The End of Alex Rider

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Ladies and gentles, I represent my eighth fanfiction story and second Alex Rider project, "The End of Alex Rider". Please enjoy! ;)

Chapter One:

Where Are You, Alex Rider?

Alex Rider hanged on from the part of the bridge that barely remained intact, just a couple of feet from the ground of the sinkhole that Razim was now stuck in. He could feel the weight of his body making it hard for him to hold on and not fall in along with him, but he managed to find a good position to keep himself from falling. He looked back towards Razim, who was now starting to sink into the salt that he was collecting from the desert.

"Help me," Razim said, trying to keep himself from sinking any faster.

Alex couldn't move, not without causing himself to fall in. But a part of him didn't want to help Razim, not after everything that has happened. Especially after what he did to... her.

Razim tried to reach for Alex's feet, but he was to far away. The attempt only made him sink to his waist. He could feel the salt beginning to crush his bones and other things inside of him. The weight of to much for him and he yelled in pain.

"Please..." he whimpered. "Help me! Throw me a rope!"

Alex almost took pity on him, until he saw the hideous, evil smile on his face, staring back at him. He could feel the anger and rage filling up then. He was taken back to when he killed her. When he took the one thing that mattered to him most in this world.

The salt was already at Razim's neck and it was literally penetrating his skin, going through his pores. The heat of salt from the sun was cooking the inside of him, almost as if he was being roasted alive. Even white foam began to come out of his month at that moment. It was terrible to watch, even for Alex himself.

"I beat you!" Razim declared. "I broke you! And you know it! You may have cheated me this day! But I'm better than you, Alex Rider! I should have won, but you cheated me! I may die this day, but you will live with something that Scorpia and I have given you! Something worse than death itself! We took your friend and you will leave with the rest of your life knowing that we did, and that you caused it all to happen! You will never know peace as I have never have! You will live as if you are already dead! Remember what we did to you! Remember!"

Alex watched in horror as Razim's head began to disappear beneath the salt and sand. And for that small, brief moment of those few seconds their eyes met. Alex saw the blank expression on his face and those soulless eyes. And a part of him knew that he was telling the truth. He could sense it.

"Alex..." Razim spoke his last words as he disappeared beneath the salt, leaving behind a small dent spot of where he once was, only to be filled back up, wiping away any evidence of Razim himself. Like a broom to dust.

Alex felt a pair of hands grab him by the arms.

"We've got you!" said a voice.

Alex was pulled up by two CIA agents from where he was hanging and brought back onto the small bridge that overlooked the area of where Razim had fallen. He was helped down the staircase by the two agents and left alone as soon they had made it outside. And for that brief moment, Alex took everything in. He saw Razim's men being lined up against the wall, with their hands over their heads, by members of the American and Egyptians special forces. It was all over. Scorpia had lost and Razim was dead. It was supposed to be a huge victory. But not for Alex. It never was for him.

Somebody handed Alex a waterbottle and he took it, nearly drinking the entire thing from being so exhausted.

"Are you okay?" someone asked him.

Alex nodded, but he knew deep down that he wasn't okay. A part of him wondered if he ever will be okay.

"Stay here. We've radioed Cairo and Joe Byrne is on the way with more men. It's all over."

Alex didn't respond as the man walked away. He stood there and drank the last of the water from the bottle, dropping it to the ground as if it didn't matter to him.

He finally turned walked away from where all of the activity was taking place and went outside of the area of the fort and came to a stop beside a burned-out car. Without warning and meaning to, Alex fell to his knees and stared straight at the car in front of him. He didn't even cry. Instead, he stared with a blank expression, without any emotion of any kind. And it scared him a little bit.

This was where Jack Starbright died. Died trying to save him. Died trying to do what he should have done. Died at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Died when it should have been him.

He could almost see the body of her just from where he was kneeing. He could smell the dead flesh that came from the car itself. It should have made him sick, but it didn't. He was so lost in his pain and anger that he literally couldn't recognize it. It was almost as if he couldn't smell or feel anything.

Memories came flowing back into Alex's mind. He remembered the birthday parties that he and Jack would celebrate, both his and hers. He remembered the times when they would go to the movies, the park, and even to the museum. But he particularly remembered the small, fifteen minute meals that Jack would make. She never made anything that took longer than fifteen minutes to make. It made Alex mad sometimes. But now he would give anything to experience that once more. To hear her argue with him and laugh with him. It was she who raised him when his parents couldn't. It was she who was there for him when his uncle was off on missions for MI6. It was she who gave him something to fight for when he was facing enemies who wanted to destroy the world.

But now, she was gone. Dead. He will never get to experience anything with her again. The one piece in his life that kept him intact and now, it was gone.

Suddenly, Alex allowed the tears to come and let them roll down his cheeks. He let the pain out and didn't do anything to stop it. A part of him wanted to feel this. To experience what he was going through, instead of keeping it bottled up. Even if it didn't do anything for him.

He had given everything to MI6. His life, his skills, his youth, and now Jack. His parents were dead and so was Ian, his uncle. But now, they had taken Jack from him. The last piece of human connection he had in this life. Who was next? Sabina? Tom?

The anger returned. His face grew red and the tears stopped. He couldn't take it anymore. He hated what he has become. What MI6 has done to him. What the CIA and Scorpia has done to him. And... he was done!

Without hesitation, Alex got up from the sand and stood. He turned towards the desert itself, just as the sun was beginning to set for the day. He looked back towards the car, right at the driver's seat.

"I'm sorry, Jack," Alex said.

And just like that, he looked away and began to walk into the desert. Not once looking back.

About a few minutes later, a group of American and Egyptian forces reached the burnt-car. They had been circling the fort, searching for Alex, wondering where he could be. They searched everything, inside the huge fort, including the dungeon. But no one had seen any sign of him.

Joe Byrne, who was an hour out by helicopter, was talking with one of the commanders of the operation on a satellite phone, telling him keep searching until Alex was found. The sun had already set and darkness had almost covered up the entire desert itself.

Finally, some of the men found footprints in the sand, barely seeing where they were heading with the little light that there was.

Within the next hour, Joe Byrne arrived in a helicopter, who was on the phone with Mrs. Jones, who was pressuring him on news of Alex and if he was found yet. After barely managing to get off the phone with her, he approached the area of where the men found the trail of Alex's foot steps, leading directly into the desert itself. He ordered a series of helicopters to search the desert for him. But some part of him knew that wasn't possible. Even with heat and night vision it would be no use for a desert that big, let alone the fact that many Arabic people travel at night in the desert as well, when it is at its coolest.

One question remained in his mind.

Where are you, Alex Rider?

Three Years Later

The streets of London filled with cars and people, all going about of their daily lives, heading for their jobs or homes. A large black limousine drove through the security gates of the brand-new headquarters of MI6. The old cover, "Royal & General", was shut down about a year after the incident in Cairo. Apparently, the bank made relocated to a newer and bigger building just on the outskirts of the city, allowing more cover and clearance for its agents and workers. It was Mrs. Jones idea to move the headquarters after she was officially made the Head of the MI6 Operations.

The limousine parked in front of the large doors and Mrs. Jones got out, carrying a small bag with her. She walked inside and went straight to the elevator, where she pressed a secret, hidden button, which revealed a keypad and computer right next to her. She typed in the passcode and the elevator activated to go down, instead of up like it usually does. After about three floors, the elevator stopped and the doors opened, with Mrs. Jones making way to her office.

Once entering her office she saw her assistant placing her morning coffee on the table, along with some green apples as breakfast as well. She dismissed her and turned on the TV as she got to work.

Things had changed since she had become the leading Director of MI6. Ever since the downfall of Scorpia, every agency in the world had stepped up their game to wipe out terrorist organizations around the world. Even Al-Qaeda was reduced to nothing more than mercenaries-for-hire now, thanks to the CIA and Middle East agencies teaming up. Even though Alex Rider's involvement was only a myth, told by conspiracy theorists and whispers by agents, the world saw Scorpia's fall as big inspiration to do the same to other organizations. It was a long three years, but it seemed as if the good guys were now winning the fight. And they were.

But with the downfall of organized terrorist crimes, the world was now crying out for something more. Declaring all governments to come together and make sure the world never again experiences the same ordeal with such evil organizations like Scorpia. They were calling for a single agency, one that had the right to do things that other government agencies could never do. And that meant putting them out of the business.

The door to Mrs. Jones' office opened and the assistant appeared.

"Mrs. Jones," she said. "Joe Byrne is ready for you."

Mrs. Jones nodded and said, "Thank you."

Just as the assistant left a hologram of a computer screen appeared over her glass desk and the face of Joe Byrne himself appeared before her.

"Hello, Mrs. Jones," he said. "Thank you for taking my call."

Mrs. Jones nodded and smiled, moving one leg over the other as she laid back against her seat. Joe Byrne was now the director of the entire CIA. He got his position through the events that occurred in Cairo.

"Great to see you again, Joe," she replied. "What's the progress so far?"

"Just from the looks like, really good. We haven't seen any big activity in a long while. I can actually come to work now without any stress or headaches what-so-ever."

She chuckled at his joke.

"But I do have some bad news though."

Mrs. Jones sighed and said, "The U.S. has agreed, haven't they."

Joe nodded. "So far, Britain, the U.S., France, Germany, and pretty much every single UN country are going to meet soon. It seems like Operation: Division just might happen."

Mrs. Jones shook her head.

Operation: Division was a proposal to all world governments by a few politicians who want funding for it and even the law of the "fifth and sixth freedoms". The proposal was that all governments will come together and form a brand-new agency known as "Division", one that acts outside of every law, using the fifth and sixth freedoms, which grants the ability to break any law, as cover. The agency would be allowed to do anything from espionage to assassination, even kidnapping if necessary. Of course, the rest of the world wouldn't actually know that. The whole thing would be covered up as a 'World Wide Police' kind of thing. But it would mean the shut down of almost every government agency in the world. Or at least the ones funding Division. Not that Mrs. Jones didn't mind the idea of retiring early, but she was more of playing by the rules in any way she can. Even agencies like MI6 and the CIA follow simple rules, to keep them from becoming like Scorpia. Division would mean going against everything that she believes in.

"What is this world coming to, Joe?" she asked. "We're already in a time of peace. Or at least from enemies we can't see on the map. Scorpia is gone and a lot of organizations have followed them as well. Why can't our leaders see that there needs to be those who are willing to follow the rules?"

"The world is changing," Joe replied. "With this much peace going around, everyone is scared of losing it. It's no longer a time of heroes, Mrs. Jones. The world is asking for more security, and our governments are already believing that Division is the best option for keeping our world save."

"By becoming the very same people we are trying to stop," Mrs. Jones remembered back to an old saying that her old boss, Alan Blunt, once said. "He who fight monsters must take care that he doesn't become one himself."

Joe nodded to her words. "Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher. Smart words."

"The point is that we need to be careful not to become the enemy. There needs to be those who recognize that."

"If only the president and the prime minister could get their heads out of their asses and see that."

They both laughed.

After a few seconds of silence Mrs. Jones asked, "Any news on him?"

Joe knew who she meant and his smile change into a sad expression.

"No, I'm sorry, Mrs. Jones," he said. "There have been no sign of Alex Rider anywhere around the globe."

She shook her head and said, "How can it be so hard to find one teenager?"

"You forget that MI6 and Scorpia once trained him. Alex knows how to stay hidden, especially from us and Scorpia." Joe drew in a breath. "If we haven't found him by now, then it is because he doesn't want to be found."

"I have that Tom Harris kid keep appearing here, asking for him. Even after three years. He thinks we had something to do with it."

"And, in truth, we actually did," Joe admitted. "We asked him to do one mission to many. To take one risk to far. And we also asked him to make one sacrifice he wasn't prepared for. We did this to him, Mrs. Jones. Both us and Scorpia. He paid the price to allow freedom and peace to be safe."

"A price we should have never asked him to pay in the first place," she added.

"Even that Sabina Pleasure won't give up on him. I've got her father trying to figure out what happened to him and he's managing to breath down my neck with his clearance as a journalist and author." Joe sighed. "As far as everyone's concerned, Alex Rider is either MIA or dead."

"He isn't dead!" Mrs. Jones retaliated. "If there is one thing that I have learned from the Rider family is that they don't die easy."

"But you above all people should know that sooner or later, every Rider must die. They may have the luck of the devil, but they die sooner or later. John himself got blown up with his wife, Helen. And Ian got killed by that professional assassin, Yassen. Now Alex is the last, and as much as I hate to say it, his time will come as well. It's the destiny of every Rider to finally die from something."

"I don't believe in destiny," Mrs. Jones claimed with a serious voice.

"My point is this," Joe continued. "If Alex is alive, maybe it is best that we leave him alone. It's been three years. He's already an eighteen year old and will be turning nineteen within six months now. He's a legal adult and something tells me that he has had enough of our world."

"I just want to help him," Mrs. Jones expressed some sadness from her voice. "I feel like I owe him peace for once. He's sacrificed so much for this country and for yours. Including the world. Maybe we should tell the world what he has done to save them countless times."

"We can't, Jones. If we do just that, then we will definitely be shut down forever. Maybe even prison for child endangerment. The world will never be ready to accept what Alex Rider has done. It's beyond them. And besides, Sabina nearly couldn't take it when she found out, despite that it did work out well in the end."

"I know. I know." Mrs. Jones looked out the window towards the city of London. "I just cannot get him out of my mind."

"Neither can I." Joe suddenly turned his attention to something in his office. "Sorry, Jones, but I have to go. Urgent business with the president. Talk to you later."

The hologram disappeared and the phone conversation was over.

Mrs. Jones kept her eyes staring out the window, looking towards the horizon. And in the back of her mind, she asked herself.

Where are you, Alex Rider?

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