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Harry followed the goblin into a large room with a bath. He gratefully stripped out of his trousers and sunk deep into the water, barely acknowledging the towel and clothes that were laid near him before the goblin left him alone. A groan slipped from his throat as the warm water soothed new aches and pains he hadn't had upon arriving at the bank. Slowly he got acquainted with his new body. Taller than he has every been before, muscles that actually showed, and no more scars! He quickly swam across the huge tub to a mirror and inspected himself closer. Twisting and turning, this way and that, he discovered that yes, all of his scars were gone. A shaking hand rose to his hair and pushed it out of the way. A very faint line remained where the vivid lightning bolt had once shone on his forehead. Glee ran through him, unless they were searching hard, no one would see it.

Excitedly Harry finished cleaning himself up, dried off and got dressed. Opening the door showed the same goblin that gestured him to follow. He was led back to the Griphook's office, whose plaque had changed to accomidate the new lordships. Stepping inside Harry strode to the desk and sat in one of the chairs. After a moment Griphook looked up from the mass pile of papers.

"Ahh Lord Potter, good to see you awake. We expected you to wake sooner, but it seems there were some factors we didn't calculate." Harry grinned sheepishly, unprecedented factors were his specialty apparently. "If you feel up to it, I would like to hear of your experience during the ritual. We were greatly surprised by a few things that happened during the ritual. That surprise only grew when the plaque for my office changed in a very unexpected way." Harry opened his mouth for a second, closed it, and thought for a second. He came to the decision that it was not prudent to him to hide what happened from the goblins. They obviously already knew part of it since his account manager has already been informed of the new accounts he has control over. Plus, if he played his cards right maybe he could ask for their help honing his new abilities.

"Before I begin maybe we could have some tea? I'm rather parched after everything." Griphook nodded and will the ring of a bell a goblin attendant rushed in. They spoke for a moment and he rushed back out. "While we are waiting, can I ask why you did not inform me that your were my account holder the first time I came to the bank?" Griphook looked at him sharply.

"You did not know? Every pureblood knows the first time an heir visits their vaults alone they are accompanied by their account holder in case of any questions arising. Why were you not told of this? I was mighty shocked when you did not ask any questions at all not even about your other vaults."

"I was not informed of anything. I have been raised by magic-hating muggles that did everything in their power to stamp the magic out of me. I was given my letter by Hagrid who took me to get my supplies. The only thing he educated me about was Hogwarts and of my Boy-Who-Lived status. I had no idea I was a Lord or that I had anything more to my name than the vault I was first taken to. No one has deemed me worthy enough to explain anything about anything and they all show the utmost disdain when I am left floundering with no knowledge of my place or what is expected of me."

When Harry stopped to breathe and wrest his magic back into his control the door to the office opened once more. A few goblins paraded in, each laden down with plates, pitchers, and other assorted items. Everything was placed on a table he had not noticed before. It seems as though they didn't bring him just tea, they brought a whole feast! With a bow the goblins left and Griphook stepped down from his desk, gesturing for Harry to join him at the table.

He sat eagerly, the ritual had him starving and parched. He loaded his plate with a reasonable first portion of everything and tucked in. While they ate they talked and Harry learned more about his heirtage, vaults, and guardianship than he ever thought possible in one night. That bastard Dumbledore had no right placing him with his relatives. Blood does not always mean family. Unfortunately since his parent's wills were never discovered the esteemed Headmaster took his placement upon himself. He should have been handed over to the Department of Children and Families immediately after his orphanage for proper placement. He pushed all those thoughts aside for now and focused back on Griphook.

"Now that I've been through the rituals, will I have to return to my relative's this summer?"

"Not if you do not wish it. Your emanciapation has been filed and the Minister himself could not overthrow it. Every pureblood that is an orphan is emancipated at 14, yours was just slightly delayed due to interferance. The only loophole to overturn it would be nothing short of a Wizengamot majority vote. Luckily for you the next meeting is not until December, unless an emgergency meeting is required before then."

"I wouldn't put it past Dumbledore to try something like that. How long can we keep my adult status quiet?"

"Unfortunately as soon as the files reach the desk of a clerk they will be rushed through and most likely publicized due to your immense estates and the weight of your fame as 'The-Boy-Who-Lived'."

"I guess I will just have to be prepared for every stunt he will try to pull. May I procure some law books from your clan, Griphook?" He asked. A wicked grin spread across the elderly goblin's face.

"For a fee of course."

"Take as much as you require, I want all the books you have available on wizarding law, the Wizengamot, and the Minsitry itself. If you can procure copies of other books not available in your own stock get those as well, and take an extra 6% procurement fee for yourself." Griphook's grin widened if at all possible.

"Of course, you are generous. We will start immediately." He wrote something down on a spare parchment and with a snap the note disappeared. "It shall be ready by the time we finish our meal and you are ready to return to Hogwarts."

"I meant to ask, what type of meat is this Griphook? It must be the best I've ever tasted."

"Why dragon steak of course! We goblins pride ourselves on turning the most exotic of meats into the best meals."

"Brilliant! Hmm, you wouldn't happen to have a market for Basilisk meat or parts would you? The one I slain two years ago shouldn't be in too bad of shape. The Chamber of Secrets had a lot of ambient magic that should have kept the corpse in stasis."

"Basilisk corpse!? Why yes I think we could work out a contract of some sorts for it. We would have to see the body of course before finalizing anything."

"Great, schedule an appointment for two days after my status is revealed to the public. The timing should rub Dumbledore in all the wrong places. And will also help my image, after call if I can slay a Basilisk at 12, I can surely support myself at 14."

"Yes of course." A knock sounded and a few goblins trailed in carrying a trunk between them. "Ah, here are the books you requested and the fee has been removed from your accounts directly. Since we did not have time to go over everything a full listing of your estates, liquid assets as well, is in the trunk as well. I have taken the liberty of adding a post box as well. If you place any of your Lord rings to the top it will open any mail address to you as that lord. It will also allow you to send mail as well, for a fee of 10 galleons a month any mail is deposited in a matching box in my office that I will direct for you using a Gringott's rent owl. It will also be an easy way to comminucate with me, in case someone trys to block your mail again. As it is past midnight it is best you head back to the castle as quickly as possible."

"Thank you Griphook, everything you've done has meant a lot to me. May your gold always flow."

"And may your sword stay sharp." With a sharp nod Harry grabbed the handle of the trunk and called for Dobby. He felt a small hand take his and then the world turned.

Harry popped back into the ROR with Dobby by his side. Immediately a warmth he couldn't explain enveloped him. 'Welcome home' whispered in his mind, then a sudden awareness of the castle distracted him. He could feel where everyone was in the castle and on the grounds. He had been connected to the wards! He could sense them spider-webbing across the property, many of them were in tatters though. They had either been disabled or neglected and were losing power. He would need to find the ward stone immediately to repair them, but that would be for another day. The ward stone would be hidden in the Heart of Hogwarts and it would take him most of the day to find and access the chambers. The warmth came back for a second when he thought this, almost like Hogwarts itself was giving him a hug. Harry smiled and then requested the ROR for a comfortable bed to collapse in. A large four poster appeared off to his right with a nightstand next to it. He turned to Dobby who had remained by his side.

"Could you come wake me an hour before breakfast?"

"Yes, Master Harry."

"Thank you Dobby." With a bow Dobby popped away and Harry quickly undressed and slipped into the bed. For the first time in his life he had a dreamless night.

The next morning Dobby prodded him awake and with a soft thank you he stretched and looked around. Harry quickly showered in the ornate bathroom that appeared on command and dressed in his school robes. A quick glance in the mirror revealed he looked completely different than yesterday, and his robes were too short!

"Dobby!" The little house elf appeared with a pop. "Can you alter these robes at all? My correct body size is completely different than where I really was." With a snap the robes were lengthened and let out to at least look more presentable.

"That is the best Dobby can do Master Harry. Master Harry needs new robes."

"Thank you Dobby, I will get some ordered." A last look in the mirror had him slipping out of the ROR and headed down to breakfast. As he passed many students turned to stare after him, used to this he just shrugged it off and continued on his way. When he finally collapsed into his usual seat at the Gryffindor table the Great Hall was full of whispers. Everyone kept staring at him, but they always looked away when he turned to them. Shrugging Harry loaded his plate and dug in. It was only a few minutes later that Hermione sat hard in the seat next to him and huffed. He silently passed her some toast which she bit into before looking up. The toast fell to her plate as she lost her grip, staring wide-eyed at him.

"Harry! What happened to you!"

"Not here, I'll explain everything to you after we eat." Her eyes glowed with her many questions but she just nodded wisely. "What has you all huffy this morning?" He asked.

"Ronald! He still believes you got yourself into this mess, even after the oath you took last night before disappearing on everyone." Here she slapped his shoulder, "Don't disappear like that again, I could hardly sleep I was worried for you!" A mumbled sorry saw another nod from his best friend and then she dug into her plate of food as well. The Quidditch team all arrived and sat themselves as close to him as possible.

"Blimey, Harry! What happened to you?"

"Share some of that with us too!" The twins exclaimed after taking in his new look. The girls were all looking at him appreciatively. Harry grinned and shook his head.

"Come with Hermione and I after we eat and I will explain everything." They all nodded and gave him look that conveyed there were on his side and wouldn't press for more information than he was willing to give. Breakfast passed quickly and thankfully Ron did not show. It seemed without Harry to wake him up he would sleep through the meal.

As everyone stood to leave Draco Malfoy strutted towards them. His derisive sneer did not falter with Harry's new look. Before he could open his mouth Harry shot him a glare and shook his head minutely. A gesture brought Draco's attention to the Black ring that sat proudly on Harry's finger. The sneer slipped and his eyes widened, with a miniscule nod he brushed past the group and continued on his way. Everyone in the Hall stared, dumbfounded. Draco Malfoy had walked right past Harry Potter without any comment at all. Harry quickly gestured for the group to follow and headed towards the ROR. He kept just enough ahead of them to not see the glances they all sent each other, questioning if anyone knew anything about what was going on.

When they reached the painting of the dancing trolls they all stared as he wheeled around and paced in front of them. Just as Hermione stepped forward to ask what he was doing an ornate door appeared on the wall behind him. Her jaw dropped for the second time that morning as he pulled it open and stepped inside. Hesitantly the group filed in. Harry sat himself in one of the squishy looking armchairs that were arranged in a semi-circle around a roaring fireplace.

"Welcome to the Room of Requirement. Anything you need or want will appear for you in this room, except for food of course. Feel free to experiment with it later. For now I know you're all eager to hear what has happened to me since last night. Please sit." Hermione immediately plopped down in a chair next to him and opened her mouth to fire a barrage of questions. Before she could start, Fred and George both sat on either arm of his chair and slung their arms across his shoulder, grinning widely.

"Harry - Harry - Harry - brother of ours - tell your - humble servants - what happened - to you - and where - we can get some."

With a smirk he opened his mouth, ready to spill the craziest story that would probably take a few hours for them to fully accept.