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I'm kinda disappointed in myself for this one. I've always thought that if Wordy and Shelley had another kid, and it was a boy, they would name it after Wordy. However, when I was typing this down, I got to thinking, what if Wordy wouldn't want the baby named after him. That being said, and as you'll see in the story, I never really thought of a 'really cool nickname'. I did try though, it's just nothing seem to fit. So think of this as a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' book, and where I put the question mark in parenthesis, (?), you say the nickname that you think would fit little boy Wordsworth. Thanks for reading.


''Huey,'' Wordy asked, trying to think of any other name.

''No.'' Shelley gently shook her head, amused by her husband's antics.





"Come on Shel, he can't be a junior.''

''His name is going to be Kevin James Wordsworth Junior, and that's final. I already wrote it on his birth certificate.'' Shelley looked up at him with a puppy dog face. She knew he couldn't say no to her and she rarely used the face, but she wasn't backing down from this.

''You can't name him after me - it would be confusing,'' he groaned.

''How would it be confusing? Everyone calls you Wordy.''

''I know that, but you call me Kevin. I kinda like you being the only one who does.''

Shelley leaned her head back against his shoulder and kissed his cheek lovinly. ''I'm not changing his name.''

Wordy sighed heavily, knowing he lost a losing battle. ''Fine. He has to have a really cool nickname, though. No Junior, or Mini-me -''

''Why not Mini-me? He looks just like you. Almost exactly.''

''Shell,'' he drawed out with a whine.

''Oh, hush. You're whining more than the baby is.'' She looked down at the small blue bundle in her arms, smiling softly.

Wordy's attention was drawn to their son as well, and he used the arm that wasn't around his wife to wrap around his son. ''He's absolutly handsome.''


''Well, you can't call a boy beautiful. Boys are supposed to be rough, and tuff, and gruff, and - awww, look, he's opening his eyes.'' Wordy leaned in a little closer, gushing, and started cooing while stroking the baby's cheek.

Shelley just chuckled to herself. One of the things that had attracted her to Wordy was his gentle strength. His ability to be a big tough grizzly and a cuddly teddy bear at the same time. She nuzzled futher into him and closed her eyes. ''What about Vinny?'' she said tiredly.

''Nah. When I'm at work and I have to run a license plate or vin number, I'll be thinking of home. I have to separate things to stay focused on the job,'' he said quietly, noticing Shelley was drifting off.

She giggled, and if possible, nuzzled her way even closer to him. ''How about (?).

''(?), I like it. It's got a ring to it,'' he gently kissed her forehead and pulled the blanket up higher over them. ''Get some rest Shel. The girls will be here bright and early tomorrow.'' He felt her hum her agreement against his chest. Before they went to sleep, they whispered their wedding vows like they did every night before their bedtime prayer. Wordy never missed a chance to say he loved his wife, and it was their way to cement their love together. He looked over at his wife and son sweetly, before dimming the overhead light. ''Goodnight, my love. Goodnight (?)'' he whispered softly, closing his eyes, and thinking his life couldn't get any better than this.