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I smiled as Blondie approached. My favorite one. I swear I saw him blanch when he saw me, and he very quietly took a seat in the lounge. Somewhat disappointing. I'm sure I could win. Boy's mind is so shallow you couldn't drown a worm in it.

"Mr. Kaiba will see you in a few minutes, Mr. Ishtar."

Blondie sneered at me. He could sneer all he wanted. He was going to be sitting there for a loooong time...... especially since my Lord and Master was off at an amusement park with his brother.

Not that I was going to tell HIM that.....

I looked at my watch, then smiled at Blondie, who looked like he was about ready to blow his top. "Office hours are over, Mr. Ishtar. Maybe if you come back tomorrow...." Blondie bolted out of his chair and slammed his hands down on my desk, knocking my coffee cup over. I stood up and leaned across the desk, meeting his glare with one of my own.

My fellow subjects packed up and trickled out of the office one by one. A few of them stopped to watch me and the kid face off. Finally, we were alone in the office. Pretty boy seemed to think he could stare me down. How, how wrong he was.

I used the opportunity to study his face. He has five freckles on his nose, and these little gold flake things in his eyes. One of his front teeth is a little crooked. He probably used to have braces, and at least four of his teeth had been replaced.

My lord and master came in late. He does that when he misses work during normal office hours.


I didn't look away, but I could see him circling around my desk, the stupidest look on his face. "Yes, Mr. Kaiba?"

"...... Did I miss something?"

"You had an appointment with Mr. Ishtar, and now he is refusing to leave the office."

"Where the hell were you, Kaiba?" Blondie whirled to face my beloved employer. It took him a moment to register. I am pleased to say that I kept from doing a victory dance. It probably would have caused His Lordship to insist I see the company shrink. He already thinks I'm a bit off in the head.

The look on Blondie's face was perfect. Absolutely priceless, really. And the noises he made! He started strangling, and he turned this beautiful shade of red as a vein in his forehead started throbbing.

His Lordship put a hand on Blondie's shoulder while I grabbed my purse and left. "Come on, Malik. I'll buy you a drink." I heard him say as I left. I finally allowed myself a smile. This was one for the books.
"She beat me, Kaiba. That.... that UNDERLING of yours beat ME. ME!"

Kaiba put another shot of whiskey in front of the blond. "So you keep saying."

"How? How? How did she do it?"

"I don't know."