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rayemars requested a little drabble from me. This isn't the requested fic, but it was spawned by her request. I wanted to make it Isis+Rishid but I couldn't quite manage it.

Warnings: Death


To the victor go the spoils.

Spoil, verb; To corrupt, to cause to go bad. He spoils her with his influence.


Spoils Take Six

Isis screamed, loudly, a short and shrill noise. Yami Marik cackled, deranged and triumphant, saying without the words, 'You couldn't stop me!' And Rishid, well, Rishid was having a lot more trouble breathing now than he'd had a minute ago, and so the most noise he was making was a grunt and then a little wet cough that sounded completely out of place coming from a man of his stature. He started to fall backward, and Yami Marik yanked the Sennen Rod from his chest.

If Rishid had been allowed to fall, he might have hit his head hard enough on the cold floor to knock him unconscious, and then he would have died without much more agony. But Isis was a bit selfish at that point, and she screamed his name and ran up to catch him before he hit the ground. They both fell down anyway, Isis unable to support his weight, but it was a much slower fall than it could have been and he ended up with his head in her lap instead of cracking it against the floor.

Rishid didn't want to cough again, because he had a feeling that he'd probably get blood on Isis's dress if he did. Which was odd, he thought, because he'd been stabbed in the chest, so why would he be coughing the stuff up? Maybe it had something to do with the lungs – it wasn't as though Rishid had studied this sort of thing.

Isis was sobbing. She ran her fingers through his ponytail, noting the grease – he hadn't been taking much care of himself, he never did. There were at least some things that hadn't changed since they were younger. She couldn't lose him now; she couldn't lose both her brothers to that dark thing inside Marik. Not now, when she'd found them again and was trying so hard to get them back, so then maybe they could be a little family again, and she could see what other things hadn't changed in the six years they'd been apart. Except she was going to lose him anyway, despite how hard she wished he'd stop bleeding and despite how much she cried and wailed.

Rishid finally did cough, and a little blood did dribble onto Isis's dress, and then he didn't breathe anymore. And Yami Marik, who'd been entertained thus far by watching Isis bawl, decided that since Rishid was actually dead he should move onto killing Isis –

– She yelled again, but this time actually out loud, and ripped off the Tauk before the vision could get any further. It hit the wall of her room with a clank, falling to the floor just as loudly.

[la fin]

[les larmes ne sont rien]