Authors note: okay thank you to everyone who's favourite, followed, reviewed, it means so much that everyone loves this story so much, but all good stories have to come to an end….

On the other hand the good news is, while this is finishing I will be making a new Clace fanfic which will be a sequel to this! It'll be called "Lost" which was made up by someone on instagram I talk to called jemcarstairsdrug, she also gave me a lot of ideas from chapter 14 and onwards so thank you! Also the other person who gave me ideas was another person on instagram called .clary so thank you to her for helping me as well, as the powers Clary has is to do with twilight which was from the help of the two people above.

Thank you all again for reviewing, favouriting and following especially if you read it from instagram! It means so much you love the story and it was just a story that suddenly came into my head one day and I decided to write, I am so glad I decided to write a clace fanfic (think it was because I was reading a load of clace fanfic at the time but anyway), because it's probably the best thing I have ever decided to do.

Thank you again everyone and I'll see you in the sequel, "Lost" I've got a plot line and everything, anyway, byes!