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This is a sad story, and I know it's a storyline that's been written before, I just thought I'd write my own take on it. Enjoy and thanks for reading.


Greg's thumb hovered over the call button, before laying it aside and rubbing his hands over his face. He knew he needed to call Lew's family; it was a call he always dreaded for any of his team, and, having made a few of those calls in the past, it didn't make things any easier. Though the heartbreaking news he would have to give to Lew's parents wasn't his reason for hesitation. No, he knew Lew would want there to be another call made first. Greg picked the phone back up and punched in a different number.

''Hello,'' answered a female voice.

''Mrs. Scarlatti, hi. How are you today?'' he asked, wanting to stall.

''Oh, I'm alright. I just got back from the market. They just got in a shipment of tomatoes, so you'd better get some before they get picked over. Oh, you're probably calling for Michelangelo, he's not here yet, dear, but I can pass along a message.''

''I'm, ah ... I'm not calling for Spike, Mrs. Scarlatti.'' Silence was all he heard on the other end. ''Mrs. Scarlatti?''

''Is ... is he?'' she asked in a shaky breath, unable to finish.

Greg realized his mistake, and hurriedly amended, ''No, no, Spike okay, he's alright.'' Physically, he thought to himself.

''Oh,'' Michelina breathed a sigh of relief.

''I'm calling to tell you ... I'm sorry - there's no easy way to say this. Lew has ... died in action.'' He heard the intake of breath and wanted to get the rest over with as soon as possible. ''Spike, as you can understand, is taking this really hard. He needs our support right now - whether he thinks so or not. Just - if he's not back within the hour, can you call me?''

''Oh, oh, of course ... I'll, I'll be waiting for him,'' she said, choking back her sobs.

''Thank you Mrs. Scarlatti. I know Lew would want to make sure he was okay. Are you alright?''

''Yes. I'm fine,'' her shaky voice came back.

''Okay, I'll ... let you go now.''


''Bye.'' Greg disconnected the call, and hung his head in his hands, giving himself a moment to grieve before having to make the next call.