If You Have a Lane, You Have a Chance

Disclaimer: I do not own Voltron or any of its characters.

2nd Response to Mylari's "Sports Team" Themed Challenge for August 2014. I am NOT a swimmer, so forgive me if I use some wrong terminology. And suspend reality a little as I know that it is unlikely that men that haven't been devoting themselves to swimming would be able to complete in our style Olympics. However, I think that the other worlds participating in these games might have also been devastated by Doom and therefore, not at their best with athletes and training. If you can think in this way, I think you'll enjoy the story.

Rating/Setting: Rating is T. Setting is DotU at the time of the infamous "Space Olympics" episode… you know, the one with the shower scene. *wink, wink*

Chapter One

The stadium to house track and field events was completed along with the fields for team sports like soccer. They finished those last week. The robeast attack had put them behind schedule but they weren't far behind. The team was just putting the finishing touches on the exterior of the natatorium, which would house all the swimming and diving events.

Hunk jumped down from Yellow Lion to join his friends on the ground as they looked up at the impressive building. The indoor construction would begin immediately now that they were finished with the exterior. Luckily they had already been able to lay the materials for the pools and towers earlier in the week. Those materials need time to cure before the actual Olympics began in just three months. Three months and then the area planets would be sending representatives to participate in the games on Arus.

Hunk looked at the nostalgic expressions on his friends' faces and laughed. "You guys miss it don't ya?"

"Miss what, Hunk?" Allura walked up to the group and stood with a look of awe on her face as she surveyed the natatorium. "You fellas did an awesome job on this."

"Thanks, Princess."

"Now what was it that Hunk said you all missed?"

"Competition swimming." Pidge said it reverently. "Individual events… relays… 50 meters… 400 meters… backstroke….freestyle…."

"Yeah, yeah, I think she gets it, Shorty." Hunk said with a laugh as he rumpled Pidge's hair. There was no reverence in Hunk's voice, but a healthy dose of teasing.

Looking at the big man, Allura asked, "Weren't you on the swim team, Hunk?"

"With this body, Princess, I tend to sink not swim. I'm built more for the wrestling events and strong man competitions." Stopping a moment, Hunk struck several body building poses and then added, "Don't get me wrong, I CAN swim, I just can't swim as fast as these guys."

Keith laughed at Hunk's poses. "Don't sell yourself short, Hunk. Even though you didn't participate as much as we did, I seem to remember you medaling in breaststroke and you were with us on the relay team." Darting a quick look to Lance, he dared him to make a snide comment and was relieved to see his second close his mouth before making a comment sure to embarrass Allura. However, Allura seemed to be daydreaming at the moment.

Allura was indeed daydreaming. She had seen vids of all the different competitions that would be held during the Olympics and she blushed a little as she remembered how she how watched the swimming vids several times. Well, she had watched the vids of the MEN'S swimming events several times. Until she had accidentally walked in on Keith while he showered, she had never seen the male body so… exposed. Those swim suits… "What? What?"

Lance was snickering as he said, "Arus to Allura, Arus to Allura." Looking at the other guys and laughing, he said, "We were all, including Sven, on a swim team at the Academy." Lacing his fingers together and then stretching them out in front, he said with bravado, "Yep… we were the top relay team at the Academy and I must say we looked pretty good while doing too." Putting his hands on his hips, he winked at Allura. "I've got pictures of us in our swim gear if you'd like to see- Ow!"

Keith had noticed the rising blush on Allura's face and had popped Lance on the back of the head.

"Yes, well, you'll have to tell me more about your swim competitions tonight at dinner. I'll see you back at the castle." Allura could hear the guys getting after Lance for embarrassing her and she smiled. She wasn't really embarrassed. In fact, she was going to go do a search on the net and see if she could find some of those pictures online….