Hi guys! Sorry about my other stories that have seemed to fallen into disrepair. A lot has happened to me! I ended up in the hospital courtesy of my asshole of an ex. And now I am trying to adjust to the life of a single mother. It's hard, put writing is my escape, along with video games. LOL. I will try to keep my updates consistent unless I get writers block. I am looking for betas for all of my stories and would love to find some soon! I know my grammar can be horrible sometimes. I will get both my other stories up and going again as soon as possible, and hopefully won't let any of them stagnate again! I will set up polls for random reasons on all my stories to help make the major decisions that I'm sure you guys would love to have an input on! Anyway, here's the first chapter of the latest story by yours truly! Enjoy!

"Harry Potter" Dumbledore called out to the silent hall. Harry sat in shock. There was no way his name was on that parchment. He didn't enter! He didn't want to compete! Hermione nudged him, and gestured towards the front of the hall. Harry slowly stood up and made his way between the tables. Whisper and shouts broke out, many calling him a cheater, a liar, and wondering aloud how he got his name into the goblet, and how he got the goblet to actually pick him. Too many thoughts were whirling through his mind while he approached Dumbledore. He was directed to the door the other champions had passed through, but Harry also noticed the disappointed look in Dumbledore's normally twinkling eyes.

"What iz it? Do zey want uz back in ze 'all?" A heavily accented voice asked him. With a quick glance at the blonde he shook his head. With a scoff she tossed her hair over one shoulder and leveled him with a glare. "Zen what are 'ou doing back 'ere.?" Suddenly gripped with a bout of rage Harry whirled around and opened is mouth, but before he could speak Dumbledore hurried into the room and gripped him by the shoulders.

"Did you enter your name Harry? Did you get someone else to do it for you?" Dumbledore was shaking him now, and the look on his face slightly calmed Harry.

"No! I don't even want to compete!" Dumbledore let him go. He looked around at everyone in the room. The headmasters of each school had all migrated to their champions,Bagman, Crouch, Snape, Moody and McGonagall had all crowded into the door way as well.

"What is going on?" Cedric Diggory asked, voicing the question all the champions were thinking.

"As incredible as it sounds, meet the fourth Triwizard Champion." Bagman gushed, staring at Harry with wide eyes.

"Vhat!?" Krum yelled, crossing his arms and glaring at Harry.

"Surely 'ou can not expect zis, zis, BOY, to compete?" Delacour asked. Again, Harry found his anger rising and tried to squash it down.

"Yes, Dumbblydorr, surely there is zomething we can do?" He just shook his head, and Crouch stepped forward.

"You know as well as I that the Goblet creates a magically binding contract, the boy MUST compete." Another wave of anger passed through Harry. There were talking as if he wasn't there! As if he were some object that didn't matter. The anger he was pushing down built up, he tried to avoid eye contact with anyone.

"Of course that is what the boy wanted, just like his father he desires more fame and wealth, even going so far as to steal it from under the noses of the champions that were rightfully chosen." Snape drawled. McGonagall and Dumbledore both turned to him, but before any words were spoken a wave of magical power washed over the room. They all turned to look at the small, scrawny messy haired boy the power was radiating from. Everyone was rooted to the ground unable to move, hardly able to breathe under the sheer magical pressure.

"I Harry James Potter swear on my life AND my magic that I did not enter my name in the goblet, and I did not ask anyone else to do so for me!" Glowing green eyes pierced the soul of everyone in the room, Karkaroff, Moody, and Snape all shied away while everyone else just shuddered. Harry filed that information to think over later. "If you do not find a way to break this binding magical contract on me, I will raise all sorts of hell and if anything happens to my wellbeing I will personally make sure each and every one of you is dragged down with me!" The magic in the room swirled faster and faster, wind picking up his robes and rustling his hair, his eyes shining brighter and brighter. "So it is, so it shall be done, so mote it be!" His magic circled around him fiercly, before despelling in a great wave of wind that shattered all the glass in the room and vanished with a flash of light. He stood proud and tall, glaring at all the people that were gwaking at him. Without a word, and not heeding their calls to stop he turned and entered the Great Hall again.

Silence reigned in the hall as well when everyone saw him emerge. He was still standing tall, eyes still glowing. With a quick glance around he once again called his power to him and it circled him lazily, contently, while lashing out at the teachers who had followed him into the hall.

"I have sworn on my life and magic that I did not enter my name in the Goblet, and that if they do not find a way to break the magical contract is has bound me to then I will drag them all down with me. As I am still alive, and you can all see my magic is very much still with me, if anyone tries to call me a liar or a cheat I will personally take offense and enact my revenge. Now, I am going to bed." He let his magic disperse and as quickly as possible he left the hall.

Harry quickly entered his dorms, found his fathers cloak, and stuffed the Marauder's map in his pocket. He vanished out the portrait before his friends even reached the Fat Lady. Finding an abandoned classroom, he locked the door behind him, pulled off the cloak and sat at a broken desk. His magic still swirled just under his skin, and his rage still boiled in the back of his mind. He was sick and tired of everything that always happened to him. He just wished to have one year to be a normal kid. But he was quickly realizing that such a thing would never happened. He was being forced to grow up, scratch that, he was never a kid to begin with. He had learned to take care of himself since he had learned to walk. Something in his mind snapped, memories of scrounging for food, sneaking out of the Dursleys, learning to defend himself, learning where to hide, all surfaced. It was like a part of him had been supressed. Like that part of him had never existed before, but it obviously had, he remembered learning how to survive, learning how to do what he needed to without regrets. Harry instinctively knew someone had done something to surpress that part of himself, and he knew he needed to find out who, and check for any other such blocks. But he did not know where to start. He didn't know the first thing about anything like that. Suddenly an idea popped into his head, and with a new determination he stood, straightened his robes, and called out to the one person he knew would help him no matter what.