receiving a life sentence like the rest of the Death Eaters.

Despite her actions in helping Harry in the Forbidden Forest, he couldn't bring himself to speak out to help her. She and her husband had committed various crimes in their service to Voldemort and one good act does not undo a lifetime of evil.

"Last I heard they just piled the dead up out in the Forbidden Forest and burned them all," Harry replied easily. "I heard the centaurs were planning on putting wards around the site to keep the evil spirits of the dead trapped there."

"Good riddance to them all especially her" Neville said coldly.

"Indeed," said Harry agreeably.

"But it won't fix what she did to them," Neville whispered, dissolving into sobs.

Harry put his hand onto Neville's shoulder before seeing the time and deciding it was time to leave. Saying his goodbyes to Neville and his parents, he turned to leave the ward. As he did he brushed his hands across the Longbottoms' faces.

After Harry had gone Neville was snapped out of his sorrow by the echoing of a loud thunderclap and a bright flash throughout the room.

"N-Neville?" a voice croaked.

Neville looked up and saw that his mother had spoken. "Yes mum it's me" Neville replied not expecting any answer. This had happened before, moments of lucidity that passed as quickly as they came.

"Neville my son," she said again, shocking Neville as she stood up, weak but with a light of sanity in her eyes. "You've grown so big and strong"

Neville was stunned; taking another look he saw that his parents' usual demented looks were gone. His father similarly had returned to his normal state of mind. With that, the Longbottom family hugged each other tightly, they were re-united at last.

Last but certainly not least had been Hermione.

Harry sat on a desk opposite Hermione's, watching her work with a bemused smile. The Department of Magical Advancement was a recently created part of the Department of Mysteries that focused on advancing magical Britain culturally, magically and technologically. With Hermione in charge they had made significant strides including allowing items like mobile phones and some computers to run off of magic thus allowing them to work in heavily magical areas like Hogwarts and the Ministry.

Currently, the bright witch was fiddling with a laptop. She had made sure Harry kept up with things in the muggle world, nagging him that it was even more important with him dating a muggle now. Harry had to agree and anyway, it seemed like a smart thing to do. Now Muggle studies had not only been updated in Hogwarts but it was a mandatory subject for all years. Wizards and witches would now be able to blend in better when they were going through the muggle world.

"The strides we've made recently have been amazing, we already have a power source that can provide free clean energy ready for if the time comes when we rescind the statute of secrecy, " Hermione explained excitedly as she worked.

Harry was almost sad to have to ruin her good mood. He had noticed the lack of ring on her fingers and assumed the worst.

"So, how are things with Ron?" Harry asked the inevitable question. "I heard he had proposed recently?"

As Harry predicted, Hermione's mood soured significantly.

"We didn't work out," Hermione explained bitterly "I spent some time after he proposed just doing some thinking and found out that we're two different people. I like books and runes and getting things done. Ron likes sleeping and eating and just lazing about doing nothing. He has the emotional range of a teaspoon and we're just not meant to be. I'll tell him tomorrow morning, no matter what he or anyone says we're over and I don't think anything can or will change that, magical or otherwise."

Harry simply nodded as Hermione let out a cry of frustration.

"What's the problem?" Harry asked his friend, hoping to keep the conversation going.

"This Merlin-damned laptop is the latest model and I can't figure out the problem its having. It keeps rejecting the magic that is sent through its circuitry which keeps causing the mana regulator to fry itself," Hermione explained with a grunt.

Harry was lost, but Hermione was ultimately in her own world now so Harry decided that it was probably the time to leave. He tapped the laptop twice with his hand. "Well, I know you'll figure it out eventually. "I need to go but I'll talk to you tomorrow."

Hermione simply grunted in response, but after Harry had left the room she was broken out of her frustration by a whirring sound. She opened her eyes and saw that the laptop had turned on and was working fine.

Hermione took a look and saw that her problem was not only fixed but when she looked at her notes she saw the answer to the problem written down, in her own handwriting. Despite not remembering writing it down at any time.

She was skilled enough Occlumens to be able to block out memory charms. Hermione then thought as the news of Neville's parent's miraculously regaining their regular state of mind, Teddy's cold simply vanishing according to Andromeda and according to some reports the cloudy night sky in Scotland had simply cleared up without any wind at all.

Hermione thought hard and her eyes widened in realization. She panicked and rapidly began writing things down, she had to work fast.

Meanwhile two beings with white wings, a handsome looking man and beautiful woman, stood looking down at Britain through a viewing globe.

"Did you feel it Gabriel?" the man asked, looking happy and excited.

"Yes I did," replied the now-named Gabriel happily. "So it's really him; the time has finally come Michael."

"We should go find him fast," stated Michael quickly. "With all that's been happening the other factions have to realize that something's going on."

"If they get their hands on him first it could be disastrous," said Gabriel worriedly. "It could very well spell the end of Angels and Heaven itself."

"Then let's go" Michael said as a bright white portal appeared in front of him and Gabriel.

With that the two Archangels vanished leaving the room empty. The globe continued to show a young man walking down the street; he had emerald green eyes and completely wild black hair and glasses.

Something seemed to dart around in the shadows unnoticed by the young man as walked down the road. The globe then cut off just as something began approaching the young man.

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