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I was looking for Michael Cram song on Youtube, and I stumbled upon a video called 'Bookaboo - ''Cookiebot'' with Hugh Dillon'. You guys have to check it out, it's really cute and I can just picture Ed doing this with Izzie - depending on whether or not he survives this story. Words in italics were taken from 'Collateral Damage'. Thanks for reading.


Ed and Sophie were on the couch cuddling right before he had to leave for work, under a big, fuzzy blanket.

''Ed?'' Sophie asked, her voice muffled by the blanket.

''Yeah.'' Ed hummed.

''Can you get me some ice cream, please?''


''With spinach.''

''Uh, alright.''

''With hot sause, musturd and caramel.''

''Anything you want.'' Ed turned to head into the kitchen when she called out for him again.

''Eddie, do you still love me?''

''Of course I do, sweetheart.''

''I love you too.''

''I'll be right back.'' Ed walked into the kitchen and got out the things he would need. He scooped out a big bowl of ice cream, and cringed as he poured on the toppings. He put everything back where it was and then open the freezer to put back the ice cream bucket. He closed the freezer door and was met with Sophie's angry face. ''Hey, honey ... here's your ice cream,'' he held out the bowl to her.

''Ice cream, ice cream! Can't you tell that I need to loose weight? I mean, look at me! I'm fat! Fat, fat, fat, and it's all your fault! You're the one who got me pregnant! You mean there wasn't anything better for you to do than knock me up!'' she shouted at him.

''Um, well, not at the time,'' he said muttered quietly.

''Ahhh! You're horrible! You're the worst!'' she grabbed the bowl away from him and threw it at the wall, before storming out of the kitchen.

Ed looked over at the ice cream running down the wall, and was momentarily thankful she chose to throw it above the sink. After cleaning up the mess, he walk back into the living room, to find Sophie crying in the corner of the couch. Snuggling up behind her, he kissed the back of her head.

''I'm sorry Ed,'' she sniffled quietly, ''do you still love me?''

''I still love you, Soph.''

''Eddie. Can you get me some cookies?''

(flash forward)

''Dad, you can't leave me here alone with her. You heard what happened this morning - you were there.'' Clark did his best to keep his voice down while looking around franticly, not wanting to be heard by his mother.

''Look, buddy, you'll be at school most of the day, alright. Just, take your time coming home.'' Ed gave his son a hug. ''If nothing else, hide in your room and tell her you're doing homework.''

''Homework. Got it. You know what, I'll do extra work - I'll do the whole study book. Just make sure you're home on time,'' he begged.

''I'll do my best. I don't think either of us can take much more of your mother's hormones. See you later, love you.''

''Love you too.''

(flash forward)

Ed: Really? I bought ice cream last night. Huh. Sophie, I'm not giving you a hard time. Look, you are pregnant, you are beautiful, and you should eat whatever you want. Send Clark out to get some more, it's ... I gotta go. I gotta go, I gotta go.

Greg: You talking to Sophie again? How many times has she called today?

Ed: I lost count.

Wordy: Which stage is she at: the get me this stage or the do you still love me stage?

Greg: Or the I'm fat and it's your fault stage?

Oh, you guys have no idea, Ed thought, nodding.

Wordy: It's worth it. Once you hold them in your arms for the first time.

Ed: Yeah. If Clark and I can survive that long, he silently added.

Winnie: Team 1! Hot call -

Sorry buddy, I'll try to get home soon, Ed thought to himself, already in cop mode.