A Change of Heart

By: In Fair Verona/Sibby

Summary: Bakura and Tea have had a serious and steady relationship for 1 year, and suddenly Bakura wants to call it off. How will he end the relationship without hurting her? Maybe his favourite card can help.
Rating: PG-13 (Just this chapter, for a few certain words.)
Shipper: Bakura x Tea
Disclaimer: I don't own any characters, cards, settings, or basicly anything else from Yu-Gi-Oh!
A/N: This chapter is very much like it's title. The calm before the storm, which means you can expect alot of stuff to happen in the next chapter. It'll be more action pacted while this chapter is content and hopefully a tid bit more informative. Oh, but it is a really long chapter. I think it may be the longest chapter in the story thus far!

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"Hello?" Tea picked up the black cordless phone from her desk and cradled it between her shoulder and ear in the crook of her neck, while arching her eyebrow curiously.
"Ryou." Tea suddenly sat up in her seat with surprise and pushed some hair back behind her ear. "Um, what's up?"
"I was just calling to make sure that you're allright. Are you feeling any better from last night?"
"Oh. I'm just fine, but really, you shouldn't have called."
"I know, but I wanted to."
"But you shouldn't have." Tea admitted to him, and to herself. "I've... got to go. I'll see you later at the parade. Bye." Tea quickly hung up the phone and placed it back on it's recharger, glancing at the homework that laid infront of her. "Crap..." She muttered under her breath, looking at Seto's interveiw which she had subconsciously been drawing 'I 3 Ryou!' all over. With a groan, Tea grabbed her pencil and began to erase and erase...

"Ancient Egypt: Secrets of the Pharoh... let's see if this lives up to the standards Kaiba has set." Tea curiously opened the weathered leather cover and began to flip and skim threw the pages curiously. She landed on a page which caught her eye; a series of different drawings and sketches in dark ink were spread across the page titled The Legend of the Millenium Items.

"Since the beginning of time, there has existed the Legend of the Millenium Items. Some claim recently to have seen the powers of the items (each item with-holds its own unique power) used before their very own eyes by powerful sorcerers and lords of might. To this day of March 1st 1889, there still ceases to be any hard evidence except for the oral told tales of descendants of the rumored holders to the items...

From accounts I have gathered one of these mystical items is the Millenium Ring. Witnesses say you'd never know who possessed the Ring because unless you know that it is present in that time, space, and place- it is invisible to a normal on-looker. It has the power to call forth powerful demons from the arts of men, and other powers include that of possession. It is rather compatible with the Millenium Rod, which has the ability to control one's mind. These two Millenium Items used together is said to bring about a horrid reign of terror in which the will of the free peoples will be lost forever..."

"Scary. Losing your own will... your thoughts... you control... having no decision over how to live your life would be the most awful thing. You wouldn't be allowed to feel." Tea muttered to herself; flipping once more through the pages a little ways before stopping and smoothing out the page titled The Affair of the Jewelry Swindlers.

"During one of my scavenges in the western chambers of the Pyramid of Giza; I uncovered a battered ripped and unreadable torn scroll. I quickly sent it to the museum in London where scientists were able to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle (science is quite remarkable these days!) and as it turns out, I had discovered a part of what had before been simply known as an Egyptian fairy tale. I am hoping that this new found evidence proved that this tale is no tale- that it actually happened. By simply talking to my Egyptian co-workers, the full version of the tale... The Affair of the Jewelry Swindlers."

Tea turned the page in interest, she always was a sucker for a romance.

In Ancient Egypt during the time of the Millenium Items there lived a Pharoh and a Sorcerer. Their ancient feud was never-ending in this time of great war between the two higher powers. The Pharoh was the noble keeper of the Millenium Puzzle; the most powerful of the Millenium Items.
Thieves were always after his puzzle; but none ever stood a chance. They were weak beings with no special powers of their own. However, there was one that stood out from the crowd. He called himself Bakura, and they called him the stealthiest most sly devil of the pack. He was wanted with a high price tag on his neck by the Pharoh. Bakura was the closest to capturing the Millenium Puzzle. Too close for the Pharoh's own sake. His thieving friends would never even think of turning Bakura in to the Pharoh; he was that prestigous among them and known for being quite cut-throat and harboring an ancient power. Unbeknowst to his fellow thieves, Bakura was the keeper of the Millenium Ring which he had stolen from the tomb of the Pharoh's own uncle. He wanted all the Millenium Items for himself, but most of all he wanted the Millenium Puzzle.
Then there was Naomi. If anyone's thievery skills could match Bakura, it was Naomi and only Naomi. She had cloudy gray eyes and always had an air of mystery about her. No one new of her past, or where she had come from. Though they new that she only had two loves: divine jewelry, and dancing. Naomi did not know of the Millenium Items or the puzzles they possessed, and only wanted things based on their beauty and appeal. Naomi was known to always be surrounded by hoards of men, but always worked solo. She and Bakura seemed like a pair that would rarely be able to get along, both were fiercly competitive and aside from their swindling, they had nothing in common. Naomi made friends and Bakura earned enemies.
It was written in the stars that on the very same night the two greatest most wanted thieves in all the land would both attempt to steal the legendary Millenium Necklace...

*"It is so beautiful as it shimmers in the moonlight." Naomi whispered, tucking the golden necklace into the inner pocket of her dark cloak. It was black and made out of smooth velvet, with streaks of crimson red symbolizing her cut-throat nature if anyone dared to stand in her way.
"There has been a breech! The lady is with the Pharoh, she is safe for now. This way!" The thumping footsteps of a dozen or so guards echoed down the hallway, alerting Naomi out of her reverie. She drew the hood of her cloak over her head and gracefully balanced herself on the edge of the marble window she had entered. The jade doors burst open, causing a short commotion as the guards all scrambled inside.
"I would just love to stay and dance with you fools, but I have more pressing matters to attend." Naomi said sweetly, calling their attention just before she leaped out of the window, free-falling down the 70 foot drop. "Morons!" Naomi laughed, spreading her arms out as her cloak billowed up from behind her, creating a parachute like landing as her feet gently touched the dirt ground. She pulled her cloak closer around her again and then turned the corner swiftly, too swiftly as she came to a thud and was knocked backwards onto the ground.
"More pressing matters, eh?" A cluster of guards were standing before her and two stepped forward, binding her hands with golden cuffs. "Hand over the necklace!"
"My hands are bound." Naomi said with a smug smirk. She didn't expect the stinging pain that swept across her face as she was slapped by the burly guard. "What are you going to do, Huh? Take me to the Pharoh? He'll just let me back onto the streets."
"If the Pharoh won't punish you, perhaps I shall." The guard said, grabbing her cuffed wrists and pulling her foreward. "I'll send you straight to the firey puts of Hell, where you came from."
"I guess I'll see you there then." Naomi retorted bravely. The guard raised his hand to strike her once again but he was pushed forward by a dark shadow that stood behind him. The other guards had shrunken away from in fear, all surrounded him in a circle. A circle that dark silhouette could break with a single step. You could just see the shape of his eyes under the moon, they were slanted and devious.
"You should know better than to hit a woman. Didn't your mother ever teach you any manners?" The man stepped forward, placing a foot on the fallen guard's chest as he looked up in utter fear. "Now if you'll excuse me. There are some jewels and particular items that call to my attention." He leapt up in a swift gesture, climbing up the side of the wall and into one of the third floor windows, then popped his head out. "Well... aren't you going to catch me?"

"Stupid... stupid..." Naomi mumbled under her breath as she picked the lock and the golden cuffs fell down to the floor, she bent down and picked them up, examining them closesly. "I wonder if these are worth anything..." She placed them on a table and then climbed the hanging ladder to the place where she usually slept. It was a broken down home, but it still served it's purpose. One of the walls of the upstairs bedroom had been almost completely obliterated, and it served as a good window in those hot Egyptian nights. "How could I have been caught? How could I have lost the necklace? I even let myself get saved by some mysterious phantom of a man... how shameful."
"It could have been worse. You could have got yourself decapitated." That deep and somehow devious sounding voice rung through her ears like an alarm, causing her to turn on her heels adruptly. That cloaked man who had come to her rescue earlier that night was standing before her, with his hood still disguising himself and a face she was curious to see.
"Who are you?" Naomi asked, approaching him with a skeptical eye. The man raised his hands, slowly pulling down his hood to reveal a head of long shaggy white hair. "Oh my goodness..." Naomi clasped her hand her mouth in awe and shock. "You! I cannot beleive it! You! Bakura! Of all people, why you!?"
"So you're not pleased that I saved your skin." Bakura replied gruffly, crossnig his arms.
"You're trying to shame me aren't you? You're trying to put me in your debt so that you can use me!"
"Beleive me, I have no desire to use you for anything." Bakura replied coldly. "The gratitude I receive is certainly low. If you must know, I didn't swing into the scene prepared to rescue the damsel in distress."
"How dare you! Damsel in- Ack. Well then why the hell were you there in the first place?"
"The same reason you were of course. For the necklace. So, fork it over."
"What?! Why!?"
"I saved your life, you're indebted to me." Bakura said simply, holding out his hand.
"You bastard!" Naomi exclaimed, her eyes growing wide.
"I thought I may as well use the excuse since you proposed it." Bakura shrugged innocently. "Now hand it to me before I have to get violent."
"Well, for your information, I don't have it anymore." There was a long pause before she continued, "I dropped it."
"You dropped it!? What sort of jewel thief are you! Dropped it! You're supposed to be the Notorious Naomi, aren't you? So it must have been simply rumors that I heard about you."
"Hmph." Naomi glared, crossing her arms. "Well, I don't want to be indebted to you, so just name what you want now."
"I can't think of anything at the moment. However... for now you can simply give me a place to sleep, when I think of something else I will let you know."
"What are you suggesting? Staying here?"
"Brilliant idea, I hope you don't mind I use this spot here." He laid himself down across the many blankets and sheets she used as her own bed.
"That's my bed!"
"It's big enough for two. Which reminds me, there is more than one type of rumor spreading about you. I was just wondering if..."
"That rumor, is not true." Naomi said defensively, walking over and grasping her sheets away from him and then dragging them to another corner and laying them down before plopping herself down on top.
"So then you're not into sharing a bed with a man. Too bad." Bakura yawned, turning over and then closing his eyes before falling into a gentle sleep.*

The quarreling pair began to adapt to each other. Eventually, they began to grow fond of each other. They still bickered, every chance they got, but one day that would change...

*"Bakura! Thank goodness, you are allright! What happened to you?" Naomi rushed to the man's side quickly, placing a supporting arm around his back and leading him over to a chair at the table on the ground floor of the little broken down building. Bakura reached into his pocket, pulling out a fragile golden object in the shape of a sphere. "Is that..."
"The Sphere of Venus... do you know how much it is worth?" Bakura asked in ragged breaths, gasping for air.
"An extreme amount of money on the black market. There are people who would die for this. How did you get it? Is that where you were?"
"Yes. I barely made it out alive, but I did. The Sorcerer's chamber is even more guarded than the Pharoh's. I thought I was going to die back there."
"I'm so glad you did not." Naomi said, practically flinging her arms around him in a hug and burying her face into his chest.
"Huh?" Bakura stared down in shock at the woman holding him dearly to her. Dearly... he had never been held like that before. "Uh..." Naomi looked up, her eyes were watering on the verge of breaking a river of tears.
"I stayed up, waiting. I did not think I cared that much, but I suppose I became used to you being here. I believe I began to really like you living with me... I felt like I was not alone anymore. Tonight, I had this sinking feeling, that I might be left alone again." She choked out, the tears now streaming down her moonlit cheeks.
"N-naomi..." Bakura stuttered, he was speechless and had no idea exactly how to respond to such sincere emotion. No had ever treated him like that, no had ever even wanted him around... like that. No one, especially none of his competitors, could actually care if he died.
"Pweeshdunlemme." Naomi mumbled into his shawl, soaking it with her precious tears. Bakura placed his hands on her shoulders, easing her away gently.
"What did you say?" He asked, looking at her in concern. "I could not understand when you talked into my shawl."
"I said, please do not leave me." Naomi looked up at him, her wet eyes were pinning him down forcefully, and she looked at Bakura expectantly.
"I... I will not. I promise. I will not ever leave you." Was all that Bakura could manage to get out of his throat as they stood there silently, holding onto each other.
"Thankyou." Naomi sniffled, gathering the fabric of her dress and using it to blotch her tears. "I did not mean to become to emotional. It is not like me." She sniffled, turning away from him.
"It's allright, Naomi. I am glad that you care."
"I did not think you would be so thrilled. You never show any emotion, I was trying so hard to be the same. To carry no worries, no sympathies on my shoulder and walk the roads of my life as gracefully as you do."
"Is that how I seem? That is entirely wrong." Bakura smirked, looking down at her. "I carry the ghosts of my past, my present, and my future. I consider the truths of my poverty, and the life I live. I wonder if there will ever be anything better for me, and I struggle to push myself to pursue and make the best out of what I have and to achieve what I don't have yet. I may seem bitter, cold, and some sort of a stone wall... but I harbor a deep fear in my heart."
"May I know what would be?" Naomi asked, looking into his brown eyes as if trying to decipher the message there but to no avail.
"The same worry that you hold. I fear that something terrible might happen to the only person who has ever accepted me and the only person I could ever imagine myself content with. I fear for you, Naomi. I admit I did not want to either, I knew that my compassion for you could only bring me down in the end. However... it became so hard to deny... I-"
"I think I love you." Naomi said, cutting him off and then turning away so that he couldn't see into her eyes. "That is the only thing that could explain everything I am feeling inside. I know you did not want to hear that. You are right, it may as well be the death of you... yet still... I do. I am sorry."
"Do not be. You're the only person I will ever be able to care about Naomi. I... love you too." He placed his hand on the side of her pale face, turning her back toward him before brushing his lips softly against hers and then suffocating her with a passionate kiss that would last the entire night until Aurora spread herself across the horizon and woke them from their reverie; a dream that could only happen once on a full moon.*

Nights and Days become Weeks and Month and as love loomed over their heads and their hearts, their senses were blurred to the point of possibly no return. One day, fate would put their love to the ultimate test...

*"What's wrong Bakura?" Naomi asked, putting down a polished miniature golden statue and walking over to her lover.
"It's nothing. I've just been thinking." The shadowy thief said nonchalantly, leaning his head on his open palm and staring out the window of their little home, placing a hand lightly on Naomi's arm as she stood next to him.
"Well, what have you been thinking about?" Naomi looked down at him expectantly.
"It's nothing."
"Tell me."
"It's nothing at all."
"If you are so defensive about it, then it must be something." Naomi pointed out, placing a hand on her hip.
"You are not going to like it."
"Try me."
"Do you remember... when this all started? The day I saved you and then I told you that until I decided what I wanted in return all I needed was a place for shelter?"
"I remember." Naomi said, furrowing her brow slightly. "Why?"
"I want the Millenium Puzzle. Lately, I have been traveling by the Pharoh's palace. Noting certain entrance-ways and memorizing guard shifts... I have been devising a plan... I want that Millenium Puzzle. The thing is... I can not do it alone."
"Oh." Naomi said, raising her brows in surprise. "You want me to help you... as your reward?"
"Yes." Bakura nodded, looking up at her. "I can not do it alone, and I do not trust anyone else."
"Well, of course I will help you Bakura... not just because I owe you, I'd do it because I love you."
"No, Naomi. Do not say that. Do not do it because you love me... something could go wrong, this is extremely dangerous and if anything were to happen I wouldn't have wanted it to happen because you love me. It is strictly business."
"Oh. Well, um, allright." Naomi nodded, "Whatever the reason... I will do it." With that, she slowly bent her down and planted a soft kiss on his forehead.

The very next night, the thieving pair set out on their task... stealing the Millenium Item...

"This is the window." Bakura stated, unraveling his hooked rope and tossing it up over the mentioned window so that it clung on tightly. He pulled down on the rope and then handed it to Naomi. "Ladies first."
"I will see you up there." Naomi said, grasping the rope and then propping her feet against the palace wall and pulling herself up. Once she had reached the top, Bakura made his way up after her. The two of them peered down the hallway cautiously.
"The Pharoh's bedroom is in the very center of this hallway. The Millenium Item is always with him. Any second now a guard will walk by this hallway for his check. After he leaves, we only have 5 minutes before another guard comes on his patrol."
"I can hear footsteps now." Naomi whispered, pulling herself and Bakura behind a golden statue, which was very tempting to swipe. The footsteps grew louder and then quieter again until they ceased. Bakura let out a soft breath and then slowly and tentatively they crept down the hallways to the very center where two hallways met in one central platform that revealed a spiral staircase and a pair of elegant doors made entirely out of jade and adorned with gold.
"This is it." Bakura stepped forward, placing his hand on a solid gold handle and with some strange mysterious strength pried the heavy door open easily, holding it there as Naomi slipped through and then followed, shutting the door quietly behind him. When he turned Naomi stood there in the middle of the room as if frozen on the spot, staring at the pharoh. "What is wrong?" He said in a barely audible whisper, coming up behind her.
"It's around his neck. He sleeps with it on." Naomi responded, very voice shaking slightly.
"That is why I thought it best you come. An operation like this needs the grace of a woman. So do not slip off. I'm counting on you." He gave her a slight nudge in the direction of the Pharoh's sleeping form on the bed. Naomi turned her head slightly, looking at the determined and stone cold face of the man she loved. Was he really putting her up to this? She owed him, and she would do anything for him... even this. It had been simple so far, but now was the truly hard part... was it too late to turn back? "I believe in you." Bakura whispered, slowly creeping over to the Pharoh's window. "Hurry." Naomi nodded in response and tip-toed her way towards the bed, holding her breath every step of the way. She stood over the Pharoh for a few long moments, struggling not to let out or in a wiff of air as she leaned over him further, her hands softly gracing the silk sheets and making their way carefully towards the chain around the Pharoh's neck. She imagined herself slipping it off with ease, the golden chain cool against her sweaty palms, and then cradling the sacred puzzle like a newborn child as Bakura whisked them all away into the night. She could just imagine the look on his face; proud, satisfied, ...happy. He would smile. His smile was so beautiful yet Naomi rarely ever got to see that smile grace his face, and how she wanted so much to be the one to make him smile. Yes, she would do it. It would be easy. All she had to do was reach forward and-
"What?" The Pharoh jerked up in bed, his eyes open wide as they stared up at the strange and yet familiar woman hovering over his bed. Her hands rest on the Millenium Puzzle and instinctively he pulled it from her grasp. "Who are you!?" Suddenly the doors were flung open as a dozen or so guards stood armed and ready.
"Naomi!" Bakura kicked the window open and jumped on the ledge, holding his hand out to her. Without hesitating Naomi quickly pulled herself away from the Pharoh, leaping over his bed and grasping Bakura's hand as a venomous dart pierced her side and the two of them fell out the window. Their skills were not that of amateurs, quick escapes were common, even in the case of an injury. The pair landed gracefully on their feet at the side of the castle and Naomi limped forward to the desolate bridge, usually busy and crowded during the day yet deserted under the moonlight. Bakura quickly followed her, grasping her hand before she practically stumbled over the wall of the bridge. "Hurry Naomi, there must be some place we can hide until they pass."
"No." Naomi shook her head, leaning against the bridge wall for support.
"I am sorry I messed up... I am sorry."
"Naomi, do not be. That does not matter now!" Bakura said reasonably, holding onto her hand. "Let us go."
"You go. Run. I will only slow you down." Naomi said, grasping her side. Bakura looked down at with worry and furrowed eyebrows.
"We do not have time for this." She looked up at him, placing a hand against his cheek. "One day, I will find a way back to you. I promise. I will see you again." She pulled him in for a quick and passionate kiss but then pried herself away just as fast. "They're coming... Goodbye Bakura." With that said and a minor struggle she climbed the wall of the bridge and then she was gone. She had jumped.
"Naomi!" Bakura climbed the wall, looking over but not being able to see anything. "Naomi!" He looked around himself in panic and then fear as the guards' incoming shouts and footsteps arose. Bakura quickly climbed down the wall and ran off into the streets...

"Bakura? Bakura!" Naomi shot up in her bed, looking around herself in alarm. "Bakura!" She called out again, realizing her lover was not beside her in her bed. But... this was not her bed.
"If you are calling out for that imbecile thief, he is not here." A dark voice came from the shadows of the candlelit room she was in. Naomi glanced around quickly, getting a good look at her surroundings. Burgundy red silk bed sheets with crimson and gold drapes hanging over the bed and around a golden door that led out to a balcony. Beside her was a matching end table with one floating candle stick dripping melted wax to the surface.
"Who are you? Where am I?" Naomi asked, swinging herself around but stopping as a sharp pain in her side prevented her from moving further.
"You might want to be more careful. That was quite a stinger you had lodged in your side. Thankfully, my servants found you before it was too late and then I myself removed the dart from your body." The figure to which the dark voice had come from stepped into the candle-light and Naomi's eyes widened.
"It is you... the Sorcerer."
"That is what I am known for. Sorcery." The Sorcerer sat himself down on the edge of the crimson bed and glanced at Naomi, a small smirk playing across his face. The Sorcerer was much younger than Naomi had imagined, just barely older than herself. He had brownish-auburn hair and these mystical blue eyes that were quite entrancing. "So, I have heard about you. Naomi, am I correct? The highly acclaimed jewelry snatcher, the diamond in the rough."
"I am highly esteemed, but none of those words are true."
"Well, you were the closest person to ever come within reach of the Pharoh's millenium puzzle. No one else has ever gotten close enough to actually touch it. That is quite something."
"The Millenium Item!" Naomi exclaimed, clutching the sheets dearly. "Bakura... Sorcerer, what is the time?"
"It is the 4th hour of the morning. 4 hours since the Pharoh's break - in was first reported."
"Then there is still time. There is still time to find Bakura!"
"Ah yes, the Pharoh's men are searching high and low for him. From what I hear they got a good glimpse of him standing there in the moonlight. Not to worry... I have already sent my own guards out to find him."
"You, you have?"
"Of course. I am not lying."
"Oh, thankyou. Thankyou. Will you have him brought here?"
"If we find him first, then yes." The Sorcerer said, removing himself from the bed and approaching the golden door that led to the inviting balcony outside. The sorcerer turned the handle and pulled it open with ease and then stepped outside. The cool night's wind blew softly at his robes, making him look truly majestic and magical. Naomi watched him move silently for awhile before sliding out of the warm bed and following his steps outside. When she actually stepped out onto the open balcony, the view that welcomed her was quite astonishing. They were quite way up high, and the black sky was dotted in sparkling stars that made Naomi feel so very enchanted just being up here, and in the prescence of a master sorcerer. She was broken from her reverie when the tall lord spoke, he was standing on the edge of the balcony, looking over with his hands clasped behind his back.
"Just as I thought. They have found him."
"What?" Naomi rushed over to his side quickly, peering over the bridge. Not too far below them, in the dead-end alley-way inbetween two tall egyptian buildings, was the small nimble figure of a certain white-haired jewel thief, taking slow steps until coming to a stop against the wall behind him. Four guards bearing the seal of the Sorcerer approached him quickly, eventually enclosing any exits.
"You are the servants of the sorcerer!" Bakura exclaimed, narrowing his eyes at them. "What business do you want with me!?"
"We only do what our Pharoh wishes and what he commands." The first of the guards replied, taking a step towards him.
"That is not answering my question!" Bakura exclaimed, taking a step forward.
"You, scoundrel, have lost any rights of asking questions." A new voice came from behind the four guards and they seperated, revealing over a dozen or so guards with their royal chariots, bearing the mark of the Pharoh. "This criminal is under the arrest of the Pharoh!" The head of the Pharoh's men looked each of the Sorcerer's servants in the eye and they seperated, clearing a path towards Bakura. Before he knew it, two of the Pharoh's guards had him bound and shoved into their chariot. "We now take our leave." The head of the guards drew a whip and cracked it against the back of the black horse bound to the chariot. It began to move at a quick speed that revealed a bumpy ride. Bakura struggled against his bounds but then gave up, feeling it hopeless.
"The Sorcerer's men... but why?" He asked himself, looking up to the stars. What he met before those stars kicked into his gut and slammed his heart against his rib cage violently. "W-what?!"
"Bakura!" Naomi cried, reaching forward to no avail from the balcony. She looked at the Sorcerer in disbelief. "You said if they found him first, they would bring him to me! Why did they let the Pharoh's men take him!?"
"Because I told them to avoid any conflict with the Pharoh's men. There is no need for unnecessary waste of my servant's energy over a petty thief when there are greater deeds for their attention."
"But, you said- Oh!" Naomi clutched her still weak side in pain, losing her balance and falling into the Sorcerer's side. He wrapped his arms around her quickly and held her there while steadying her slowly.
"He's a criminal who robbed my very own chamber not too long ago. I did not want nuiscances such as him in the kingdom I plan to rule anyway."
"But... Bakura..." Naomi murmurmed weakly, shutting her eyes and passing out from exuastion.
"Naomi..." Bakura bit his lip, and narrowed his eyes. His lover... in another man's arms. The arms of the man who's men had trapped him into his prison and given him to their very enemy. "Why? Where you pitted against me this entire time? How could you do this to me Naomi... how could you!?"*

And so the solemn betrayed thief was taken to the Prison Chambers of the Pharoh's palace. He stayed in that living tomb for 7 years, believing the entire time that his love had purposely betrayed him. The betrayal and darkness in his heart consumed him and he became a new person. He taught himself to forget Naomi, and his live revolved around obtaining all the Millenium Puzzles. After 7 years in insane silence, someone new entered his life. A man, with shocking platinum blonde hair and amethyst eyes that glowed like candles. His name was Malik, and he came to Bakura in the Prison Chamber, on a fateful night. Malik wanted something from Bakura, but Bakura did not know what, all that mattered was that this strange man was helping him escape from his grave, so Bakura went along with him. Malik was a mysterious man, also pitted against the Pharoh. The two joined forces and a terrible, terrible new deceiving pair was formed. All the while, Naomi remained in the Sorcerer's palace. The Sorcerer fed her lies about the night Bakura was taken away, and Naomi lived forever thinking that it was her fault that Bakura was gone. The Sorcerer tried to make Naomi his mistress once, but because of the love that remained in her heart, she refused. Naomi and Bakura never crossed paths again... each vowing to themselves that it was time to forget each other... However, somethings can never be forgotten.

Tea flipped the page, rubbing a watery eye with her right hand.
"That's so terri-" She cut herself silence upon seeing the illustration on the page that now graced her eyes. A terrible illustration, rough, scrathy, torn and tattered but nonetheless clear... "Could it be? Ryou?" She ran her hand over the sketch of a thin tall man cloaked in dark robes with long white locks that draped over his shoulders. He held a woman in his arms, she was shorter but of a pretty figure with darker hair, perhaps a shade of auburn and big beautiful dazzling eyes gazing up at the man who held her. "It can't be, it can't be." Tea shook her head while fingering the picture still. That girl... was it Naomi? It looked just... herself.

Halfway across the world, as one young teenage girl finished reading a tragic ancient love story and pressed the next page flat, a pair of purple and amethyst crystal eyes opened tiredly and gazed up at the black ceiling that welcomed them. The hands belonging to these tired eyes twisted themselves around a golden staff, raising it to light a candle at a rested body's side and illuminating a bedchamber and the rested body to which those eyes and hands belonged. The young man sat up in his bed, staring intently at the staff entwined in his hands. "Naomi. She is back."


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I think it is a bit obvious who the character in the last paragraph is, but I'm not going to say who just in case you don't know. However, since in America we don't really know what happens to that character yet in the series, in this story, I'm just going to say that Yugi/Yami defeated this character and banished him far away. However, they thought he was gone forever, but he's not really. He's coming back for a cameo! ^_^

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