"Gnnng..." the young woman groaned as she awoke, sitting up in her bed. Darkness encompassed the room, and the heavy air didn't help her grogginess. It was the middle of the night, evidenced by the presence of the stars in the sky out side of her window. A slight swaying of the room made her feel seasick. The waves crashed upon the side of the boat making a rhythmic clapping. The sudden rush of the stench of saltwater caused her to gag, waking her up.

She reached over to her nightstand, and picked up her glasses along with a pocket-sized booklet. "Beleuchten", she uttered and snapped her fingers, causing a ball of light to appear near her hand. Guiding the ball of light with her palm, she opened the book to the back of the cover, and inscribed was a short passage.

"Have fun Haruka! Be sure to write back soon!" read the booklet, a message written by her mother back in Eden before she had left. A soft smile appeared on her stoic face, as if reassured by these words.

Haruka turned over the page and a folded piece of paper fell out. Instantly, her smile disappeared. She picked the paper up, and unfolded it. Its golden outline and official stamp reminded her of the reason for her journey. The page was titled 'The Commissioning of the New Oracle'.

A ringing bell interrupted her, and along came a husky voice, "Attention all passengers! We are currently arriving at Leanbox!"